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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: February 14, 2019 02:00PM

'Explosive' investigation into UM leader to air nationally


12th Feb 2019 12:34 PM

UNIVERSAL Medicine founder Serge Benhayon will this week be at the centre of a program Channel 7 has described as an "explosive global investigation".

Mr Benhayon, a former bankrupt tennis coach, was last year found by a Supreme Court jury in the civil defamation suit he brought against former client Esther Rockett to be the "leader of a socially harmful cult".

The jury also found to be true the defamatory statements that Universal Medicine "engages in misleading conduct in promoting the healing services it offers" and "makes false claims about healing that cause harm to others".

Channel 7's Sunday Night program has released a preview video to the program set to be aired this week.

Ms Rockett featured in the video, accusing Mr Benhayon of predatory behaviour.

"He says he's the closest thing to god on Earth," Ms Rockett said.

A NSW Health spokeswoman has meanwhile told The Northern Star a directive issued by NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard last November - that the department have no further dealings with UM - remains in place.

The directive came from concerns UM students were involved with the Positive Adolescent Sexual Health (PASH) conference being held in Lismore.

"Only Northern NSW Local Health District had any such association, and that was immediately discontinued," the spokeswoman said.

"No current members of PASH are involved with Universal Medicine, and PASH has resolved not to ever deal with UM again," she said.

In the defamation case, Justice Julia Lonergan confirmed the jury's finding with a ruling in Ms Rockett's favour in a hearing on December 6.

Mr Benhayon will have to pay her costs, but Justice Lonergan has reserved her judgment on how the extent of these costs will be determined after Ms Rockett's barrister Tom Molomby argued costs should be awarded on an indemnity basis.

A date for her decisions on costs and the proposed use of these documents has not yet been scheduled.

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Mr Benhayon "(is) a “human wrecking ball” - one victim said.
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 18, 2019 11:46PM


Universal Medicine cult founder exposed as ‘charlatan’

It’s a little-known cult, founded by Serge Benhayon in northern NSW, that is taking over the globe and leaving a trail of victims in its path.

Rhian Deutrom

In the first comment, No asked

"How can people be duped by these deranged narcissists?"


They are often recruited through persons they love and trust who are already indoctrinated by Serge.

And cultic indoctrination is defined by deceit. The prospective recruit is down in slowly and is never told the full truth about the leader, the leader's background and recruits are never told about the victims or what will be expected of them.

Prospective recruits meet only those members of the cult who look good and are enthusiastic and whose health is still intact. They do not meet the people who look like wrecks, nor are they told about broken marriages or about persons who died prematurely by following SB's directives.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: February 24, 2019 02:44PM

The 7 News Sunday Night program investigation in to UM is now available on YouTube: []

It’s well worth a watch and provides much insight in to the group. Its leader seems surprisingly camera shy throughout. And for someone who claims to know ‘everything in the universe’ he seems rather unwilling to share any of that knowledge, preferring to hide in his Audi (the esoteric car of choice) and behind the closed doors of his cult HQs both in Australia and the UK.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: March 01, 2019 04:07AM

When it rains, it pours. So now Serge Benhayon’s solicitors, the rather poorly named “Universal Law” are going to potentially be probed for breach of professional standards for its disgusting behaviour towards blogger Esther Rockett. AND Benhayon is going to have to pay her legal fees. I wouldn’t want to be them in court on March 6th, but we reap what we sow and their behaviour is reprehensible. See below from 9 News, Australia:

“Solicitors acting for a wealthy spiritual healer who lost a defamation case against a blogger sent the woman a "demeaning" 31-page letter on the day of her father's funeral, a NSW Supreme Court judge says.

Universal Medicine founder Serge Benhayon sued Esther Mary Rockett but a jury in October 2018 found many of her posts and tweets critical of him to be true.

The jury found Mr Benhayon was the leader of a socially harmful cult, preyed on cancer patients, engaged in bizarre sexual manipulation to make money and was "a charlatan who makes fraudulent medical claims".

Justice Julia Lonergan on Thursday ordered Mr Benhayon pay Ms Rockett's costs for her comprehensive win on an indemnity basis - a higher rate than usually applies in legal disputes.

She said his failure to accept an earlier settlement offer was unreasonable.

The case is scheduled to return to court on March 6, when the judge will ask the parties why she shouldn't refer Mr Benhayon's solicitors, Universal Law, to the Office of the Legal Services Commissioner for investigation for breach of professional conduct requirements.

She cited a concerning letter emailed by the firm to Ms Rockett on the day of her father's funeral in late 2017, two years after court proceedings began.

Justice Lonergan said the tone of the letter, sent during a pre-trial dispute about documents, was unnecessarily insistent, demeaning and contained multiple insults towards Ms Rockett.

"For obvious reasons, I will not repeat them," she said on Thursday, noting the choice of date seemed to have been deliberate.

"They are at best, unprofessional and most discourteous. They are at worst, bullying and harassment."

Solicitors have a fundamental ethical duty and obligation to be honest and courteous, the judge said.

"The timing and circumstances of the correspondence ... suggests that the solicitor who authored them had a lack of independence from, or objectivity about, the litigation," she said.

