Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Christin Lore Weber, new novel?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 16, 2009 12:15PM

thanks for the updates, very interesting as usual with this subject.

as far as Christin Lore Weber, it seems she's had some personal difficulties in recent years, with her husband passing away from cancer, which she has written about.

But as far as her other books, they seem to be all in the VERY mystical christianity area.
But the lack of Christin even appearing to ever mention the name Byron Katie in writing A Cry In The Desert, is telling.
Speculation: It could even be something like a non-disclosure agreement, where BKI took back all the rights to the wiritings in the book, A Cry In The Desert, so they could prevent it from ever being published again? But that is just speculation. But that might make sense, they buy the writings from the writer forever, in exchange for never writing about Byron Katie again, ever. As in, for the rest of one's life.
For example, the used copies of A Cry In The Desert sell for $100-$200 for a damaged paperback, so there is a serious demand for it from BK followers. (its the Forbidden Fruit, so that is scarcity demand at work).
If the author owned their own writings, they could easily get that book revised and republished by someone else. But obviously that is NOT going to happen. Byron Katie killed that book A Cry In The Desert, NOT due to poor writing, like hubby Stephen Mitchell seems to claim. (Christin is a far better writer than he is, he is just a good self-promoter).
Its obvious they killed the book as they CHANGED and MODIFIED the Byron Katie Official Stories in the book, and wanted to block some of those BK 1.0 Stories when they changed marketing tactics, to BK 3.0.

But now due to the internet, digital PDF copies of the book A Cry In The Desert by Christin Lore Webber have appeared online and can be downloaded, and will probably soon end up also on the torrent networks with Losing The Moon, so now the book is out there for anyone in the world to read.

But Katie will just do an NLP "Reframe" on those old BK Stories.
She can also just claim memory lapses, you are not your story, blah blah. They know how to replace the old BK Stories, with the new revised BK stories.
Just make it up, and add in the desired symbolic meanings, and conversational hypnotic language patterns, and persuasion engineering.

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WANT TO EARN $250,000 a day?! Become a fake Autistic Spiritual Savant
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 16, 2009 12:47PM

recently have had a look at a number of sources, involving people with brain problems, like delusions, body recognition problems, and countless strange distortions of reality due to brain damage from various causes.

It makes one think of people like Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, and these "weird" new age Gurus.
If you knew someone like this in your office, first off, they would not be able to function and would probably go on sick leave, if they did not get fired. So they behave like a person with a pretty serious mental illness.
The WEIRDNESS serves to make them unique in the crowded marketplace.

What gives them away, is the fact they are running massive multimillion dollar companies!
There may be a few cases where someone behind the scenes runs the show, and the weird guru is just like an actor...but clearly Byron Katie was the real estate entrepreneur, and it shows. In the Desert book, they talk about her owning gas stations, and many other businesses, she was like a mini Sam Walton.
So BKI is just an expansion of those business interests.

Any business person who goes New Age, on their first seminar sits there and says...hmm, $500 a person, x 500 people = $250,000 for the guru, for one day, while power-tripping on people, and being famous and getting your Ego stroked. mmmm, tough sell.

This is why the new age Guru field is full of scammers and rip-off artists. Any decent scammer would be a fool NOT to go into the New Wage field...where else can you make $100,000-$250,000 a day? And be famous, aand have your Ego stoked all day?

So all the organized scammers push out the new real new agers, who get crushed by the Entrepreneurs like Byron Katie, and others.

The WEIRD stuff is not real. Some of it sounds like it was taken out of a psychiatrists textbook.
Its all DESIGNED to destabilize people's sense of reality, its deliberate.
Its part of Creating Confusion in people, but taking it much further. Its literally about trying to MindWash the reality right out of people, and then re-engineer a new story, the BK story, into their minds, and to do so in a pretty short period of time.

articles, blogs, books, YouTube, websites, podcasts, hotline phone calls, email contacts...this all builds up to the massive LGAT 9 Day School For The Work, and then beyond that into more intensive programming of people's belief systems, in LGAT seminars, and residential systems, where all bets are off.

Its the same pattern as most other groups like this.
The difference is the initial "weirdness" of the presentation, which is meant to connect with people's unconscious dream part of their minds.

There are even some other "Savants" appearing on the market, and there are a couple who say they are Autistic Savants, who are selling a bunch of self-help programs. But get this, they say their alleged "autism" makes it so they can't answer questions from journalists! So that appears to be a new emerging angle. A few folks are saying they are mildly autistic Spiritual Savants...which is utterly brilliant, as they just have to say they are too "sensitive" to be tested or questioned!
It could be that fake Autistic Savants will be the new Channelling...its a new angle, its fresh.

