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Miracle of Love
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: January 11, 2004 09:24PM

Has anyone heard of a religious sect or "cult" called the "Miracle of Love" located in San Diego?

It is led by a woman who calls herself "Kalindi La Gourasana."

See []

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Miracle of Love
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 11, 2004 10:38PM


I'll do some further research and see if other info is available.

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Miracle of Love
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 11, 2004 11:08PM

One person's description of MOL can be read here:

Can be read here:


On one of the Google listserves, a correspondant named
Mark gave the following information:


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Miracle of Love
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: January 11, 2004 11:10PM

Thanks Corboy.

I have received very serious complaints about Kalinda alleging that she abuses members, is quite manipulative and controlling and exploits people financially.

She apparently extracted her teachings from various sources and lives very well off contributions and fees for services with residences in Hawaii and California.

The group also opens communal houses where members reside collectively under her guidance.

Any further information would be very helpful to those that have been making inquiries. There have been several in recent months.

I cannot release specific information contained in complaints as they are confidential.

Wondering what other information is out there.

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Miracle of Love
Posted by: Dervish ()
Date: January 12, 2004 06:59AM

It appears that Miracle of Love used to be The Church of Exodus and the leader, Kalindi is a former Hare Krishna.

Do you know if her HK name was Kalindi, and do you know who her guru was when she was with them? If you have backrgound information on her from those days, it may provide a great deal of insight toward what sort of cultish or brainwashing techniques she's using.

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Miracle of Love
Posted by: Dervish ()
Date: January 12, 2004 07:32AM

Corboy, did you see Sarlo's long essay on MOL?


In a nutshell, she and her husband "David Swanson" (1950-1995) were running this jointly, until his passing in 1995. They profess that their God Lord "Gourasana" inhabited the body of Swanson from 1987-1995. It seems they are very cult savvy and have made a nice brainwashing circle complete with various immersion methods, including confessing weaknesses and traumas (something International Church of Christ excells at).

Kalindi has a disciple named "The Lady" and apparently David Swanson's mentor was psychologist Lou Stolis. Stolis penned a book "The Sacred Science". Kalindi also wrote a book, found at []

Like I said before, I think we'll understand a lot more once we find out about her alleged Hare Krishna beginnings. If she was ever a member, I believe it would be sometime during the 1980's when there were a lot of bigtime screwball things going on (Jayatirtha's crazy cult in California, drug smuggling with the various new gurus, etc). The cult sounds a lot like something Jayatirtha or Harikesh would make up. Lord Gourasana sounds like a made-up name, probably a feminine version of Lord Gouranga aka Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Just do a google search, you'll see a lot of information sites that were taken down, but still exist on google's cache system. In one website, it took me to a site of Kalindi where you hear some woman singing the name "Kalindi" over and over while playing the ukelele. It really freaked me out so I had to close it.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

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Miracle of Love
Posted by: LoriS ()
Date: January 12, 2004 09:31PM

The "intensives" sound very much like the format of a Lifespring based LGAT, complete with Costumes and dancing.

An acquaintace of mine who went through the Harmony Institute had a group "stretch assigment" which was to dress up in a Halloween costume and go out into the the streets and give out March.

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Miracle of Love
Posted by: Toni ()
Date: August 13, 2004 01:05AM

Some claim benefit from the Intensives.. a time to focus on life issues away from distractions of day to day demands, and support. Much like a Landmark or Lifespring Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT). However, as humans, we have different set points for receptivity to coercive influence and persuasion. There is no knowing, prior to entering, to what extent the coercive influence (lay term = brainwashing or thought control) will take hold.

Miracle of Love (MOL), and any cult, preys upon people during a time of emotional turmoil. They claim to help a person find themselves, and to become more effective in life, through following their teachings and the loving support of their exclusive community. The 'followers' don't realize that are being gradually the victims of thought reform. Those who are in the group are always on the lookout to spread-the-word by offering this to others in their lives during times of trouble.

The "Intensive" is just that.... INTENSE.... like any LGAT, (see appropriate message board about LGATs) they break people down. through stimulating the depletion and then surge of neurohormones relating to pleasure, the attendees associate a sense of 'love' with the program. Once in a semi-hypntoic state from the Large Group Awareness Training format, they are gently directed in way that reforms their way of focusing on life issues.

