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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: May 09, 2009 09:23PM

Ok, I have posted an archived complete unadulterated copy of the Dr Sha Wired Article Blog Comments as follows:

Posting on Tao Bums

Direct Link to archived copy of Dr Master Zhi Gang Sha Wired Article Blog Comments

by the way, some other links of interest:

Dr Sha recieved a 'bogus' rating on Sarlos Guru Rating Website
Dr Sha's rating from Sarlo Guru Rating Service

There are videos on You Tube (along with comments worth reading)
Dr Sha live demonstration of Divine Download
Dr Sha on Bridging Heaven and Earth Show
Dr Sha at Hillside Chapel

and there are few others where comments are screened.

and for those with a sense of humour ;-)
Dr Sha in Hells Kitchen

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: May 16, 2009 06:42AM

so the 'price list' I had referenced previously has changed: Revised "Price List". image copies attached.

here is an excerpt
Dr Sha
Karma Cleansings, Curse Removal and Removal of Negative Memories and their honor fees are listed individually in the chart below. These are very special honor fees, significantly discounted to enable as many people as possible to participate and become karma-free beings. Instead of submitting your honor fees to the Institute, you are making a commitment to purchase the equivalent amount in Divine Soul Songs hardcover books on June 9th from an online or retail bookstore.

so it seems they are getting ready for the next book campaign for the next book (ghost written by Divine Writers of course), "Divine Soul Songs" to be released on June 2 with a Book Campaign on June 9.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: May 16, 2009 07:56AM

real servant:

Don't post contact information, which is against board rules.

Also, some of the posts you have submitted seem somewhat promotional.

Please refrain from posting such promotional material.

You may quote excerpts to make whatever points you wish to critique.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: May 17, 2009 05:38PM

rrmoderator: (in response to your last post directed at me)

1) righto about the contact information that was in my quoted email. Ive removed it in this one. Sorry about that.

2) No worries, but I think you misread my intention regarding my posting of 'promotional' material. Yes I have been posting some of Dr Sha's promotional material, not to promote him, but simply to provide full information on their activities (especially information that might not be readily apparent to people who first read his book or go to a workshop ; though to be honest Dr Sha really doesnt try to hide too much, except that he always only tells half the story in a manipulative sort of way). My very first posting provides a full critique - I havent felt it necessary to fully critique within each of my postings since that are mostly to back up my original post or provide further tidbits that I have come across. Besides, people should make their own judgements - to me its obvious once fully informed - I'm simply sharing to inform the innocent. (I wish some of this information would have been posted when I first came across Dr Sha ;-(

So to retry the posting I had submitted. This is an excerpt from an email Dr Sha recently sent all those on his email list. In it Dr Sha explains how after having done 10,000 karma cleansings, the Divine has told him to do them no longer because it is 'too easy'. But wait, there is still a chance to get one! how? Buy thousands of dollars worth of his next book for his book campaign....(the book he didnt really write - it is written by his Divine Writers who 'borrow' his soul to write the book....see a previous posting for the contract he forms with Divine Writers). Need I state the obvious? Only those following in 'blind faith' wont see through this crap.

I should qualify: I feel sorry for Dr Sha and his top followers - it not that they are trying to run a scam, but its that the've self deluded themselves to the point of really believing this stuff. One day the light at the end of the tunnel is going to be an uncoming train. I hope they see the real light before then.

ps. 10,000 karma cleansings X average $1000 each (it was actually $2000 last year) = $10,000,000 alone. Why is he giving it up? well he has moved on to much 'better' things - Higher frequency Soul Enlightenment Transplants, Bi Gu and "extraordinary abilities" etc. and is starting to rely on his top disciples for the more mundane stuff.

Dr Sha email
I am delighted to write this email to you and everyone on my mailing list worldwide. I am announcing one of the last opportunities for humanity to receive karma cleansing, one of my major divine services.

In July 2003, the Divine chose me as a servant, vehicle and channel. Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants are one of my two major divine services. Karma cleansing is the other one. Since 2003, I have offered divine karma cleansing for more than ten thousand people worldwide. The heart-touching and moving results have been shared in thousands of personal stories, including recovery from serious and even life-threatening conditions, such as liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, mental disorders, genetic sicknesses, kidney failure, paralysis from strokes, chronic depression and much more.

In The Power of Soul, the authority book for my Soul Power Series, I shared the key wisdom that bad karma is the root cause for all kinds of challenges in our lives, including sickness, broken relationships and financial blockages. Bad karma is our spiritual debt created by the harm we have done to others in all of our lifetimes. Your karma, good and bad, is recorded in the Akashic Records.

Through divine karma cleansing, the Divine agrees to pay your spiritual debt for you. During divine karma cleansing, all the souls you have harmed and taken advantage of in all of your hundreds of lifetimes will gather in the Akashic Records. The Divine will pay them with the Divine's virtue, which is spiritual currency, to bless them. All the souls you have harmed are satisfied to receive this virtue. You are forgiven. All of the lessons you were to learn because of your karmic debt are removed instantly. Read more About Karma Cleansing.

Divine karma cleansing has proven to be a life-transforming and even life-saving divine service. We cannot explain enough the power and significance of karma cleansing. We cannot honor and thank the Divine enough for one of the greatest blessings from the Divine's love and compassion.

Earlier this year, however, the Divine told me that the Divine will end karma cleansing service at the end of 2009. The Divine has made a decision that people must pay their own karmic debt. It has been too easy for the Divine to clear a human being's karma. During Mother Earth's transition and humanity's purification, the Divine has decided that each of us will be responsible for paying our own spiritual debts from the bad karma we create. We pay by learning the lessons from all kinds of challenges in our lives.

