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Cults do not want you to find harm reports
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 06, 2018 09:15PM

Here is something we can do.

For the benefit of American readers who want to fact check Serge Benhayon, lets write some posts listing the most informative item from this discussion thread.

That way new readers can get what they need immediately.

A note about trolls:

Trolls often arrive just when a discussion is digging up important information.

Cults are about information control. Cults want to bury harm reports under a mountain of blarney. They want to distract readers from finding harm reports.

Trolls also seek to distract from discussions bringing information about an organization, its methods, and legal issues.

The troll seeks to disrupt flow of new information by attracting attention to themselves or by shame tripping.

When trolls arrive, tell everyone that this suggests that the prior discussion is important and must continue.

Remind everyone to not feed the the troll
and contact the moderator (Rick Ross) immediately.

Mr Ross' contact information"


Anyone who feeds a troll becomes the troll's accomplice.

Har. Wanna know how to start a cult in America?

Post fliers in health food stores and laundromats and cafes and store windows.

Offer free meditation classes.

Offer healthy cooking classes and promote adorable health gurus, male and female who are gorgeous and charismatic.

Free meditation classes are a great hook. People really go for those. I see fliers all over town. Judging from the number of pull of tabs removed from those fliers, people are interested.

Welcome to America, UM.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: September 09, 2018 04:16PM

Fascinating to see the members close ranks on Twitter. After last weeks trial media reporting - of which there is a lot - they have tried to blanket Tweet articles on Benhayon, all of which are of course penned by the group itself, no outside fact checking or oversight. The same names appear over and over again, some of them must of tweeted 20 or 30 times yesterday in what appears to be an attempt to counter the avalanche of reporting of Benhayon’s own words in court where he was questioned on such things as his view on disabled children, autism and reincarnation. In order to comply with requests not to risk any contempt of court I’ll not reprint anything here, but a quick google search with the worlds “Serge Benhayon” + “court” will provide you with hours of reading from last week.

Those same names also lay the usual accusations of media bias and bad reporting, but as one of the well respected journalists who had written on the trial responded on Twitter to such an accusation:

“oh get a grip. Its called reportage. As journalists we have a duty to report what a witness says in court. You may feel entitled to get hysterical but some of us have to stick to the facts.”

LOL. Couldn’t of said it better myself.

There is also a Facebook Group closely following the trial and posting links to relevant articles. It’s called “Benhayon vs Rockett defence news and updates”. Well worth following to keep up to date with all the news.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 19, 2018 11:19PM

Just in case it is useful for some persons recovering from Serge Benhayon's fear based diet, this might be worth a read.



In the article there are 5 food myths. This is a great one.


Home-cooked food is always best

It’s linked to wanting women to get back into the kitchen: “Natural home-cooked meals are the only way to be healthy … Things were better before women went to work.” Underlying the demonisation of convenience food, there is a lot of misogyny. “Things were better in our grandmother’s day” – were they?

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