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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: February 25, 2009 07:27AM

To back up some of the assertions made in previous posts, I am providing more concrete evidence here for the researchers:

Dr. Sha has two institutes:
1) the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment (ISHE)
2) the Institute of Soul Mind Body Medicine (ISMBM)

ISMBM is run by his Universal Servants (teacher/healers) and delivers all the courses/classes. []

There are four levels of Teacher/Healers, something like (it keeps changing)
1) 12 Top Teachers/Divine Servants (i.e. 12 disciples)
2) Assistant Teachers
3) Master Soul Healers and Teachers
4) Soul Healers and Teachers

ISHE is the administration behind the ‘divine services’ (e.g. Divine protection orders, soul transplants etc) that Dr Sha himself delivers as well as his workshops and retreats. It is administered by his personal business team remotely from this portal: [] (passwords required)

but you can see some of the content by going to:

(I’ve attached images of these links in the event that they change)

Here is a partial price list of the offerings of Master Sha (doesn’t include the prices for ISMBM classes, or many of the other newer downloads on his website- outdated now I think) Attachment 1: []

Note all the discounted prices for the Book Campaigns – no wonder they are so successful.

Also note that the price for a Body Soul Transplant (BST) isn’t given (they don’t want all the regular members to know about BSTs, since it seems the BSTs are a bit of a secret society of ‘chosen ones’), but at the registration link, you can see that $5000 would be charged to your credit card:
Attachment 2: []

The BST is one of Dr Sha’s ‘highest downloads’, but there are higher ones to further uplift ones spiritual standing.
Check out this link for one of his very recent “invitation-only Advanced retreats”
Attachment 3: []
- note that a Body Soul Transplant is a prerequisite to attend.
- It also says “At this profound and sacred retreat, every participant will learn Heaven’s secret to develop their extraordinary abilities and access the highest power from the Divine. There is new wisdom and knowledge, as well as the most advanced downloads never revealed by the Divine that Master Sha will offer in this retreat. Everyone in this retreat is selected by Divine.” …and… “All special downloads will have an honor fee …”

I’ll describe exactly what a Body Soul Transplant is in a separate post.

So it easy to see how followers, especially his ‘teacher/healers’, can spend a lot of money. How much is he bringing in? Well he claims about 100,000 ‘followers’ (source: [])

And in his most recent books, about 700* ‘‘teacher/healers’’ (he is mostly trying to attract teachers, as that is the ultimate way to salvation). Lets say the followers buy a few books and a download or two, that adds up to few million $ or more e.g. on page 226 of TPOS, Dr. Sha says 4000 people have applied for karma cleansing; @ $2000 each = $8,000,000) The ‘teacher/healers’, they spend on average $20,000 or more- I’ve heard reports as high as $70,000 or $100,000. 700 x average $25,000 = 17,500,000, and I’m probably on the low side. All with very little overhead…all these payments go to “Dr Zhi Gang Sha LLC”, not his supposed non-profit institute.

* actually, not nearly that many are active – many have left, and some have even died despite being ‘chosen ones’ that will be an ‘example for the mission’ and having paid for ‘Divine Orders’ on their lives…but that is a whole other story.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: February 25, 2009 07:29AM

Here the last 2 attachments to go with the previous post.

Attachments: 2 bst_register_process.jpg (39.9 KB)   3 advanced retreats.jpg (68.4 KB)  
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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: February 25, 2009 07:33AM

Some have wondered if there is any legal recourse – well, one of Dr Sha’s top teachers is a former attorney, and their website etc. bristles with legal contracts: check out these legal disclaimers:

Retreat information: Attachment 4: []
(yes, everyone gets a barcode)

Waiver form: []

Refund policy: []

Website disclaimer: []

Typical Book Campaign Contract:

Here is the automated email for those who supported the book campaign:


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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: February 25, 2009 07:34AM

more attachments to go with the previous post.

Attachments: waiver_1.jpg (106.4 KB)   waiver_2.jpg (27.2 KB)  
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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: February 25, 2009 07:43AM

So for those really wondering, what is a Body Soul Transplant (also called Saint Soul)? and how is it that he believes he is Jesus and connected to God (the Divine)?
This might be helpful for estranged family members to realize what they are dealing with.

For background, I assume readers are somewhat familiar with Dr Sha’s website (his mission and how he believes he is a Divine Channel):