(of course, there are some real autistic savants, but there appear to be some fakers now exploiting this for profit!)

(fake) pseudo-Autistic Spiritual Savants.
Its perfect.
They can just say anything, cannot be questioned on TV as the TV lights are too intense, yet they can channell their Spiritual Messages to the masses.
Eckhart Tolle is not far from this himself, he does claim to be a prophet genius who will redeem the world. This is why he needs to sell 65 products at once, to save the global economy, one assumes.

(fake) pseudo-Autistic Spiritual Savants.
It really is flawless.

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Byron Katie (the Work) - Martha Beck says she is like Lao-Tsu
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 16, 2009 01:30PM

dear lord, they never stop the cross-marketing.
The "life coach" Martha Beck, promotes Byron Katie with Lao Tzu and Shakespeare and Dante!
it really is an ugly business.

Notice the embedded command NLP style hypnotic language Martha Beck uses below. Who knows if Martha wrote that, or is saying what BK and SM want her to say?
(this would qualify as real NLP hypno-speak here).

She declares that Byron Katie is a reincarnation of Lao Tzu. Its done to sound conversational, but its a direct verbal suggestion.
She then takes it further, by implying the New Agey idea of reincarnation, which Byron Katie has promoted since she used to get others to call her a "Walk-In" spirit, as she does in A Cry In The Desert.
(all of this is nonsense, and Byron Katie Tao book has nothing to do with the real Tao Te Ching, nothing at all.)

So that sentence below is a powerful NLP style hypnotic embedded command for Byron Katie followers, probably written by Byron Katie and SM together.
Expect to see BKI promote that phrase from Martha Beck all over the place. They spent a long time writing that little mini-induction, to be used in advertising blurbs, and book jackets.
This is the same as the cross-promo deal BK did with Neale Donald Walsch, but now he is toast for a while.

(NLP style hypno-language induction to promote Byron Katie in advertising)
"If Lao Tzu came by again, he'd be Byron Katie. The author is also married to Stephen Mitchell, my favorite Tao Te Ching translator. Coincidence? I think not."

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) - Martha Beck says she is like Lao-Tsu
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 16, 2009 01:58PM

blech, some BK followers swallow the line that BK gives youtube videos for free, and gives away the Work for free...Some are just promoting BK for profit, but a lot of them believe what they are told to believe.
The YouTube vids are online persuasion using conversational hypnotic symbolic language. For example, if she is talking to some guy who is uptight about spending money...guess what? She's talking to the viewer at home, YOU, and planting seeds to try to get you to start feeling good about spending some serious cash...soon...and handing it over to BK.

Its truly scary how people can be duped so easily and openly. Mind-boggling.


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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) - Wound 'em, then heal 'em.
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 21, 2009 02:53PM

was reviewing a book on sales techniques, everyone should read books written for pro sales people to find out how they think, its very enlightening.

They have a phrase in sales....

- Wound 'em, then heal 'em.

That is the exact process that the Byron Katie company uses.
She finds the WOUND in people, the pain, the suffering. (Target the Customer).
The she promises a "healing" to rid them of that suffering. (the Big Claim)

People get a bit of an initial high at first, but then the other methods she uses creates and unearths even more suffering, so they keep going back for more. This is why people get addicted to The Work, and keep doing it over and over, and getting drawn in deeper and deeper. There is no end to it.

Also, in this sales book, they talk about how to set up self-help COACHING FRANCHISES. They explain all the different models one can use. The best one is exactly like the one Byron Katie set up. That is, people PAY a lot of money to be a BK Franchisee, or a "Facilitator", and there is no cost to BKI.
This all drives more business for BKI, and there is no cost, and no risk for BKI, as they are just unlicensed facilitators. Basically, unpaid salespeople, or even salespeople who PAY to work, and who are not employees! People paying to work for the company.
So its like a distributed franchise, but without any responsibility or cost to the mothership.

Every BK facilitator has to post those massive disclaimers, as shown above, which states they have nothing to do with Byron Katie, even as all they do is promote Byron Katie's products.

The most amusing sales method they have, is how to deal with coaching customers who say things like..."I've spent thousands of dollars on self-improvement and my life still sucks!". (they know that 99% of customers have done that, as it doesn't work!).
Their answer is to tell the person that its the fault of their own negative beliefs, and to not worry about all the money they have spent. Their "coaching" is just the thing they need to get them to change their life...starting now.
So its the perfect customer, they keep coming back, maybe for life.