We are extremely honored that the Divine has asked me to be a servant, vehicle and channel of the Divine to offer divine karma cleansing for six-and-a-half years, from July 2003 to December 2009. I am honored to be a servant of you, all humanity and the Divine. Learn more about Karma Cleansing.

This letter is to announce to you and all of the people on my mailing list worldwide that I will offer karma cleansing to humanity two more times in North America. I do not clear karma. The Divine clears your karma. The Divine has given me the honor to offer his karma cleansing.

The Divine guided me to offer these last two karma cleansing services in a unique way, through two book campaigns. The first one is in June 2009. For this next karma cleansing service in North America, the special honor fee will go toward purchasing the fourth book in my Soul Power Series: Divine Soul Songs: Sacred Practical Treasures to Heal, Rejuvenate, and Transform You, Humanity, Mother Earth, and all Universes., with a foreword with Dr. Maya Angelou. Purchase the required amount of books on June 9, 2009, when it will be published. Allan Chuck, manager of Heaven’s Library and one of my Worldwide Representatives, and Isabel Love, manager of Book Campaigns, announce the details below after my letter. Read their letter and the website information carefully. Complete your book purchases and all of the registration requirements. Then you will receive the divine karma cleansing on June 28 or July 12, 2009. Register for Divine Karma Cleansing.

I cannot emphasize enough that opportunities for divine karma cleansing are now extremely rare. After this year, my divine karma cleansing service will end. Therefore, I am calling you and your loved ones to take this rare divine opportunity to clear your bad karma, including your personal karma, your ancestral karma and the karma of any relationship. Prepare yourself and your loved ones for karma cleansing. I am looking forward to offering karma cleansing to you and your loved ones. I am honored to serve you.

This Saturday, May 16, from 10:00-11:00 a.m., Pacific Daylight Time, I will continue my weekly Free Soul Healing Blessings for Humanity. I will explain more about the importance and power of divine karma cleansing service. I will also offer the major Supreme Highest Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants of Supreme Highest God Golden Light Ball and Golden Liquid Spring of Supreme Highest God Love as a divine gift. Divine love melts all blockages and transforms all life. This divine treasure is beyond comprehension. Register for webcast and you are automatically registered for this divine treasure.

Join my Free Soul Healing Blessings for Humanity this Saturday in person in San Francisco, by live webcast or by live teleconference. You are required to register for this special program and be present to receive the divine gift. Invite your loved ones to register and attend to receive the divine gift.

With love and blessing,

Master Sha

Book Campaign for Divine Karma Cleansing, Removal of Curses and Removal of Negative Memories

June 9, 2009


We are delighted that you and your loved ones will receive divine karma cleansing service, or that you are considering taking one of the rare remaining divine opportunities to receive divine karma cleansing service. The very special honor fees (in U. S. dollars) for the various aspects of this service are:

`Karma Cleansing – Personal USD$1,000 in book purchases

`Karma Cleansing – Ancestral, Mothers’ Side USD$1,500 in book purchases

`Karma Cleansing – Ancestral, Fathers’ Side USD$1,500 in book purchases

`Karma Cleansing – Relationship USD$750 in book purchases

`Karma Cleansing – Business USD$750 in book purchases

`Karma Cleansing – Pet USD$500 in book purchases

`Karma Cleansing – Residence USD$750 in book purchases

`Removal of One Curse USD$250 in book purchases

`Removal of One Negative Memory USD$250 in book purchases

These honor fees (for each individual, each relationship between two individuals, each business, each pet and each residence) are the lowest offered by the Divine since Master Sha began offering divine karma cleansing in 2003. It is yet another example of the Divine's love, compassion and generosity. The Divine also recognizes the Divine's decision to make divine karma cleansing rare and urgent. We can never honor the Divine enough. We can never be grateful to the Divine enough.

As Master Sha announced above, your honor fees will go toward your purchase of the fourth book in his Soul Power Series: Divine Soul Songs: Sacred Practical Treasures to Heal, Rejuvenate, and Transform You, Humanity, Mother Earth, and All Universes on June 9, 2009, the day it will be published.

The Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment and Heaven's Library do not want your honor fees.
[poster's note: BUT DR SHA GETS THEM!]]We want you to benefit from this book. We want you to benefit your family, loved ones, friends, colleagues and communities by sharing this book.

Divine Soul Songs carry divine frequency and vibration, with divine love, forgiveness, compassion and light. The Divine Soul Songs offered in this book can transform every aspect of your life. They are treasures to be used for healing, rejuvenation, and purification of your soul, heart, mind, and body, and the souls, hearts, minds, and bodies of others. Share this love and light with family, friends and members of your community, including nursing homes, community centers health centers, homeless shelters, libraries and other organizations. There are also nearly twenty Divine Downloads offered to readers of Divine Soul Songs. Use these permanent divine healing and blessing treasures also to serve yourself, your loved ones, and others.


There is a four-step process to receive divine karma cleansing through the Divine Soul Songs Book Campaign in June:

Step 1: Apply for a soul reading by June 2, 2009.

Step 2: Register your commitment online to participate in the June 9 Divine Soul Songs Book Campaign to receive divine karma cleansing.

Step 3: Complete your commitment by purchasing the required amount of new copies of Divine Soul Songs on June 9, 2009 and submit purchase confirmations as soon as possible.

