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Re: Mohan Singh/Micahel Lyons
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 28, 2010 11:12PM

Blue Dakini wrote:


Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo nee Alyce Zeoli also known as Catharine Burroughs, started her career as a psychic, but eagerly adopted the status of tulku – also conferred upon her by Penor Rinpoche. Jetsunma was born in New York and is the subject of a book, The Buddha from Brooklyn, by former disciple Martha Sherrill. The book chronicles Sherrill's trajectory from dewy-eyed acolyte to disenchanted fugitive from Jetsunma's lavishly appointed headquarters in Maryland. Along the way Sherrill became aware of her teacher's ferocious temper which escalated into physical violence, how students seemed to be treated like slaves and how Jetsunma had a tax free income around $10,000 a month. In 1997 Jetsunma's excesses became public knowledge in America and she announced that she was moving permanently to Arizona. Little has been heard of her since then.

A collection of material from other sources posted online

Judge Slaps Jetsunma With a Restraining Order

Tibetan Altar Blogspot September 10, 2009



A Superior Court judge in California has slapped New Age "Jetsunma" Alyce Zeoli, also known as Akhon Lhamo Rinpoche, with a restraining order enforceable in all fifty states.

We are informed the order came in response to a cynical cyberstalking campaign -- cynical, because it at times masqueraded as an "anti-cyberstalking" effort to "protect women," but was in fact a systematic campaign of internet and other forms of harassment directed toward a woman: a Tibetan Buddhist nun formerly associated with the so-called Jetsunma Cult, Kunzang Palyul Choling (KPC).

In 2008, after privately conferring with senior Palyul lineage tulkus and khenpos, and with guidance from the late Penor Rinpoche himself, the nun decided to leave KPC and disassociate herself from any further contact with Zeoli. Reportedly, a senior Palyul lineage khenpo likened Zeoli to a "suicide bomber," and advised the nun to "let the truth be known" about the controversial organization. We are informed that the nun was explicitly advised to keep her distance from and no longer study or associate with Zeoli, based on substantial evidence that Zeoli was "behaving in an inappropriate fashion."

The campaign of vilification and harassment against the nun began in March 2008, and has continued unabated ever since. During the past month, the cyberstalking intensified, to include aerial photographs of the nun's residence posted on the internet, and numerous threats against her and her family. Law enforcement observers believe this intensified campaign was sparked by a revelation that the nun -- a former member of the board of directors of KPC -- had turned over incriminating documents to FBI and IRS investigators probing the cult leader's financial practices.

According to police sources, Montgomery County, Maryland sheriff's deputies served Zeoli with copies of the court order in the early morning hours of 09-09-09, and also attempted to confiscate a Glock semiautomatic pistol believed to be in her possession.

In addition to the typical content of restraining orders, the judge has additionally ordered Zeoli to dismantle the ten (10) hate-filled blog sites that she maintains, and to cease all further hostilities. Failure to do so could result in additional criminal charges being filed against Zeoli, and quite possibly others. However, even after being served with the court's order, one of Zeoli's sites posted a bizarre call for her followers to arm themselves with Glocks.

Federal, state, and local law enforcement officials in California, Arizona, and Maryland have closely watched this case since its inception -- taking careful note of Zeoli's attempts to "spin doctor" her own legal issues. Reportedly, she has attempted to shift blame to others -- both inside and outside her organization -- by means of anonymous complaints to police, and vilification campaigns directed against those she believes may be called to testify against her. Since April of this year, Zeoli's conduct has become more and more erratic, and reckless.

At one of the retaliatory blog sites, Zeoli regularly posted "poetry" and "comments" under a variety of pseudonyms. However, IP track and trace techniques of the sort available to law enforcement and network administrators can quickly reveal the locations where each post originates, and a substantial body of evidence can be collected. The content of these "poems" and posts is disturbing to say the least -- revealing (among other things) a mind consumed by racial prejudice against Asians, and obsessive anger, hatred, spite, and vengeance directed to those she calls "enemies of the dharma."