So as well as all the psychological stuff Byron Katie does, there is also another entire layer of professional sales methods, franchising models, and all kinds of business tactics being used.
It really is very clever, how they are able to set up their companies. But hey, there are books out there that explain exactly how to do it.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) - Upselling, sales 101
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 21, 2009 03:30PM

UPSELLING: they also explain exactly how to Upsell your customers. The best way is to offer a freebie or "gift", and then use that as a platform to move into more moderate, and then ultimately high-priced high-profit items.
This is how BKI does it, they offer part of The Work as bait, and then use that to draw people into the DVD's, books, and mainly the LGAT seminars and COACHING. They then take it much further by moving into the "donation" area, where people just hand them huge sums of free money and valuables. (there must be books explaining how to do that as well).

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 22, 2009 10:59PM

To repeat an earlier remark made in the context of Anticult describing franchising and disclaimers:


People who wanna hang onto their power are the ones who do that.

They are not your 'friends', no matter how good an act they do of seeming cozy and egalitarian with you.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and waivers and disclaimers
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 23, 2009 08:27AM

yes, we should all force all of our Gal Pals and Best Buddies and friends, that we "love" so deeply, and care about so deeply....

to sign massive multi-page disclaimers...that disclaim all damages they might receive from "talking" with us.
Think about it.
Why is it that if a person goes to see a psychologist, they don't force you to sign disclaimers like that?

Notice that Byron Katie and Carol Skolnick say they don't do "therapy" and that they are just having a conversation with clients? WTF?
Its not a conversation, they are doing The Work, which is a psycho-therapeutic process, that they say is like a type of "therapy". But notice, they say its like a therapy, but say its not therapy?!
(word games, and mind games).

Also, Carol Skolnick has blogs and websites all about how wonderful and loving and amazing Byron Katie is, how she can heal your suffering, you'd think she was Jesus Katie Christ, yet on the same website, there is a disclaimer that says that she does NOT endorse Byron Katie!!! She has a "Disclaimer of Endorsement" of her hero, Byron Katie.
Isn't that bizarre? How can a person promote someone 24/7, yet at the same time have a "Disclaimer of Endorsement" of that same person, and everything else? What a life. She does the same to you too, if you get damaged or hurt, tough shit for you Gal Pal.

Clear Life Solutions, Disclaimers and Policies

Those massive disclaimers and waivers on all the BKI websites, and their "Hotlines" tell you all you really need to know.
Those disclaimers are telling the REAL truth, and the truth is that you could get seriously damaged or hurt, and if you do, tough nuts for you.
So the only logical conclusion is to NOT do The Work by Byron Katie, and to NOT get any info from those websites, and to NEVER do any type of "coaching" with any of those people, ever.
That is the only reasonable conclusion to make after reading those disclaimers.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and waivers and disclaimers
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 23, 2009 09:09AM

also, its a great idea to use these Disclaimers.
When a salesperson, or "friend" is trying to convince you to go to a Byron Katie LGAT School, or Landmark, or Life Coaching, or anyone else...
one can just say...first, bring me copies of the full disclaimers.

So they have to go back to the org, and get that info.

Then tell them you are going to take it to your legal counsel first, for review.
Also, ask them to sign their full name stating why you should take the LGAT, even though it could be so damaging, as stated in the disclaimer. Ask them to print, date and sign it.
And get it done at a notary, at the mall.

Do any one of those things, and you'll never hear from any of them again.

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Re: Byron Katie (the Work) and Eckhart Tolle Legit??
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 23, 2009 10:30PM

According to the accounts given in the Greek Scriptures, Jesus didnt make anyone sign disclaimers.

(Ha. Can you imagine how valuable one of those would be if a copy turned up amongst the Oxyrrhynchus papyi--and could be authenticated//?)

Instead, going by the canonical gospel narratives, Jesus warned his Jewish followers that if they got involved with him, their families would reject them (which to this day is the worst thing imaginable if you're Jewish).

He also warned them their lives would be in danger.

So anyone thinking of following Jesus was given enough information to make an informed decision about the dire social consequences. the end, so the story goes, Jesus was the one who was betrayed--by his disciples.

They ran off and left him to face the danger, all alone. His accountant was the one who sold him to the Romans. Jesus didnt run off and leave the underlings to take the rap. He didnt go hide out in a luxury resort.

He took the rap, while his followers ran off.

To me this indicates that Jesus was very different from the people whose disclaimer forms and strategies are being discussed on

If Jesus followed the example of many of today's entrepreneurs/euses, he'd be having people sign disclaimer forms.

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