Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: snapping-out ()
Date: July 16, 2019 07:05PM

Just watched the 38-58...what confusion for the lady. He is asking her to do something impossible. She still wants the answer coming from him. Sees that there is no understanding but is trying, trying, trying to get what he is not offering. It only appears to be. How maddening is that. And her loyalty towards him is still so great, which makes it more difficult to say: buster, you're not helping me, I'm out of here. Then this nice little hypnotic moment when he asks her te be empty, empty, let it be..voice slowing down, quieting down. I felt it in my gut. Only when one is aware of this trickery one can take distance. Else you're in the spell and out goes any clear thinking.
I hope she finds a way to trust her own feelings and abandon the moo-ship. He is creating all this confusion, not her mind.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: July 17, 2019 07:34AM

Here is an interesting video from Tony- this time for "Guru Purnima" - the special day set aside each year to celebrate con-artists, charlatans and God-botherers.


First off, Tony says a lot of the usual stuff. It's incredibly boring, actually.

At 10.30 things start to get interesting when Tony gives us a very long list of gurus that he admires. We hear of Christ, Buddha, Ramana and Papaji. Then Tony mentions Ammaji and - wait for it - even Gangaji!! I think he might be scraping the bottom of the barrel with those two particular characters. Hasn't Amma-the-hugger recently been exposed as a fraud? Tony hasn't had time to read that book, I guess.

At 11.20 Tony forgets what he is talking about and stares off into space. The silence continues for so long that the editing team have to cut the footage.
At 12.00 Tony is back with us again and this time he mentions Eckhart Tolle!! No doubt Tony would like to be as rich as old Eckhart and has been studying his Youtube videos for some pointers on trance techniques.

At 12.50 Tony tries to wrap things up- he finishes with a prayer. But then has a change of heart and goes on to mention T.B. Joshua (a controversial Christian Pastor - also rumored to be very wealthy and have his own Learjet.) He mentions Ammaji once more, for good measure.

At 14.20 Tony attempts to wind things up yet again. At 14.40, after signing off - he starts up talking again for some unknown reason. At this point the editing team had to get strict with him and just fade out the footage. Enough already, Tony.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: July 17, 2019 08:06AM

From Mooji to James Swartz--Likely a very Bad MISTAKE (Go to almost anyone else)

Someday I will get a solid understanding of what Mooji has done that seems to have discredited him so badly.

Perhaps I don't understand because I have devoted so much of my time to the James Swartz message board: "James Swartz--What Is The Truth?"

James Swartz is, has been, and always will be small time compared to Mooji, but his alleged and confessed crimes and instances of malfeasance are seemingly huge in comparison.

Swartz stands accused of, and basically seems to have confessed to, the serial drugging and raping of a (then) 14 year-old girl.

Swartz has been proved to have deliberately mis-translated sacred texts (like The Bhagavad Gita), and even to have skipped verses, most likely in order to bolster his own (mis-)teachings.

James Swartz has been found to have lied about his own spiritual background and "accomplishments."

"Sunny Jim," who named himself "Ram," has proclaimed proudly over his successful poisoning to death of a neighbor's dog and about his sexual goings-on with a series of poverty-stricken sewer-cleaning widows in India.

Most of this is in the book based upon the girl, Heather's, allegations about James Swartz, titled, "Guru? The Story Of Heather." It is available for free. What isn't in the book can be found on the Message Board about him in this forum.

This apparent emotional and spiritual (as well as physical?) rapist is now attempting to gather in ex-Mooji followers, especially those who came from Andrew Cohen.

These persons need to make up their own minds, of course, about what to do.

But without knowledge of Heather's charges, and the various assertions made in the James Swartz forum on this site, do they have the full story on what choosing James Swartz entails?

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: July 17, 2019 08:48PM

Guru Purnima comment as well:
Mooji made a new servile video of the adulation and also associated himself with other real sagas and honest teachers (except Gangaji..., it’s his level) he wants to stop a huge efflux of his followers and devotees: Special Message from Moojibaba on Guru Purnima []. I am sure Mooji wants to regain his broken reputation and recruit attendants for Zmar retreat after Lisbon failing of the intense satsang 6/19.
If you want to say something, please do not hesitate to contact a journalist (here) Josh Jacobs (anonymous interviews). I hope the second critical article of Mooji could be released online before Zmar retreat 10/19 or in the period of this Zmar “silence” retreat in October.
They do not do any open retreats in Monte Sahaja ashram anymore (only after invitations), I assume Mooji and his management are afraid of normal visitors and other investigative journalists, since Mooji large photos are still everywhere in Monte Sahaja ashram. At 3:35, Sahaja Journal ~ Guest Stay Spring 2019: []

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 07/17/2019 09:01PM by Horowitz.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: LightWave ()
Date: July 18, 2019 09:17AM

In response to Traveler 99 statement: "Someday I will get a solid understanding of what Mooji has done that seems to have discredited him so badly."

This is my observation of his discredit"

It's about transcendence of the human condition that he teaches and leads people to believe he has achieved, integrity, honesty, openness, humbleness...all the traits he claims to be the perfume of his type of enlightenment. Not the stinking stuff of what he calls 'person poison'.

As it turns out, he still enjoys a hidden intimate relationship with one of his very much younger devotees. And has had numerous affairs over his guruship years.

