Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: dharmabum ()
Date: April 15, 2012 07:17AM

To Rest Easy,

If you understand what dehumanizing is, what demonizing is and what creepy is, you have to point your forefinger somewhere else. Perhaps back to the people you are trying to protect. For a religious cult who should have no business in politics, or how people should act and live, other than living as an example of what they preach, they should not be fielding a minion to have a seat in society's policy making body. They have nothing to contribute except for their sinister idea of driving in their dogma's mission to people's lives. And for an obscure cult to have that grand plan can only come from a mad man. For that, the public has the right to know what this cult is all about if they are to protect their children from life-threatening influences of religious cults.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: krishnacaitanya ()
Date: April 16, 2012 01:44AM

I agree. It is way too easy to get someone elected to public office by some propoganda alone without knowing important facts of their history.
Our current usa president is an example of that.
But how do we properly vet the candidate? It can only be done with the help of media and that can be a problem.
Now if Butler has connections with the media that would be a boon for his groomed candidate!

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 16, 2012 07:07AM

Getting the media to expose this hidden cult is exactly what is being done right now.
There are a few media people looking into who actually is behind Tulsia & specifically where the money is coming from
that is being donated. According to a website that explains how political contributions are supposed to be collected.

Specifically it states:
"Contributions made in the name of another are prohibited. For example, an individual who has already contributed up to the limit for a candidate's election may not give money to another person to make a contribution to the same candidate"

This is what we all believe is actually being done. How can cult members who are on disability be contributors when they have no known source of employment? If you are a cult member the chances that you have a regular 9-5 legit job is nil.
This cult has many businesses which generate income for the sole preservation of one man. The cult members may or may not receive stipends from the cult, is that income being properly reported tot he federal government?

The media needs to look into their nefarious financial doings.
Yet they all live in million dollar homes?
Much to investigate with this group.
Post what you have and help the media out.

People in HI need to know who their candidates really are.
Those names on the prev postings that cite the donors, those are all cult members, with the exception of the last 4 people whose names were mentioned in connection with lawn signs.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 16, 2012 11:46AM

"... with the exception of the last 4 people whose names were mentioned in connection with lawn signs."

I really appreciate the recent contributors to this topic and was beginning to worry I was way out on a limb.

supporting Tulsi Gabbard for congress with yard signs on the main two streets in Lanikai are:
"Ann Dewey"
"Elisabeth Grossman"
"Derek Esibill"
"Gene K. Lau"
"Clare E. Waters"
"Aubrey L. Cole JR"
"Yang C. Cole"
"Marc O. Yoshizume"
"Phillip F. Pang"

Ann Dewey is the elected President of the Lanikai Association and is aware that The Cult is entrenched in three Lanikai homes.
Have any of these supporters spoken with Tulsi about her association with the Cult; if they have and are still backing her, let them speak up. As it stands now, their names are linked to a candidate who is very likely aware of Cult misconduct in their business operations at DTE where she worked and her father, Mike Gabbard, probably has information on Chris Butler from his time as his assistant.
I hope I don't offend former cult members by saying this, but can Tulsi Gabbard be trusted in Congress since she was already manipulated by this powerful group even if she distances herself now? What does it say about her character and will-power to have remained part of their hateful group and yet fails to admit it? Others here have said that past cult members are never left in peace and are constantly contacted to reconsider. The worst thing: how will we ever know what Tulsi really thinks and does?

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 17, 2012 01:25AM

Flashlight, you are not wrong in what you are discovering by your investigation. This cult controls Tulsi, this cult controlls her father and tried to control Rick Reed during his run for senate. I recall hearing how undercover investigations were ordered and orchestrated by Chris Butler to infiltrate known gathering spots of homosexuals who he calls DEMONIACS, for the express purpose of gathering material (videos, photos etc etc) to be used against them. We all knew this back in the 80's.
Butlers homophobic message was loud and clear. He preached hatred and intolerance and it wasn't just for the LGBT community. He also had a special derogatory name for people who ate meat, it was posted here on this forum many pages back. In fact an incident did occur in which Butler was trying to discredit Sen. Inoye (the rival to his puppet, Rick Reed) in which a former hairdresser was illegally being recorded, causing this person much personal trauma when she later found out what this cult had done.
Flashlight- take the time to go thru this forum you will see many examples of this insidious cult at work.
Then copy some of these pages and mail them to those 9 donor you listed above. People deserve the right to know where they are sending their money to and what they are really supporting. It is not Tulsi- it is the insane ideas of Chris Butler and his ever-supportive minions who share his insane beliefs.
This has nothing to do with religion or spirituality. It has NOTHING to do with Vaishnavaism.
This group exists to cater to the whims of a megalomaniacal leader. If you do more research into other Vaishnava groups you will see that Butler's group is considered a misguided splinter from Hinduism. In fact, Butler ordered his slaves not to read anything printed by ISKON past a certain date in the later 70's. The sheep in his group do not realize why they were told not to read these publications. It is because word of Butler's odd behaviors, misdeeds, and spiritual decay would have been located in these documents indicating that he was not a teacher in good standing with the Vaishnava community.
Butler claims he had the backing & approval of his teacher AC Baktivedanta PRABHUPAD. This was not true. When ACB found out that Butler was using hypnosis to curb his followers to his wishes, he was appalled:
What Hanuman Das says is gospel truth. Show this video to all those donors.
Another witness, the former personal doctor of Butler speaks about the misguided & harmful teachings of Butler:
Here is what Butler taught- he ridiculed everyone unless they were under his feet and under his dominion, and the rest of the sheep laughed along with him. And then there were those times that he turned against them; many were the times that he would yell and curse his followers and condemn them, at one time even causing them to leave the compound or to wear paper bags over their heads because he dind't want to see them. But then who would eat his toenails? Or get his mangos?
Their arrogance knows no bounds.
They are blind and deluded.
Jeanne (Janet) Bishop is actually aka Jamuna Dasi - please refer back to the earliest pages of this thread. Patricia Compton aka Prema Dasi. Richard Lowther aka Mamada Das. John Bishop aka Jnana Das. Donna Lay aka Krishna T Dasi and her husband Avaduta Das. Then there is Rama Das. We all remember Rama Das. Rama, now is the time to start posting again. The media is watching! All these people had children and those children are now Tulsi's contemporaries. And they are all devotees of Chris Butler. They are all in this cult.
The Harvey's in Sacramento have been the Sacramento Branch of this cult for several decades. They have a so-called meditation center up there. Sunset Studios was the name given to the video production service that Butler used for his propaganda machine.
This has all been documented on this thread.