Step 4: Receive divine karma cleansing during Sunday Divine Blessings on June 28 or July 12, 2009.

Visit and click on the Book Campaign link for detailed instructions on book purchase and registration requirements.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: Dr Tim ()
Date: May 19, 2009 05:49AM

wow, some great posts real servant

thx for all your work.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: swordoftruth ()
Date: June 02, 2009 03:05AM

I have personally experienced a tremendous amount of healing thanks to Master Sha and his teachings. The self -healing practices and meditation , as well as his healing blessings, had a profound impact on my health. I had a remarkable recovery from a chronic and life threatening illness thanks to Master Sha's teachings, practices and healing blessings.

At the core of the teachings is a message of unconditional love and service. Many of the self healing practices are based on 5,000 year old traditions that would not have continued if they did not work! As a health researcher and writer, I have studied many modalities and have interviewed many MDs who apply both Western and Eastern medicine and holistic health health practices in their 'prescriptions' for their patients. I have found that Master Sha's work brings the best of many of these modalities together It takes discipline to do the daily practices, but they work astoundingly well for healing of all kinds.

Master Sha's healing blessings have also worked extremely well for me. I have witnessed many others recover from serious illness after receiving his blessings and practicing the techniques for continued healing.

As for the prices, he offers many free services and all of the money he receives is used to send his teachers out into the world, pay for travel, events, etc. He lives a very simple life, in a modest home with a modest car, etc. He is dedicated to serve humanity.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: YHWH ()
Date: June 04, 2009 09:49AM

I don't know why but I feel compelled to spend the time to offer my insights since I have nothing to gain and everything to lose from bad thoughts and ill will of Dr. Sha and his followers. That's why I use YHWH as protection I have a ton of negative thoughts removed recently as I was told by a healer. I feel like a mother hen like Jesus said, " Oh Jerusalem how I could take you under my wings and protect you.
I know all and every one of you are highly intelligent since you could afford these exorbitant prices and I can't and you are better off than I am within this decade at least.
I need to move on since smart investors lose money in the stock market , real estate, vegas or race track. But it needn't be like that this bottom list pit can be avoided if you discern.
Yesterday I got initiated and it cost me virtually nothing compared to what you are paying. Energy healers and teachers charge $50 to $125/ 90 minute session. So work within that framework of time and you can get blessed within budget. I am happy I shopped around.
Please do your homework and discern before spending any money on Dr. Sha for the following reasons:
Being a traditionalist,
disciple of Dr. Guo,
5,000 year old tradition,
Lineage from taoism,
Master of tai Chi, Ging Gong, I- Ching.
How are protoge's taught?
Ask Dr. Sha how much he paid Dr. Guo to be his protoge'?
That's how much you should be paying. That's how it's been done for thousands of years watch kung fu movies.
You have to prove you have good character before you are accepted as a protoge' but not flashing money.
If it's good for Dr. Guo to take the time to teach one student one on one versus Dr. Sha taking 3 seconds a snapshot to utter Silent! Downlaa-a-a-a-d-ah!
It's all FREE! Could take months or years to deliver but it's virtually free.
Now in this day and age $150 is appropriate since some seminars charge $600 a day including meals and lodging but it's buy two get one free. So about $450 from 9am to midnight all day intensive camp seminar.
Speaking for myself I was the most eager to receive the transmission to be a soul divine healer but the price tag was $16,000 for a group download.
Like many I wanted Feng Shui and Medecine Chest price was $45,000 each. Regular folks who need the most help make $8 to $10/ hour how are they going to afford these prices?
Today his fee has been lowered from $45,000 to $6-900 for a three words or 3 seconds. Pity the guy who paid $45,000 what a discount to under a $1k I remember hearing.
CEO's make obscene money like over $60 million a year even in this bad economy as reported.
Dr. Sha is held to a higher standard since he claims to be God and Jesus as reported by others online. Checkout and many others.
Based on what I've seen and heard as a witness Dr. Sha blashphemed Jesus and God by treating Him as nothing special. To reiterate a few points from past postings.
When Moses saw the burning bush God told him take off your sandals you are standing on Holy ground. When Moses descended twice from receiving the Ten Commandments his face was glowing like light.
Dr.Sha said" I will put God in the middle of the room". These are actual paraphrases I heard as best i could despite Dr. Sha's strong accent.
Australian Healer visualizes "Jesus as son of God" to heal clients. Dr. Sha did not deny or edify that Jesus is God or the son of God.
Yet throughout seminar he invoked Kuan Yin, Buddhas, lamas, gurus and sifus to answer his prayer.
He never once said God instead using the Divine.
God is a Personal God that does not allow you to bow to graven images. First commandment.
Sha said," My master teachers know to bow to me you new people don't have to bow to me". What an ego.
Graven images invoked " Kuan Yin ( does not exist Chinese people made her up to embody compassion), Buddha, lamas, gurus, sifus need i explain are not worthy to being bowed to or prayed to. Again first commandment.
Jesus said God knows every hair on your head. We know now that DNA is in your hair 2,000 years ago that saying sounded frivolous. Who cares but since every strand can be replicated to be you it has tremendous significance now.
Dr. Sha lectured " You are wasting time praying to jesus he reincarnated allready into another."
Jesus has reincarnated 75,000 times and mother Mary 35,000 times".
"I am saying Dr. Peter Hudoba is spiritually higher than Jesus." according to sha. I cannot call him dr.
Yet Dr. Hudoba paid Dr. Sha $5,000 to learn the Tao.
Dr.Sha said laughing, " Peter is always chanting and meditating for the last 30 years yet he did not understand the taoist teachings until I took his $5,000 that's me ad libbing.
Dr. Peter's 30 years of severe inner work without realizing the taoist teachings yet Dr. Sha claims Peter is spiritually superior to Jesus Christ.
If Sr. Marilyn doesn't raise an eyebrow she will be sperated from the sheep. I am very disappointed in her. She should know better since she is a catholic nun.
Remember my friends " A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf not a sheep". Dr sha is not a sheep he is gorging himself on your loans and children's legacy.
I have nothing against Dr. Sha except God's honor fee great euphism.
He can teach CEO's a thing or two how to shamelessly market yourself. I have many more comments to add but I wish for you to do your homework. If you wish to be a shareholder in sha empire go ahead.
But those with ears and eyes hopefully you will see the light.
Spirituality is freely received by God and should be freely given with maybe a $50-$300/ 90 min. session cost of living allowance.
To use popular culture as illustration george harrison paid millions in copyright infringement for "My Sweet Lord" sounding like "he so shy". He flatly denied conscoiusly or subsconsciously copying the meolody but he lost in court. Yet Dr. Sha has you give up your intellectual rights to write his ghost written book and this raises no eyebrows.
Oprah berated and shamed but months later apolgised to autobiographical writer who embellished he was in jail for six months when he only spent three hours. Do you get it yet?
When Brian Epstein promoted the beatles he pulled the same stunt like Dr. Sha buying beatle records to create an artificaial demand and calling radio stations to request beatles's music. That was considered shady in the 60's now Dr. Sha is doing the same thing. need I say more?
There are many Mystical and spiritual healers that will transmitts for Free or $200 for a three day intensive if you look around. If you want recommendations I am happy to refer you since you won't gambling thousands away.
Bottomline Dr. Guo saw Dr. Sha's character and believed in him to pass his rites for free. Money corrupts the transmission. Dr. Sha in return can offer an expensive gift to Dr. Guo's family or his practice. there you have it. All transmission is free. I am freely paraphrasing Jesus breathed on them and said, " Freely you have received freely you give. Be gentle as doves be wise as serpents. Take nothing with you. Eat what is offered to you. I will protect you from poison and snake bites...." Read the gospels to get the full measure.
Jesus laid his head in the woods.
When a Priest does a favor like Blessing a house or business for his parish members he told me buy the church some candles. Insist on giving him at least $50 since he has personal wants like coffee and gasoline. The church pays only the basic. Buy him lunch. Remember out of 55,000 less than 1% went bad. God has revealed Himself via the Bible.
Your ancestors did not believe in karma or reincarnation. Do you think they are in hell?
Read the history of the new age movement and it's agenda. We are using mother earth, pantheisitc religion.
Why are you invoking gurus, Kuan Yin, buddhas, sifus,,,....instead of Jesus and YAHWEH and the Holy Spirit?
I was told now Dr. Sha has rich patrons he can afford scholarships and freebies. I inquired none exist for free downloads for healers. Next for chronic illness but most of us are healthy.
Dr. Sha is not shopping at thrift stores, cutting coupons, eating at 2 for one, $1 menu he is better off than most of you i dare say. The guy I heard who gave him money. God is your retainer against misfortune not Dr. Sha. Karma is a scare tactic to get his bloody hand in your pocket for your billfold or purse. He is cunning. I give him alot of credit for his leadership skills among his corp of volunteers.
I feel sorry for the time they spent. Join the peace corp, learn ceramics, Dr. Sha can afford to pay you. Who else but your spiritual boss have over millions in his bank account.
Are you that needy? I love you all but I am spending too much time on this but if it helps to alleviaite being hoodwinked then I am happy.
God bless you all for your kind and generous heart or you wouldn't be here. Sorry i don't proofread for grammatical errors since I am running. This is my first draft even w/o editing I know you know where we are coming from to make a connection. I tried to edit but i ran out of time. Please make do.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: YHWH ()
Date: June 12, 2009 04:23AM