Kalindi, MOL's modern day spiritual master on Youtube:


Since online expose of MOL began, MOL changed the name of their Intensive with a new marketing ploy. The methods are the same.
"21st Century Transformation Seminar"



Some attendess claim benefits from the Intensive. Some become committed to the larger Mission of the Miracle of Love, for this method to bring others Home to God/Gourasana. Others told me the group exercises were a silly waste of their time, many said they hated the experience and believed that their time with MOL was ultimately damaging to them. I happen to live in an area where MOL is active, and so have met a number of present and former MOL members.

Two Keys to MOL’s success are the basic controlled environment of a Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) and the Artificial Intimacy / “Love Bombing’ that take place in that setting.

The International Cultic Studies Association has some writings available online about the risks inherent in LGATs:



Also, a 'must read' would be Lifton's Eight Criteria of Thought Reform - MOL applies them all quite skillfully, behind a facade of innocence 'this is for YOUR safety, hold each participant in Love and Care. You will have no concerns from your outside life, so can work on YOUR issues this week'. Generally recognized criteria of thought reform:


I suggest that you read the thread about Manipulating the Environment:


And the thread on Artificial Intimacy. There is a lot of lovebombing in the Intensives, particularly for those who are deemed emotionally vulnerable, per the extensive application for the Intensive. Or those who are deemed valuable to MOL's Mission .. per their wealth or skill set.


For those who are so inclined, I have also been told there are varying degrees of extracurricular Group Sex with the Miracle of Love (those who continue involvement with the group, not just in the Intensive) ... just have to let all that LOVE express itself, as one breaks one attachments to a limiting monogamous relationships, and feels the love flow with everybody:


My opinion r.e. the ban on homosexuals is because Kalindi cannot manipulate the sexual cravings of gay males. She plays the 'juicy bit' to straight men. A former MOL member told me that she could not 'control' the gay men, they got way too loose in the Intensives and were threatening to other potential converts.

According to a professional exit counselor that spent quite a bit of time discussing this with me (and he's exit counseled a few high-level MOLers in the past): MOL preys particularly upon the wealthy, to maximize their revenue, as well as to minimize familial concerns about donations. Kalindi designed all purposely to provide a sense of exclusivity with which the wealthy ‘seekers’ would feel comfortable. Also, those who leave MOL rarely make themselves public as they have much at stake. My expartner used to speak favorably about how well orchestrated the Intensives are, how every little detail taken care of - the same appreciative way in which he spoke of fine hotels and restaurants.

Intensive attendees are assigned hotel roommates who are strangers. Spouses and friends are separated. Attendees are disallowed contact w/ their homes and families. This is all ostensibly to facilitate ‘going deeper’ into one’s own depths without distractions. There are long demanding hours, movies of atrocities to emphasize the world is only of pain and suffering and the need to disconnect from the Illusory world of pain, exhausting dancing, lots of intimate group confessionals, tears and then comforting. The group sessions run late, then there is more homework to do before snoozing, detailed personal notebooks are kept. The application before attending the group is quite extensive, so those running the program know what individuals' issues are already, and how best to manipulate them.

When applying to attend an Intensive, the applicant is gently told by the recruiter (as I was told when an application was placed in front of me) "They ask all this background information because they care so much. The Intensive leaders are trained to help you address and work through any and all past negativity that is holding you back." Upon reading the detailed questions about my entire life history, I thought "I don't want to reveal this information to a bunch of strangers. I don't know who is going to read this form". The common refrain is "Don't you trust me? This will be the most incredible experience of your life. You will come out a different person."
Fortunately, I did not attend, and have since learned much about the group.

The hold harmless agreement for attendees is extensive, and says that the attendee will not hold MOL responsbile for ANY ill effects from this lock-down week. However, the MOL does not provide the new recruit any information about the Intensive prior to attendance... other than other member's words "This is the most incredible experience. You will come out a different person" There is also a non-disclosure agreement for the new attendee to sign, to keep all their goings-on secret 'to preserve the integrity of the experience'.

Application and Liability waivers can be read here:


After applying, the Liabilty Waiver is offered by another MOL member who speaks extensively with the new applicant, further screening the person, and obtaining more notes on the person's issue. The applicant is gently worn down after about an hour of this, then is offered the Liabilty Waiver to sign.