In other developments, we are informed process servers are seeking to serve subpoenas on current Palyul lineage head Karma Kuchen. Reportedly, he will be questioned, under oath, as to what is and is not appropriate conduct for Palyul lineage tulkus, and the extent to which the Palyul lineage ratifies Zeoli's increasingly bizarre behavior.

One person under authorship of 'concerned student' wrote on Elephant Journal, comment 14


Concerned Student says:
February 7, 2010 at 09:47
The hate-filled followers of "Jetsunma" (Alyce Zeoli) who attacked you on Twitter are currently being taught to replace the Six Syllable mantra, OM MAN PADME HUM, with the "New Age" mantra: OM JETSUNMA AHKON LHAMO HUNG. See the screen shot from Twitter, here: []-...

If anybody needs evidence that this is nothing more than a cult… you don't need to look too much farther.


A bit about Jetsunma and her devotees in relation to a practicing Buddhist who has a
heart ailment.



That spring I had suffered a silent heart attack. Over six months I went from a middle-aged man with perfect blood pressure and cholesterol, who had never smoked, rarely drank, walked an hour daily along the lakefront, and most important, because of a family history of sudden death, saw my internist every three a senior citizen who couldn’t walk half a block unassisted.]

In my private interview the day before I had asked for Rinpoche’s final instructions and blessings; though feeling at death’s door I insisted over his protestations on doing my three prostrations and sitting on the floor. Old-school Karma Kagyu to the bitter end, no way was I about to take a seat higher than my Vajra master.

Even if it killed me!

At the end of the audience, I blurted out my question, “I can’t help but think of Rinpoche as anything but perfect. But do you ever feel like you aren’t good enough?” The translator was from Taiwan and wasn’t familiar with the idiom. “You know, disappointed in yourself, like you don’t measure up to expectations.” Before the translation of my question was complete, Rinpoche was smiling and laughing.

“All the time,” he responded. “I’ve lived in the West over 30 years, don’t speak English, don’t get the culture of my students”…and the list of complaints he had about himself went on (to the delight of the audience). For whatever reason, I’ve always been able to ask difficult, pointed questions of the most venerated teachers of the lineage without a second thought.

In our tradition here in Chicago, that is the purpose of our afternoon session. We don’t do the lineage supplication [request of teachings] beforehand or dedicate the merit [to all sentient beings] afterward. According to Rinpoche, “The questions have improved over the years, but they aren’t Dharma.” Obviously, this is simply an opportunity for people in the audience to ask whatever is on their minds.


On Twitter, the other week, I asked Jetsunma Akhon Lhamo (Alyce Louise Zeoli) of the Palyul lineage of the Nyingma tradition a question. She’s on Twitter constantly, tweeting under @AkhonLhamo about animal rescue mostly and promoting the prayer vigils she presides over at her center in Poolesville, Maryland. Not my cup of tea, but she asked me to follow her, and with proper Twitter etiquette, I did so.

I had just finished reading Tyler Dewar’s (@tylerdewar on Twitter) recent interview in Bodhi Magazine with the 17th Karmapa. There was a graph in which His Holiness discussed the importance of sangha [community] as a harmonious coming together. Nalanda West, Seattle, Washington (@NalandaWest), had tweeted a link to the interview, and I re-tweeted it to share with the people who follow my Twitter stream.

twitter stream

Then I asked the question, “What does His Holiness mean?” and people began to chime in to discuss what they thought. Much to my surprise Jetsuma chimed in with “Consistency.” I tweeted back “What do you mean?”…

…and the sh*t storm began. Maybe I missed something, but she called me an asshole and made a snide remark about my heart, which gave her devoted Kunzang Palyul Ling followers the green light to begin attacking me.

I laughed it off and mentioned it in my last Elephant Journal article—“I’m an asshole, but that’s beside the point”—and returned to my daily routine of practice and tweeting Dharma quotes and music during session breaks without giving it a second thought.

