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Re: Desteni
Posted by: BernardPoolman ()
Date: April 08, 2010 02:22AM


This is not destini. It is a public message board.

Attempting to manipulate the thread won't work.

You still have not answered some basic questions asked.

Why is that?

What are you hiding?

Is that type of behavior what you call "self honesty"?

You said, "Are you aware of any scientific studies that conclusively prove that Jesus awakened from the dead and awakened the dead and ascended to heaven? Is the bible a credible journal that somehow is never questioned by science?"

Does this mean that destini is like Christianity a matter of faith? Is destini a religion? Why then is it structured as a for-profit company as you earlier stated?

You said you were a "policeman." What police force did you serve? What was your position, rank and job description?

You said you have a "law degree." From what specific university did you graduate with a law degree?

Is your bio or CV posted somewhere on the Web? If so, please provide a link.

You said that budget was somehow done for destini. Where is that posted? Can you provide a link to where it is online?

Does the budget disclose in detail your salary and compensation?

I have answered all these questions --you are manipulating

get of your high horse --you have been owned

an educational non profit? who finance you? who pay your salary

i have stated mine

what is yours?

what give you the right to play anticult?

what educational qualification is even valid for such a claim? -- all anti cults will be under the supervision of some larger group

you have no right morally or otherwise to even run this forum -- it is just self righteous abuse of people --have you been fro psychological evaluation yet?

what are your issues you take out on other people? are you incapable of behavior that will benefit all of life?

what is your core spiritual obsession that justifies to you why you may attack anyone?

The only place where exposure is valid is where humanity as a whole is abused --then a solution must be presented

what solution do you have?


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: BernardPoolman ()
Date: April 08, 2010 02:27AM


your Sparky guy pulled the thread of topic and I responded--you have control issues? join the forum or never get the info --yours is also by registration and MODERATION --we do not moderate

you are the control-freak

we are posting all this on our forum as well

anticults exposed as abusers financed by big money to keep control over people for the profit of the few

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: BellaBargilly ()
Date: April 08, 2010 02:27AM


You didn't answer my questions.

And frankly you are repeating the same mantras as Mr. Poolman.

Are you Mr. Poolman attempting to post under another name?

That's against the rules.

obviously you didn't do your research - neither on Desteni, nor on "Mr. Poolman" nor myself

and frankly: other than you guys being aggressive, I don't see anyone attacking anyone personally here - we speak clear words, direct to the point - and are standing with our real names, accountable for everything we say and do - unlike you guys

by the way - all the questions you're asking: have been presented and discussed on the Desteni forum - obviously you have done no research and are only making assumptions on a couple of videos you happened to come across.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: BernardPoolman ()
Date: April 08, 2010 02:30AM

It was nice playing

for interested parties for common sense unbiased reports and discussions on what is best for all life -- join Desteni

we will be in your future

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: April 08, 2010 02:43AM

To whom it may concern:

Mr. Poolman has apparently decided to move on with his sock puppets.

He answered questions vaguely, often without substance or supporting objective evidence and/or was completely evasive.

This behavior doesn't speak well for Benard Poolman or his Destini business.

Likewise, the sing-song that was repetitiously recited by his followers on this thread appeared to be virtually verbatim what Poolman said.

Maybe the others posting here were Poolman posing under other names, or Poolman clones under his influence.

Destini seems to be a enterprise essentially dominated by Poolman and personality-driven. It apparently contains his conspiracy theories, seemingly denigrates the outside world and perhaps ultimately serves as a "cash cow," which Poolman seems to milk for his income.

In my opinion Destini can easily be seen as a "cult-like" and potentially unsafe group.

I would not recommend Destini to anyone for anything under any circumstances.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: April 08, 2010 03:07AM

BTW--Checking the "Destini Forum" I could find no detailed information about the group's finances and/or salaries/compensation paid to staff.


YOU WILL BE BANNED! We have made it very clear that this forum is not there for people to express and validate their opinions. The Desteni forum is there for people who would like to discuss the DESTENI MATERIAL and share their Self-Honesty Processes within the DESTENI MATERIAL.

If you fail to participate WITHIN THE DESTENI MATERIAL, you will be BANNED. If you come back on the forum and post e-mail between yourself and admin in which we explain why you were banned the first time - in an attempt to be spiteful - YOU WILL BE BANNED AND ALL YOUR POSTS WILL BE DELETED." [Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:23 am by AndreaRossouw]

See []

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Desteni Esteni de Wet, Bernard Poolman, fake channeling Hitler
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 08, 2010 03:08AM

Unfortunately time is short, so more specifics will follow soon.

But what has happened in the last day is a classic example of a persuasion technique, used on the internet, and far more powerfully in person.
That is a cognitive FLOODING technique, being used by Bernie Poolman & Co.
Its designed for new Desteni members, and for those who might be interested in Desteni, who might come across the FACTS being exposed about Desteni/Poolman in this thread, and they want to try to deflect from that.
They are trying to FLOOD the thoughts of those people's minds with their Desteni Jargon, and also Induce Confusion, which is another well-known technique.