The Intensive is generally not run by a licensed psychologist nor therapist, However their methods are brilliantly designed to affect a person's psyche. There is at least one licensed therapist in MOL. I'm told she was recently elevated to being a Spiritual Master. Would this be a comflict of interest for her therapy practice? She helps train other Intensive leaders and MOL personal coaches:


According to my exBF, the Intensives are staffed by volunteer graduates who assure a loving peaceful environment for the attendees. The volunteers do such things as wipe sweat off of people (lots of dancing), provide Kleenex (lots of crying) and hug people. The volunteers believe that they are doing a high level of community service to volunteer their time to help others to know God this way. I read that attractive volunteers work directly with attendees.. unattractive people do behind the scene work. Attendees write an elaborate personal journal about all their past pains.. the leaders read these and comment upon them.. and also use the information to more skillfully manipulate the most desirable attendees (either per their wealth, or usefulness as recruiters, necessary business or organizational skills for the Mission).

There are once or twice weekly group meditations... sort of mini-intensives with dancing, crying, hugging.

Kalindi teaches that the Intensive is continually changing, to meet the evolving need of people's planetary consciousness at any given time. Until recently, this was explained on their web site. In reality, the format probably evolves according the director's continued knowledge of what is most effective for thought reform and manipulation. Also, by continually 'changing it', followers keep reattending the Intensive every year or so. however it is still a controlled LGAT environment, therefore still stimulates the same neurochemistry reaction, regardless of the 'changed content', costumes, music, etc. My ex always looked forward to the ‘surprises’ that were awaiting for his next experience of the Intensive.

After attending an Intensive, a 'new recruit' (my term) is assigned a sponsor to help the person with the various issues that are bound to come up for one after this experience. The volunteer sponsor is on call 24/7 to help those to whom s/he is assigned. Some of the
issues that could likely come up would be objections/concerns by other people who doubt the validity of this program, etc. The official teaching, as I was told, is that when one commits to such rapid spiritual transformation, there will be many changes in one’s life, relationships, work, etc, and this ongoing support is of utmost importance.

I read that the "Intensive" is based on the work of psychologist Lou Stolis, about wear-them-down and build-them-up in a controlled environment. MOL philosophy is a loose mix of teachings of Sri Rajneesh, Gurdjeff, EST, and pop psychology. Aka MOL:
Gourasana, now dead, is the incarnation of God. Kalindi, his widow, is his spokesperson on Earth and a spiritual master. The Lady Gayle is also a supposedly a spiritual master.

According to my exBF, The Lady Gayle is the highest expression of Love that he's ever experienced. I do not know if that included sexual love or not. My exBF/partner's wealth and influence are valued by the Mission, he has a close and dearly loving supportive, well tended, relationship with The Lady.

MOL encourages people to continue working in their professional lives, not to relinquish their 'worldly’ lives to follow this work. (vs. the Emissaries communal lifestyle). However, to become fully enlightened one must fully devote oneself eventually to the service of Kalindi, as she is the highest master, spokesperson for Gourasana.
MOL website is The content of the MOL website has GREATLY diminished from its former incarnation with lots of spiritual psychobabble.

Kalindi and Lady Gayle live in Hawaii, and I'm told also in San Diego and Marin County. The homes range from $2million to $12million. MOL is growing rapidly internationally, now having Intensives in Europe and South America. They've expanded from formerly being based in San Diego, to now having MOL coordinators/leaders based in several areas of the USA and abroad, to expand their teachings and bring this opportunity for enlightenment to the greatest number of people possible. Kalindi wants these teachings to be available to thousands, as this is a special time on Earth for this Intensive and GMP to be available now.

Outside of the Intensive, the group encourages polyamory (group sex), group marriages (through their church, obviously not recognized by law), manipulation and deception to outsiders. I heard of married women jointly hiring a football player to have sex with them, with Kalindi watching and coaching them, so the women could be better lovers for their husbands and thus experience true union with god together.

It took me a long time to learn what I've learned, and also to put myself back together from the 2nd hand effects of my former partner's involvement with MOL. He naturally applied the thought reform methods on me, plus his conflicting demands from the cult, work, family and personal resulted in mixed messages, broken commitments, unclear communication, deception by ommision of information and also outright lying. I never attended any MOL functions nor orgies; my ex really wanted me to. It's as though he was living a double life. I am sure he was, in retrospect. How sad, and how stressful.