If Tulsi wants to distance herself from this group she has to publically disavow Chris Butler. Then and only then can she be trusted.
If you disavow your "spiritual master" then you have taken on spiritual suicide, according to Butler.
If she really is against him now, she can easily do this. He will have no power over her.
But she hasn't, has she? Instead she switch hits for both sides like her dad, first a Republican, then a Democrat. First she is not okay with same sex marriages, then she is okay? Or is it the other way around? She is being controlled by a madman. It will be whatever he tells her it will be.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 17, 2012 05:34AM

Thank you Vox Veritas, and it does seem you speak the truth. I hope you are correct that the media are following this message board. Do you know if anyone has posted on craigslist to draw attention here? They have quite a following on rants and raves plus the personals have many gay posts.

Maybe the media should contact those Lanikai supporters or knock on the door at Chris Butler's home there. Oops, there is no mailbox and no house number at his beachfront residence! Who every heard of no house number and no mailbox, and is that even legal?

Reminding everyone again that the Cult operates out of three expensive Lanikai homes plus at least one other in Kailua. “Michael A. Knysh” is the owner of record for two of the cult-occupied homes. I wonder how he explains the extensive air-filtration system in a supposed vacation rental. “Joseph Bismark” is the owner of record for the other two homes and of Down To Earth. There may be more.

Why doesn't a reporter or blogger ask Tulsi Gabbard if she knows Chris Butler, ever lived with the Cult, ate her meals there, performed work for them, etc.? The followup of course, is she would have to report free housing, free food, and any other violations of state and federal tax law. Politicians have been shamed on smaller stuff like nannies and housekeepers, so why is Tulsi getting away with this secrecy?

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 17, 2012 08:25AM

This message board is just loaded with information, but the magnitude of reading 300+ pages makes it a job for a researcher or journalist. I am now convinced that Mike Gabbard raised his daughter, Tulsi Gabbard, in an evil cult and now both father and daughter are enslaved by Cult Leader Chris Butler. "a previous doctor who is an ex-cult member has diagnosed Butler's illnesses to be completely somatic and has further alluded that Butler appears to be a high-functioning schizophrenic/sociopath."

The Kailua Lanikai connection:,4453,105445#msg-105445

Honolulu Magazine

"When HONOLULU asked Gabbard in an e-mail to clarify his former relationship with Butler's Krishna group, Gabbard's daughter, state Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Tamayo, sent us an angry e-mail in response. "I smell a skunk," Tamayo wrote. "It's clear to me that you're acting as a conduit for The Honolulu Weekly and other homosexual extremist supporters of Ed Case.""

"All five of Gabbard's children have Hindu names: Bhakti, Jai, Aryan, Tulsi and Vrindavan (Hinduism is the root of the Hare Krishna religion). The Gabbards' Natural Deli was housed in Down to Earth, which was then owned and managed by Butler followers."

More proof of Tulsi Gabbard being unfit for Congress

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 19, 2012 07:49AM

Three new Tulsi Gabbard for congress yard signs sprang up in Lanikai, but there is also a shocking development …

New signs at homes owned by: “Paul A. Steinmeier” and “Sally P. Winter”,
“John W. Fenton” and “Lily S. Fenton”,
plus “Eric K. Smith” and “Celeste L. Smith” (son and daughter-in-law of “Hoppy Smith”, Editor of the Lanikai Association newsletter, the “Lanikite”). The Lanikai Association is apparently quite a hot-bed of support for Tulsi Gabbard with yards signs also displayed by “Ann Dewey”, the Lanikai Association elected President, and "Derek Esibill", the webmaster at

When you Google the Lanikai yard sign guy Aubrey L. Cole (see my prior posts), the fourth and fifth items in the search results are shockingly links to this very message board and labeled with the term “Cults”. The only links higher in ranking, are all to the web site of “Business Week” describing Mr. Cole as a very successful and powerful man; just the kind of supporter Tulsi Gabbard needs in her campaign.