food for thought.
From The British Medical Journal:

In 2005 males under the age of 20 exceeded females by more than 32 million in China, and more than 1.1 million excess births of boys occurred. China will see very high and steadily worsening sex ratios in the reproductive age group over the next two decades. Enforcing the existing ban on sex selective abortion could lead to normalisation of the ratios.

Right now there are over 63 million bachelors according to NPR I heard that are desparate for wives since baby girls are selectively aborted weeded out to await for prized male sons always treasured in Asia. based on this info. it seems to me Mr. Sha's karma cleansing is most needed in his own country for the sins or karmic debt of female fetuses probably more than 63 million aborted for every male carried. Since X chromosomes are prevalent and dominant who knows except God could be as high as double the amount for males.
Mr. Sha doesn't have to dig deep into 75,000 lifetimes this is current news today. Since he adamantly proclaims himself a universal servant he is most needed in China as we speak. The squaky wheel is in China and since he was born in China he owes it to them. Let alone the sins of Mao Tse-tung, who was responsible for the peacetime deaths of perhaps 70 million of his fellow Chinese. Why is he trying to win converts all over the world but his own country?
Traditionally Chinese families are steeped in karmic debts since they prefer males over females before ultrasound technogy families as i was told by my mother whenever she joked about my sisters horseplay. like the Chinese," I should have held your nose like all girl babies to let you die". Probably since girls are a hindrance on a rural farm community. Chinese bureaucrats only allow single child or families will face heavy fines. Most families via ultrasound choose to voluntarily abort their female offspring.
Why is mr. Sha over here digging in (iffy) thousands of years of (guesswork ) lifetimes to offer you according to his proclaimed divine seers karma cleansing ( which no one can prove works) when in his own country today there are over 63 million Chinese families with current karmic problems.
Need I tell you? You answer it.
Mr. Sha went to Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam ask him or his organization how many converts he won? I doubt he found anyone. Not one. There are numerous buddhist healers that are detached and ask minimal donations for their spiritual work.
I will let this simmer in. You must see and differentiate the good from the bad. 2012 is coming Mr.Sha will be hiding but he will suffer the most for his blasphemies..Please read past posts and to catch up.
You will see the state of your soul as God sees you.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: YHWH ()
Date: June 12, 2009 08:33AM

