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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Citizendc ()
Date: August 03, 2010 05:02AM

Bernard Poolman - Process Support (thanks for the link Sandman)
I've added comments in brackets.


Please make sure that you do not make fires unnecessarily.
Do not make fire where there is no fire.
For instance the cult forum, I mean... you cannot debate these things. (Cit: Its not being debated. Ferdie gave a short account and we are investigating further.)
Now obviously a point of my little brother. (Cit: Note the condescending tone and the "obvious" statement. I get the feeling this video was made for desteni members to quell their fears over this matter.)
He was my employee. He Hijacked the software.
He must provide the proof that he actually got it from me legally.
He has no proof.
It was very simple.
I was the employer, I paid the salaries. (Cit: means nothing if a verbal agreement was made over who owned the software.)
He hijacked the story and ... I decided to let it go. Because I had it as well.
I mean I dont mind competing. I've done that for fucken ten years.
Done things always bigger and better, so there is a lot of jelousy.
He's not willing to actually look at himself.
No point to fuel the fire.
Stop fueling fires.
It will go nowhere anyway.

Bernard is quite insistent to stop further investigation into this which makes me all the more curious to look further into this matter.
From Bernards point of view, what Ferdie has to say about him damages he's cults image. The video he posted appears to be nothing more than to set the record straight for desteni members with concerns about Bernard's history.

Hi Ferdie,

>> Whatever I say will be in most cases be an opinion or hear say.
You can still give further detailed account of what happened which can be cross referenced at a later stage when more people like yourself come forward.
What would be of tremendous help is if the two employees now working for you can corroborate what you have said.

>> I am worried that this can consume my life. I have around 30 people with families working for me.
I had the same thoughts, I did find research taking significant time to complete. Right now, once my "house is in order", I spend a few hours investigating or replying on forums/youtube.
So this doesn’t have to be a full time job.

Hope to hear from you again.


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: August 03, 2010 10:23AM

So he already admitted openly through various Desteni videos, to inspiring his members to false flag channels & videos on youtube, those being of whom oppose, re-word,
or challenge Desteni in anyway.
So he says 'don't set fire', extinguish it before it sparks?

Very interesting, but this won't last.
If his truth were so inevitable, he wouldn't be wasting time on our opinions.
So let's burn down his 'house' of self dishonesty and self-interest, the manipulative fool.


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Re: Desteni
Date: August 03, 2010 01:50PM


Thanks for your input Sandman.

I have noticed something interesting occurring between Desteni members which I wanted to point out. It is a little off the topic of Bernards brother but I thought I would mention it anyway.
First here are some quotes from an interesting article I read entitled "How to wash brains"


Every successful brainwasher, whether Synanon, a Jesus cult, a Hindu swami movement, a Manson-type family, or a militant terrorist group, creates a similar reality island; once a person joins, he is in all the way, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Similarly, revolutionary governments dare not relax censorship or permit free communications in their drive to wash out the old imprints and reinforce new ones. Foreign or dissenting signals cannot, therefore, be tolerated. This reality-island context helps us to appreciate the ease with which the Army brainwashed Calley.


In order to maintain one’s reality bubble, it is necessary to surround oneself with tribal reassurance.

On the 25th July 2010
Spamann releases a video shaving her hair off. (here)
Video becomes increasingly popular (more so than Bernards videos.)

30th July 2010
Bernard releases a contradictory video to Anns, which states that “hair may wrap itself around an animal and kill it.” (Here)

(To try and bring Ann down a peg or two?)

The comments below the video by Desteni members are in agreement with Bernard and say quite derogatory things about an individual who would shave their hair off in this situation (for the BP oil spill.)

Screenshot of comments here

At one point matti (a prominent Desteni member) states towards Ann directly:


@SpamAnn that's exactly the point; if we wouldn't test it on living fish - why would we support it?

I find it interesting he would say, "why would we support it" rather than asking Ann; "Why would you support it?"

Well thanks for reading. I hope Ferdi posts again, I am very interested to see what he has to say.

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SpamAnn, Bernard Poolman, Desteni, Ferdi Poolman, Matti Freeman
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: August 03, 2010 08:40PM

ForeverNoMatterWhat: I'd say your observations there as to the rapping of SpamAnn's knuckles over her apparent misinterpretation of Desteni doctrine highlight the fact that within the Desteni group there is an inner circle of select members. They are the 'we' of Matti Freeman's comment.

They can be identified as Bernard Poolman's favorites: Esteni de Wet, Sunette Spies, Andrea Rossouw, Daryll Thomas, Cameron Cope, Katie Conklin, Matti Freeman, Bella Bargilly, Leslie-John Poolman, Cerise Poolman . . . and there may be a few more.

Desteni makes a big thing out of equality but it operates as a hierarchy with a leader at the top with ultimate say over everything. There is no equality in Desteni. It is mere sentiment designed to appeal to the idealism of potential or actual followers, and it doesn't have any other purpose or meaning.

By the way, BP has released a second statement referring to his brother at:

'Process Support - Brothers of the Past'

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Re: SpamAnn, Bernard Poolman, Desteni, Ferdi Poolman, Matti Freeman
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: August 04, 2010 06:52AM

Egotistical little fool, He's not turning the world upside-down for many but one, himself.
'Mini Bernard-" -rolls eyes-
Yet of course you notice he plugged in YET AGAIN equality in some way,
his brother seems like he freaked out and split, partially explaining the reason why his fellow 'program designers' didn't get a cut.

