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Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: yourmaster ()
Date: July 07, 2005 11:41AM

I do know alot about the old days but it is just gossip at this point. Sure, it is interesting and all that. But there is only one thing that is important about the subject of chris butler.

The important thing is that all gurus and spiritual leaders are a distraction from learning the truth about life. Understanding this fact is the springboard to self knowledge.

Forget chris butler and all of the prabhuFRAUD's and the authorities who enjoy having long long names to make themselves look important. These kind of leeches feel as though they have 'arrived' when they are adorned with long names and special treatment and so much attention from duped followers. They have a real business going on but it has no value.

Let others do the gossiping. You should just spread the good word about spiritual authorities so that people, including you, are never brainwashed by memories.

Let butler imagine that he is the supreme guru. Everyone has their dreams. Maybe it makes him happy. He needs the distraction from reality, I suppose.

Just get your own stuff together. Just knowing that authorities are a stumbling block to your best interests should be enough to turn your back on them forever and look within yourself.



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Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: barabara ()
Date: July 07, 2005 01:43PM

Dear Yoursister;
Would you tell us about your experience with the cult? What was it that happened to your friend? Were there children involved?
It is true that the people who follow the guru don't seem to be answering questions, other than to deny that there is a group, when many people seem to believe that there is one, and have had contact with it.
I would be very careful about trusting the care of my children to ANYONE, especially someone I don't know very well. Did someone you know go to the mysterious school that people have been asking about?
I myself would not be interested at all, except for the fact that I have heard stories that this group, (and, in all fairness, other religious groups), may be directing recruitment efforts at children and teenagers. Young people are more receptive to new ideas, and easier to persuade, but the people who have written and said that they are are students of this jagad guru deny that efforts to recruit converts exist.
I know that there are people who preach this religion, and encourage others to listen to what this guru has to say, and do what he suggests. I know that there is a process of initiation to become this guru's student, but not how this is achieved. I don't know if interested parties are encouraged to become initiated. Do you?

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Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: regina ()
Date: July 13, 2005 03:13AM

I find this forum of interest.
Do these people habitually move their children from home to home among the group?
They preach a divsion between the physical world and the spirit, a set-up for slavery.
Do they discourage higher education and pursuit of interests outside the group agenda?
Do they teach children that discipline involving fear and intimidation is acceptable because that is the way the "guru" approves?
Does Chris Butler tell young women/girls whom and when to marry?
Did Chris Butler/Jagad Guru introduce drugs into ISKON?
Are young people taught that they are only "safe" within the group?
Are young people given choices in occupation and careers or they only allowed to pursue work that "furthers the guru's mission". What is that mission?
Are potential "converts" encouraged to disregard their family of origin and told that their lives before "group" was of no significance and should be forgotten? Are they taught that they were destined to join the "group"?
These are obvious signals of secrecy, indoctrination and abuse of the spirit. Abusing the spirituality and vulnerability of young people is the most grievous form of abuse.

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Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: barabara ()
Date: July 19, 2005 12:21PM

I have heard many, many stories about the activities of this group.
The one thing I have never heard is a [b:9262a05657]single story[/b:9262a05657] about any kind of charitable activity on the part of the jagad guru or any of his students.
Almost every single religion whose website I have looked at has at least one link to a charitable organization.
The activities of these people seem to revolve solely around spreading the teachings, in particular the anti-homosexual teachings, of their "teacher".
The activities of the individual "students" seem to be centered around selling vegetarian food for profit, teaching vegetarian cooking, selling music tapes and videos, and recruiting young children. People are fed, but only the few who find their way to the secret "kirtan parties". I have heard of no effort to deliver food or assistance to those in need.
Does this group of people ever do anything to alleviate the problems of the living, or do they exist purely to glorify the name of jagad guru, whom they claim to be God's representative here on Earth?

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Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: bonnie ()
Date: July 31, 2005 05:34AM

PARENTS: Be forewarned. This cult and many others will not easily let go once they have their claws into the heart and mind of your child. The cult members use declarations of love and friendship to ensnare potential converts. Do not let your children go anywhere near them. This cult goes by many names. Read the forums and BEWARE.

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Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: barabara ()
Date: August 06, 2005 09:55AM

"Your master", where are you getting your information about Jagad Guru's fear of ISKON?
You say Jagad Guru is in hiding because he is afraid of the "rabid ISKON devotees", but it doesn't seem to prevent him from associating with them. Here is a link to the World Vaisnava Association website which lists him as a present acarya, and his mission, Science of Identity Foundation and Caitanya Mission, along with ISKON, as founding members .


Another link claims that Siddhaswarupananda is in control of VINA, the Vaisnava Internet News Agency. I do not know whether or not this can be verified.


VINA can be visited at:


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Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: regina ()
Date: August 07, 2005 09:17AM

Thank you, Barabara! Just as we suspected there are more secrets within this group than their casual demeanor lets on! I hope you keep on with the good work as there are quite a few victims out there waiting for some truth about Chris Butler to surface in the clear light of day. If they are so enlightened how is it they haven't realized that deception and coercion are not the workings of godly souls but of predators and vampires. One could try corresponding with other branches of ISKON to inquire as to the real connections of C. B. I do know that they utilize the exact same methods of seduction, hypnosis/indoctrination, alienation and abuse of the individuality of human beings, including children. They are pros!
A low profile in relationship to the "world" allows these people to get away with many things.

