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Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: dora ()
Date: January 30, 2008 08:48PM

Thanks for your support Freedom Fighter. It means a lot to know there are compassionate people like you who truly understand the pain and loss of those affected by cult involvement.

Thunderhrlotus – If what you say is true, Mohan would not have found his way into this site. If you feel victimized by the truth, so be it. You sound just like one of his lieutenants; Camilla, Nadine, Mimi, Jackie, Jill, Juliana or Mary who resort to idle threats in order to keep his followers in check. Sadly, you must be a victim desperately trying to rationalize your association with such an abusive deceitful man who has no affiliation, training or credentials with any credible religious or holistic organizations. Mohan creates havoc in the lives of those he infects to serve his own financial and sexual needs. He is not open to debate or conversation and in fact demeans those around him demanding submission to him. He has no compassion. He destroys family relationships claiming the only way to obtaining true inner peace and enlightenment is through his sexual abuse. He manipulates women into believing that his sexual abuse is the only way to release themselves from their mothers and/or fathers. If he were a true spiritual healer or religious person, he has morally and ethically violated very code of ethics by taking advantage of his “alleged” position to satisfy his own perverted and deviant sexual needs.

The truth will soon to be told for all the world to witness. I feel only sorrow and compassion for those who have been victimized by this clever manipulator. My heart goes out to those who have crossed his path. May their journey take them back to those who love them so they may recover with honest and loving encouragement. More importantly, may these women regain the dignity he has stripped them of and learn to trust those who Mohan has turned them against.

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Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: Thunderhrtlotus ()
Date: January 30, 2008 10:36PM

Dora, this is a message board, not the source of objective truth...I just don't accept your story here as the truth. You provide me with only inuendo and opinion. You loosely use" Name dropping" and form random conclussions in support of your story..and then you express all of this in the context of veiled threats.. and your (opinionated )truth.. And you talk of your awareness of compassion. My experience of your postings is the use of Name Calling, guilt by association, pseudo indignation . You do not see this board is also a forum for me to question your authority and to ask you to stop labeling any one with a dissenting opnion as misinformed or even worse, a object of negativity. Because my voice is in opposition to yours then Im assumed by you to be a member of a "group" and thereby dismissed.. Wow!! Interseting tactic.....please...You assign negative attributes to individuals not accepting of your statements and then warn the truth will soon be told... ominus saber rattleing at best..... I would like to read your "manual". The Truth Simply is and needs no Wittness ...... Just the Facts Please..stop the story telling..

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Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: freedom fighter ()
Date: January 31, 2008 08:08AM


This is a message board for "former cult members and affected families" who can state their mind, opinions and facts as they have experienced them. This is not a court room nor is there a jury present.

You are attempting to accuse dora of story telling, while all along you're telling your story of dora. Do you know her? I sure don't either.

Fact: dora is not the only member of this sight with a story about Mohan Singh.
Fact: You seem to be on the attack mode, zoning in on dora.
Fact: Mohan Singh was arrested
Fact: I support dora
Fact: I'm an ex cult member/victim
Fact: Peoples accounts of their experiences: facts, feelings and/or emotions are allowed and "legal" on this forum.
Fact: The alleged accusations against Mohan Singh have added up far beyond what just dora has stated.
Fact: I like dora. I don't like you. You sound like you've got something fishy brewing-and it stinks.Fact: That last statement might not be considered "legal" on this forum, but I'm squeezing it in for good measure.

Freedom Fighter

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Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: Resolute ()
Date: February 01, 2008 06:08AM

Thunderhrlotus. Do you not think that the Truth does need a witness? We need to witness the truth and be witnesses for the truth. That is what I think. I am not sure that Mohan has much concern for truth but I think he has big concerns over appearances.

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Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: victim2005 ()
Date: February 02, 2008 02:23PM

To all victims of Mohan, when I found this website I was glad. I was so confused about my experience involving with this group in 2005. It gave me some clarity. To hear that this experience had happend not only to me but also alot of other women made me sad but it also made me realise that it was not my fault.