You may order books written by Gourasana and Kalindi on It’s all too late for my situation, but the books that are listed on the Suggested Reading List of are also valuable:


Kalindi's book about union with god has some tacky pseudo-pornography of Kalindi naked w/ Buddha statues, lotus blossoms, and also wearing black leather thong w/ fishnets, etc. Someone should tell her that she really does not have the body for that getup. Also, Gourasana's photos are with long hair, beard, sporting long French-manicured fingernails and long beaded earrings to break the Illusion.

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Miracle of Love
Posted by: Toni ()
Date: August 13, 2004 01:29AM

I pray this is all useful for someone, somewhere :

These links are two sources, identical wording, to a SD advertisement in the early daze of MOL (1991?) to come listen to the present incarnation of god, live in San Diego, speak at Howard Johnson's for a $10 admission fee:



As the Miracle of Love is growing rapidly now, you may have more requests regarding this group. Discussing MOL directly only serves to alienate the members further. I learned this too late. However, having information about how skillfully the group manipulates the thought reform process may prove helpful for others to know what 'they are up against'. This information would have spared me a lot of frustration and pain in years past, with my exBF.

Information on thought reform:



One of the big draws to MOL, for my ex, was their music. MOL arranges special music mixes to work people up and then for a cool down period. I've heard many of their CDs.. copies are provided to participants. He played their CDs in his car, at home, while exercising etc. All of their CDs are excellent musical mixes, with a dubbed -in repetitive background of electronic percussion. It is known that repetitive drumming will cause a hypnotic effect. It doesn't matter what the actual musical piece is playing, there is the same hypnotic repetitive rhythm behind it. Obviously, this supports a person to return to the"Intensive" experience at any time. We've all had the experience of hearing an old song, along with flashes of memory and emotion. Neurochemistry and emotions are a fascinating study! Attendees / Devotees are taught to listen to the music and lose themselves in the music (e.g. dissociate).

My ex used to say that the love in that room (of the Intensive) was the greatest Love you can ever feel. Of course, Serotonin surges (the body's natural opiates) ARE real!! He often hugged people, when we ran into them in downtown, etc, just a little too long for normal social comfort (really odd for me to comment on inappropriate hugging - I'm Italian & we hug / kiss our friends all the time - his MOL hugging was really too much)

When I brought my ex to various social functions in my life, upon leaving, he nearly always stated w/ incredulity "Those people really love you!".. Originally I took it that he was implying that I was somehow unlovable. I eventually realized that he was shocked that there could be real human love / connection outside of the Miracle of Love. sad.

On a number of occasions with me, my ex was a smooth liar. This was possibly the most chilling of all for myself. When we attended (non-MOL) therapy, he calmly & charmingly lied about things he'd said to me (big issues!), in the presence of the nonMOL therapist. My head reeled. When called on it later, the MOL member admitted to lying, and would then say to me "But think, what is it about YOU that caused me to lie?" That was a common MOL method : "What is it about you that caused..........?" To get people to second-guess themselves. It was crazy making.

Everything is turned against the questioning outsider. Yet, the MoL member is only applying the methods that are used on him/her. Once, when methodically tearing me to shreds, with a calm voice. I asked my former partner "Why do you do this to me?" He responded "Because I love you." I since learned that the psychological manipulations and intense criticisms are what is done to the MoL members by the leaders. (this was at the end of the relationship, by the way, I did not stick around for much of the obvious abuse)

Over time, communication only takes place w/ in the MoL group. Their lingo takes over, as well as their sworn shared confidences, thereby excluding the ability for 'true connection' to outsiders. The devout write weekly summaries of their feelings and details of their lives, that are emailed cc'd to many others. This further depletes the ability to connect to others outside the group, and also enhances the group control, connection, and sense of deep sharing with one another. Also useful for blackmail, according to stories of another friend, a former MOL member.

Despite pressures, to join MOL, attend sessions, attend an orgy, I never did. My MOLer said he was monogamous w/ me throughout our relationship. I've since learned that was another lie. There was/ is a lot of expressing unlimited (non monogamous) love in MOL, for those who are inclined. Such invovlement is not forced to my knowledge.