dear Friend,

Something I know inadvertently my friends I am compelled to tell you what occurred to me. I prayed at Eucharistic adoration for Holy Spirit to tell me about Mr. Sha. I am no psychic but I am swamped with thoughts and insights. I believe they are helpful since freely they were given to me freely I offer you the little I know bit by bit.
When you prostrate and bow to Mr. Sha, a powerful being you inadvertently give him full authority over you. In legal terms "Power of Attorney" over your life. Spiritually he owns you. Power of attorney allows one to sign, cash, open or close, spend and do anything you can do. Mr' Sha is powerful enough to do this. many ancient Asian cultures like Viet nam, Philipines, Thailand, Shamans, aborigine tribes can cast a spell on you to get you to be a zombie-like state to control you. If you don't believe me ask these a 50 year old or older person who was raised from that culture.
In Hawaii you would offer food to madame Pele, Sacred falls and Heiau's like a genie to get your prayer requests answered. There are talismans, potions, incantations, spells using water, flower petals that can be cast in many ancient cultures.
Panned piper is played out in Asia where children are stolen and sold.
The little I know of the subject with all my heart and true sincerity I admonish you to stop prostrated bowing to mr. sha once or 108 times because it means more than respect. You paid him for his service from his menu . You don't owe him anything. yet he still remains a universal servant albeit a rich one while you slave behind the scenes building his empire. he takes credit for all your writing, editing skills claiming to be author. Red flags.
To be on a spiritual path you have to be impeccable period. How else would you commune with God? Profiteering or Holy communion? This is meat for next topic.
Spiritually by you bowing to mr. Sha you gave over to him. You are under his spell. He owns you.
I am telling you this because i felt conflicted and told a dear friend at the beginning of the seminar.
Mr. Sha just ordered God to stand guard,
Francisco and Joyce in monotone claimed to see God hand Mr. Sha a golden ball
and a soul bigger than the universe entered him when he downloads to himself,
Mr. Sha has been invoking and praying to Kuan Yin, Buddhas, lamas, gurus and sifus instead of God or the Divine throughout the seminar. No eyebrows were raised. I was impatiently told," You are negative, you are a in kindergarten, young soul, chided,...
Just a simple search will tell you Chinese invented Kuan Yin as a female to embody compassion. Can you get Avalokitesvara attention by praying to Kuan yin by pure intention? Maybe I hope so or it would be wasted prayers and time. Mythical Guan or Kuan Yin did not ride on a benevolent dragon purely figments of an imagination not historical fact. Avalokiteœvara walked the earth as an Indian man not female Goddess riding on a dragon as is commonly depicted.
In defense of Mr Sha by far he is not alone many religions many Kuan Yin temples and people are still praying to her that does not exist. Yet Mr. Sha should know better being lineage holder of 5,000 year old Taoist tradition. Flawed Taoist later rewrote history buried this historical fact by making Kuan Yin, an immortal.
In comparison Yahshua is translated to Greek as Iosus to English as Jesus a Spanish name. YHWH to Jehovah scholars widely accept YAHWEH as being closest. No one knows since Jews are forbidden to say the Holy Name of God let alone order Him to stand guard or hand mr. sha a ball. true name I believe is best way to pray to personal God rather than Divine. I was told when I asked Sr. marilyn and others Mr. Sha does not want to talk about religion. What else is there to talk about besides religion. Why is he praying to a Boddisattva who are under Buddha, saints, lamas, gurus and sifus who are all created by God instead of the Source God???
There is One God revealed in Judeo-Christian 5,000 years ago. Commandments given directly by God to the people of Israel at Mount Sinai after He had delivered them from slavery in Egypt:
Yet why yet he claims to talk to God when you talk to lamas, gurus, sifus, Buddhas, kuan yins. Culture is not a good answer since God and truth transcends all borders, time and space. Go to the Source God instead of black belt judo sifu or nameless guru, lama ?
Then to lecture " Don't pray to Jesus. You are wasting your time He has all ready reincarnated into another body. Jesus reincarnated 75,000 and mother Mary 35,000 times yet Dr. Peter Hudoba according to Dr. Sha is spiritually higher than Jesus. Apparently 75,000 times and sacrificially dying is not enough. What God is he praying to? Can someone tell me? Not the God I know and love. Why would God grant Mr. Sha any gifts if he blasphemes Jesus and God in many ways by shamelessly promoting himself. I fell asleep my friend said the light was too strong. My friend asked me many times not to embarrass him by bringing up Jesus and I did not take a stand. I didn't miss anything.
God watched His Own Son begotten by the Holy Spirit flogged, cruxified, pierced for humanity's sins yet clairevoyant, self- proclaimed master sha lectures is lower than Dr. Hudoba? Red flags yet Sister Marilyn? You of all people should be angry about this saying. God must have a plan for you if not you should quit being a nun. Out of respect for Jesus your groom, your spouse for your are cheating on Him by following money grubbing mr. cunning Sha. I call it as i see it.
