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Re: Desteni
Date: September 28, 2010 03:33AM

Actually guys, I have already made several statements expressing what I believe is going on. As well as share what information I could. However I will gladly reinstate it after this particular post, to make things clear.

Stoic you said mangling the language.. Like Cresil has been doing over the course of last night? Do her/his sentences actually make any sense to you?

Stoic, can you tell me, having read what Cresil said last night, what their position on the channeling situation is- in straight terms? For I can't seem to work it out. Also why is it, after I clarified that I was not suggesting Cresil was not "seeing between the layers" as they put it, that Cresil continued to use that as my supposed position within the argument?
I clarified the statement was towards desteni's hanging around the board, which in my opinion, probably includes Cresil. If I'm wrong on that, then great, things are more straight forward and palatable that way. However...

Repeating the FBI comment Cresil, means little to me when you also made the statement that the "beings" channeled might be the ones acting. Open mindedness is fine with me but your statements seem deliberately convoluted. Members such as Cameron cope have openly stated they do not believe "the portal" is truly channeling beings. From what I gather from your various statements Cresil, you "greatly admire" the intricate "web" created by individuals you think deserve to be profiled by the FBI, you have an inclination towards what you have described as evil, consider yourself a phi-vampire and have been involved in Desteni since before March 2009, using Sunettes photograph in what you have described as "joke" pages. Furthermore you have volunteered your own name, before individuals pressed idea they hope you are anonymous:

As well as all of this you have stated openly, perhaps as a joke; that you felt certain Desteni members were not "worthy of being pawns of Satan." I take it you are not a follower of Anton LaVey considering his thoughts on "psychic vampires" but of course, that's none of my business.

Avatar, been reading the thread for a while? I wonder what struck you to join at this point. Weren't you here under a different name... Ha.
WanderingCrow, again, I have come out with what I believe is going on. They are manipulators and liars. The inner set make sure to pervade and underhandedly dominate the spaces set aside for debate against their group.

Remember the little exercise Poolman issued to his followers? To imagine themselves to be and write from the position of anti-desteni members. What better opportunity for practice would present itself than to participate with individuals on this forum.

Seems like Bernard has been reading "Prometheus Rising" in which conspicuously similar exercises are issued for overcoming what are described as mental circuits. Individuals are encouraged to write from a great deal of perspectives, including the very opposite of the individuals current political/social/religious persuasion. Of course, these exercises are to raise consciousness; not eliminate it completely, an idea which Bernard has skirted around- bizarrely. Early comments by older members of Desteni suggested in so many words the idea of members becoming what could be described as Robots. This would be particularly relevant to anyone interested in artificial intelligence and the fact that consciousness seems to be the primary element which -to date- cannot be recreated within machines. Instead relying on Conditioned Stimulus Response Sequences: In other words key word triggered mantras. Perhaps a private joke from Poolman and co, in his disdain for the followers. After all, he openly debases dedicated and influential members for contributing a slightly unique and charitable spin on the head shaving "project?"

The sexual exploitation within the group serves as bonding and as has also been discussed, serves conveniently in fear inducing as a potential revelation. A source to keep individuals schtum and possibly ashamed (manageable.) Imagine discovering the details of intimate and sacred areas of your life had been openly discussed without your consent and then were made to feel any resistance to this action was merely the result of "dishonesty" on your part. As the moderator here has discussed, the human mind is fragile.

Let me think of someone else who has come here under false pretenses- Bastian, earlier in the thread. Die unendliche Geschichte.


Referring back to Sandmans question regarding pyramid schemes. Are the Desteni members investing money outright or would they be marked as consumers receiving a product in return? I am sure there are loopholes to the illegality of such schemes, although I am in no way fully versed in this situation. It should be noted, many hierarchical affiliate marketing schemes are quite readily & legally available to participate within online. Ranging from e-books, to chocolate, weight loss products etc. Sticking to this model of affiliate marketing suggests to me, the scheme could indeed be legal. Depending on the details of how it is all being implemented.

One article I have found relating to the legal issues of pyramid marketing in South Africa, seems to mainly involve high investments- life savings for example.

The article can be seen here: []


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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: September 28, 2010 04:21AM

Thanks for your comments and the link to that article, ForeverNoMatterWhat. I for one appreciate your point of view.

Anyone taking part in these discussions needs to be aware that all is not what it seems.

It has become an established fact that in and around any internet discussion which involves criticism of Bernard Poolman, Sunette Spies and the Desteni group, certain individuals may take part in order to mislead or disrupt the proceedings. This can involve various different strategies and methods of communication.