MOL encourages people to wallow in 'feelings'. Mostly holding onto the pains of one's life.. that enables one to them experience God’s love the most strongly. By going really deeply into their pain, they are taught they can then break free of the pain to come Home to God.

Remember, as a child when you cried your eyes out and then felt such tremendous release eventually? That same surge of brain chemistry from exhaustive crying and dwelling on pain is what is encouraged in MoL meditations. Then there is great joy and 'release', freedom to revel in love with one another.

I believe in trying to help me, or maybe in trying to connect better w/ me, my ex would ask me to discuss painful things from my background, or my greatest fear, etc. I would do so, but I didn't crumble in tears. That made no sense to him.

Questions such as “What’s the most hurtful things you father ever said to you?” or “What is your greatest fear?” He often said to me "You haven't done your work. I've done my work. Until you do your work, we cannot move forward in this relationship" (this AFTER we had already planned a life together, and I'd already rearranged my work, family and home around marriage plans... crazy making....). This was much more intense than someone having 'cold feet'. It was both bizarre, incredibly painful and sad to observe his personality change as he become increasingly involved with the group. I did the best I could to support him thinking for himself, but I failed.

He even talked about feeling that he was being torn into two.... 2 yrs later I now understand it's the effect of this manipulation that he genuinely believed was there to 'help him'.

MOL spends a lot of time dwelling on pains and neglects from childhood, etc. Keeping people feeling panged and unforgiving of things that happened when they were 2yrs. old etc. Yet they teach that the only way to get beyond this stuff to do one's work through the Intensive and GMP. people do the intensive repeatedly .... it's an addiction to endogenous
endorphins (the body's natural opiates that are produced from the LGAT environment for 6 days). There is a conscious effort to keep people in a childlike dependency to 'god'... gourasana, and therefore to Kalindi who is the living mouthpiece of "G"

In addition to throbbing dancing for hours to rap music, with light shows, and screaming in ecstacy for God, there are then times of quiet prayerful meditations.

At other times, the Intensive will have particpants chant childlike nursery rhymes about Kalindi, saying the Lord's Prayer in unison some thirty times while standing at attention, playing silly games in the Intensive, after exhausing hours and little sleep, help to revive a juvenile dependency in the participants. They are told is so they will feel open and receptive to God's energy.

My ex had been w/ MOL for many years. He was on 24-hr call for assigned new graduates to call him about issues that came up for them post-Intensive. e.g. reintegrating into their work life, objections / concerns their other loved ones have this new MOL involvement, etc. he was very smooth at parroting the party-line about responding to these concerns (both toward me, and in coaching others)

I was also often accused of being "too intellectual", as spirituality comes from the heart, not the head. I believe that comes from MOL. He told me that I was wrong to say that my head and heart work together.

He was convinced that Gourasana IS god. There is no doubt about the experiences that he'd had. (serotonin rush IS real!!) I was often told that I was wrong about my own feelings /experiences because psychic so-and-so (Shirley McClain’s psychic) or The Lady says otherwise.

My ex is a high level executive. MOL inspired him to work on a food product line to generate income for MOL. What a brilliant way to tie up his time.. using the skills he already has 'to serve a higher purpose. he was very excited about this food product line from Miracle of Love.

per a professional experienced with MOL recoveries, MOL feeds the sense of exclusivity and quality to make the wealthy feel comfortable and cared for. This allows them to focus on their work at the Intensive, and not be distracted by bodily needs, nor contact w/ their life outside the Intensive. Also, by targeting the wealthy, there would be less questions about donations. This also fosters celebrity, wealth, endorsement of MOL's Mission, much as Tom Cruise is displayed for celebrity endorsement of Scientology.

I've recently learned that MOL is now also targeting young adults and youth, 'lending them the $ for the Intensive'. The TM movement originally experienced their explosive growth through targeting vulnerable college students in the sixties and seventies. These young adults in MOL are called "The Second Generation".

Miracle of Love places a lot of emphasis on beautiful surroundings to enhance growth toward god, beautiful clothing, having your closet and kitchen cabinets perfectly organized is very important for spiritual purposes. A person's spiritual state can be judged by the state of organization of their closets. One could even hire a professional organizer from the MOL to come in and organize the home including the labeling of drawers and cabinets. This is all to free the mind so one can be more in touch with “G” (Gourasana/ God). Yet, despite the deemed liberation, there was a real 'keep up with the Jones' attitude about keeping the car detailed, refrigerator organized and closet clutter free - in an extreme sense.