But, that yard sign has just been taken down at the Cole residence and I’m guessing as a result of this message board and its “authority” in Google ranking, right up there with Business Week.

I humbly ask the moderator to now blackout the names of Aubrey L. Cole and Yang C. Cole from all my posts since they no longer show public support of Tulsi Gabbard for congress. Please leave the rest of the text to show the power of the Internet in exposing political supporters, a sacred right in any democracy.

Why are these other Lanikai residents aiding “Chris Butler” and his cult in manipulating a Federal election? Can’t they read the allegations against Butler, Tulsi Gabbard and her father Mile Gabbard and how she continues to receive campaign funding from cult members and Cult business operations? If Tulsi has no ties to her past, why does she accept their money? Just return the tens of thousands of dollars and ask the authorities to investigate the many allegations. By the way, Googling "Ann Dewey Lanikai" lists this message board at third place in its results, ahead of the Lanikai Association. Googling "Tulsi Gabbard Kailua" has the cult reference in position six!

Chris Butler and his inner circle live in astronomically expensive beachfront property in Lanikai while many in Hawaii struggle to afford groceries. The “Lanikite” regularly publishes stories about the abuse of its beachfront by local tourism operators, visitors, vacation renters, weddings, etc. – but never a word about the alleged law-breaking by the Lanikai Cult. To quote Tulsi Gabbard, “I smell a skunk”.

Will someone please create a post on craigslist rants and raves linking to this story? The media and public are more likely to see it there and my posts at CL are not being seen. I read that certain IP addresses used by spammers have their posts hidden by CL and maybe my phone has switched to a previously blocked IP address.

P.S. Kudos to Rick Ross and members of this message board for creating a site of truth and power. Google would never rank you so high in its authority formula without many years of publishing such original and educational content. Well done!

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: April 23, 2012 06:09AM

Two more yard signs have been taken down in Lanikai and the homeowners, I assume, are no longer supporting Tulsi Gabbard for Congress. The two homes are owned by:
"Phillip F. Pang" and
“Eric K. Smith” and “Celeste L. Smith” son and daughter-in-law of “Hoppy Smith”.
The moderator is free to also black out these names. "Ann Dewey" continues to display her yard sign and she should resign as President of the Lanikai Association for supporting cult activities in her own neighborhood. She also casts shame on the Lanikai Canoe Club by supporting Chris Butler's candidate and knowing that Butler has enslaved many young people who ought to be out paddling instead of sipping Butler's foot bath water.

I also came across this old letter to the editor of official newspaper of the University of Hawaii:


It seems just as true today as when it was written. Why don't we read more about these facts when a Federal election is at stake?

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: dharmabum ()
Date: April 24, 2012 10:34AM

I'm so glad the public is getting more and more aware of this secretive cult. This Butler guy really did well in enslaving his followers with unquestioning devotion. I've observed this group for more than twenty years now, while it's easier for people like us to see through the illusion, it's not so with others. People had stayed for twenty or more years, and it's really pathetic that they have shortchanged their lives and those of their children. They just stick in there, parroting the same dogma year after year, no matter how tiring and meaningless it is to do so; but the helplessness is understandable. Brainwashing is real and still works even for this age, just by observing cults like the Science of Identity is baffling to the mind.

It is really up to people like us who had the courage to wrest out of the spell to continue bringing on questions followers had in their hearts and on their minds, but just lack the courage to even entertain them due to fear or sort of a psychological hold, gurus like this Butler guy are impressively good in brainwashing his followers. They really believe he is like God. They would dare not even think bad of him, despite his obvious depravity in mistreating people around him. It's just not gonna happen.

Obviously, after staying in the cult for so long, followers think there's no more life for them outside the dogma walls; that even though they have doubts in their minds they just choose to do with what they have got into and to want nothing more. Although those people who chose to be in the cult are partly responsible for their lots, the children's situation is entirely different. We have to dedicate our efforts to these innocent victims of religious cults.

Gurus will never admit or renounce their claims because they are a bunch of greedy power freaks who are themselves victims of their own delusion. The only difference between the guru's delusion and the followers' is that the gurus benefit from it. Hopefully this unique age has got a bearing to the effectiveness of brainwashing.

As ex-cult followers, we have a sort of moral obligation to expose the evil and the lies religious cults bring to society, we can't take for granted the freedom we now enjoy after leaving the cult; we also need to convince victims no matter how long they've been with religious cults that there is life outside the walls.

Thanks flashlight for your effort, you are making a dent. The people of Hawaii owe you much gratitude for exposing Tulsi's modus operandi and her connection with that mad man. She would lie through her teeth to get a political seat. Like master, like follower.

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