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Re: Pathgate Institute - Dr. Young (Yang Dashi)
Posted by: acquachescorre ()
Date: December 05, 2008 09:50PM

You are stuck on your own perception of the appearance of things.
You know the examples of the masters of old - do not take things for how they appear.

Do you think that H.H. Penor Rinpoche takes things for how they appear too?

Aside from his first name, the only thing I ever heard Penor Rinpoche call Peter was a liar. 
This was during the summer retreat, where Rinpoche said he did not "take money from liars", 
and refused Peter's monetary offering in front of the entire group of retreatants.

It is YOU who is stuck on your own perception of the appearence of things.
Peter Young is very able in making people perceive what HE WANTS they perceive
The prove is that you seemed not even consider the fact underlined above. Something pronounced by the very H.H. Penor Rinpoche in front of many people.
Wake up my friend

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Re: Pathgate Institute - Dr. Young (Yang Dashi)
Posted by: Kanchenjunga ()
Date: April 30, 2010 10:13PM

All or most of what has been said is hysterical and distorted.

I studied with him in London and he is excellent in all that he teaches within the internal arts including Chi Kung.
The concept of cult used to describe his school for nearly everyone is negative and in a lot of cases just pure rubbish based on the critic's own inadequacies and ignorance.

He does not run a cult or anything of the sort. There probably are students who worship him, but that is natural for any young person who sees some incredible events unravelling in front of their eyes. That is also their choice, nobody is forcing them into hero worshipping Peter.

He does not pretend to be a Buddah but he certainly has Buddahood as we all have the choice to be that which is extremely difficult to achieve. That is the potential which we all have, like it or not.

He is a terrific martial arts instructure who does not suffer fools gladly and his healing skill is nothing more than miraculous and I can vouch for that 1st hand as he healed me from a serious shoulder injury without lifting a finger. Contact me if you want details.

When you meet a truly remarkable man you will know that 2nd and 3rd hand anicdotes mean just that, so please clear your minds of the hear say written about him.

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Re: Pathgate Institute - Dr. Young (Yang Dashi)
Posted by: DrBill ()
Date: January 03, 2011 10:33PM

I knew Peter Young when he lived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In my experience and opinion, he was a technically competent martial artist, but he had a big ego, and was dogmatic and intolerant of criticism.

The "chi" demonstrations that you can see on YouTube are classic examples of a strange kind of mass delusion that is fairly common in the martial arts. On the one hand, the demonstrations are, in a sense, obviously phoney - things are happening that are just not possible. On the other hand, the students who are bouncing and rolling around are NOT just faking it. In some odd way, they really do believe it's happening.

How can one explain this? How can one explain the evident fact that students are so often ready to let even manifestly fraudulent or ridiculous claims pass unchallenged? Why go on handing over your money to someone who is clearly a charlatan? The answer, I suggest, is partly that students are imbued from the first with an unduly deferential and unquestioning attitude to their teachers. This is often represented – not without justification – as a traditional aspect of oriental culture. I suspect also that their denial of the obvious arises from ego-needs of their own: from the wish to believe that they are the disciples of a wise master who can lead them to some cherished goal. It is natural enough to want to belong to an in-group or a “family.” It is natural also, at least for a certain type of personality, to want to place oneself in the hands of a trusted authority figure. This is precisely the kind of dependent and impressionable personality that makes “cults” possible. The power of wishful thinking, here as in other kinds of relationship, is very great. It is easy to persuade yourself, even in the face of clear evidence to the contrary, that someone really is what you want them to be.

In various ways, then, peer pressure, individual needs and personality traits, or “the emperor’s new clothes” phenomenon can lead students to pretend – even, less explicably, to believe – that their teacher has knocked them down or controlled them without touching them, or what have you. I have seen this kind of collective delusion many times, and it leads to a simple conclusion: that every dishonest teacher is sustained in his position by the suggestibility of students who allow themselves to be deluded – sometimes to an extent extraordinary to the outsider. It is conceivable also that, in some cases, apparently fraudulent teachers do really come to believe that they can perform near-miraculous feats – because their students so often tell them that they can and shield them from contradiction. If there are limits to the human capacity for self-deception, they are very generous ones.

I should like to put to Peter Young three straightforward and easily-answered questions:

1. When and how did you stop being a Newcastle Taiji teacher and become a Buddhist monk?

2. Which university gave you a doctorate, when and in what?

3. Will you please come and meet me and demonstrate your chi techniques on a non-believer? If you can make me bounce and roll around uncontrollably, I'll be happy to apologise to you.

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Re: Pathgate Institute - Dr. Young (Yang Dashi)
Posted by: Hmm ()
Date: June 12, 2011 03:41AM

My Personal experience with Peter Young ("Lama Dondrup Dorje") is that he is highly manipulative and abusive. Apparently he gets a sense of pleasure by being in control of other people. He is not a real Lama. Demon would be a proper title for him. Stay away from him is my advice, he has nothing good to offer.

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Re: Pathgate Institute - Dr. Young (Yang Dashi)
Posted by: Hmm ()
Date: June 12, 2011 05:26PM

My personal experience with Peter Young (Lama Dondrup Dorje) is that he is extremely manipulative and abusive. Apparently he gets some sense of pleasure from conrolling other people. He is not a real Lama, rather the opposite. Demon would be a better title for him. Stay away from him is my advice, He has nothing good to offer.