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Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: yourmastertwo ()
Date: September 04, 2005 05:59PM

Yes who could forget the good old days. Lots of acid, criusin for chicks, surf all day, no work.

I was there. First came acid, then meditation and acid then meditation andn chanting Hare Krishna and acid then just chanting hare krsna.

Chris was your basic Jesus/Paranoid/Martyr surf dude type who liked to surround himself with worshipers.

We called him Sai in the beginning. Said he got that name from Krishna directly while he was floating around the ocean of white light.

Later we were all swern to secrecy about that one, and a few other things

He wrote in the beginning 'Sai Speaks' and everyone would gather round him like he was the reincarnation of Jesus chanting Hare Krsna or something.

Then he joined ISKCON said to burn the books and destroy the tapes.

Looked like a profile change at that point.

I was out-a-there.


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Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: barabara ()
Date: September 05, 2005 04:40AM

Srila Prabupad talked about the qualities of a Vaisnava in the Srimad Bhagavatam, 5th Canto, Chpt. 18, Text 13.

"These qualities are all originally qualities of Krsna, and when one becomes a devotee they automatically become manifest.
Krsnadasa Kaviraja, the author of Caitanya-caritamrita, says that all good qualities become manifest in the body of a Vaisnava and that [b:c911f5ac41]only by the presence of these good qualities can one distinguish a Vaisnava from a non-Vaisnava[/b:c911f5ac41]."

[b:c911f5ac41]1 He is kind to everyone.
2 He does not make anyone his enemy.
3 He is truthful.
4 He is equal to everyone.[/b:c911f5ac41]
5 No one can find any fault in him.
6 He is magnanimous.
7 He is mild.
8 He is always clean.
9 He is without possessions.
10 He works for everyone's benefit.
[b:c911f5ac41]11 He is very peaceful.[/b:c911f5ac41]
12 He is always surrendered to Krsna.
[b:c911f5ac41]13 He has no material desires.
14 He is very meek.
15 He is steady.[/b:c911f5ac41]
16 He controls his senses.
17 He does not eat more than required.
[b:c911f5ac41]18 He is not influenced by the Lord's illusory energy.
19 He offers respect to everyone.
20 He does not desire any respect for himself.[/b:c911f5ac41]
21 He is very grave.
22 He is merciful.
23 He is friendly.
24 He is poetic.
25 He is expert.
[b:c911f5ac41] 26 He is silent.[/b:c911f5ac41]

This is something to consider if you are associating with those who claim to be followers of Bhaktivedanta Swami or any of his initiated devotees, or a considering becoming one yourself.

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Krishna group in Hawaii
Posted by: blabbermouth ()
Date: September 21, 2005 11:19AM

I was not in the cult but became close friends with a member. I can only tell you what she told me. She said I shouldn't tell anyone but I guess I have a mouth as big as hers. Mike Gabbards is a disciple of Chris whose Krishna name is Krishna Kata das. His wifes Krsna name is Devahooti das. Mike ran a school for Chirs in Samoa for years where kids of the cult went to learn how to be follwers of Chris. Rick Reed a long time state senator was a cult member with the name Krishna das. Chirs disciples own Down to Earth Natural Foods Monopoly and some video companies and he has wealthy followers around the world who work to give him money. Kathy Hoshijo the famous vegetarian cook is also a cult member. Wayne Nishiki a long time councelman on Maui is also a cult member. She said Chris has allergies and cannot live in the open without getting sick. Some kind of Howard Hughes paranoid syndrome it sounds like. She said if you get too close you have to wear a germ mask so he does not get sick. I would think it would be easier if he wore the mask. She said it takes a month or two to prepare a place for him to live in order to get it all decontaminated and germ free. Coincedently his wife suffers from the same disease. HE has body guards to protect him 24 hours a day and is afraid of being assinated. He claims to be a disciple of the founder of the International Soceity of Krishna Consciousness the Hare Krsnas and to be a self realized soul but hates the organization founded by his guru and preferred to work on his own and start his own society.. Most members of the main Hare Krishna organization don't like Chris either and say he is not a real guru. Chris claims they are trying to 'get him'. His followers say they are trying to get him because he is the guru of the whole world and they are jealous. Like they tried to get Jesus they are trying to get him. There was a big lawsuit in Poland against the cult who alleged abuse but the cult beat the wrap. She claims Chirs has followers all over the world, hundreds and thousands of them, but because they are so secretive about everything it is hard to point them out. They don't like to sing the Hare Krishna song in public or to be called Hare Krsnas. I guess that is part of the strategy. Afterall who would elect a cult member. She said one day one of Chriss followers will become President of the United States.

I had an ongoing relationship with the girl for years. I have no reason to believe she was lying or exaggerating anything. Nice girl but way brain washed.

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