then consider this from Chapter 1 of The Power of Soul (TPOS) (page 17)
(the entire first chapter is excerpted on Barnes and Noble)
On August 8, 2003, the Divine appointed Yuan Shi Tian Zun, one of the top Taoist saints in history, to form a committee to lead a new era, the Soul Light Era. This highest divine committee has twelve members. In the committee's first meeting in Heaven, the Divine formally announced that the last era was ending. Niu Wa Niang Niang, the top spiritual leader of the last era in Jiu Tian (pronounced joe ti-en; "jiu" means nine, "tian" means Heaven), the nine layers of Heaven, had accomplished her task. She was uplifted to Tian Wai Tian, the Heaven beyond Heaven, which is the divine realm.
Souls who reside in Tian Wai Tian stop reincarnation. Souls who reside in Jiu Tian must continue to follow the spiritual law of reincarnation. Many great teachers from various spiritual traditions in history, including Jesus, Mary, Ar Mi Tuo Fuo (the Chinese name for Amitabha, an ancient buddha who is the leader of the Pure Land), Shi Jia Mo Ni Fuo (the Chinese name for Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism), Ling Hui Sheng Shi (the new name of Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion), and Pu Ti Lao Zu (one of the top Taoist leaders), have all been souls in Jiu Tian. In the Soul Light Era, which will last fifteen thousand years, Jesus, Mary, buddhas, and other saints will continue to serve humanity to uplift their soul standing. Many of these saints will be uplifted to Tian Wai Tian. In fact, since August 8, 2003, six saints have already been uplifted from Jiu Tian to Tian Wai Tian, including a few of those I named above.

In summary, until recently, only two saints were in Heaven-beyond-Heaven (the Tao), but since Dr Sha became a Divine Channel, six more saints (e.g. Jesus) have entered Heaven-beyond-Heaven (As you will see later, these six Saints have entered the Tao because they reside as the Body Soul’s of Dr. Sha or his Top teacher/healers).

So, Body Soul Transplants:

While Dr Sha says everything has a soul (e.g. every body system, organ, cell, DNA, and RNA has a soul), the Body Soul is special - on page 235/236 of TPOS, Dr Sha defines the body soul (Ren Xing in Chinese) as follows:

Ren Xing is your true nature and your true self. Ren Xing is what I have described throughout this book as your body soul. This is what most people understand as a human beings soul…..Your body soul is the soul that reincarnates. When people talk about a human being’s body, mind and spirit, that spirit is the body soul or Ren Xing. When I talk about a human being’s soul mind and body, that soul is also the body soul or Ren Xing.”

And what is a Soul Transplant? on page 268 of TPOS, Divine Soul Downloads are explained, and its clear that Soul Transplants are new souls that replace the original soul. Dr. Sha’s core teachings state “ A Soul Transplant means your original soul or current soul returns to the Divine and you receive a new soul from the heart of the Divine….. Master Sha has the authority from the Divine to download Divine Soul Transplants.

But a Body Soul Transplant (BST) is even more special than that. In a BST, the reincarnated Body Soul of an existing “Saint” (e.g. Jesus, Mary, Buddha etc.) is downloaded by Dr. Sha to the recipient. So Dr. Sha’s followers also refer to themselves as “Saint Souls”, and they talk about being ‘chosen ones’, and keeping secrets from “the public” (all the while their mission it save ‘the public’ by teaching them the mission).

The idea is that the recipient not only is uploaded with a new Body Soul that is already at an enlightened Saint level, but also that the recipient can further transform/enlighten the spiritual standing of their Saint – the ultimate goal being to enter “Heaven beyond Heaven’ - by continued Universal Service to the Divine (Dr. Sha’s mission)…and also bring all the religions into the same fold.

(So I’m not sure what this means for the marriage partner who had thought they had married their soul mate, or a child’s soul who some believe chose their parent, or what happens to the poor original soul. It’s as perplexing as time travel.)

What Saint Soul has Dr. Sha downloaded to himself? Jesus, and apparently a few others. That is why Dr. Sha says he is Jesus, and that when you are at his retreats, you are surrounded by Buddha’s and other saints- the Saint Souls (BSTs) of his teacher/healer’s (who each paid $5000 for that privilege.)
In fact, the retreat instructions say “Please allow for a physical space around him because he is accompanied by many in the soul world.”

And that is also how is it that Jesus has very recently entered “TianWai Tian” - through the GOLD Universal Service of Dr. Sha himself, in which Jesus’ Body Soul resides, and since Dr Sha is the #1 servant...

These Saint Souls can also be ‘certified to flow the Divine directly themselves (i.e. talk to God). The course is called Divine Direct Soul Communication (DDSC). The participants participate in chanting practice sessions etc., and they have to submit daily their ‘divine flow’ through an online form: []
Reminds me of the ‘auditing’ by the Church of Scientology.

This belief system keep evolving through time, as Dr. Sha flows “new and improved” divine directions….What’s next? Dr. Sha recently told his teacher/healers that there has been an immaculate conception in China, ‘just like Mary’…its going to be interesting to see where that one goes.

But Dr. Sha says “I’m not teaching a religion”…go figure.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: February 27, 2009 02:55PM

just to collaborate:

real servant
As for the double blind study, the article failed to mention that it was a "spiritual" heart study. The questions the participants were asked to answer did not ask about the physical heart, nor were any medical doctors involved with the study to review physical aspects of the heart. The study consisted of Master Sha downloading a soul transplants to a group of followers who did not know whether they were receiving the download in that session. The participants had to fork over a load of money to be able to participate in the study.

There were two PhDs who designed the questionnaire for this study. Both have left the organization. One died of cancer after two years of purchasing various downloads, and the other because of conflicts with Master Sha. The PhD who died of cancer was told that she didn't do enough for the organization and that's why her cancer came back. These are the kinds of messages that come out of this organization. Buyer needs to be better than aware, buyer needs to stay away.