I want to put my story on here so people to can share the relief I felt when I read about the others.

I was 23. I travelled to London on a 2 year visa on my own with the chance to find work, new friends and experiences- an overseas experience a normal thing to do when your from the other side of the world. My first week I met up with a friend of a friend who agreed to help me out a little, getting me used to London. We bumbed into another friend of hers who were with a group of girls who were also friendly and welcomed me and gave me there numbers.

Over the the next month or so I met these girls a picnic lunch, the conversation and food was great and I felt guilty for not being able to bring anything, where they assured me it was ok. I kept in touch.

The next time we met was when I went for dinner at their house, it was great vegetarian food and was quite fun. There were buddist things around and people sat and ate on the floor. It seamed rather alternative but still quite comfortable, then one of the other guests offered to give me a ride home.

The third time, one of the girls text me and asked if I was feeling ok, I told her I was a bit down and lonely so she met with me, I was living in Soho at that point and she told me to meet her not to far from my house. I took my handbag containing my passport, 10pounds for lunch, however she insisted on paying and asked me to come with her to a small asian massage place that wasnt too far away, I turned out to be a tube ride away. Then she insited that I get a massage and by the time I got to the top she had already paid again.

She asked If I felt good after the food and massage, and of course I did. She then said she knew a man who can help with positve energy and osteopathy, he had just arrived back from Florida. She called him and got me to speak with him on the phone- I thought this was a little stange considering I had never heard or met him before. She told me if I wanted him to help me I needed to be open and truthfull to him. Within half an hour Mohan arrived in a really nice car with another young man. I remember seeing flashy sunglasses and watch. But he was also wearing ethnic looking clothing. The gave me alot of water with vitamins and I told him alot about me while we drove for quite a while and then arrived at another osteopaths house/clinic. We waited for a longtime while he all got treated. Then left and arrived at a store that sold the ethnic clothing. He brought me a gown and told me to wear it, they all said it made me look beautiful and feminine, and because I had enjoyed the day with my new friends. I wore it.

We then went back to the same house where they insited I should have dinner with them. We ate danced, he was very straight foward with some of the girls, he spoke in a statemental way. He went around the room stretching people and clicking back, looking akward but not sexual. A woman was there to be treated by Mohan, He dissapeared with her downstairs while we watched movies and talked. By now it was early hours of the morning and he arrive upstairs with the woman(she was about 30s) with a dazed and flushed expression. Everyone told her how amaizing and full of energy she looked.

He asked If I had my passport on me and If I wanted to go to Paris with them in a few hours, I said I would need to go home for clothes and money, but they insited that I didn't needed them and we didn't have time. They took me back to another house where he made us wait in the passage way on the floor and said to meditate. The house was full of buddist things and then he told me I could have a shower and ran the water for me. I went behind the divider to get undress while he left. He told me he would be back with some really good soap to help make me feel good. I was quite tired by now and he was back with the soap but he was getting in the shower too. I was confused but he used non sexual massage techniques to wash me. He also turned the water up slightly, which made me more tired and dizzy. I finally managed to get out as he passed me a towel and told me to lie on the bed in the room.

I was so dizzy that I did lay down, and he came in and started rubbing me with oils which was a little more sexual than before and eventually lead to him being inside and on top of me, I was confused, he would get up and runaround telling me I was a sexual goddess, and he was enlightining me, I told him to stop and eventually I started to cry. He told me I was crying because I wouldn't embrace love or my femininity. He said he would keep going to fix it. Telling me his penis was organic and enlighting.