He has been very negative about relationships, teaches that attachment to humans is a sure sign of human conditioning, portrays himself as a man who has transcended sexual desire and fulfillment, and somehow convinces his team to hide his sexual prowess to help him maintain his image as an immaculate guru. Encourages worship of him as the way to enlightenment and favors those who sing about him being a savior, bow down to his feet, and keep his secrets secret.

Bottom line-dishonest, pulling the wool over his donors eyes, preaching one way of living and he himself living just like any ole Joe who is not awakened and likes the ease of living off donations.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: MissingJoy ()
Date: July 18, 2019 10:19AM

Thank you all for your continuing comments and support. I sent a message out today in offer of support to my previously mentioned post, but have heard nothing back. I am afraid that she has, to use an often quoted "drank the koolaid". I will continue to be supportive of her. One can only hope.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: July 19, 2019 10:41AM

Dear LightWave,

I shared your response to me with a friend. My friend is full of ideas and opinions, but always insists on staying behind the scenes. Hence, he/she shall remain anonymous.

Regarding your response, my friend replied:

"Mooji is in his sixties. He has diabetes. He has trouble walking. The thought of him performing as a sexual athlete given these circumstances is laughable. In fact, most males with diabetes in their sixties have trouble performing sexually at all."

I said, "But what about before? And the supposed many girlfriends?"

My friend replied, "Just because Mooji has gone beyond needing or being attached to human relationships doesn't mean they might not happen in his life. It's only that he'll have a much different attitude about it than the "usual" person, who tends to become at least attached to, if not co-dependent on the lover."

Then I added, "Okay, but did Mooji lie to his followers?"

"That is a question. Where does the line between personal privacy, if not for the guru than for the woman or women, get drawn?"

"You sound meely-mouthed with that one," I said.

"No way!" he/she replied. "Let me ask you this? You've been researching James Swartz for over two and a half years, right?"

"You know that's true."

"You have found James Swartz to be a liar, a corrupter, a charlatan, a cad, a total spiritual fake, a proudly confessing criminal, and, based on his own responses to the chargers, a likely rapist of a 14 year-old girl when he himself was about 40, with the alleged sex crimes taking place while he proclaimed himself her 'guru.' Isn't that right?"

I frowned. "You know that. What you described is exactly what I've found out about James Swartz."

"Has Mooji done anywhere close to what Swartz is seen to have done?"

I had to say, "No. Not that I know of. That's what I'm looking for. If all he did was have some adult and willing girlfriends, that seems pretty tame stuff in comparison. Except, a while back, somebody lectured me about how all 'abuse is abuse,' so how could I rate one abuser above another?"

My friend shook his/her head and said, "That's where people get messed up. They have their expectations of what a guru is and should be, how they should act, and when something happens that disappoints them, they are heartbroken, and likely very angry. Even fully awakened and very good teachers will never be 'perfect' in the eyes of the world."

"So you're saying Mooji is okay?"

My friend said, "Not necessarily. I just haven't heard enough proof against him that I would brand him a fake, a failure, or evil. Now, if I find him on tape somewhere saying, "I'll never have sex again," and then later he does it, that would bring a big question. If, to the contrary, he just says something like, "I've reached a point where I can take or leave sex and love relationships, and therefore I've gotten rid of the 'person poison' in my life," that's something different."

My friend said to come back to him/her when I had more than "Mooji has been sexual (despite his age and diabetes), so he is a false guru," to go on.

"Mooji's not my main focus," I said. "James Swartz has been."

"And you hit the Evil Jackpot there, that's for sure. What other 'teacher' gleefully tells his breakfast buddies in Tiruvannamalai, the home of Sri Ramana Maharshi, that he just successfully poisoned a neighbor's pet dog to death? Still, if you do get more on Mooji, let me know."

I said I would, and we signed off.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Date: July 19, 2019 05:10PM

Tell him about the heron!

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 19, 2019 07:01PM

Tell him about the fire at Monte Sahaja where everyone had to be evacuated and M's response to that.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: snapping-out ()
Date: July 20, 2019 03:23AM

Let's remind ourselves that women already have come forward, albeit anonimously, to expose moo's sexual misconduct. People have reported about his tempers and disrespectful behaviour towards others. Exposed is his use of trance-induction and hypnosis and all the other psychological tricks that hook people on the moojibaba-ki-jay-gurudev-halleluja-amen-give-me-all-your-money-scam. People have reported returning to a clear mind. Myself included. Only then realising the trance I was in. Nothing to do with unfulfilled expectations of what a guru should be. If there is pain, it's about being fooled by someone that was trusted.

A cult leader can say anything today and completely the opposite tomorrow and defend it as spiritual controversy and basically get away with anything. they all use this nonsense to clear themselves of any critisism and you can never hold them to anything they say. How convenient is that!


The last example of the moo-moos slick advertising of the "product guru moo" is this last (very short) Journal. All smiles and holy-happy-stuff of course. Music from the latest cd with songs of worhip to his holiness. No dead corps in sight. Bird or human. Only blurry-eyed people who are there for one reason only: to glorify and worhip "his holiness". They pay up to 600 euro a month to have the privilege to be housed in poor conditions and work hard for free! Hoping that being in his presence will wake them up. Which it won't. It will not.

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