The author who died of cancer was Jill Bond CAIRE

Hudoba, Peter; Caire,Jill Bond (2006-11-09). "Changing the Heart Using Divine Blessing of Zhi Gang Sha". 4th International Multidisciplinary Conference on Spirituality and Health.
(obtained from [], but the link is now broken)

here is her obituary

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: Dr Tim ()
Date: March 05, 2009 12:18PM

real servant

Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to post all this information.

I did not realize how insanely complex this organization is.

Also I did not know how insane and delusional the people in this organization are. Scary. Really Sha = Jesus and 12 disciples... man........scary.

I am frightened that they will do anything to preserve and protect the cult leader Sha and to maintain/expand the organization.

As an outsider, all of this stuff seems so unbelievable but I guess they indoctrinate people in stages. I would guess that the 'retreats' where people attend all day long with few breaks is where the real capture begins.

It just seems to me that they are frauds not only morally but also under civil law -
Practicing Medicine Without a License - you cannot claim medical cures

There is an increasing momentum of people who know this cult from the inside who are posting information. It really helps. I have passed on links to this site and Wired and several others to people who were going to attend his lecuture or a small workshop. All this information gave them a clearer and more balanced view of Sha and his organization. As a result they did not get involved.

So your pain, suffering, wisdom and sharing is helping others to avoid the same experience.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: Dr Tim ()
Date: March 07, 2009 01:03AM

Dr Sha cult - Get Refund - Warn Others

How to get your money back.

1. Contact your credit card company.
Demand a refund. In form them that services were never delivered and that services promised were a fraud. There is no documentation that Sha or his group can supply that can confirm that any services were ever delivered. No physical evidence for Download or Divine Financial Blessing or whatever.

2. Contact your State Attorney General Consumer Protection and Fraud Division
It is clearly fraud - see # 1 above.

3. Start a Class Action Law Suit
Contact a Class Action Legal Firm. There have been enough victims of this cult and fraud to start a class action suit. Amazon and Borders Books and New York Times can be co-defendents because they have been credentialing Sha as a #1 best seller when in fact cases of books are bought by his followers and shipped to a warehouse in CA.

4. Contact the Better Business Bureau
Let your local business bureau know about this group and it's efforts to defraud. It will create a permanent stain for them as a business.

5. Call area Unity Churches

Sha is targeting and spreading his message through Unity. This age group has money and they are desparately seeking spiritual guidance. They are ready made group and easy targets for his hard marketing methods. His followers set up DVD screenings and set up the congregation for Sha and his teachers to come present and get more inductees into the cult.

Encourage the church leaders to research Sha - Google Dr Sha Cult.

Here are some national email addresses that you can contact to warn them of the danger of what kind of group this is and what they are exposing their members to.

Turn your anger and frustration into Action. At the very least you can help prevent others from losing tens of thousands of dollars and going through the same pain and suffering.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: YHWH ()
Date: April 16, 2009 05:04AM

This is a rip-off! Mr. Sha is a scam artist taking credit for books he never wrote what a sicko. Volunteers, assistants effort, intellectual property of ghost writers that shameless charlatan screwball, shameless bastard Gang Zhi Sha takes all writing credits, money, glory and renumeration for spearheading a book project authered by blind sheep ghost writers.
Is that not disgraceful? All this Godless Mr. sha wants is money. No spirituality since on a private call sha claims he can remove flowers if a follower disobeys. I got this on a call when he reprimanded a follower. I can give i can also take away 50% of your flowers. Don't think I cannot. His followers tremble.
At SF retreat mr. sha asked honor fee of $45,000 for feng shui and medicine chest body system for three syllables. Si-lent! down......Load...ah!

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: YHWH ()
Date: April 16, 2009 05:19AM

Sha knows nothing about God. He claims Jesus already reincarnated waste of time to pray to him since He cannot help you. Claims Jesus reincarnated 75,000 times and Mary 35,000 times. Claims Dr. Peter Hudoba is spiritually higher. Sha prays to Kuan Yin who does not exist historically as a woman or an immortal. A total fabrication. Praying to buddhas, saints, gurus, lamas and sifus instead of a personal God.
Tells everyone he is a tireless universal servant while making millions. More like Madoff and ruthless like mao than mother teresa or Gandhi. What a disgrace. Ghandi is a true universal servant said be the change you want to see in others. All his followers work for free being universal servants only sha gets paid millions.
Sha takes money and writing credits for his followers brainchild.
Why does Sha take credit instead of offering equal billing or pay minimum wage to his assistants and/ or ghost writers?
His teaching about Jesus, Buddha, Guan Yin, Dr. Kuboya, Sifu, lama, Guru are all childish nonsense makes no historical context, archeological or spiritual knowledge. he contradicts himself, plain and simple.
Jesus said, " You cannot serve god and money". Sha does.
Why does mr. sha lower the status of Jesus continually? Isn't Jesus almighty God ? Who does he call the Divine? God died for us and revealed Himself. Sha is a megalomaniac and money hungry. he gives downloads to himself shamefully 13x then tells other one day you can receive the same downloads.
Puppetmaster sticking out the carrot for free labor.

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