Do you? Is Mr. Sha altruistic, magnanimous, Impeccable, Honest, integrity Sacrificial, humble or is he self-serving, selfish, greedy, liar, propagandist, megalomaniac, boaster, sleaze, manipulator, plagiarist, false teacher, taking credit where none is due to him? I can go on but you got the message.
By his own words I heard him preach," I can fly. Don't think I can. I can teach you how to fly."
By your own words i convict you mr. Sha.
Fly for us! Prove it! Words are cheap. Do it and we'll see. We'll allow you a net with a head start and a tail wind from a building or you can take off from the ground. We are waiting. Who needs to be healed now?
Do not listen to his words anyone can talk. Look at Mr. Sha's deeds. I saw his modus operandi what a racket and I am flabbergasted at his greed and pomposity.
" My master teachers know to bow me to me you new people don't have to". Red flag?
“ Fool born every minute”, if you believe that-Pt. Barnum. I am wasting my time if you justify him. Why?
There is hope for you to Cleanse yourself of territory you handed over to mr. Sha voluntarily submission while prostrated bowing to Mr. Sha.
Free karma cleanse with St. Michael's prayer, exorcism prayers, confession, baptism, confirmation, Holy water, Sage. Ending this madness of contrived, plagiarized, fake, phony authorship and gravy train to new York times best seller. There are many starving writers and artist who are legitimate and deserve a break. By shady, illegal manipulating the market for a spiritual organization what message are you sending/
Why is mr. Sha so hungry for fame and fortune? Is God not enough? Moksha is when you surrender and give away everything to pursue God. Mr. Sha is building an empire on your back and God's Good Name. Charging $5 to watch his propaganda movie how low can you get Mr. Sha? Shame on you. Your mother raised you much better than this Mr. Sha. I know this is a low blow but it works every time to change someone's attitude.
Even the Mayo brothers both doctors, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, thousands of missionaries, Christians, just plain decent folks do good deeds and offer free or heavily discounted medical treatments like Mayo clinic. Be a arms dealer or CEO of halliburton or bechtel if you want to amke 60 million a year not spirituality and healing.
Satan showed Jesus during his 40 day fast the wealth, fame and worldwide kingdoms he owns when Adam lost his heritage. Satan said ," all you have to do is bow to me and it is all yours". Read the Bible yourself.
All authority has been given on to me. There is no Higher Name and Authority by which every knee shall bend than Yahshua or Jesus.
I know from personal experience Mr. Sha took on my emotions as if they were his own. This is my personal experience and testimony. After lunch when the retreat resumed he was all smiles when he called those who wanted their soul standing read. After telling me his personality changed and he took on my emotions.
I will share further if anyone is interested. Mr. Sha is a Vampire someone who can take away your energy and power if you gift it to him by bowing to him prostrated.
Unless you want to fall victim and give mr. Sha dominion and your complete power of attorney. I am not speaking to martial arts to honor your opponent reciprocally or namaste I honor the God in you or to live respectfully to your elders in a culture that bows respectfully. Prostrating to mr. Sha is another animal. I felt him take my emotions right after lunch he counterfeited my emotions exactly. I do this only for you because I know who you are. I meet people like you who play scrabble, study hard for a major who do things out of love and passion instead of the prize at the end of the tunnel. Whose attitude is we'll see. I hope you will see my heart to see where i am coming from.
I don't see why big money has to play a part in spirituality. Why win/lose instead of win/win and synergism.
The pursuit of money in spirituality is very distasteful to me. You can't be a millionaire being an accupuncturist.
Phony Author? Initiating downloads by three syllable word is big money.
I hope Marcello has some money left he spent a fortune on downloads and books. The guy has a pure heart. Clarevoyants wanted to charge me $250 for a flow. I am disappointed. What happened to your vows? You have 3 years to reform. God bless you all.
I hope Mr. Sha will turn over a new leaf. I have much more to share.
All I can say for my next topic is look at Mr. Sha's deeds not his words. His words are euphisms but his deeds and practices reveal self-serving, shamefully promoting himself, megalomaniac.
Downloads to himself like Lazarus and the rich man parable by Jesus. When many can't afford $5k or 6k to be a divine soul singer he downloads to himself bigger souls than the universe. Them says God told me to make 1000s of healers I am behind. But who can afford $5k to sing or $45k for feng Shui or Medicine Chest or what I sought $16K now $900 to be a Divine healer. If I wait long enough like fashion the price will come down even more.
For what most people could afford we were hereded up like cattle to give our names to akasic records not even have our wishes heard since we were the last round and at $100/ cheap per wish. We were off the floor in 3 minutes a group of 50 people paying $100/ request for healing.
How am I supposed to feel? Buy more cds, videos, books at full retail no quantity or volunteer , assistant, employee inside discounts. No free lunch from mr. Sha. I met many contractors like that when I washed and polished planes. Why pay more when they are willing to work for minimum wage and no breaks for rest or refreshment.
I hope Sha’s spell over you will be broken.