I had no idea of the Twitter hell I was about to catch.

From the point of my initial exchange with Jetsuma, the attacks escalated from strangers ridiculing the fact that I’m dying of congestive heart failure to a personal threat—“I know people in Chicago”—from one of her devoted followers.

I’ve always known that the Nyingma have had issues surrounding Penor Rinpoche recognizing the “actor” Steven Seagal as a tulku, but I had no idea what a pile of sh*t I had stepped into.

Thankfully, Twitter isn’t a message board, and I can block Jetsuma’s followers from seeing my Twitter stream. I’ve had to block only one person who created a shell account to spam my @Replies (Twitter inbox) with threatening messages.

Why would a Dharma teacher on Twitter allow her or his followers to behave in such a shameful manner? Perhaps she didn’t know. I haven’t a clue.

Ending on a positive note…Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche (@ponlop) has followed me back; he wasn’t following anyone on Twitter when I wrote my last article. We’ve been exchanging direct messages (private tweets); he enjoyed “Bite Me, Boulder Buddhists” and mentoring me through the process of dying.

Also, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche (@yongeymingyurrinpoche) is on Twitter now, but has yet to tweet.

What about Twitter hell? My bad; it ended in a tweet. “Founding member Chicago KTC, well regarded over 28 years, will not hesitate to take legal action against anyone stating otherwise here.” And so while we can “drive all blames into ourselves,” as the Lojong slogan goes—and while I remember to be grateful to my “enemies,” who are my greatest teacher—well, Twitter hell turned out to be for those deluded enough to think they could push Bill Schwartz around. Later.

Karmapa Chenno


In the comments that ensued some wrote


Heard Him Say It says:
February 9, 2010 at 08:28
That's the syllogism isn't it? It goes like this: (1) Penor Rinpoche was a Living Buddha, (2) Penor Rinpoche recognized Alyce Zeoli as the tulku of Ahkon Lhamo, (3) Since a Living Buddha doesn't make mistakes, anything goes where Alyce Zeoli is concerned.

Except it didn't and it doesn't work that way. An unrealized and out of control tulku is a devil in disguise, and Penor Rinpoche eventually came to explicitly warn people against his creation.

You won't hear much about it, out of sectarian sensitivity and the P.R. machine that Zeoli herself uses to keep it under wraps. Hers is a lifestyle very much dependent on other peoples' money, she is 60 years old now, set in her ways, and incapable of change. When you questioned her, you threatened that lifestyle, so she set her machine to work on you. That is her history… along with burning ex-husbands in effigy (and demanding that her "students" join in), or making a career out of defaming ex-lovers with Internet hate sites and Twitter campaigns.

Is this Buddhism in the West?

Well, it is in the West, but I sure wouldn't call it Buddhism.

If you are interested in the Nyingma School in general, or the Palyul Lineage in particular, there are a number of credible teachers without all the baggage who aren't all that difficult to find. If you want to practice Dharma in the context of that lineage, I imagine there are ways to do so without responding to a Nixonian "Enemies List" and engaging in threats and libel. These are cult behaviors, and should be recognized as such.

Thankfully, Ahkon Lhamo is fading away. Her "Twitterverse" is her last gasp. The cult she fostered will not survive her death, and is already shrinking to a handful of aging faithful, now facing the golden years with empty pockets and a growing sense of no road left to travel. They report that they will feel "lucky" to die in her orbit, because she has the power to send them immediately to the Pure Land.

In the interim, like Sicilian Catholics between confessions, anything goes.

Just to be on the safe side, Bill, I'd get a stout lock on the back door

Bill Schwartz says:
February 9, 2010 at 09:46
I have no problem with Jetsuma and KPC as a dharma practitioner. Only when they started using Twitter to attack people I enjoyed following in the name of "Protecting Nyingma" did I become concerned. I zero-tolerance for cyber-bullying regardless of provocation.

