Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Joyfree ()
Date: April 23, 2019 05:39PM


Thank you for your so compassionate response!

I truly hope that this forum does stir something up in others, to give a chance in recognizing that this is a path with devastating results. I find it is our responsibility as human beings and society to care for each other, to meet each other with understanding and compassion, while bringing light into the darkness. And there is a lot of darkness. If one teaching doesn’t work for one individual, then it is corrupt and must be brought to light! And in this case, it is not only a corrupt teaching but one that puts people in invisible chains for the benefit of one. (remember Plato’s allegory of the cave)


Thank you for the links to “The Guru Papers”! Great insight!!! Opens one to a complete new reality!

….and yes…whatever he or the sangha doesn’t agree with…it’s labelled as the ego, the mind getting in the way… there is no place for own opinion or a healthy expression of the ego. If there is something they consider as being useful, then it happened by guruji’s grace, not by one’s intelligence or experience…. everything is attributed to M.


yes….that “insider language” is something that probably developed over time, as a means to belong, to be special. I never felt comfortable speaking in those terms and I’m sure many feel the same way. It felt strange to me, unnatural. The same like referring to others in terms of “beings” brothers and sisters. It always seemed to me like a little country trying to develop their own language in order to make them feel special.

I heard of many that they have doubts, that they don’t fully trust M. And those are people living there for years! But they still stay because this is all that remained in they life.

In the case of many, I don’t feel that they fear losing the chance to freedom, but they fear what the sangha will say and loosing their new family.

If anyone reads this and feels this way, I can fully assure that the people that care for you, because of YOU and because of YOU alone, will remain by your side and the others that will judge you, you are better off without them! You will get a huge opportunity to see the truth behind all this scam build on outdated systems of control and you will see how peaceful your life can become while getting back your power!!!

Judgment exists because unresolved trauma exists!

We saw what happened after the first video appeared! How A. has been met from the closest devotees of M. She wasn’t met from a place of non-judgment but she was overflown with accusations and judgments. This tells a lot about the teaching! People there do not get healing from their traumas, but are constantly bypassing and as soon as a trigger is present they explode. It is a great example how dissociative the whole sangha is.

Not even to mention how M. reacted…. Defamation??? M is not a famous actor being accused by some fans! But he is a GOD-like father figure, being accused by one of his children! How does a father respond to his child? Usually, he meets the child in a most loving way with the intention of clearing out the doubts. Instead he sends lawyers after her to silence her!!! This is not the way a loving parent meets his child, unless they are guilty of the allegations and they know they can’t clean up only by silencing through treats!

I want to admit that I was extremely triggered as well and went in full defence mode for him, thinking how can someone speak like this about such a “saint” and I was judging a lot! Until to one point when I started listening to my thoughts and realized what rubbish it was all together. I saw the projection clearly that I have crated and put into M. as being the “over-human”. In the light of truth all this crumbled and at first I was left with a bitter taste but I recognised the immense power and compassion of A. and the selflessness she has shown by putting herself up in the first row of the “battle” just for the sake of truth. I’m forever thankful for her immense courage and I’m certain she has made a difference for a lot better in may lives! Such an example of bravery and of a true “light worker” because this is what one does, shining the light upon darkness, fearless and bold. Everyone can get out of this malevolent environment and find that freedom is more than supressing anything coming from the mind and it happens not by guruji’s grace but by your openness to turn inward not abdicating your power of insight to a man made to be God. There is a beautiful part of the ego as well, there are likes and dislikes, which is perfectly fine and human. We shall not strive to become God, or mimic God, but to be in harmony with our humanness and our surrounding while living free amongst our families and friends not by escaping the world. This brings me to the saying he has on the homepage: “we didn’t come here to start a new community or to run away from society. We came here only for freedom” …. ??? what a contradictory saying… if you reflect on this you see the bs in it. And just for the sake of information… you actually have to go somewhere to find freedom???? Isn’t that the same question he asks his followers?

M. has created his own reality and probably he even thinks of him in such high terms. This should be alarming to every single one!

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Joyfree ()
Date: April 23, 2019 07:44PM

Insights about the lates video „this land is a taste of heaven“

Right in the beginning of the video he refers to Monte Sahaja as being a manifestation of god, this blessed place... - is not the entire world a manifestation of god and blessed by god? (If we use this terminology)

...may it continue for long long long to be in service of those who are genuinely in love with god and in search of truth- the truth and God is in Monte Sahaja to be found? Not in oneself?

... I am so grateful to live here - of course...
... the MOST blessed place! Holy place - how about the land Jesus Christ walked on? Or the Arunachala? Just as example.... one can deny that the spirit of god moves in this place etc - of course not! The spirit of god moves everywhere! It is not bound to one place!!!