Just imagine what happens when you are alone with a small GROUP of Desteni Believers, in a meeting in the USA, or far worse on the Desteni Farm/Ranch/Compound in rural South Africa. The young person with questions and doubts will be FLOODED from all sides, and where are they going to go?
That's a type of "brainwashing" technique folks, to isolate people, and then flood and bombard them from all directions with the sects beliefs, and create deliberate CONFUSION and off-topic ramblings. This confuses and floods the mind of the target, who gets overwhelmed.
How is a young person, who is untrained in these types of persuasion methods, going to be able to cope with that? Answer, they don't, they often give in. And once they give in, that can get locked in for YEARS, or for life.
Desteni says they want you for their course for 4 YEARS, and that is to START.
They really want you for LIFE, to serve the great legendary (in his own mind) leader's mission. (Hint: the leader is not a young woman, but the old guy behind the curtain, writing the scripts).

As stated earlier in the thread, Bernard Poolman obviously has studied these techniques for many years, as can be seen in his use of Desteni Jargon in thought-control, and many other techniques he is using on the internet.
Bernard Poolman knows, that the human brain constructs meaning from the words and the meaning of the words. So to introduce a Desteni vocabulary starting with dozens-hundreds of words/phrases is a POWERFUL first step in thought-reform.
Once the target has taken in hundreds of Desteni terms, then yes, the person's mind is FLOODED and basically overtaken by the Desteni Universe, which Poolman has constructed. That is obviously designed, and copied from other sects, like Scientology, OSHO, and many others.

The trained-eye can quickly and easily see his technique in operation. He knows precisely what he is doing to people. And that is going to be carefully explained in this thread. In precise detail.

Darryl Thomas said on the ex-Scientology thread that Sunette (play-acting as Desteni) was not reading cue-cards, but was looking out the window?! lol indeed.
First off, was he there? No.
Secondly, what is more reasonable, that she was constantly looking out the window while recording "channeling" videos, or reading the scripted cue-cards written by the prolific writer and ambitious wannabe world leader Bernard Poolman?
Darryl Thomas is a PR promoter of the Desteni sect, he deliberately tries to create controversy by asking if Desteni is a "cult", and then reframing that in his presentations. That is called "Innoculations", where the objections are handled in advance. Desteni raises questions themselves that they are a 'cult" to try and reframe what that even means.
Technically, its another mindfuck.

This Desteni, is a sect, which has the nerve to pretend they have a young woman who is channeling Hitler? HITLER.
Hitler, a psychopath who not long ago was slaughtering millions, and Bernard Poolman thinks its clever and amusing to use "channeling Hitler" as a marketing ploy? Its not amusing, its beyond perverse to do that. Bernard Poolman should be ashamed for doing that, but of course he's not. He's trying to be provocative.
It appears some of the internet servers used by Desteni (Esteni de Wet) are located in Germany, and Germany has laws about that type of misbehavior around "Hitler", perhaps that will be looked into in Germany.

And if any family members are concerned about their young daughters getting involved in Desteni, and worse ending up at the Desteni Farm in rural South Africa, perhaps they can alert the US embassy in South Africa, just to get it on their radar screen.

All of these PR stunts by Bernard Poolman are not original. The Raelians have done similar outrageous and perverse PR stunts for years.
Poolman and his associates like Darryl Thomas, saw that bogus channeling sects like Abraham-Hicks, Ramtha, were making MILLIONS, and that is using Esther Hicks who is a terrible actress, and is beyond laughable as she goes into her fake "trance". But some people buy it.
The channeling scam started with Seth years ago, and has picked up steam ever since.

Now Desteni has combined the channeling swindle, with all sorts of other techniques, and is using some very strong and powerful techniques on their members.
Desteni is pretty small currently, but they are very ambitious, and aggressive.

Those who are interested in smaller growing New Age sects/cults/groups can use Desteni as an object lesson in precisely how these sects go about targeting and recruiting, and running their business. That will be explained in step-by-step detail.

Right in this thread, which is a real "Portal" to reality.

