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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: anon27 ()
Date: January 21, 2019 01:02AM

This is a very interesting project many survivors of abuse in Buddhist communities, including survivors of PY and Pathgate, are contributing to:

Dr. Miriam Anders from the LMU University in Munich, Germany is conducting a three year research, financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Part of the research is also to examine possible harm individuals have experienced in Buddhist communities or by Buddhist leaders via cultish / manipulative structures, sexual abuse, spiritual or emotional abuse, violence etc.

If you want to support this research or if you know people who are effected by harm within Buddhist communities or by Buddhist teachers and who are open to support a research project, please kindly forward this email or information to them.

Here is a link to some testimonies already submitted:



In August 2018, a three-year research project started at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich under the leadership of Dr. Miriam Anders, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The objective of the project is preservation of the knowledge conveyed in Tibetan medicine as well as its foundations within Buddhist philosophy. It covers three areas:

• translations of interviews with physicians of Tibetan medicine
• health and resources of seminar participants in Buddhist centers
• knowledge transfer, education and training

Within the framework of this research project, health and mental health of Buddhist seminar and meditation group participants will be investigated. Furthermore, interviews will be conducted with people affected of manipulation, exploitation or abuse in that context. Details are available at [].

For links to fill in questionnaires in German or English language, please contact the email address: There will be more questionnaires available for a period of three years. Additionally, interviews will be conducted at different locations (Vienna, Munich, Kathmandu etc.). Any appointments for theses interviews may be arranged with the same email address.

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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: anon27 ()
Date: February 12, 2019 01:15AM

This is a message from a former student of Peter Young's, posted on the Pathgate Survivors webwsite: []

I’d like to tell you about Peter Y the Martial Artist,
(I must apologise as I’m not the most educated but I’m trying to make this readable)
My name is John and in the late 70’s I read a magazine article about Tai Chi (I believed it and wanted to know more,). My best friend’s wife trained as a dancer and her teacher was a Master. I went to his Gym, it was on the corner of Clayton Street and Pink Lane in Newcastle. On the front door was a poster saying what was taught there, as I remember There was
Shaolin Kung Fu
Ballroom Dancing
Something like Cha Cha Dancing?
Anyway, Peter told me that I’d have to train in his Shaolin class as ‘the Internal Arts’ were reserved for his inner school
Anyway, several months later, I was one of his ‘top’ students but I knew something was wrong (I come from a Travelling Family who fight for fun), there was no contact, and there was no inner school?
I parted contact with Peter (however all his talk about Chinese Martial Arts had wetted my appetite) I joined Edmund Ng’s ‘Choy Lay Fut’ club in Newcastle.
Edmund is the guy who does the Lion Dancing at Chinese New Year.
A Great Club, with Great fighters (Alan H, proper smashed me up)
Word got round that Peter was saying he was trained in Choy Lay Fut, Edmund was pretty pi##ed off, Arranged a meeting ( it was at the Happiness Inn Restaurant at the Haymarket in Newcastle)
(I now understand about lineage in the Martial Arts, if you teach you state who your teacher was
Peter couldn’t}
Anyway as I could fight, Edmund took me under his wing, (the bloke is a pretty tough guy)
Edmund told Peter never to pretend to teach Chinese Martial Arts again and Peter barked back at Edmund,
Edmund then walked up to him and beat Peter up (He beat Peter up bad, there was blood streaming from his left ear).
Peter then had to pay for our meal (there was at least 8 of us) and promised never to tell anyone he knew Choy Lay Fut.
For relevance to your site, Peter never told/taught me about Buddhism, he told me he was a Taoist Master (which I believed) he is pretty charismatic.
I know that some will question this however luckily I have been on his path gate website and you can see his martial arts videos, they are proper dancing videos, (any dancer can emulate any martial arts move only better) (the early ones feature KW, ask him)
Sorry for this ramble but this guy Peter is a nasty bit of work,
He really undermined my confidence for the period I was with him

(Just for reference, as well as training with Edmund I have also trained with a lot more Martial Artists (Peter used to forbid this), for example John Aiken from High Bridge but the best (in my view) is the Hartlepool Boy Mr John Dawson, a true Teacher.

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Peter Young barred from entering Australia
Posted by: karmicwind ()
Date: May 08, 2019 10:54AM

PY barred from entering Australia

After more than a decade of illegally teaching religion and receiving money from Australians, sources have reported to us that “Lama” Dondrup Dorje A.K.A. Peter Young (PY) has been barred from entering Australia during his attempted entry in January 2019.

PY was stopped by the Australian Border Force for trying to enter the country as a visitor on a UK passport, when he is there to generate income from his distorted brand of Buddhist teaching and Tai Chi classes. He has never applied for a permit to work as a religious teacher all these years. He is a Buddhist teacher fraud committing immigration fraud and tax fraud. On top of that, he encouraged his local student host to violate building regulations. This non-compliance placed his student at risk for breaking civil laws. These are all illegal and are criminal activities.

We are heartened by the Australian authorities’ response, as this will protect real Buddhists and aspiring Buddhists in Australia from being corrupted by PY. This also stops PY from further harming the current Pathgate students in Australia. Hopefully, this move by the Australian Border Force sends a clear signal that causes the current students to think critically:

“If my teacher is authentic, why would he be stopped by government authorities?”
“As Buddhists, are we exempted from the laws of the land?”
“What is our teacher’s stance on this and how are his activities and actions reflecting it?”