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Re: Zhi Gang Sha
Posted by: real servant ()
Date: August 30, 2009 11:20AM

The Yedda forum seems to be malfunctioning (most recent posts are missing), so I am copying here some of the good critiques before they are lost:

Anon2 on Yedda
I participated in a week long retreat a couple years ago. Frankly, I was appalled. So was my roommate. For similar reasons already discussed here by others.
As far as "Beverly's comments" (the one who really seems to have "enlightenment" down?), she represents a "follower" mentality defending him to such a degree. A follower recognizes or seeks something, anything, person, place or thing OUTSIDE of themselves because they don't realize they already have it WITHIN. This is nothing new.
After having "searched" for a true teacher or Master out there somewhere, I came to the conclusion (especially after this particular retreat), that the only Master is WITHIN. Period. The reason this "Master" may have special abilities is because the followers are GIVING THEIR POWER AWAY to him. I've seen it again and again with several of these supposed "Masters". They provoke, they insult, they charge fortunes, etc. and in the process of "upsetting", all of that ENERGY, whether it be anger or adulation, etc. goes RIGHT over to the "Master". So they gleam with brightness and energy and everyone wonders why they can't have that too! That particular week of the retreat while he amassed somewhere around $750k to 1 million he looked brighter than the sun’s reflection on a lake.
Please, please, please, it is time to STOP FOLLOWING. And in the process get the energy and vitality back where it belongs and they can fizzle out. It sounds like this may be well on its way, because there were about 200 in attendance at my retreat and from what I'm reading it sounds like he's getting desperate for attendees.
When one finally begins to ponder and "get" the truth that nothing is real and is all illusion, ("maya") it becomes obvious that this world is made up of beliefs. All beliefs are equally valid if they work for someone. Some choose the belief that Jesus died for our sins, therefore there is no such thing as "karma", therefore, no reason to pay this guy to clear out "karma".
Beverly, at 77, don’t you think it’s time to take your power back, find out who you really are, rather than spend your valuable time and energy defending, worshipping, idolizing this guy?

Gentleman Hypnotist
Yes, Dr Sha is a flim flam man.

I attended his workshop here in Atlanta. I was appauled at the blatant promotion of his books. He claimed to put 68 golden Buddhas in his first book so that everyone that bought it today could take these Buddhas home with them.

I am a Hypnotist and the persistant use of hypnotic techniques to sell his products was frightning. He even gave you a personal bar code so that your credit card number could be on file and all they had to do to charge you for product that he pushed during the program was to run your bar code.

I'm sure that some people walked away from the event feeling better. Some people were charged 3k for "Karma" cleansing that was done in a group session. About 40 peple payed money for a karma cleaning but the fee structure was a fee for each state of cleaning. You could get a cleaning for relationships for 1500, prosperity for 1500 an ancestor cleaning for 3000 and cleaning for both your mothers ancestors, your fathers ancestors, and your past lives at 3000 each so some of the participants could have payed over 15,000 to have Master Sha clean them in a group of about 40. No individual attention!!
Also, he had people tell stories of healing. One person told of a healing with her feet and how she couldn't walk. I mentioned this to another person who had seen Dr. Sha on a previous occasion and the same story was told by another woman. Apparently this is just a popular story and he just has other people at different places tell the same story. I believe these people are shills or plants.

He also had two individuals give readings on what was going on when he was calling the spirits and Buddhas to come into the people. He would do his thing ending with the words "TRANSMISSION!!" sending the transmission of the soul energy to the people. The two "Seers" would then relate how they saw the golden Buddha energy come down to Sha and then go out to the people in various ways. No one ever question that they saw anything. They to were shills / stooges and part of the show. They called them enlightened master teachers.
The event did not sell out here in Atlanta and when the turn out was low, Dr. Sha offered 30 spots for our church to go free and avoid the 550.00 fee. As the event came closer, they opened up the even to 100 for free. Our 100 made up 1/3 of the total attendance. I can see how he can give the seminar away because he pushes his products relentlessly during the event.

He reminds me of a pentacostial preacher with the laying of hands and "healing' with a touch. I can tell you that it is miss use of mass hypnosis techniques.
He also layers a thread of truth with the chanting of songs and chakra toning so some people do feel better.

Bottom line is that some people will feel better from the use of these powerful hypnotic techniques that he uses and from the energy of the people in the room. And I'm not saying that it may have some basis in fact.
What I am saying is that in my personal and professional opinion at this time October 28th 2008, Dr Sha is focused on making Western money for Eastern balloney. Save your money.
When Buddha's come out of his book, monkeys will fly out of my bottom!!