No doubt, there was provocation. There's no shortage of people with horror stories about their experience with the sangha. Shit happens. We all have people that would like to see us fail. As Tibetan Buddhists though, we have practices, like Vajrasattva to address such issues.

Going through the public records of people you don't like isn't "Protecting Nyingma" to me; Dharma protection is best left to dharma protectors; for example, Vajrakilaya, protector of the Nyingma. To have KPC monks going after each other like 14 year-old girls on Twitter, even with their teacher's permission, is beneath them.

Then they started checking to see who was "following" their enemies on Twitter and going after them. Finally, someone had to shut them done and the task fell to me. I provoked a response from Jetsuma in a manner which allowed me to appear to be a victim of her devoted followers.

I let them go where they should no better than to go, in the heat of the moment; like my congestive heart failure, and my chops as a dharma practitioner. Finally, one member threatened "I know people in Chicago" which constituted grounds for filing a restraining order in Cook County.

I let the individuals involved know that I intended to take legal action in a major media market with the assistance of a prominent local trial lawyer who is on the board of Chicago KTC, and that was that. No name calling, nor disrespectful conduct was required. Just life in the big city.

I haven't heard a peep from Jetsuma and KPC since I might add. To quote Roshi Tatsugami “A tiger catches a mouse with his whole strength'” No hard feelings, Twitter is about listening to each other and learning from the experience. It isn't always pretty, but it works.

As apt as your description of Jetsuma as a dog may be, you only make her students feel obligated to defend her as the first Western woman recognized as a Tulku, which is their strength. She continues to enjoy the support of the Payul lineage apparently.Such an approach can only result in a flame war I'm afraid.

In the end they will move along, as all bullies do when someone stands up to them, so although it made for an amusing topic for an artiicle, it really isn't something we have to worry about as Tibetan Buddhism. Given the shit storm Penor Rinpoche let loose when he recognized Alyce Louise Zeoli and the actor Steven Seagal as Tulkus of the Palyul lineage we won't be seeing anything like that again in this country.



Keeping Score says:
February 9, 2010 at 12:28
Not just you. When a very senior tulku associated with the Palyul lineage pointed out, on Twitter, that the admittedly unusual person you enjoyed following was indeed a recognized tulku, even HE was subjected to days of abuse by this crew. Maybe this is because of a bad love story between two Western tulkus? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. What is that old James Taylor number? "This used to be her town…. this used to be your town too…"



Bill Schwartz says:
February 9, 2010 at 19:47
When my wife edited my final draft Sunday evening after the Super Bowl she told me it wasn't my best effort. She's a book editor for a major publisher. Was prepared to trash it but since I promised Waylon I would have something for him I left the decision to publish it to him.

It's a delicate subject for Tibetan Buddhists. Most important, as a Karma Kagyu it isn't any of my business how Nyingmapas run their shop.

The issue is cyber-bullying and the importance of making sure we keep it off Twitter which we have been able to do prior to Jetsuma and her students brought it to the fore by threatening their enemies using our beloved medium.

This isn't about Jetsuma or KPC but transparency, a fight I have been waging for 28 years as a Tibetan Buddhist. The use of dummy accounts and coordinated attacks against individuals in the name of the dharma will not be allowed to stand.

State who you are, where you can be found, and be prepared to answer for what you say about someone before updating your status because you will be held accountable not just by Yama but in court if need be.

As distasteful as this article may be, the personal messages I have received from Nyingmapas clearly indicate that this matter has been brought to their attention, and hopefully will be resolved on their end.

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Re: Mohan Singh/Micahel Lyons
Posted by: shamanspell ()
Date: August 29, 2010 11:39PM

Blue Dakini is presenting isolated facts out of context in order to misrepresent the activities of Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo.