It is actually common knowledge to students of PY that he operates under the radar of authorities of the countries he “teaches” in. PY explains this as “not drawing unnecessary attention.” He actually boasts about this to students frequently, as this has allowed him to slip in and out of countries quietly, and students to facilitate the movement with large sums of money on his behalf for many years.

Ex-students have come to realise that this is another of PY’s manipulation and brainwashing. For PY to believe that he is an superior spiritual teacher who is above the laws of the land, indicates his blatant lack of respect for them. And to passively encourage and therefore implicate his students into breaking laws for his personal agenda, shows how little care he has for them. These are classic signs of a narcissist and a sociopath.

Another way to explain this: PY knows that he is a fake, so he cannot establish legal religious entities within the countries he operates in. The bottom line is that he does not have the credentials, recognition, and legitimacy to set up a legally recognised Buddhist centre with financial accountability anywhere in the world, even within his native UK. Any attempt to do so by himself and his students will give the game away.

International efforts are now expanding to get authorities to investigate PY and Pathgate in the various countries he has a presence in. We would like to encourage anyone who reads this and/or has a loved one in Pathgate and is concerned for their social, psychological and financial well-being, to report to your local authorities PY’s and Pathgate’s illegal activities. Your effort in preventing this cult from causing further harm is very much a public service, and is greatly appreciated by survivors of Pathgate.

Blog Post

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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: May 21, 2019 07:23PM

Hello guys, been a while! Sorry for that..

I would like to elaborate little bit on this message that was written here:
"When there was a Kung Fu picnic, the skies cleared up before the picnic and then got cloudy after the picnic. He did all sorts of Tai Chi and Kung Fu demonstrations. In one of his demonstrations which lasted for an hour he had his special students surround him and try to hold him and he would wiggle his hand and they would all be flung off of him, running away. He did this repeatedly. And with this one guy, he started moving his hand up and down and this was throwing this guy up and down next to him that was close to him. Apparently he can make students laugh uncontrollably for a half an hour.

Anyways, it just got too weird for me. All I was interested in (and the reason I came down in the first place) was the Buddhist philosophy, kindness, compassion, tolerance, etc. which he did treat, but I really didn't enjoy his lectures like the books I have read of HH the Dalai Lama. It all turned into unleashing your Chi to amazing results to obtain powers of control and ability that you never could reach by yourself.

Now a friend of mine (the one who originally went up with me to the retreat in Newcastle) has recently got back from a week long retreat in Greece with him. She just told me that she has decided to sell her van (which used to be a prized possesion of hers) for less than it's worth, and join a three year course with him. I'm just worried about her"

- What i see here, is the same thing that happened to me. The students get stripped off from what they have known in their life very fast, than fear comes in, and also very fast, the people get pulled in, by being impressed by "supernatural powers".

What i see is that this thing goes very fast with people. People make quick decisions. While habitually, traditionally, Tibetans take up to 12 years to carefully examine the teacher with great scrutiny.

This shows how important it is to check and find out about the teacher.
This is what didnt happen with most of his students.

Therefore i think its true that this guy is a fraud.

I THINK that this guy discovered some new things from certain practices such as the Qigong practice, seeing he gained some control over his energy and got very excited and full of himself with it, and dollar signs where jumping out of his eyes that time. "chi-ching!", and set up this way by impressing others with energetic tricks and skills and arrogant expressions such as "My Buddha eyes will be too much for you to look at" to directly or indirectly convince people that are very new to such things, and thus easy to impress and pulled over into such things, as its very interesting, for example..

At the same time i think it's just self-pampering through such remarks increasing self-confidence which actually are known as arrogance. When it becomes too much.

I think he is still lost by this, and knows it deep down, but perhaps dont know how to let go of it really..

so i think this man has indeed, for some part, a self-serving agenda.
I can not say how much %, because i think i have also seen moments of true sincere benevolence. However, grossly, i see a lot of harm happening there also.

Of which i think is not allways on purpose, but often is.
As he really bullies people publicly.

He might be very frustrated. Maybe because he wants results.
Maybe fast results. Impatience.

I know him for his anger towards "Arrogance", why?..
Would this be because it's a threat to another person that is in fact ALSO Arrogant? I wonder..

At the same time, Arrogance, spiritually, is known as, potentially a very destructive force.

But to try to slay that like BUFFY(the vampire slayer xD)? I think can be very harmful, very dangerous. Traumatising..

But there could be more to it.
I think it can go both ways.
It can SERVE to bring one into the PAIN, Insecurity and Ignorance that's behind it, but it can also go drastically wrong.

Therefore, i think he needs to be at least, way more careful.
Definetely with Western public, as we are not used to it.
And definetely are not the ones to take such offenses lightly.

I think, this shows at least a lack of Awareness in him.
but possibly more sinister than that.

Im not completely sure about it but i find it little bit interesting and i have often seen expressions in his aura that shown me great darkness.
Therefore i think there is something not right about him. As if he is often, moved by evil thought. So this page that talks about the Surangama Sutra, in which Lord Buddha warns about demonic lama's, this may be one of such.
Also lama's can be demonised. Being unaware of it there is nothing to do about it. They might even consider their angry actions as justified, necessary and HOLY.

And i find it DEFINETELY, EXTREMELY interesting this guy is allways checking on me. So he MUST have something to hide, for he NEVER responds to me when i seek to somehow, bring cessation to the situation, seek some way both can move on with life. But never no response. Only stigma and terror.

Sorry that i'm still finding it hard to figure things out and be completely sure about things. I must get moving in life than i'll probably be more clear. But i'm being seriously held back, suppressed. Using all my doubts and weaknesses as a weapon against me.

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