David Bryan Smith
America's Gentleman Hypnotist

Peter Kanaka
I won't draw conclusions, but I will report some disturbing observations I made when I attended his seminar in Hawaii from Nov 8-12. I guess his event had low attendance in Hawaii so on the Fri nite before, he spoke to an audience and invited all the people from Hawaii to attend for free, and bring other friends along too. Similar marketing style to the Atlanta seminar.
I also noted the repeated promotion of his books. Almost 20% of his talks would refer to something in his book (that we should purchase). He claimed that "time was short" and god had instructed him to purify as many people as possible so they could do the work of helping the world in the stressful times that are coming. He did a demo on Mon nite by "downloading" a saint's soul into a woman who was a Hawaiian medicine woman (kahuna). Afterwards he told the audience it was Pele, the goddess of the Big Island and the whole audience was very impressed. Then, he asked to hear from the goddess. The kahuna got up and Master Sha corrected her saying he meant "hearing from his top student, who would channel the soul of Pele." The student got up and spoke about how the islands were shaking and what a great job Master Sha was doing in calming the islands. That Pele enjoyed listening to his music (so everyone should buy more cd's) and the Big Island was saved from devastation because of Master Sha's work. I felt that if she were really channeling the spirit of Pele, she would talk about the land, aina, and the people of Hawaii; even use some Hawaiian language. The top student sounded like she made up stuff that a non-Hawaiian would know and of course, give Master Sha lots of credit.
Then, they let the kahuna, who had Pele's spirit in her, speak and she spoke in Hawaiian at first and then switched to English and talked about how the islands were destined to be destroyed. That was really different from the channeler's msg. Master Sha got up after that and told everyone that God has a plan and it CANNOT be changed. Then, he proceeded to tell everyone that even tho the plan cannot be changed, he would pray to god and "send in the order" to save the Hawaiian islands. He told lots of stories about how HE was the only one given permission from god to erase karma and request for god's plan to be changed. Then, he bowed to god 1000x, and had everyone in the audience join him, and did his TRAAAAAANSMISSSSSSSION and viola, he had saved the Hawaiian islands. After that, there was the requisite sharing by his top students on what a tremendous act Master Sha had done, how fortunate the people of Hawaii were, how we were blessed beyond comprehension, etc, etc.
That part was "over the top" for me because it is impossible to prove if he had really saved the islands. If nothing bad happens, he can take the credit and if something does happen, he can say, "it would have been much worse without my divine intervention."
I don't doubt that I felt the energy of the man and perhaps some of his healing abilities. What disturbs me is the amount of self-promotion. 40% of his lectures were about what great works he had done around the world, how many people he had healed, how many people were on the online seminar, yadee, yadee, yadaa. Also, he reminded us at least 3x each hour that he was a "humble servant of god." If I have to be reminded that many times in a 12 hour day, I begin to wonder who he is trying to convince.
I compare him to other definite spiritual healers that I have heard about, Jesus, Ghandi, Deepak Chopra, etc and I have never heard of them promoting themselves so much, or needing to constantly have his students get up and "share" their view on what was happening. There are many aspects of his methods that seem like a cult. When doing meditations, his students would tell people what they should be seeing and feeling. We were told "how to dress" AFTER we started attending the seminar. It was "suggested" but not required that we get on the floor and bow to Master Sha when he entered the room. Most of his students did so.
Overall, I feel Master Sha has a talent and a mission. We were constantly reminded that he was a servant to humanity, but at the end of the day, you could not benefit unless you had $5000 to spend for the karma clearing, download of a saint into your body and advanced healer training. That makes him a servant to a less than 5% of humanity who had the $5000. The marketing organization that has been created around him might be undoing the healing is performing, but I doubt that anything can happen without his consent.
Claiming that god's plan could not be changed, and then asking god to change his plan and save the Hawaiian islands was a bit much for me to swallow. I feel that if he really was on a mission to serve humanity, he would not let $5000 prevent people from receiving his healing. I do not recall anywhere in the Bible the Jesus charged for his healings and he was the son of god. Go figure.

Just rolling by
I experienced some healing at one of Dr. Sha's meetings of back pain. It lasted for two years in one spot that was particularly problematic for doing transfers from a wheelchair which I use due to disability. In addition to prayer, Dr. Sha hit a certain spot in my back in a fashion similar to what some chiropractors will do. It was very painful. However, afterwards, the pain subsided and I was happy for the pain relief since no doctors, chiropractors or healers had accomplished that for such a long period of time. I have no doubt that his medical training came into play here and I have to hand it to him for having the guts to do it. I doubt many Western doctors would be inclined to use the technique he did given the extent of my physical problems.
At a second round of meetings with Dr. Sha and his staff, no one would work with me individually at all. I didn't have money for a private session. And I was told I wasn't in enough pain to warrant getting a free download for pain relief he was offering to give one participant that day. I live on pain killers, constant physical therapy and a host of medical treatments, and live my life in a wheelchair and am fortunate to be able to get out of bed. Some days, the chronic widespread pain is so bad, I cannot. Go figure. I didn't experience any physical changes for better or worse that time.
I am sure if Dr. Sha or any other healer or minister thought they could do something to assist someone with a visible, medically documented disability they would, since it certainly would add credibility to the message.
Like others, I was turned off by the frequent requests for money for various services and high prices charged particularly for things that can't be measured... For example, how does one know any spiritual download really happened? How does one know one's karma is cleansed? The prices for various services have increased significantly over time as well. At one meeting, one of people who works with Dr. Sha gave a number of words of knowledge about certain individual's past lives. Again, not easily measurable.
None of this surprises me. I have found very few instances where any spiritual healer regardless of religious persuasion offers much that is measurable or can be proved based on medical evidence and documentation. So, I watch, wait and glean what is good from whoever has something to offer of merit. Occasionally, healing happens and/or some principles work. However, I leave my checkbook at home and would advise others to do the same whenever any healer comes by asking for large sums of money until one sees verifiable results.

Hi everyone. I am new to this conversation. I just bought his book: "Soul Wisdom I" and my first instinct in reading his introduction was that he was a cult leader. I kept reading and his teachings and words are not laced with cult-related teachings. I do sense that he shares universal truths, and like many who have posted here and on book reviews, I am an avid reader of self-help/spiritual/recovery healing books. My approach thus far (I am on page 48 of his book) is "take what you want or what applies to you, and leave the rest". So far I only spent $5 on this book and I wouldn't spend another cent especially after what I just read. It is very confusing and distressing to read the works of someone who shares spiritual ideas that resonate with me on a core level, only to find out that in their real life, and as a ego-centric human being, they prey on people's vulnerability. My gratitude for spiritual teachers who do not demand what we need not give, has officially increased by the ten-fold. Thanks for everyone's comments.

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