He points to a blog post on a restraining order in California, but fails to note that restraining order was temporary, automatically granted upon request, and that when a hearing was held for a permanent restraining order no evidence was presented supporting the plaintiff's claims. The case was dropped due to lack of any evidence against Alyce Zeoli. A report from someone who attended the hearing can be found here:


I am certain any inquiry to the court system in California would verify this account.

With regard to the article by Bill Schwartz, I would encourage readers to investigate the entire elephant journal thread and read Mr. Schwartz's comments. His differences with Zeoli were eventually resolved and he acknowledged her status as an authentic incarnation as recognized by His Holiness Penor Rinpoche.

Here is a link to the article itself: []

Here is a a comment Mr. Schwartz left himself in this article (unlike Blue Dakini I have included a link so you can check facts yourself):

"Just woke up, one of those rare beautiful days we get here in Chicago after a heavy snow. Just want to reiterate, after checking my tweet stream, for those whom consider this article a smack down of Jetsuma and the KPC sangha that it is nothing of the kind. Please, as it pertains to the parties in question, it wasn't personal.

My being, as Waylon put it, “one of the leading presences nationally for Buddhism on twitter,” it was simply a task that fell to me I'm afraid.

As Jetsuma and the KPC community have noted the late Penor Rinpoche's dharma activity, recognizing Jetsuma, and the mass ordination of her followers, although incomprehensible to many old timers of Tibetan Buddhism in this country, as Tibetan Buddhists, regardless of sectarian affiliation beyond reproach.

The Buddhist Twitter war is over, and nobody won because that is not what it was about. Buddhism on Twitter, transparency and accountability prevailed.

Twitter is not the easiest medium to master and we all make mistakes, myself included, in the heat of the moment. I hope we can overcome them together as Buddhists on Twitter, and confident that we can do so moving forward.


Bill Schwartz"

There is no doubt that the activities of Vajrayana Teachers can be difficult to understand, especially to Westerners who have no understanding of the methods. However, Blue Dakini has taken pieces of information and twisted them into an impression that is inaccurate and unfair. If this forum values truth, please allow readers to explore the facts before allowing one person's agenda influence their judgement of a person they have never met. Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo may not be to your taste, but a "cult leader" she is not. Her website is

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Re: Mohan Singh/Michael Lyons
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 31, 2010 11:48PM

Just a bit of clarification:

I, Corboy quoted Blue Dakini.

Then, in the section that begins,


A collection of material from other sources posted online

Judge Slaps Jetsunma With a Restraining Order

Tibetan Altar Blogspot September 10, 2009

In this section, and to the rest of the post, the material was all quoted by Corboy from other sources.

So, what I, Corboy, quoted was first from Blue Dakini, then the rest from Tibetan Altar and Elephant.

I will not listen to any guilt tripping about right speech. I know what that is and is not.

And if I get any unpleasant messages by PM on this board I will pass those messages on to Mr Ross, who is the moderator.

That Penor Rinpoche gave tulku credentials to Zeoli and Seagal is a tragedy for the Dharma and a failure to protect the Three Jewels of Buddha Dharma and Sangha

I say this as someone who is a private citizen and no credentials beyond common sense and a dislike for bullying, whether the bullies are men or women.

US tax exemption for religious projects was not intended to help create medieval baronies where tulkus are permitted to behave like Jobba the Hut and have all this be taken unquestioningly, on faith and reframed as guru yoga.

All persons who do pay US tax are indirectly subsizing those who do not pay tax if they register as religious non profits. So even non Tibetan Buddhists are entitled to share their opinions if they see they are indirectly subsidizing a situation where fellow citizens are being bullied by a guru's minions.

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Re: Mohan Singh/Michael Lyons
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: September 01, 2010 01:54AM


US tax exemption for religious projects was not intended to help create medieval baronies where tulkus are permitted to behave like Jobba the Hut and have all this be taken unquestioningly, on faith and reframed as guru yoga.

All persons who do pay US tax are indirectly subsizing those who do not pay tax if they register as religious non profits. So even non Tibetan Buddhists are entitled to share their opinions if they see they are indirectly subsidizing a situation where fellow citizens are being bullied by a guru's minions.