... this land is a temple of good a temple of emptiness - every land is a temple of god, as every sentient being! A temple of emptiness indeed = emotional bypassing and numbness

.... I don’t know others... - even „others“ are an expression of god!

...I love to see the beings here how happy they are - really? How about the ones crying? The ones being exhausted by the unending labor?
But then it comes:...even in their struggles, because it is a good struggle to transcend the egoic mind = to bypass and abdicating their power in complete surrender to him

Following by a lot of metaphors - to speak in metaphors you do not need to be enlightened!!! It is the same language mentioned before- we are so special to speak in terms of lord of the universe and throw in some superficial knowledge of Indian culture...

...the brahman manifests the entire world and he alone exist = more in Monte Sahaja = the most holy place?

...blessed are the people that walk this land and the people of Portugal because they offer us a place to be with god! = again, god seems to reside in Sahaja and surely he is blessing Portugal because the ashram is on portuguese land under the power of the potughese authorities, you better make good friends with them! totally absorbed in meditation - sure, don’t think for yourself, just be under constant hypnosis

...and CONCENTRATION upon the supreme - you must indeed concentrate upon the supreme??? become a son or a daughter when you realize it - what are you before? You are not a manifestation of the supreme? Or is he here rather referring to venerating him=M? Didn’t he just say brahman manifests the entire world?

Yes yes hallelujah to the truth!...

Sahajans means those who recognize and are living in the nourishment of god! - Sahajans = another form of Sanyasins? More worthy of the love of god? Or the love of the guru?

Following by quotation of the christian scripture, which he likes a lot to do, gives a sense of wise talking, left free to interpretation what fear and devil means...

...but I’m also the formless one...- if so, then there should not be a need for wordy expression! The presence of the formless should be enough and not be blurred by language.

Nice speech and example of mind control!

During the entire video he is not blessing the „human kingdom“, nor is he blessing the world!!! His blessings go to god, saints and sages, the sahajans, sangha and Portugal.
No blessings for „outsiders“ nor other wonderful creations and expressions of the lord of the universe.

During the entire video he is not facing the camera for one single moment!!! From experience, when you face the camera, you are put in a state of mirroring yourself! It requires great acting skills to be credible to a wide audience. The lack of those and the lack of sincere intention makes it impossible to face your mirror! Just a thought to ponder on....

How Papaji used to say „let it be peace amongst all beings of the universe“
(He did not reduce the blessings to his crowd only)

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Crabgrass of the mind
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 23, 2019 08:12PM

Project Suggestions

How about creating a list of the jargon used in Moo World?

A dictionary of Sahaja Slang?

Professional jargon serves a purpose - greater precision of thought. Professional jargon does not isolate people within a closed environment. They can still enjoy conversation with persons who do not use professional jargon.

Ashram jargon is different.

Ashram jargon acts like crabgrass on the garden of the mind. It runs rampant, takes over. Ashram jargon turns the mind and inner life into a
dry vacant lot of of invasive plants - and an intrusive nuisance to gardens nearby.

TO be a guru devotee is to convince oneself that a cactus is giving you love.

So, a Monte Sahaja jargon dictionary would be a worthy addition.

It would be useful also for helping to identify persons who are actually Moo
devotees, working on his behalf, trying to snag recruits.

Ongoing meditation groups, "free meditation" or "introduction to meditation" offerings, bhakti fests, Himalayan Fair events, Yoga in the Park events -
all of these and much more are happy hunting grounds for guru recruiters.

If you walk out of a 10 day vipassana retreat, you are very easy prey.

Guru recruiters may rent space at reputable retreat centers and Buddhist centers -everyone has to pay rent these days.

So learn the jargon. A Sahaja-Speak dictionary/phrasebook (Lonely Planet style) would be very useful.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: snapping-out ()
Date: April 23, 2019 09:02PM

corboy, thank you for the welcome and the warning about weird messages.

thanks to everyone contributing to this forum for all the courage to come forward with all that is shared (yuck, this is one of those moo-lingo-words, but it feels the right one to use). It's so helpful to get a clear picture of what is going on..

Just watched this delusional video of someone who seems to be talking to thin air about a fairyland, far far away. Where everybody is soooo happy!! What is he talking about?
Yes, joyfree, I also noticed immediately he is not looking into the camera. He just seems to be in some spaced-out state or something. Perhaps his own "teaching" has caught up with him? Repeating the usual mix of eastern and western religious speak.