Eventually he stopped but said, I look enlightend and energised. There was no door, and out in the hallway the others were waiting telling me I looked great and full of life. I felt terrible and confused. From then on things were a blurry rush to get to waterloo trainstation. The girl I met that day paid for mine and the two mens tickets for Paris. I slept mostly on the Eurostar. However I do remember a hisband, wife and young child across from us making friends with Mohan, he took her to the bathroom at one stage to help fix her. I was starting to feel bitter about being on the train and towards him.

We were only in Paris for a day, and most of that day I was waiting in waiting rooms, extreemly tired. My boyfriend tried to call me, but most of the time my phone was switched off. We finally arrived back in London to be madly rushed to a buddist teaching from a monk at a hotel room. We were all givin some natural homemade pills in the car, and when we arrived everyone I met from the group were there but this time in ethnic clothing. I was the only one that didnt do the prayer bow, it was a bit uncomfortable, at the end I was introduced to more people and while I waited I called my boyfriend who was suspicious and told me to keep in touch.

We then went back to the house for dinner but all I wanted was to go home, no one would take me and I wasnt sure where I was. On the tv was an american woman talking about energy and love, suckers and thing I felt didn't make sense at all. I didnt want to watch it, and Mohan was also speaking to the group over his meal about the same sort of things that Mohans followers put on this page. My stomach was in pain, they said the pill I was given earlier would clean me out, I needed to go to the bathroom, then I fell asleep on a small couch in the bedroom, I was woken up the next morning on the double bed in that same room. People were sleeping on the floor around me.

I asked to go home but they said they had more planned for me. A meeting with some directors, they had told me they had friends in the Movie industry, and quite often do acting work and help people like Matt Damon prepare for roles. I asked them where and who the meeting was with but they told me to wait and see, and If I co-operate I could make alot of money. I wasnt very comfortable with this. They made me wait on the hallway floor in the other house again to meditate and prepare, after an hour I went to see brigita who was preparing some grape drink she said was for me, I first asked if she needed any help in the kitchen, she told me sit and wait longer, after more time had passed I went to her again, I asked if I could go home and she replied rudely telling me to sit down and meditate. I started texting my boyfriend, telling him what I was doing, he asked a few questions, where I was and who was I meeting? I didn't know the answer, he told me to get out, I told him the wouldn't let me.

For the next half an hour I planned my excape I looked at the door- It looked loud to open, I was scared, I angrily took off the ethnic dress that was over my clothes, instantly I felt a little normal again, I hung it on the coat hanger.
I sat again to scared to leave, the house was so quite. I got up, rand down the stairs and the street, and to the nerest cafe. I asked where the nearest tube station was, I made my way onto that street which was packed with traffic which was comforting and made my way home.

I slept for hours and when I checked my phone I had many abusive messages. I answered the next call where they asked me why I ran and that they had the best intentions. I felt a little guitly and curious. They said they had set me up to do a role for a Martin Scorsese movie, and I was supposed to meet with people that next day, It was a good opportunity for me and for me to make a lot of money, I agreed to meet the people but not to be involved with them for much longer. They said to trust them and meet them the next day.

I got directions to go to an address, but as soon as I got there, I called her again who told me to keep walking around the corner to the Dorchester hotel. As I sat and waited I recieved a phone call claiming to be Martin Scorsese's secritary wanting my personal imformation, I told her I will fill forms out in person. (It sounded suspicious) I text the woman after an hour telling her I am not waiting any longer, and she was wasting my time.

She to wait 10 more minutes and in those minutes an arab man apeared. He asked If I was looking for work- I wasnt sure what to answer- was he one of the people I was supposed to be meeting. He said he was Princess Dianas adviser and to trust him. He said he worked in Telecomunications and he had a feeling that I could be perfect for a job, I told him I was interested if it wasnt sex he wanted and that I didnt trust him at all. He assured me it wasnt sex. So I agreed to meet him the following day at the same place. Mohan then called me, saying Brigitta mixed up the meeting times but he would be there soon. He told me to get into the car, I told him I had to meet somebody, I asked him to drop me off at the nearest tube. As I left the car he put money in my pocket. I wasnt comfortable with this and kept it for weeks for a chance to return it.