Well said, Corboy! I think abusive PMs should be immediately forwarded to rrmoderator, especially threats and rants.

Your points are well taken and should be echoed on all the abusive tax-exempt religion threads on this site.

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Re: Mohan Singh/Michael Lyons
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 02, 2010 12:02AM

I cannot remember whom he quoted, but Geoffrey Falk, author of Stripping the Gurus quoted a law professor who suggested that intead of taking issue with a cultic groups belief system, that that a far more effective strategy by which to set limits on abusive cults is:

1) Laws that forbid slavery

2) Investigate them in terms of violations of labor law, fair wage, pension, workmen's compensation

3) Workplace safety and local ordinances against hostile workplace practices (bullying shunning, harassment, etc

4) Ordinances against stalking and cyberstalking

5) False imprisonment/(confiscation of passports, ID papers, credit cards, witholding letters and telephone calls, forbidding access to internet, keeping people under survaillance or guarding their rooms if they express a desire to leave--this has been reported at Andrew Cohen's joint)

(Where applicable)

5) Immigration fraud, smuggling contraband

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Re: Mohan Singh/Michael Lyons
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 02, 2010 12:16AM


US tax exemption for religious projects was not intended to help create medieval baronies where tulkus are permitted to behave like Jobba the Hut and have all this be taken unquestioningly, on faith and reframed as guru yoga.

All persons who do pay US tax are indirectly subsizing those who do not pay tax if they register as religious non profits. So even non Tibetan Buddhists are entitled to share their opinions if they see they are indirectly subsidizing a situation where fellow citizens are being bullied by a guru's minions.

I reached this conclusion not just in relation to reading about Jetsunma and al, but also after reading The Double Mirror by Stephen Butterfield, who had been a disciple of Chogyam Trungpa and Trungpas designated successor, Ozel Tensin.

Butterfield described Trungpa as despising American democratic process and decision making methods. He surrounded himself with a body guard and established a ranked hierachy, in which various lapel pins indicated ones level of practice and this in turn depended on behaving oneself and being obedient.

Merwin, the poet and Merwins wife did not want to be part of one of Trungpas drunken parties and took refuge in their room behind a closed door. Their door was broken open by Trungpa's guards.

So, despising the same US democracy its trustful tax exemption by which Trungpa was indirectly subsidized by peasants who did pay their taxes as good citizens, this Jobba the Hutt forgot the principle of interdependent origination and was ungrateful for the very democracy that sheltered him with its open immigration policy--and allowed him to stay and die in peace on these shores.

He was allowed create a feudal fiefdom, indirectly subsidized by US tax payers who followed a democratic process that Trungpa benefitted from and which he gladly exploited but did not respect, except as a wealth building tool.

Those of us who are non Tibeten Buddhists but are US citizens have every right to take an interest and express dismay in these matters.

A friend in London warned, 'Many persons from tougher countries consider Americans to be naive and stupid. Americans are protected by natural boundaries and have not suffered repeated invasions by hostile forces. Americans could create a culture based
on open communication, a sense of fairness and respect for rules. As a result, people from tougher harsher parts of the world can easily exploit Americans.

My friend is an American but has lived abroad for 30 years. He speaks from experience and I am sad to suggest that his assessment matches what happened when generous US tax exemption for religious projects was used and abused to create non democratic private baronies led by gurus in brocade who took only those elements of US law that enabled them to make a profit, but taught their American disciples to stop thinking as
citizens with rights and instead think and grovel as peasants with the guru as their lord.

This is not what our tax exemption policies were intended to support.