Bernard Poolman might think he is going to be able to pull off this Desteni confidence-trick, but the public and especially young women need to be WARNED about exactly what is really going on, and what the Desteni mind-trap system designed by Bernard Poolman and performed by others like Sunette, is designed to do to their minds and belief systems.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Ann1986 ()
Date: April 08, 2010 03:23AM

Anticult, rrmoderator, the way you respond and communicate seems like you both have an agenda.
To people reading here and unfamiliar with desteni and stuff, it may be confusing, but to me its very obviously how your twisting words, and promoting lies and assumptions.
Why is it that you do not want for people to be self honest and for the world to develop to equality for all? What are you so afraid of? I dont get why you guys are so manipulative. Maybe your not even aware of it, and that would be sad.

like what you say with "pursuasion technique". I havent done any classes on special techniques to pursuade people or whatever, and im not intrested either. What desteni has shared has to be seen for yourself, not to be pursuaded or followed. We write here so much because of the deception you guys are allowing and promoting. People will read it and will fall for your deception and lies. Ofcourse we will speak out and tell the truth about what we are, when someone is telling lies, so that people do not get a 1 way vieuw about what we are doing. This is not a cult, there is no worship, no believe, you do not have to give up your life, you do not have to donate all your money, you do not need to seperate yourself from friends, you do not need to partake in rituals, you do not need to sit in a place and pray, you do not need to do mantras. Ok. If you want to expose a cult then start with christianity, or whatever.

My family has flooded me with jargon , omg does that mean they are evil cultmembers?
I guess they are, I mean it are your standards of what a cult is! so apply it evenly and not just twist it to suit your own energetic needs.
Every day young people are FLOODED by the media , by commercials, adds, sex adds on internet etc... Thats why everyone has to look at things unconditionally and see for themselves. I dont believe anything. I listen to the words and if its true then its true. If not then im not going to accept it or reject it, I stay neutral because it could be or could be not.
What I am sharing here is what I see that you make assumptions.

" Darryl Thomas said on the ex-Scientology thread that the Sunette (acting as Desteni) was not reading cue-cards, but was looking out the window?! lol indeed.
First off, was he there? No. "

Here another one. Actually yes, yes he is there.
So was I, saw some intervieuws being done, WITHOUT cards, or reading stuff. When I make videos I also often look in the same direction. Am I reading cards? No, that would distract me anyway.

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Re: Desteni Esteni de Wet, Bernard Poolman, fake channeling Hitler
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 08, 2010 03:27AM

By the way, the reason that Bernard Poolman and the other owners of the Desteni corporation get so upset when Desteni is explained factually, is that once people start to look at the group persuasion and manipulation techniques being used by Desteni, it shatters the illusion and the confidence-trick. The house of cards collapses.
Once a person can see the emperor has no clothes, and can see the little man behind in the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, the tricks don't work anymore.

That is why these sects always want to try and control all sources of information, and more important to control the MEANING, which they do by redefining language into a jargon-filled sect language, like Desteni.

Deconstruct that language, and the house of cards and illusion is exposed.

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Re: Desteni Esteni de Wet
Posted by: Cameron Cope ()
Date: April 08, 2010 03:28AM


Why you have posted information about 'Desteni Education' or allowed such information to be posted in this thread about cults? Are you aware that Desteni Eduction is a United States company and that by posting slanderous/defamatory information in connection with Desteni Education or information that is detrimental to Desteni Education's products or services opens you as moderators to legal action within the United States? Please make sure that there is no information that is non-factual before you allow it to be posted.
Please remove all references to Desteni Education from this thread.

I would prefer that this matter not have to be pursued further. The next contact will be from our legal counsel.

--Cameron Cope
Partner (Desteni Education)

The Anticult
Who owns and runs the Desteni websites?

What is this Esteni de Wet, who is listed as owning a Desteni website below?
Search for:

"Esteni de Wet"
"Andrea Rossouw" Desteni

Meeting our fate in the sand -- Artist - Esteni de Wet
Lyrics by Bernard Poolman

A Desteni video lists these names as well:
"People involved with Desteni at the Farm Bernard Poolman, Esteni de Wet, Sunette Spies, Andrea Rossouw, Fidelis Spies, Cerise Poolman, Leslie Poolman, Gian Robberts, Ivan Robberts. Several visitors have spend up to 4 months here on the farm living with us..."


Owner Contact:
Esteni de Wet
Esteni de Wet
#### Vincent Rd Ashley
Durban 3610 ZA
Punycode Name:
Unicode Name:
Admin Contact
Esteni de Wet
Esteni de Wet
### Vincent Rd Ashley
Durban 3610 ZA
phone: #######

Whois Server:
Referral URL: []
Name Server: NS1.DNS-H.COM
Name Server: NS1.HOST-H.NET
Name Server: NS2.HOST-H.NET
Status: ok
Updated Date: 28-oct-2009
Creation Date: 27-oct-2008

Domain name:
Registrant Contact:
Desteni Education
Katherine Conklin ()
Houston TX 77096
Administrative Contact:
Desteni Education
Katherine Conklin

Desteni Ranch

Owner Contact:
Andrea Rossouw
P O Box ### Msunduzi
Pietermaritzburg 3231 ZA
Punycode Name:
Unicode Name:
Admin Contact
Andrea Rossouw


Owner Contact:
Esteni de Wet
Esteni de Wet
## ###
Durban 3610 ZA
Punycode Name:
Unicode Name:
Admin Contact
Esteni de Wet
Desteni Education

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