Sometimes these people pretend to be critics but are actually promoting Desteni. Some pretend to be ex-Desteni when they are not.

They are not necessarily active participants in the Desteni process, but are broadly sympathetic to the aims of the group and generally support it.

They tend to try and undermine those who are critical. Often their tactics are towards trying to get people to reveal information about themselves, to emotionally manipulate or confuse them and basically waste their time.

Such individuals have posted on this forum.

Anyone who feels they may have been unfairly accused of being a Desteni sympathizer has to realize it comes with the territory.

Having said all that, I don't feel that it is entirely useful to draw attention to the particular individuals in question. Their words speak for themselves.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: September 28, 2010 04:56AM

While it probably serves no good to pick out any particular individual, I think that there should be at least some ground rules of clear, straightforward communication here.

It might amuse Poolman and his cohorts to take up time and space on the board with this gibberish but I don't see that there is anything to be gained if it is allowed to continue.

All of the contributors can write in clear English when they choose, the continuing use of the gibberish seems to me altogether suspect.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: September 28, 2010 05:08AM


To be frank I am uninterested in what anybody's position is on anything in 'the world according to the feverish imaginings of Bernard Poolman'.

I am quite clear on what Poolman is attempting to pull here, he is no visionary or black magician--he is a conman, and not too hot at that either.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 28, 2010 05:31AM

You can't tell me you were being straight forward in the slightest last night,
when you decided to string along questions without merely telling me I had a 'mistaken-ed'
interpretation of your comment.

Secondly, I MADE UP for the FBI characters bit with my latter comment,
although I was a bit distracted attempting to get YOU to answer ANYTHING.

Third, I am SO SICK of being called a 'spy',
'Phi-vampire' -shrugs- big whoop, 'I admire the characters the potential',
I consider things from multiple perspectives of what MIGHT be true, than a sole observation's absolute truth.
Meaning if I find something to be 'funny' when it comes to a observation, I laugh from the perspective it's a observation,
and not that it's the one sole fact truth.

..., Considering your actions, I could HARDLY find you trust worthy,
not that you would care.
Not to mention your tactics just SCREAM Desteni with me.

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Date: September 28, 2010 07:11AM

Thanks Sandman and hello again. I will try and find more on the same topic as those links.

Stoic, does the term "feverish imaginings" not lend itself conceptually to the idea of a visionary; with imaginings being synonymous with visions. Or were you suggesting I believe him to possess "feverish imaginings"? If so why? Due to the book I mentioned?
I was hoping to highlight the possible source of some of what he has corrupted and then spouted. I can assure you I shall not be offended if you wish to ignore my contributions to the forum, since you have indicated such areas are of no interest to you. For it goes without saying, neither you nor I have the authority to decide areas which should be covered here. Perhaps it is important to cover many aspects, so long as they are spoken in sincerity and in order to further the positive cause this forum serves. Though sincerity of individual posts is a point which cannot be assured in absolute to any observer in relation to your nor my comments... Although, individuals so inclined towards the occult/new age/spiritual and still wavering in their association with Desteni, may find interest in the potential origin of some areas I hope to expose thus undermining Bernard's altered/corrupted versions. Without covering at least some elements involving the aspects magic/new age/mysticism or however you wish to term it, you may potentially isolate those appreciative of those topics -Possibly areas which are the very reason they first took note of Desteni.- I personally can most definitely see the appeal of many of these topics, however find it unfortunate some individuals were snared by Desteni and given the idea Poolmans Desteni possessed maximum knowledge on aforementioned ideas.

Cresil, I would rather not scream anything with you in all honesty. You are becoming more blatant with each post though, so this contribution toward your exposure should be acknowledged and praised. Clever girl.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 28, 2010 07:23AM

Great intention to 'shut me up',
and dis-mis half of what I previously said or the perspective
you seem to refuse to acknowledge.

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Date: September 28, 2010 07:29AM

It couldn't of been that great or you wouldn't of responded. :)

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: wanderingcrow ()
Date: September 28, 2010 07:51AM

Thanks for the clarification @ForeverNoMatterWhat I'm not one for rapidly connecting the dots,myself. The refresher was appreciated. I live to learn another day.
@Sandman... Duly noted.

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Re: Desteni
Date: September 28, 2010 07:55AM

Here is an interesting link, the author of which I think either Sandman or the Moderator has mentioned before


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