Debunking: Meditation
Posted by: facet ()
Date: August 02, 2020 03:32AM

Hello Everyone,

Meditation, mystical magic wonder practice, utilising breathing techniques and other modes... we are all led to believe that meditation is our ‘connection to spirit’ or ‘god’, however there is some very simple reality to the practice that you should not continue to read if you are happy in your current state - same as with any debunking post.

This is the bit that they don’t tell you.

When we sit to meditate, we do one thing, we engage the parasympathetic nervous system when the sympathetic nervous system is, or has been running the show.

Follow the link to quickly learn what the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are responsible for in your very own body and brain.


When we meditate, we are activating the more desirable feeling states whilst effectively shutting down others and training them out of action when one day we might need it most.

We may not be running from predators such as wild animals or perhaps dinosaurs these days, though there are plenty of modern needs for our system and one of those is most definitely the dark triad of personalities that continue to exist in reality today.

Consider this too, if the ashram or
teacher are teaching that meditative peaceful states are all that is necessary, yet also teaching that the world will come to an end soon, to reset with only you and other attendees or specific numbers surviving, then switching off the fight or flight of the sympathetic nervous system makes no sense because survivors will have to survive all over again, just as we have already done in order to get to this point here today.

Take good care !

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