Once after work, my ex phoned me, to tell me he was having dinner w/ a MOLer "She is the heiress of the Proctor and Gamble fortune, but she's walked away from all that". I responded "If she's walked away from all that, then why is it the only thing you've told me about her?" I imagined they were planning their donations.

A former member of MOL's business and funding team told me that the Proctor girls specifically approach the wealthy members or participants who feel guilty about their wealth, helping them to alleviate their guilt through donating to the higher Mission of MOL.

My ex is a major financial contributor to the MOL. and his professional position provides a degree of respectability for the organization. Out of respect for him, I will spare his name or position. Ironically, early in our relationship, he had told me, “The Miracle of Love is the only group that does not care about my professional or financial standing for my total acceptance.”

Naturally, a lot of pressure on him to recruit others. He was always happy when someone from his company, e.g. a store manager or other, attended the Intensive. It must have really put him in an awkward situation, that I would not attend.

As the relationship ending, he switched to therapist/coaching w/in the Miracle of Love for himself, both Marcia and Racole. I wouldn't attend a MOL therapist w/ him, would only agree to couples therapy w/ a nonMOL therapist. Naturally, my presence in his life would be a threat to the MOLs financial support. (Silly/blind/naive me did not recognize all this until 2 yrs afterwards!).

Besides MOL teaches that attachment to a monogamous relationship would be a worldly Illusory attachment - and prevent one from coming Home to God.

An MOL coach:


The MOL coaches help members to understand how outsiders are not 'doing their work', are not spiritually focused, pain in the heart from a relationship is really the pain he feeling by being distracted from the true spiritual journey, the call to home (god). Thus, anyone from outside of MoL would be a threat to the MoL members mission to God.

MOLers do community service by visiting nursing homes. In retrospect, I wonder if they are trying to recruit the vulnerable elderly to access their $$.

The meditation program is called Gourasana Meditation Practice (GMP). There is also a GMP Workshop, which is a separate financial /business entity from the Miracle of Love. One can buy an elaborate set of tapes to guide one through doing the GMP at home. It is also called "The Meditation for this Age"

My ex knew that I was raised in another cult, and my parents still involved. He kept telling me how MOL is different from that group. He could not hear when I'd explained the similar dynamics. He told me how much more effective was the GMP, and the bliss and love from the Intensive was greater than anything ever experienced in other groups. He wanted so much to share this with me. It’s a shame that I had not done my ‘homework’ about exit counseling, etc, until after the relationship was over.

By discussing my concerns directly, I only pushed him further away, and he withheld communicating with me (that really helps a relationship!) I now understand this is common with cult members ,and that exit counseling and strategizing must be done very differently.
Oh well…. i blew it there.... too bad...

Trying to involve his family's support about my concerns was a failure. The family response was "He draws a lot of strength from his involvement with the group in Miracle of Love" His family did not see what I saw. The family believed I was only after his money (wrong!). MOL is after his money, and they won.

The most painful experience of my life was watching this man sucked into the group's control and "guidance", influencing everything in his life from how he interacted with his family, children, business decisions, home decor, dressing and vacations. Yet, to the outside he appeared calm, collected, and successful.

In his sparsely decorated bedroom (expensive home), there is a large framed print of "Gourasana and the heavenly host of light beings" (the blue toned image that can be seen on the MOL web site), as well as framed photos of their 'trinity' (my term), Gourasana, Kalindi and the Lady. Purposely positioned, so that the first thing one sees upon awakening are these images -- the reminder to stay God focused. he also began his day going the GMP, dancing etc at home (w/ head phones, so his teenagers would not hear). In his bathroom is a small print of Kalindi dancing naked outdoors.

He repeatedly told me that he's not "a follower", but that to ultimately come home to God, one must eventually fully devote themselves to Kalindi.

I hope this helps others w/ loved ones in MOL. My ex repeatedly broke up & then wanted to continue seeing each other --- now I realize it was the conflict between the manipulation he experienced and himself. I'd finally said "enough!" awhile ago- preservation of my own sanity & family became my priority. I couldn't battle the experts (MoL's coercion) alone.

