Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 24, 2012 11:42PM

"... Thanks flashlight for your effort, you are making a dent. The people of Hawaii owe you much gratitude for exposing Tulsi's modus operandi and her connection with that mad man. She would lie through her teeth to get a political seat. Like master, like follower."

Thanks for the complement, but my efforts pale in comparison to long-time contributors like yourself. Without you and the others, I would never have discovered the connection even in the Internet age.

Lying about her name change

"On a Personal Note…April 30th, 2011 by Tulsi Gabbard
I’ve recently resumed the use of my maiden name, Tulsi Gabbard."
Legal records show Document Number A2011085545 2011-05-27 where Tulasi G Tamayo changed her name to Tulsi Gabbard.
Why does she lie and say her name was originally Tulsi instead of her cult name TULASI?

More suspicious guys looking into Tulsi, her father, and Chris Butler. How can people be so naive to support this woman in a Federal election?

Stealth Candidate

Where does Tulsi get her money
Notes on Tulsi Gabbard Tamayo's Financial Disclosure
Tulsi (aka "Tulasi") Gabbard Tamayo is a candidate for City
Council District VI.
The following information is from Tamayo's "Disclosure of
Financial Interests" with the Honolulu City Clerk's Office.
Tamayo (Age 29) reported having two mortgages and one home
equity loan totalling from $300,000 to $500,000 in debt.
Tamayo reported her "income" as follows:
MP Hawaii Army National Guard: $25,000 - $49,999 annually*
*Tamayo is currently in the reserves, working only 1
weekend a month; the pay amount here represents her fulltime,
active-duty pay in 2009
Legislative Assistant for US Senator Akaka: $10,000 -
$24,999 annually
*Tamayo no longer holds this job
Tamayo claims "rental property income" of less than $1,000
annually (2009)
Tamayo claims to own two mainland real properties.
according to real property tax records, this a condominium
she purchased in July 2007 for $305,000. This condo is
currently assessed at $295,838. So she could be under water
since in the first years of the mortgage she may have been
paying only or mostly interest.

could not determine more details about this property, which
may be an apartment in a house, value is $99,387 and tax
records list Tulasi G. Tamayo as the owner

Tamayo claims to live at Kukui Plaza in Honolulu. The
address on her Organization Report is:
Honolulu real property records indicate this property is
owned by Francis P Martin (non-homeowner).
If Tamayo has somewhere between $300,000 to $500,000 in
debt, and is renting a downtown Honolulu apartment (where
she claims to live), how can she afford to pay this
considerable debt service and liabilities with no current
source of income? On what income does Tamayo live?
At Tamayo's recent "Talk Story", her campaign manager
(Erika Moon) said the candidate was campaigning full-time
and not working. Tamayo however told attendees that she
currently worked with "at-risk youth" for a company called
"Pacsin" (sp?), but no such company appears to exist in
Tamayo's first campaign spending report (Jan 1 - Jun 30,
2010) indicates a $15,000 loan but does not disclose the
lender. When asked at her Talk Story, Tamayo said the
$15,000 loan was from her own "savings and investments."
On the disclosure of "Ownership or Interests in Businesses
in the State", Tamayo answered NONE.
On the question of "Real Property Owned in Honolulu",
Tamayo answered NONE.
Under the "Fiduciary Positions", Tamayo listed herself as
"Vice President" of Healthy Hawaii Coalition, claiming her
annual compensation is NONE.
Tamayo lists no other organizations or businesses in her
disclosure. Suspiciously missing is Stand Up For America,
which Tamayo boasts about on her campaign website and
Wikipedia page.

I will write more later about Tulsi violating ethics while serving on the City counsel and about Chris Butler possibly being a repressed homosexual.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 25, 2012 05:34AM

Just a quick update. Another Tulsi Gabbard for congress yard sign has been taken down. This time it is a home owned by "Clare E. Waters". It is safe to assume that Tulsi is an embarrassment to yet another resident of Lanikai.

I've been informed that there are three Cult vehicles making the rounds in Lanikai. They are all very similar Crown Victoria types the size of a taxi or police cruiser. Others have reported they are used in Cult business chauffeuring people between the three homes occupied by cult members, runs to Down to Earth, to the airport, etc. A taxi or limo is required to have commercial registration and I think be licensed by the Public Utility Commission. The drivers are required to have commercial licenses as well and be at least 21 years old. It would not surprise me to learn that Tulsi Gabbard has been driven in these vehicles and is aware of the illegality. Taxi driver, limo drivers, tour drivers all have to follow the law - but not Chris Butler.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 26, 2012 02:54AM


