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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: YHWH ()
Date: April 16, 2009 05:26AM

Mr sha is hellbound for tricking you folks. Mr sha is slick I will say that much as all con man are. No teacher from God charges money like that.
Just ask his personal circle the people that spent their life savings on him. They are all grumbling. Universal servant taking life savings, mortgaging their house. Unlike you I don't need to lean on anyone. Is mr sha even a good, righteous man or that he can do anything he says? I have no proof. My only fear is he will take all their money as he has proven he has with blind faith, loss sheep, co-dependent, spiritually confused people.
No one gets intern discounts or free downloads.Mr sha falsely markets himself for more money???

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: YHWH ()
Date: April 16, 2009 05:40AM

The Bible says spirit mediums and psychics are an abomination to God. Yet sha flollowers are supposed to take the word of clairevoyances like Joyce and Francisco who supposedly sees God
handing mr. sha a ball or is it Luciferic demons? Psychics Francisco , Joyce seeing God handing balls to sha. No one is purified enough to see God. Seeing God is like seeing a nuclear blast you will die like Lot's wife.
"I am a universal servant but God's honor fee is $40,000 for feng
shei body system or healing medicine chest. What a con. His mission is suspicious to make him more money grubbing sha. Sha if he was spiritual he would be ashamed of himself.
How greedy ts this guy?
Sha makes millions of believers backs. Behind the scenes there are people who mortgage their homes to get powers. Sha's preaching on Jesus and Mary is out of whack. Sha is not congruent saying three different takes on Yahshua on one afternoon and making no sense because he is fishing in the wind. If he conducts his lectures like his healing you are lost. He has no historical reference to preach.
Plus the nonsense about guru, lama, sifu more reason this guy is spiritually screwed up.
Mr. Sha put God in the middle of the room. Why is God his personal valet or body guard? God takes orders from mr. sha ?

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: YHWH ()
Date: April 16, 2009 05:51AM

Mr. Sha knows how to fleece loss sheep of all their money. Don't believe in Sha a false money grubbing and self- proclaimed universal servant. No Holy God fearing person charges $45,000 each for Feng shui or medicine download is ridiculous. Although later he changed the honor fee claiming God told him to. Gang zhi sha takes all their money as he has proven he has with blind faith, loss sheep, co-dependent, spiritually confused people.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: April 16, 2009 01:06PM

yikes are pissed... i dont blame you, but take a big breath, slow down and take the time to tell your story coherantly - its important.

anyway, I see the Sha team has caught on and made most of those links I inserted above now forbidden access
...including the most recent Book Campaign (which has now expired) I am attaching images of the Book Campaign contract for posterity.

by the way, his next (ghost written) book is called "Divine Soul Songs: Sacred Practical Treasures to Heal, Rejuvenate, and Transform You, Humanity, Mother Earth, and All Universes ", set to come out on June 9.
so you can bet there will be another Book Campaign for that one (he has said the Divine has ordered him to release 'thousands' of books as a series)

Attachments: 7a Book campaign.jpg (49.1 KB)   7b Book campaign.jpg (48.9 KB)  
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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: April 16, 2009 01:07PM

here are the last 2 pages of the Book Campaign contract to go with the previous post

Attachments: 7c Book campaign.jpg (57.3 KB)   7d Book campaign.jpg (18.3 KB)  
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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: YHWH ()
Date: April 18, 2009 06:51AM