I last saw my ex a few months ago. He told me how he is still in such pain and unhappy through our breakup. He'll be attending the Intensive again in September. I no longer discussed my concerns about his cult, and instead just emphasized that I'll always feel a deep and abiding love for him, grateful for his generosity and the many lessons that he provided for me. We live our lives from differing foundations, and we make our decisions differently. He kept saying to me "I remember everything you ever said to me. I love you more than you know. No one can take your place in my heart". His definition of "love" had become very different from my defintion of that word. I had assured that I never had any business commenting upon his life choices, but should have just accepted the differences, and stayed apart much earlier.

This commentary is NOT a critique of any individual MOL members. Only revealing my 2nd-hand experience of the lifestyles of those who've been subjected to MOL's skilled and "loving" coercion.

Like members of any cult, they are good people and well intentioned. MoL members are sincere believers in this "Path to God".

MOL ultimately is a scam that offers some beneficial life principles in the front end, and conducts a 'bait and switch' to those who are more psycholgically or emotionally vulnerable. MoL exists to benefit the leaders, through preventing the members from forming meaning individuality outside of MOL's strict definitions of an 'accurate god conscious lifestyle'.

I hope this helps with interventions for others.

If you're not already married or related to the new MOL member... then I suggest, for your own sanity - Avoid the mind games, and the pain as you watch him sucked to emotional oblivion - Turn around and run!

If you ARE already related to the MoL member, then please contact a professional for a cult intervention - before it's too late.

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Miracle of Love
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 13, 2004 01:35AM

called [i:13450f42e5]People Farm[/i:13450f42e5]---an account of a free love psychotherapy cult that imploded in 1978-79. The author concealed everyone behind pseudonyms--but the events are real. Susoyev was a member of the leader's inner circle and nearly went to prison trying to save his leader from himself.

The leader of the [i:13450f42e5]'People Farm' [/i:13450f42e5]group was a psychotherapist with excellent academic credentials. He exploited the Human Potential world, targeted wealthy, influential people, even supported cutting edge social causes at the precise instant when they were about to succeed. He got lots and lots of support from psychotherapists because he ran a treatment program for troubled kids. Later, he started doing growth groups for wealthy people and corporations.

The info in People Farm about the way the inner circle was selected is highly informative. The leader recruited young, attractive people. But he made a point of selecting kids who were willing to take risks. He convinced them he was their savior, that they could not survive without him--much like a spy master recruting agents.

The leader also liked recruiting assistants who came from criminal backgrounds because he could threaten to send them back to jail if they fell from favor. Again this resembles spy-master tactics.

Then the leader trained some of these inner circle members to use their sexuality to recruit new members. These 'sex surrogates' also made themselves available to influential people who were the leaders' guests. These happy guests consisted of at least one reporter, some celebrated Human Potential types, and a Nobel Laureate.

[i:13450f42e5]General Observations/Speculations Extrapolated From People Farm[/i:13450f42e5]

I will summarize some material from the People Farm memoir. Persons who have been in similar groups can see if any of this matches what they have seen.

***[i:13450f42e5]The more accounts one reads concerning other groups, and methods used, the more this can help 'demystify' how one's own group functioned and make it seem less magical, less terrifying and assist survivors to reach some position of understanding and mastery in relation to formerly overwhelming events and memories[/i:13450f42e5].***

Accoring to Susoyev's account, the leader of the People Farm cult used beautiful surroundings and certain selections of music to foster the right atmosphere. One song routinely used when a 'hot seat' victim was blown to bits in heavy encounter group confrontation, was 'Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child'. Other pieces of music were used in a similar, manner. Thus, music was used as an emotional trigger.

When the leader and his young proteges did public outreach, they were always beautifully dressed--appearances were very important.

For another description of a 'two layer' group, Amy Wallaces memoir [i:13450f42e5]Sorcerer's Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castaneda [/i:13450f42e5]is a horrifying, masterful account.

There are legions of people who have never met Castaneda and who still cannot believe the overwhelming evidence provided by many members of the Castaneda inner circle of the sheer cruelty and exploitation that they suffered as members of his inner circle.

When you read a lot of survivor accounts describing the methods of different groups and the habits of their various gurus, you will be amazed at the dreary uniformity of the manipulative tactics beneath the apparent diversity of belief systems.

As a professor of ours put it, 'Same (computer) hardware, different software'.

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