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Re: Pathgate Institute - Dr. Young (Yang Dashi)
Posted by: yongzun736 ()
Date: October 11, 2012 09:36PM

I know Peter Young.
He was kicked out of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain several years ago for unethical conduct.
Please, in what year Peter Yeung was kicked out of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain and you can product the related documentation of this event?

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Re: Pathgate Institute - Dr. Young (Yang Dashi)
Date: September 04, 2013 02:37AM

He is a Great Master

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Re: Pathgate Institute - Dr. Young (Yang Dashi)
Posted by: anon27 ()
Date: December 30, 2017 08:30AM

For many years I was Peter Young’s (“lama” Dondrup Dorje) loyal student.
My opinion is the following:

1. He is a very dangerous, highly educated, exceptionally skilful, narcissist.
2. Pathgate Institute is definitely a cult. It has zero endorsement from the real Buddhist community.
3. He has developed extraordinary personal power through martial arts, esoteric practices, and long-term practice of brainwashing / social conditioning techniques.
4. He is totally ruthless. He will do anything, to anyone, including short-term positive actions, and ingratiating himself with real lineages, in order to achieve a goal.
5. He is obsessed with achieving a sense of self-worth through being superior to others. Despite his personal achievements, he is tortured by a sense of self-worthlessness. This drives to achieve extraordinary powers, and to degrade everyone around him.
6. He feels genuinely justified in the same way all dictators feels genuinely justified. At any moment, anything he decides is good, is good; and anything he decides is bad, is bad. What he decides is good or bad, or the people that he decides are good or bad, change at his whim.
7. He totally believes power = spiritual blessing.
8. He draws people in by pretending to offer to share the secrets of his power and skill. In 20 years, I have never seen this offering ever bear fruit. His senior students are allowed to advance just enough that they’re not totally ridiculous at first sight, giving away the game. 5 minutes with any of them is enough to see their seeming achievements are build on sand.
9. When “teaching”, he shares information in a way that guarantees nobody understands him, then blames the student for failing to learn, making the student feel worthless, or karmically cursed.
10. He loves to ridicule his students individually in front of the group. Public-shaming is one his favourite things. He claims it does the individual good, in precisely the same way the Communist Chinese do.
11. He becomes extremely jealous of any of his students who do achieve some kind of advancement through sheer struggle amidst the tide of his wrong-guidance, and sabotages them, either directly or indirectly.
12. If he fails to sabotage them, or when sabotaged they manage to keep some sense of self-worth, he drives them away from the group, saying they are (in summary) evil.
13. He splinters his student’s sense of self, and isolates them, claiming that this is the way to practice the level of dedication that leads to success. He believes this to be true, because it is what he did.
14. He fully expects his students to be as ruthless and narcissistic as he is. If they are not, they deserve to be exploited to the max.
15. None of his students show any signs of success as a result of what they “learn” from him, on any level. The students who have been with him for a long time are all very damaged, sad, scared and confused people.
16. His method, both overtly and covertly, is to make his students utterly dependent on him. He calls this “Guru Yoga”, totally debasing and corrupting a real Buddhist practice.
17. He does share some wisdom, some insight, some healings etc., but only enough to keep people paying him money and adoration, and generate more for himself. He does it only for his own good. He is exceptionally clever at this.
18. In 20 years, I have not seen one of his students begin to teach. Those who are in charge of centres around Europe and the world do not teach for themselves in this sense. They are puppets. Every single one was appointed as centre-leader to open new income streams, not because they are qualified.
19. He programs his students to be self-hating, and to lose all motivation for anything that doesn’t have him at the centre and goal.
20. He is utterly convinced that he is doing the right thing, and that anyone who doesn’t agree with him or his methods is (in summary) evil, or at minimum in a state of pitiful delusion. He convinces his students of this. He rewards those students who buy into this view by making them feel superior to everyone else.
21. He is exceptionally clever with what he says, and how he acts, so that nothing can be “pinned on him”, including pretending to be enlightened without ever actually saying the words. His students all think they’re being insightful by seeing him as enlightened when he doesn’t explicitly say so. He makes them think they’re “seeing with wisdom”, so he doesn’t have to say it.
22. He feeds off his students, and at the same time ridicules them at every turn.
23. He bought his lamahood with cash and favours, it was not earned.
24. He does not teach Buddhism, he uses Buddhism as a frame to advance his narcissism.
25. I have never seen one of his students achieve anything of any worth or value that they wouldn’t have achieved by themselves, and much quicker if they’d been away from his influence.
26. He truly believes, and openly states that “fear makes the world go round”.
27. Every one of his students is terrified of him. He makes them think this is the correct psychological position for accelerated learning.
28. He attracts students with the promise of power. If you are attracted to him, be warned he will use your lust for power to trap you in powerlessness.

I learned a lot from my time with him.
However, it is the kind of learning one gets from horrible experience.
In that sense it is valuable, but I only just managed to get out with my mind intact. It’s taken me years to be able to speak up on this forum.
The time and money I spent on him, if spent elsewhere, would have advanced me 1000 times further.
I have seen many others destroyed, burnt-out or succumb to what can only be described as a kind of deliberate imbecility.


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