The next day I meet the Arab back at the Dorchester, he took me to have a cup of tea at the bar next to the lobby. I agreed. People there seam to know him as an important guest, but treated me not so well. He played a psychic game with me, he manage to figure out words I was thinking, down to the letter. It was interesting but my feeling of distrust grew. He put me in a Taxi and told me to meet him at a hotel on Kengsington High St, in a couple of hours. As I got ready I left a note this time saying where I was last and with who in case I never came home. If what this man was saying was true, it was a good opportunity I would keep in public places. I arrived and the restaurant was on the 10th floor, we ordered dinner and he told me what my new job entailed, the company would pay for a new apartment for me and he would take me shopping the following day, I told him it all sounded to good to be true and I didn't trust him at all. We debated alot and then he asked me to join him for a coffee before I went home. He told me that he knew another nice place, this was also another hotel, but when we arrived there was no cafe, just a hotel room, as I left he pleaded me to have coffee with him there nothing else. I was felling very defensive. However I decided to stay and talk longer. He presented me with a check for 50 thousand pounds, telling me this was a starting rate and to trust him. Eventually he did make a move on me and when I got up to leave he tryed to force me to have sex with him, I kicked him in the face with my boot heel from the bed as he fell to the ground I ran down the exit. The man at the counter had locked the doors telling me I could'nt leave because I had stolen his money. I was crying telling him to let me go or to call the police.

The police arrived and got me to provide a statement, his family and ambulance also arrived and he had blood on his head from where I kicked him. I gave the police the check to give back to him. They put me in a taxi to go home.

The next day he tried calling again but I did not answer. Meanwhile the Buddist were calling too with abusive messages. I felt they were all connected, I took out my sim card and never used it again, I went to Holland for a month to spend time with my granfather, I returned to london after that for a few more weeks but was riddled with paranoia and felt very confused.

I then came back home, the hardest thing was dealing with the aftermath, I still always felt I owed Mohan his money back, or needed to get in touch with him to get closure on the situation but felt afraid, for a year or so I looked for the movies they said to be involved in or anything in relation to all of the people mentioned, but found nothing until I entered cult into the search. It sad how many similarities others have been through, but I am glad he is arrested so there can be no more.

Im not sure what to say to his followers either, apart from you were all lovely girls but you need to see that he has hurt some people. It has taken me a while to come to realise how vulnerable and confused I was, so if you decide to leave him I wont be suprised if it is 100 times harder. You can have love, and be happy without being apart of the group.

At first I was afraid to tell my story but I do this in the hope that other people can feel the relief I felt reading the other stories.

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Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: Resolute ()
Date: February 05, 2008 01:37AM

Thankyou victim 2005. It is courageous of you to write your experience up. It is also very helpful to others because a lot of what happens around Michael Lyons he makes very confusing to the people around him. One of the reasons he makes things confusing is that he attempts to give the impression it is all very spiritual. He is not spiritual, he is obsessive. But some young women have not got the space in their lives to try to sort that one out. I am sorry you had to go through what you did. Thankyou for telling us, we have been caught up in this messy business, but it is getting sorted out. He is a doctor of spin, that is all.

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To Victim 2005
Posted by: starfish ()
Date: February 05, 2008 03:13AM

Thank you for your story. You are definitely not alone and you are brave for posting this.

Many people believe Mohan is drugging his victims, as it sounds like may have happened in your case.

Luckily, it is stories like this that may help other women who he tries to victimize.

Over the past four years, so many women, men, and their families have come forward about this situation and are able to begin to heal from this as a result of finding out the truth behind what he does.

Strength in numbers...I wish you well.