What I also noticed is again him talking about good and evil. Regarding the inner struggle of the "Sahajans": "the struggle of good over evil, light over darkness". The psalm of David (23, for those interested): for allthough I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. Addressing the International Sangha: "let us be without fear of evil".
He does a lot of that these recent times. Evil, or "the dark forces". And these dark forces at first were only outside yourself trying to stop you from being free. But these days they seem to be inside yourself..?

I'm very happy to have found 'the Guru Papers' and that so many of you also find it helpful. It also contains a chapter called: healing crippled selftrust. About the real pain of this and how to get on with life after an experience like this.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: 2cents ()
Date: April 23, 2019 11:22PM

I sense M does not like 'knowledge questions' (or are they now calling them 'sleeping pill questions'?) because in reality he doesn't have the answers. It would seem the truly awakened ones who did the intense tapas/austerities/inquiry to realize the ultimate Truth would have personal experience and first hand knowledge of these esoteric subjects like kundalini, what happens after death of the body, etc.. - and would not hesitate to explain to their student.

Another bee in my bonnet is when M defends or even takes a joking pride in the fact that he never had interest in that knowledge, never studied, never learned the full scope of the human expression. Ergo, the lazy man's guide to enlightenment.

Mooji's pointings are based on his own laziness - and defended by him. His disinterest or unwillingness to do the hard work of sadhana -which is more than shifting attention from person to presence. Then he projects this lazy approach onto the followers. No wonder they are falling apart because they're unable to continue to artificially hold a contrived, forced perception of themselves,which I believe is nothing more than a visual image in the brain. Then the followers are met with M's frustration towards them that there is still a spiritual immaturity operating in them. How shaming.

Also, knowledge questions do not flip M's "I am the God-sage talking to you and will shmooze you into a state of euphoria' switch. He has no where to go with a knowledge question except to say how unimportant they are compared to what HE has to give. Oy Vay.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: PapajisaysNO ()
Date: April 24, 2019 12:29AM

I just have to say a sincere congratulations to everyone who has made it out, or who has even found the strength to find this site and read it. It clears the fog from dissociation away in time.

Great contributions are here and they are beautiful to read.

Be well all and know it is Truth that guides us all, when our hearts stay open to it. And it is inside us, our very birthright. It is like the air and our very breath. All provided free or these “invisible chains” of M

He is packed full of so many traumas himself and can NEVER truly help anyone do anything but escape. You have to find the courage to look truth in the face! Feel the pain! It will only show you where home inside you is. Escaping it, which you never do because you are triggered so it’s not resolved, is it?, is all M provides. That’s how he has dealt with his. How can he be so strong, like a lion, when he can’t face his own traumas. That takes real power.

As joyfree has pointed with a passion for it in her analysis of his rambling “into thin air”(very true snapping-out) this is all BS.

All joyfree points are on point. And I was moved by your honesty regarding your initial feelings of A. and now how you feel about it.

It shows to me that you are going to be just fine, better than fine. Because there are so many gifts awaiting those that can find a way to get out of the quicksand of M and Sahaja.

So few can see through him. But when they do. Life will rise up with beautiful and surprising results.

I wish everyone the very best of your journey.

It is heart warming to read all the insights!

There is so much to unpack after time with M and many unrevealed jewels, as of yet, from your brave work.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: PapajisaysNO ()
Date: April 24, 2019 01:03AM

Thanks 2cents for initially mentioning the Guru Papers as I think it will really help and I hadn’t thought to mentions them until you posted you were currently reading the book.

Sahara71 Great find! Free downloads of some of the chapters.

One of the things Mooji takes away from people are their voices. Speaking out here about your experience can give so much healing. It can bring the anger, out and the suppressed feelings and the parts that have been cut off from assess due to survival and dissociation can come back home. To you.

Mooji enslaves and traumatizes people more. It is the opposite of freedom, in the name of freedom.

This won’t stand the test of time.

Life is already correcting it.

Don’t beat yourself up, so many do. They feel “foolish” and people who don’t understanding can be mean. But they have no clue the inner strength of one who can walk away. That inner strength another birth right.

Find it! It will save you!

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: 2cents ()
Date: April 24, 2019 01:32AM

PapajisaysNO: just fyi, I wasn't the person who first mentioned the Guru Papers, but whoever it was, I also add my gratitude.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: 2cents ()
Date: April 24, 2019 01:38AM

PapajisaysNO wrote 'the opposite of freedom, in the name of freedom'. This is a great name for a book exposing this unfortunate trap of spiritual social engineering.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: PapajisaysNO ()
Date: April 24, 2019 02:00AM

Thank you 2cents for clarification.

Snapping-out was the one!

See snapping-out you have already helped so much those who will be coming here.

The Guru Papers is a great book and is detailed a bit back on this thread and Sahara71 found a link for some free chapter downloads of money is tight.

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