Ms Rockett's barrister, Tom Molomby SC, previously argued it was the culmination of oppressive behaviour.

The judge said the names could be a coincidence and she doesn't know if Universal Law has any affiliation with Mr Benhayon's corporation Universal Medicine, but there may be a public perception they're directly associated.”

© AAP 2019


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Universal Medicine under fire in the UK
Posted by: antifruit ()
Date: March 11, 2019 06:33PM

Universal Medicine is FINALLY geting some proper news coverage in the Uk. The Times ran a short article on Sunday March 10th about The Lighthouse headquarters in Frome. What stands out is that schools in the area are starting to pull out of their swimming pool contracts and hopefully it's only a matter of time before Simon Williams is ejected from the Chamber of Commerce in Frome.

The BBC had a short segment about UM in their news program on Monday 11th March, which should also help spread the word.

Sunday Times, March 10th 2019
by Gabriel Pogrund

The Somerset B&B that’s home to Universal Medicine ‘burpers’

Frome is a picturesque town in Somerset with cobbled streets and a lively music scene — but it is also the unlikely headquarters of a “socially harmful cult”.

Followers of Universal Medicine (UM) believe in breast fondling, vaginal massages and burping up evil spirits as alternatives to modern medicine. They go to bed at 9pm and rise at 3am, avoid carrots and alcohol and refrain from making certain clockwise motions.

From afar UM may appear to be a bizarre but harmless new age movement. A recent court case in Sydney, however, shed light on its darker side. Founded in Australia by Serge Benyahon, 55, a once-bankrupt tennis coach who believes he is the reincarnation of Leonardo da Vinci, the sect is a mishmash of religion and science fiction that imagines the world as a struggle between positive and negative energy.

The legal saga began when a survivor blogged about her traumatic experience of the cult and accused Benyahon of sexually exploitative behaviour. He responded by launching a defamation lawsuit against her.

A Supreme Court jury in November found it was substantially true to say he was a “charlatan who makes fraudulent medical claims”, preys on cancer patients and has an “indecent interest in girls as young as 10” who stayed unaccompanied at his home. It found Benyahon was at the helm of the “socially harmful cult”.

Australian authorities have now banned Benyahon from treating children and demanded that the millionaire, who once persuaded a dying cancer patient to leave him £750,000, should pay legal costs to the blogger.

All of which poses fresh questions for UM’s European headquarters on the outskirts of Frome and its penetration into life in the town, which will be put under a television spotlight tomorrow night.

Followers include Simon Williams, an Old Etonian who is president of Frome Chamber of Commerce, and Otto Bathurst, a film maker who won a Bafta for his work on the BBC drama Peaky Blinders.

The group is based at the Lighthouse, a B&B with 30 acres of woodland that was bought by followers in 2007. Its centrepiece, an indoor pool, is run by Benyahon’s daughter, Simone. Since the court ruling, two Church of England schools have stopped using the pool. Two others may follow suit.

The Lighthouse is open to the public but guests have complained about the presence of UM pamphlets and paraphernalia. One 2-star review on TripAdvisor said the experience was “very odd”, adding: “What started out as quirky oddities soon became claustrophobic reminders that this is not ‘just a B&B’. . . but in fact a business run in support of the decidedly dubious ‘Universal Medicine’ organisation.”

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Re: Universal Medicine under fire in the UK
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: March 13, 2019 02:37PM

Thankfully Simon Williams is gone, he and another member resigned last night according to a local business man who tweeted about this. It said Frome Chamber of Commerce would release a full statement today on their website.

I counted 5 articles in major UK papers online editions yesterday. Although many of them are not saying anything new, they are definitely getting the word out to their various reader groups.

Also in Frome, hand-made signs appeared saying “Cult B & B” next to signs for The Lighthouse. Just goes to show the strength of local feeling that’s been activated by recent events. Schools have also cancelled swimming classes with Creative Aquatic.

Time’s up Sergio.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: March 14, 2019 11:53AM

Chamber boss Simon Williams quits over Universal Medicine cult claims []

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: March 14, 2019 11:54AM

Mother 'lost' to Serge Benhayon's Universal Medicine cult []

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: March 19, 2019 05:31PM

A very good article from the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper:

Well worth a read and highlights the involvement of local businessman Simon Williams - the very same Simon Williams also featured in the BBC report AND the Sunday Report on UM. He’s fast becoming the most recognisable member of the UK branch of UM, and one may wonder why he is continually having to speak to the media - where’s Serge? As the man who claims to know everything and was prepared to debate anyone at anytime on the merits of his thoughts and writings, Serge seems very absent during this current round of interest in UM. The only time we’ve seen him, he was hiding in his daughter’s Audi and requesting a police escort to protect him from the hoard of journalists waiting for him (oh sorry, there was only one and a cameraman).

Come on Serge, let’s hear from you. I’m sure any of the national and international newspapers and TV news shows that have run stories on UM recently would welcome an on camera interview.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: April 02, 2019 06:27AM

A very interesting talk Esther Rockett gave to locals in Lismore, Australia about UM recently:


It goes for two hours but is well worth watching as a good descriptive overview of how a cult operates, as far as their finances, their sneaky infiltration of communities and their recruitment processes.

I found this video extremely helpful and educational.

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