Sunday is Divine Mercy weekend after Easter. Why pay $1,000 for worthless karma cleansing? The church founded by God will get you get a plenary indulgence for Free guaranteed by Christ himself. Besides confession and absolution from a priest for clearing your karma it's free by appt.
Spirituality is such a huge business but it needn't be hundred's of dollars since Priests, brothers and nuns are all volunteers for Christ. You can give a love donation but none is required to use the services.
I love you all because of your pure hearts and simplicity that is why i am writing to you. You are honest overall and do things for love like studying ballet, art, sports no matter the outcome. Asians won't they are practical and will do something to get results like engineering, law, doctor as a neccessity. Mao killed off all the older generation worst murderer in history so there is no grand master of kung fu, Lao Tsu hidden texts, teachings that mr. Sha speaks off it was all burnt to the ground. Chrisitians are still locked up and persecuted today. Mr. Sha uses propaganda to suggests he has thousands of year old hidden knowledge to play on saturday kung fu movie stereotypes. Doing the impossible, flying in the wind all that stuff.
Go to any China town ask them for hellbent money that is the culture. making deals with satan instead of overcoming him to get out of hell. you can buy mansions, cars, yahtchs, airplanes, gold and burn it so it can be used in hell. Thats is mr. Sha's culture nonsenes and superstition. instead of exorcism they feed hungry demons and ghosts with tea, food and incense. They ask favors from these demons. There are flesh eating plants that can hypnotize you ask a Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese some of them will tell you. Asians mess with the dark side via quija boards, seances you name it to be entertained since it is lonesome in the countryside.
You have nothing to learn but superstition from mr. Sha. He cannot teach you about God since China is a atheistic country. Asians have make believe Gods like Kung Fu warrior, red faced, one armed general, earth bound Gods they burn incense to. Mr. Sha is devious he is cunning as old souls are living in wretched conditions in China. His dreamworld is sold to you with a golden spoon. It's all make believe.
Even God's elect Sr > marilyn is misled. Hopefully God has a bigger plan for her than what she is doing now misinforming $250/ hour readings. I care for you sr. marilyn, right now we have a great Pope in the Benedicitne reformer order after him will be peter Romanus, spawn of satan, the next pope according to the visions of St. malachy. The church needs you to reform mr. Sha's misgiuded, fleeced sheep with pure hearts. We are in the last years before the coming of Christ. Don't hurt God anymore by following a merciless merchant like Sha.
If Sha was a contractor he would be sued by not paying livable wages but by stepping on his volunteers.
Sha is a product of maoist society. mao was a pedoplhile and a mass muderder but you could never tell since you can buy mao things like mickey Mouse trinkets. Chinnese don't know any better since they are not allowed to google, dig historical records, watch documentaires about Mao. Propaganda says he has warm eyes, taking naps and playing with children when in reality he had his lieutenants kidnap 14-16 year old girls to have one day stand sex. Chinese rewrote history to make him the good guy nevermind he slaughtered everyone with an education or wore glasses.
Mr. Sha grew up in a Godless country now he is teaching you about God? Or the Divine? Divine allows him to pocket money off of peoples backs? Come now. Go share this information with a loved one. They will set you straight.
The true mystery is in the Incorruptibles saints buried in lime for 500 years yet they have not corrupted, Eucharistic miracles, stigmatics, Divine Mercy, Sr, faustina, Mahahtmat Gandhi, Father Damien, St. Patrick, Brother Benedict, Trappists, bro. St. Anthony, poor Clares, private revelations from Holy people. These Godly people give they don't take from you. Their meat is to do the will of God.
Mr. Sha told everyone at seminar it took Dr. Hudoba 30 years of chanting and meditation to understand the Tao. Mr. Sha can teach it in a day for $5,000 for a download. Watch PBS Wayne Dyer teaches the TAO and I Ching Book of Changes for free by demystyfying it and breaking it down.
Mr. Sha shrouds the Tao in more mystery instead of demystifying it. On the call Sha claims to fly and he can teach people to fly. If you believe this you deserve him.
I heard him teach anatomy even though the terms are in latin he struggled with each anatomical term. I doubt he went to medical school. Someone check him out: medical doctor, acupuncturist, Feng Shui, I ching, tai Chi, Kung Fu I doubt he is anything but a charlatan, a fraud. Evrything this man touches is suspect.
He said, " I don't expect you new people to bow down to me but my assistant teachers know they bow down to me 108 times". They chant master Sha while bowing. Unbelievable.
I saw him soul dance, tai Chi and kung fu he is not adept and graceful since he claims to be a master.
Sha claims to write best sellers yet Sha can't say anything halfway intelligent. Claims Dr Hudoba is spiritually higher than Jesus yet it took him 30 years to get insights into the Tao. What nonsense.
Fly for us Sha. I dare you to jump out of the window. Let's see how well you do against gravity. You are nonsense teacher. No doctor would embarrass himself. Do yourself and the world and crawl back underneath your rock to pray to kuan Yin, lamas, gurus and sifus. Mr. Sha is morally and spiritually bankrupt he cannot help himself let alone anyone else. he has no flowers to give since he is dead already in soul. Whatever sha says it cannot be proven except on his words and the money he steals from you.
When your soul is at stake do you want to bet on Sha Gang Zhi.
Go get a black belt mr. sha nd his followers will pray to you. Have you heard of Uri Geller? Mind over matter exposed by tonight show carson. there are many soothsayers, snake oil salesmanlike Sha, Rusellites, Moonies the list goes on before they are exposed. You owe it to humanity to expose mr. Sha. He is involved in many shenanigans only his inner circle knows.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: YHWH ()
Date: April 19, 2009 02:53AM