Perhaps we should get a FBI personality profile for this Bernard fellow,
if we merely dig into his past, he could probably just write it off as, 'yes that was a time in my life, before
I was 'reborn' with a mission for all."


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Re: Desteni
Date: August 06, 2010 03:04AM

Thanks Sandman.

I have some questions for you Cresil, I hope you don't mind answering them.
Cresil, on July 21st you stated on page 38 of this thread;

The SRA lesson 1 video was 'threatened' through a private Desteni message
and also:

I will not be taken in by 'threats'
Would it be possible to post a copy (a screenshot, for example) of the message Desteni sent you?

Here is a screenshot of your original message:
Furthermore, on August 4th 2010 in your video entitled:

"Bernard's Brother & Shepherd Ploy"
which can be seen here
You made the statement:

Oh, and for those whom claim Desteni has 'threatened their lives'-
I haven't seen a single bloody note, letter or piece of evidence in the slightest.
Screen Shot of Video Stills

Aside from MarleyDawkins, whom I mentioned earlier in this thread. Would it be possible for you also to provide a link to where individuals have made these claims publically.

Thank you.

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Marley Dawkins death threats, Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: August 06, 2010 09:25PM

Here is a link to a video that suggests Marley Dawkins received death threats from Desteni:

"DESTENI DEATH THREATS (Question for Marley Dawkins)" -- []

The issue has also been mentioned in other places, in comments etc on YouTube.

Anyone who saw the original video posted by Cresil on the SRA lesson 1 will be aware that it used footage of a Desteni SRA trainer, copyright of which will be owned by Desteni, therefore they will have flagged it for that reason, as they've done with other such videos.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: August 06, 2010 11:16PM

The copyright bit was correct, even though I merely used screen-prints of their videos.
The first SRA lesson has been long re-uploaded as "Underground Track 01 - Studies" - []

I meant LIFE threatening, and no I'm not going to be taken in by their pathetic legal threats when
I'm merely sharing my regurgitation of the material like a student sharing with a potential peer after a class lecture.
Let's un-blind fold other's 'willing' to pay, and display the distant and lazy nature of Desteni's customer service,
as well as their product DESIGNED to be pointless unless you continue. Actually, better yet THEY'LL SUE YOU if you openly share it.

Hm, love to see a university try that.
I'll let the video speak for it's self though, I might follow up with more lessons.

Fantastic you place close attention though,

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Re: Desteni
Date: August 07, 2010 07:59AM

First of all, let me make myself as clear as possible as this issue has the tendency to get quite confusing. I will run through points I have made in the hope to clarify everything I have said:

Bernard Poolman has his location stated as Durban on his forum posts on Desteni website: Screenshot of Bernards Avatar and Location

Durban being the location of Bernard Poolman "Aruan9" suggested in 2008.

Secondly in my personal opinion Marley Dawkins, did not really receive death threats, as stated in 2008 by “Aruan9”. Like I said earlier in this thread, I believe this was actually:

A ploy to create a controversy which would secure further curiosity about the cult. Or alternatively, ward off any other individuals from fighting against them.

From this, I assume- Donald Herman pseudonym Aruan9 is a fictitious person and in reality is Bernard Poolman (or an inner circle Desteni member.)

And again I ask if anyone can help me prove or deny the existence of aforementioned individual "Donald Herman" this would be extremely valuable to me and anyone hoping to unravel Desteni and their lies- For reasons which I hope are apparent.

If I am wrong in what I assume and Donald Herman is a real individual, he can be questioned (if willing) about the claims he made and hopefully has them stored in an email account which he could share. And I would imagine he would be happy to do so, considering how vehement he was about the nefarious nature of Bernard Poolman. (Which is evident in the comments of page 3, I asked others to read under Spamanns 2008 video entitled: Belief and Trust)

Now, I am not suggesting threats have not been made flippantly (I believe) by other members. I am suggesting in the case of Marley Dawkins who has now joined Desteni, I do not believe death threats were actually made. (Confusing, I know)

An example of (what I believe to be) flippant threats issued by Desteni can be seen underneath a video by youtube user esotericonlineradio:

The video is entitled:
We blow the roof off a sick child abuse cult

Screenshot of comments

User who made comments youtube channel: Kuzya3k

Furthermore: Thank you Cresil for providing requested screenshots.

My final question for now, if I may... Cresil you have a video posted entitled:

Desteni Inconsistencies - Impure Suggestions

Which can be found: Here

Last night out of curiousity I checked the meaning of your chosen forum name "Cresil" and what I found was-

Cresil : Demon of impurity and laziness

A reference link can be found here: Meaning of the name Cresil

Was the title of the video a deliberate joke on your part? If so, who did you expect to get it?

Thank you for your time.

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Donald Herman, Bernard Poolman
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: August 07, 2010 09:24AM

Thanks for your intriguing posts, ForeverNoMatterWhat. As regards 'Donald Herman' . . .

The character called Donald Herman of South Africa posted to on the 20 February, 2009 a statement saying he had

"recently finished a novel, THE RIVER, the Hitler story continued on the Other Side" -- here: []

On this page on the Desteni website:


the word, "river" provides something of a theme for Bernard Poolman's story called 'I am Hitler' which is indeed an attempt at a novel. And he uses the same key word in other parts of the 'novel'.

Coincidence? There can't be that many people from South Africa, never mind anywhere else, writing novels about Hitler in the afterlife.

Other posts by Herman indicate an interest in the same subjects Poolman is interested in.

It's not definite proof, but it does look like Donald Herman could quite possibly have been Bernard Poolman.

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