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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: jetstream ()
Date: February 26, 2013 04:43AM

anti-sha, the crux of mind programming is that the programmee learns never to question the programmer. When Sha tells his "advanced" followers that he's training them to be healers simply for "Mother Earth's transition," rather than as also healers to help people now, none of them consider that an issue. Followers are used to create "Power of Soul" groups, not to heal anyone, but to reel in people to spend money on downloads. Actually, Sha is the one whom people come to for help for their right-now issues (never really getting any help, of course). No follower questions this, because it's Sha who told them it's the way it should be. As an ex-member, I can tell you, no one in the program questions Sha or his motives, so the only ones who will give you an accurate assessment are those who've come to their senses and have left the cult.

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