For your sakes I am writing this since I have no time. I would urge you to look after your loved ones. The ones that will feed you, put a roof over your head and push you in a wheelchair if you have a stroke. Kids know. Hug your children and tell them you love them. Go home and take care of your loved ones. You have done enough for mr. Sha. Your family needs you now.
Since you fell hard for Mr. Sha these loved ones are your prioroity not enriching mr. sha. I urge you to reread the Gospels. You need protection from the darkside like it or not you dabbled in it. You can feed hungry ghostan egg they or it will eat it inside out leaving the shell intact to be your genie. That's how powerful spirits are.
You consented to join Sha empire like joining a gang or the mob. But you are also God's prodigal daughter and son. God will protect you as revealed in Yahshua Meshiach AKA Jesus Christ. Christ has won.
You need to take over from here on in. I have done all I can.
If Mr. Sha claims I do not own a house, car, savings and no more than 3 pairs of shoes and suits I will refute all that I've said. Don't kid yourself any longer he owns an empire off your backs and legacy for your kids without remorse.
I met a seminar leader last weekend although i did not agree with his non-spirituality. His life is spiritual because he taught non-attachment and being the messenger. His weeklong seminar from 9AM to 1Am if you choose to stay the whole duration cost $35 only that is refunded to you to buy books from the gift shop. All his books and cds are free downloads in 50 languages. Towards the end his assistant asked if his 300 followers could give 1% or any amount to show your appreciate towards the teacher. 1% or less this man's priority is share not manipulate to get rich schemes.
I respect him although we are night and day apart in our beliefs. he does not believe in God, reincarnation or karma and refers to Jesus as a great prophet.
Mr. Sha teaches Christ reincarnated 75,000 times and Dr. Peter Hudoba is spiritually higher than Christ in his opinion. Mr. Sha's assessment of Christ nad his arbitrary opinion raised no eyebrows at the SF seminar. Nor did Francisco in montone say, " I saw God hand Mr. Sha a golden ball..." Nor did Joyce saying I saw a walk-in that was bigger than the universe itself seeing no beginning and no end to the size of the soul that was coming through. Appaprently the more you pay the larger the soul. No science, no questions blind faith acceptance.
"If you want to know the pear is sweet. taste it. " Plagiarized " You shall know them by their fruits". lu-la li-al-la lu vowels sung scale from voice class since the beginning of times. david when he composed paslm was heavy. Alleuia means Praise God hebrew AlleluYah! Alle-lu-yah! Alle-lu-Yah! Alle--Lu Yah! Similarity Ah -le lu originality.
His menu of prices for Sha's rainbow, golden, silver, bronz, platinum, stream, quarks, RNA, DNA does God micro-manage.? A menu for every price range. Even retailers can learn how to price from mr. Sha.
Jesus said, " I only say this for the people around me that they may believe that we are one. Lazarus, arise" or " Pick up your mat and walk". God wants you to choose HIm over all else.
Sha does not have a monopoly over God he is the vendor and cashier way to hell. Pray for God yourself. Tricksters manipulate for money. Hucksters need to be exposed.
You have kids you understand about unconditional Love. God wants you as you are. Not 75,000 times later after being reincarnated. Your sins will be forgiven when you kneel to God and accept His Awesomeness period. If you can love your children God can and does love you in thousand more ways. Don't let money hungry Sha be your intermediary to God. Buy him lunch see how far you get with him. Church you pay $4 breakfast fundraiser at Sha retreat $500 didn't even buy me a download.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: Dr Tim ()
Date: May 01, 2009 11:36PM


Thanks for taking the time to share all this. Reading all the posts on this cult, one thinks man this guy and his followers are NUTS.