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Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: dora ()
Date: February 05, 2008 04:45AM

Victim2005 - I admire your courage in coming forward with what was obviously a traumatic experience. Sadly, as you have read from some of the other testimonies, you are not alone in your experience. I am hopeful that the telling of your story will encourage other victims to come forward with the same inner strength that you have shared with us. Know that if your story deters even one girl from becoming involved with Mohan, it was worth it. Please refer to angle’s post on page 6 of this posting for important information.

Freedom Fighter/Resolute – Your comments are very eloquently and rationally stated unlike the meaningless opinions and philosophies of Mohan’s supporters. How can any free thinking individual possibly believe that “The truth simply is and needs no witness?” I guess only a person who follows a totalitarian leader where questioning his/her opinions, ideas or laws of life are forbidden. I guess just because Mohan fantasizes himself a Doctor (one of many fantasies), we have no right to question his legitimacy. In that event, I guess we should dismiss our entire judicial system as pointless. Sounds like that is just what Thunderhrtlotus would like us to do? All the while, Mohan preaches the truth simply is to avoid any dissenting opinions or criticism of his actions. How convenient! One only has to read the horrifying testimonies to know why he would preach something so nonsensical; to serve his own financial and perverted needs at the expense of anyone and everyone who crosses his path. Twisting and turning the meaning of words/phrases for the purpose of confusion is the core of all cults.

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Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: dora ()
Date: February 05, 2008 04:46AM

Remember that FEAR you felt when you first encountered Mohan? The uncomfortable feeling that something was wrong . . . . . . It was your intuition telling you that something was not right. It was NOT his “magic.” It was your brain sending your body a response, alerting you of eminent danger. You may have misinterpreted that feeling because you were “guided” by the support of other followers into believing that “something special was occurring.” In REALITY, your intuition, that initial feeling, was your own body’s defense mechanism trying to alert you to be fearful. Bad things happen when you begin to question your own sanity, your own innate instincts. You knew it was wrong when Mohan told you to undress but you kept telling yourself it was part of your therapy to evolving into a better person, an independent person. After all, so many others have crossed his path. So many others, like the many women who surround him, claim it is a necessary passage into achieving good health, happiness and fulfillment. When you begin to rationalize your own instincts, you are “fighting” your body’s natural defense mechanisms. You should not and do not need someone else to interpret you instincts. Mohan’s interpretation, other member interpretation of your own instincts, is the point where you allow him and others members to take control of your fear to mold and manipulate that fear into something other than what it really is. Thus a loss of trusting your instinct develops and COINCIDENTALLY so does your dependency on Mohan and his followers who are only too willing to help you make "new sense" of your feelings.

When you do NOT make conscious that which you hide deep within, you allow the “lie and misconceptions” that Mohan has “taken control of” and carefully planted within you, to remain as a shield blocking your inner voice from seeing and speaking the truth. YOUR OWN INSTINCTS can only re-emerge if you allow yourself to remember and take ownership of them once again. Remember and Own those initial feeling of FEAR you felt when you first encountered Mohan. Know that your brain was alerting you to DANGER. Your “gut feeling” holds the answers, not Mohan.

Read the book, “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin De Becker and you will realize that your instincts were a warning sign of danger. Learn to understand your own instincts again without the help of others so you may begin to heal from the “hell” and confusion he has created in your life.

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Re: Mohan Singh
Posted by: julie ()
Date: February 07, 2008 03:17AM

I was a victim in July 2001. I followed this crazy man from Washington DC to Miami to London to California, because I was young and lost and looking for meaning in life. I've since then worked through the emotional issues and have gladly left behind this chapter in life. I feel sorry for those who think this man is miracle worker because he's not. I am thankful for those brave enough to stand up and tell the truth -- I don't know if jail is the right solution for him. I'm not sure that he's criminal at heart but he is truly in need of psychological help because he believes he is doing the right thing, except his "right thing" is to rape and dehumanize young girls at a time when they are weakest in their personal growths.

Has anyone met his sidekick ALEX? He is either a Mo-wannabe or abused himself.

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