Yes, this is something we have often asked ourselves as well.
This cult derives its money from a few businesses. Yet it claims a non profit status. Don't you think the US Government should know
about this? Flashlight, send a copy of the last few pages of this thread to the IRS & the DOJ.
How is it that those in the inner circle live in these expensive mansions in Lanakai?
These cult members do not have a job, except to cater to the whims of an insane leader.
So are they on the government dole?
They used to be. They used to joke about how they were able to trick the Welfare office in several different states in order
to receive welfare benefits.
Meanwhile the cult businesses are bringing in income?
Businesses that involve many cult members.
There should be no question that Tulasi/Tulsi is tied into a secretive and homophobic cult.
Her entire family has been brainwashed and has served this maniac for many years now.
It is now 3 generations into this madness known as the Cult of Butler.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: krishnacaitanya ()
Date: April 26, 2012 10:36AM

I remember that Butler would say "I would rather die than have a job".
That should have been enough to warn everyone that something was/is seriously wrong with him.
No, he just knows how to make people dependent on him.
A true parasite. A parasite creating more parasites.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 26, 2012 11:25PM

Two yards signs that were taken down have now been put back up. Does anyone have theory about this? The Tulsi Gabbard for Congress supporters Lanikai homes are owned by "Clare E. Waters" and "Phillip F. Pang".

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 27, 2012 03:27AM

The wind? Karma? Trying to warn people about this insidious cult perhaps?
Flashlight, since you seem to be close to these "perps", why don't you just copy the last 3 pages of this thread and mail it to the people who have the signs up. That might help illuminate as to what is really going on and where their money is actually going to.
Butler likes to get his claws into people with money.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 27, 2012 11:02AM

Flashlight, please allow me to explain the use of the word "close" in my previous post.
By this I mean, in nearby physical proximity! I did not mean to imply that you were
involved in any way with this nefarious group.
My apologies.
Keep posting what you are uncovering.
People have a right to know.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: limoa ()
Date: April 28, 2012 09:36AM

I first heard about Gabbard and this website from the Daily Kos article. After reading a lot of the information that's on here about how these Hare Krishna's have caused problems for the rest of society—I just wondered why were they even allowed to have children? Now the children are going to have children and there's just going to be more and more little Krishna's running around who are going to end up growing into big Hare Krishna's who are going to cause even more trouble in society. I may be out of line here, but I really don’t think these people should be allowed to have kids.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 28, 2012 09:52AM

Another Tulsi Gabbard for Congress has just been removed at a home owned by: “Paul A. Steinmeier” and “Sally P. Winter” and I assume they, too, have been embarrassed by their association with this deceitful politician.

There are also recent “signs” that one of the Cult’s Lanikai residents is “paranoid” about being “out-ed”. I can’t say more without giving away their location which the moderator will not allow. Speaking of paranoia and outing, Chris Butler is described on this message board in very strong terms suggesting serious mental illness such as paranoid, schizoid, and delusional. Butler’s own Doctor called him a sociopath. As I recall from Freudian psychology, mental illness can be caused by repressed sexual urges. Is it possible or even likely that homophobic Chris Butler is in fact a repressed homosexual?

Read this short abstract of a scientific study proving a link between homophobia and homosexual arousal: “The authors investigated the role of homosexual arousal in exclusively heterosexual men who admitted negative affect toward homosexual individuals. Participants consisted of a group of homophobic men (n = 35) and a group of non-homophobic men (n = 29); they were assigned to groups on the basis of their scores on the Index of Homophobia (W. W. Hudson & W. A. Ricketts, 1980). The men were exposed to sexually explicit erotic stimuli consisting of heterosexual, male homosexual, and lesbian videotapes, and changes in penile circumference were monitored. They also completed an Aggression Questionnaire (A. H. Buss & M. Perry, 1992). Both groups exhibited increases in penile circumference to the heterosexual and female homosexual videos. Only the homophobic men showed an increase in penile erection to male homosexual stimuli. The groups did not differ in aggression. Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies.”

Study of Homophobia

Perhaps Butler is unaware of any homosexual tendencies, or maybe he is just in the closet surrounded by celibate (and presumably horny) young men who worship him. The old story of his deep love for a woman who he never had sex with is quite effeminate as is his hysterical ranting and his hypochondria. I am sorry if this offends any current or former cult members who are hetero, but it does cast some new light on Butler. When Chris Butler is someday arrested for fraud and money laundering, as he surely will be, the prison shrinks will have a field day with him.
More later on Tulsi Gabbard and Mike Gabbard and their unethical and illegal activities.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: krishnacaitanya ()
Date: April 28, 2012 11:48PM

What is all of this attention you are giving about Butler maybe being queer? Does it turn you on?
How about sticking to the real meat of the matter, his actions?
And I am sure he has wonderful sex with his wife. Remember when he married her? It was whitewashed. It was said to be some kind of spiritual union. Something as pure as snow that only a 'pure devotee' could understand!

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