And they surely seem to be.

There is some biblical quote about lots of false prophets in end times. Well if this is end times, the Sha certainly ranks high as a false prophet.

Sad to see so much money, time and energy wasted when these people could be doing something really good in the world. But I guess there has always been a mad scramble for Favor From The Gods.

Your postings might help other to not get hoodwinked by this cult.

Thank You

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: Dr Tim ()
Date: May 01, 2009 11:42PM

How powerful is the Dr Sha cult?

Apparently powerful enough to have all the comments on this article taken down except 2.



there was a long list of comments, now they are gone.......... just 2 remain.

True power of a cult when you can alter the media and provide selective information to the public.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: May 06, 2009 05:18AM

yeah, I noticed that too and saved the cached version, which I can post somewhere/some time ( its too big to post here)

here are some of the better more recent postings that arent already copied above:

another anonymous Feb 17, 2009 1:53:32 AM
I am another person who escaped the Dr. Sha cult. Everything posted by "anonymous" above is accurate.
The aspects of Dr. Sha's books and teachings that seem profound and "right on" come directly from his teacher Master Guo of China. Yet Master Guo does not charge an arm and a leg to help anyone, and he has a medical center that treats people on all levels. In fact last I heard, none of Master Guo's patients ever died. Dr Sha can not say the same.

Dr. Bob if your wife has only spent 20,000 you are far better off than most. However I am saddened for you both. Dr. Sha used to have a "no questions asked" refund policy for his downloads but that is long gone. I will keep your wife in my prayers. I am sure she is as well intended as we all were....
Most of his students come and go once they run out of money. A few hand fulls are still around but the organization depends on new bank accounts to feed on. I believe Dr. Sha believes he is doing the right thing which is what makes him so convincing to his students. He literally told us all he was Jesus at one retreat and told a small group he was literally GOD at another. I am dumb-founded that I continued to stay in after hearing these things. I could go on and on with many stories.
I share to protect the innocent. I pray for Dr. Sha and all his students that the truth be illuminated once and for all.

Dr Ameila | Apr 3, 2009 4:56:36 PM
I was a former student, who learned alot with this entire group. One the most scarry things is behind the scenes. You have many teachers wanting control and I mean they will stop at nothing to reach the top, beside Dr. Sha. Dr Sha should open his eyes and really see what is going on. Remember anytime you have people that want power, then you need to step away. I have left, and find more balance and peace in my life, I am not tired anymore. Remember Divine loves us all, but without a price tag. Many souls do service, and no need to speak about it. Anytime you are threantened with fear, one knows this is not the Divine love or light. To request a refund, he will take back all the gifts, and ask him to return your money he will do. You must go directly to him and let him know you are unhappy with the downloads and disppointed with the teachings. There was a time when the money tip was the central focus. Power has no place in a group who committ themselves to Divine. Divine is compassion, love, and forgivness, Dr Sha used to be a very loving man, Many good souls have left, and he has said that their journerys are not good. I feel relieived, because I have my own intuition and enough wisdom to know that when someone is jealous of your gifts and they try to hurt you and the teacher is not aware this is not of Divine. Remember go within first, rather than reacher outwards, and remember its a blessing if you are not approved for all of these downloads, maybe Divne is trying to protect you. All of us will have to stand infront of that Divine force someday even Dr. Sha and his teachers. God gave us a mind and wisdom, get a balance in your life people. Look inside not outside. Love to all of you, and remember to forgive them, that try to harm you.

Dr. Ling | Apr 4, 2009 5:42:40 PM
Remember in the end, every dog has his day. Divine never sleeps. These teachers enable our true self, to come out and shine. Each of you have gifts, its just that we do not beleive we can truly heal ourselves. IT is called the law of casue and effect. No one can escape. Some people would die, if Dr. Sha was no longer a part of their lives, they would fall apart. Balance is the key, even nature has a balance. No man nor woman is a replacement for Divine, they are merely the instruments, but the ego is what brings the downfall upon ourselves and some teachers. To be humble and live in a state of love and forgivness is very diffcult to achieve, but nothing is impossible wihtout the Creator. I pray that all of us can forgive Dr. Sha and learn our life lessons. Thank you so much for reading this short paragraph, I hope it enables someone to understand themselves.

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