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Re: Mike Vinson and IWWB - cult alert
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: January 14, 2013 02:13AM



See []

This subsection has information about recovery from cults.

Also see []

This is the Books page. Two books that might be helpful are "Bounded Choice" and "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse".

One comes from a secular perspective and the other from a biblical perspective.

See []

Also see []

I hope this is helpful.

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Re: Mike Vinson and IWWB - cult alert
Posted by: Truth_Seeker_78 ()
Date: January 23, 2013 10:29AM

Hello again to the forum.

I have recently added another video to my YouTube channel where Mike Vinson is now stating that those without the cult-group literally "hate" the group, and also, he states that there are those who want to literally physically crucify members of the group.

Here is a transcript of the audio from a recent Atlanta December 2012 conference:

Female voice: "We're not getting beaten or nailed to the cross, but, we're having different kinds of tribulation..."
Mike Vinson: "Well yeah you know, we're not getting beaten and nailed to the cross literally..."
Female voice: "Not yet"
Mike Vinson: "But we are figuratively beaten. Every time we open our mouths, they're, they're coming down on us y'know. Babylon believes nothing we say and they do hate us..."
Female voice: "Our own household and our own house..."
Mike Vinson: "People who think that they're not hated, the only reason you're not hated is because you haven't been put in a position to have to stand on what you believe! Cause when you are, when you're in that position, they're going to hate you. The world hates Christ. If you're Christ, you're hated..."

Just a side-note at this point, the world "Babylon" is IWWB-speak for people who are not in the group, be they orthodox Christians, Muslims or atheists.

In contrast, here is some audio from another bible-study where Vinson says there are those who want to literally physically crucify members of the IWWB group -

Mike Vinson: "We do NOT try to do anything about the person without the body of Christ who slaps us on the face or who wants to put us up on the cross and literally physically crucify us. We can't do anything about those things, that is all God's work in our lives and we just have to accept it..."

Link to YouTube where the audio can be heard: []

A question to Rick if he is reading this would be whether this kind of rhetoric ("they do hate us," "they're going to hate you," "If you're Christ, you're hated" etc) is typical of cult-groups who seek to isolate their members inside the group and distance them from outsiders. It certainly seems engineered to do just that but I have little experience in dealing with cults.

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Re: Mike Vinson and IWWB - cult alert
Posted by: Truth_Seeker_78 ()
Date: February 13, 2013 05:45AM

Mike Vinson continues to flame his family members live on bible-studies. There is no more revealing thing than the way a man interacts and speaks about his family, in my opinion.

Here are the YouTube links, for those interested in hearing this man:



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Re: Mike Vinson and IWWB - cult alert
Date: October 22, 2014 04:12AM

Just an update to the IWWB (iswasandwillbe) cult headed up by Mike Vinson. I am the original poster, but had to change my username to log back into the new forum.

As some may recall, IWWB member Robin Korevaar came onto the forum here to defend father Mike and the IWWB group. However, what instead took place was that he ended up indicting the group as a cult, with Rick Ross giving his assessment of the group based on Robin's responses as: "a classic cult."

Robin Korevaar has now been expunged from the group (forcibly removed and now shunned) because he did not accept the authority of Mike Vinson and his hatchet man Mitch Kuhn.

As I understand it, there was some robust discussion as to whether the IWWB members are following "Christ" or the IWWB elders/leaders. Those who said they are following "Christ" and not the IWWB leaders (Mike Vinson, etc.) were deemed "rebels" and "diseased branches" and asked to repent, or to risk being removed from the group. Korevaar said he was following "Christ" and has now been removed from the group, along with a number of other people.

Korevaar wrote to me after this had taken place and admitted he wasn't as knowledgeable about all of this as he had first professed.

Robin sent out an email to well over 30 recipients where he said the following:

Robin Korevaar
It is absolutely mindblowing to me to hear all kinds and types of accusations that there are being made towards us ... your former brothers and sisters ... people who you spent years and years of fellowship with .... by your leaders.

Just listen carefully to that sermon and then think hard for yourselves if it is true what is been said about the people that where kicked out, or left themselves, not wanting to undergo this “loving Matth 18” treatment. Over the years, many came and many went ... many of them did not leave Scripture, they did not leave Christ, and Christ did and does not leave them ... abiding in Christ is something completely different then abiding in IWWB and the ones claiming leadership .... yet .... I get the feeling many seem to think abiding in IWWB = abiding in Christ.

Much more was said, but this is the crux of the matter. Korevaar is still looking at matters in a very black/white manner but I am glad he is now out of the group and can begin the healing process.


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Re: Mike Vinson and IWWB - cult alert
Date: July 18, 2015 05:09AM

Hi - I just received a private message from a person and I have tried replying but I am not really sure if the person received it or it was sent. I ticked the box "copy to my sent items" but it did not show up.

The message was regarding the fallout with Robin K and Mike Vinson. The person said they have a family member who just joined and that they heard a completely different story. Well, that's to be expected isn't it? Mike and his band of elders will spin anything to make it sound like they are the epitome of Christian values when in truth they do/say/act as they please.

I have audio on my soundcloud page where you can hear Mike Vinson and his elders reviling gay marriage, homosexuals, other Christian groups, their family members etc. Here is the link:

Anyway, my reply to the person who private messaged me is as follows:

Hi ______. Yes, you can read the entire letter if you wish to do so. Firstly, check my blog page

I have links to audio/video and more there which indict Mike Vinson as simply another ex-WWCoG (world-wide church of god) member who has repackaged many of Herbert W Armstrong's teachings and then gathered a small army of fellow believers around himself and declared that he has the "truth" to the exclusion of all other Christian ministries and groups.

Mike is an unstable person in my opinion and shows signs of being borderline mentally ill. He has estranged his family (his own adult kids) over his doctrines and the manner in which he demands absolute conformity to his way of thinking.

Anyway, on my blog you will find a post there titled "another implosion at IWWB" which details the history of Mike kicking people out of the fellowship and then lying through his teeth about it afterwards. He has done this with his own children and continues to do it with members past and present.

Here is a link to that post:

I do have Robin's email address but I am not in a place to give it out. When I met Robin (online of course) he was brainwashed and would defend Mike and IWWB at every turn. I eventually got sick of his denials and blocked him on FaceBook, only to hear through the grapevine later that he had dared to say that he was not following Mike and Mitch and the other IWWB elders but rather Christ personally, and not exclusively via the agency of IWWB.

Bear in mind that Mike declared his own son to be: "not part of the body anymore" because his son would not get in on the IWWB bible-studies.

For this "sin" Robin and a few others were expunged from the group and labelled as "rebels" who would not submit to leadership.

One of the IWWB elders (Mitch Kuhn) even went so far as to say that to speak with Robin is the same as having sex with a pig and shooting your ejaculate into the animal. Yes, I know this sounds too crazy to be the truth but I have it all on audio and have posted it live via soundcloud for the world to see/hear. These guys (IWWB) are off the chain in their delusions.

Anyway, perhaps if you forwarded me your email, I can message Robin and he can then make contact with you?

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about your family member getting involved. Please point your family members to my blog for some first hand information about this man and his so-called "ministry."

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