You are now free, do not again submit to slavery. So said Saul of Tarsus

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Re: Mohan Singh/Michael Lyons
Posted by: bob stance ()
Date: September 06, 2010 08:07PM

none of these recent post have anything to at all with the case of michael lyons the rapist guruare you fans of his deliberately posting misleading information to make him look it possible you could start another thread about all this stuff you are talking about......
the facts remain that
!.many of this bogus guru devotees posted here claming his auhtenticity as a spiritual master
!michael lyons nevr actually qualified as an osteopath with the london school of osteopathy
!I checked this out by ringing that school in 1989 miore or less
!michael lyons as known as mohan singh or jack or mo is now serving a ten year prison sentecne having been found or Rape and sexual assault two very serious criminal charges or offences
!michael lyons has never trained a a lama and is not the personal osteopath of the quenn of great britain or his holiness the dalai lama(a genuine spiritual leader with large compassionate heart"
!michael lyons aka mohan singh has spent at least twenty years conning young vunerable and often extremly good looking young women in the UK,the USA and India and Nepal and it is alleged by the media and persons on this forum that he has raped hundreds of young women
!Mchael lyons aka Mohan singh or Mo or jack has nevr worked in movies with steven seagal..and has been heard telling his devotees to lie to new female recruits that he has done so
!michael lyons is tahnkfully now a convicted rapist and has been ordered by judge nicholas browne at wood green crown court to reamin on the sexual offenders list for life
!michael lyons story has captured the attention of the press in many many many countries
!Police in India and nepal have been informed about Mr lyons and his recent convictions
!therefore all you fans of this disgusting man
your guru Mohan mo or jack is finsihed as a guru

and if anyone reading this forum has been raped or sexually assaulted...threaTEND OR BEATEN UP BY THIS JMAN.. or his crowd of loyal followers male or female
Potential victims are urged to call the Met's Rape Cold Case Team on (0044)020 7321 7313 or The Haven refuge on(0044) 020 7886 1101

because now that this man is safely behind bars until 2020 you need not fear from him anymore... I will also suggest michael lyons supporters not to try and intimidate threaten or bully any witnesses invovled with this trial as your names have been given to the metropolitan police as regards this succesful case...... the police are aware of the main inner circle or michael lyons...and quite simply...or simply put....the game is over and there is absiolutely no way you can hide anymore..and nowhere you can run either....
so please stop bullying and raping vunerable young women on the spiritual path

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Re: Mohan Singh/Michael Lyons
Posted by: Koldin ()
Date: September 13, 2010 10:21PM

Please does anyone know which prison in the UK this felon is being kept?

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Re: Mohan Singh/Michael Lyons
Posted by: Koldin ()
Date: October 09, 2011 04:23AM

Michael Lyons (AKA Mohan Singh) is most likely going to serve only HALF his prison sentence of 10yrs for his rape & sexual assault crimes according to
His likely release date of 25/7/2015 is less than 4 yrs away, which is way too soon for the heinous crimes he commited.

Hopefully before then more evidence will surface for the further rape and sexual assault charges still on file. And also those of his victims who were unable to testify last year may have a chance to do so soon so this sorry-excuse-for-a-man can serve the fullest sentence deserving of his evil crimes.


Country : England & Wales
criminal case sentence -

Date : 26-07-2010
Court Type : Crown Court
Court Location : Wood Green
Judge : Judge Nicholas Browne QC
Defendant Name : Michael Lyons (AKA Mohan Singh)
Defendant Gender : Male
Defendant Age : 52 Years

Offence : Rape
Sentence : Custodial immediate
Order : Details:
Sign the Sex Offenders Register
Sentence notes : Sexual Offences Prevention Order; banning him from touching any female he has known for less than six months.
Placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

Offence : Sexual Assault
Sentence : Custodial immediate
Sentence notes : Not Recorded

Total Sentence : 10 Years
Likely Release Date : 25/7/2015
Distinguishing Features/Facts : He was charged with five counts of rape, two of sexual assault by touching and one by penetration committed on seven women between 1998 and 2008. He was convicted of one rape and one sexual assault and acquitted of three rapes and a sexual assault. The further rape and sexual assault charge will remain on file.
Sentenced : After Trial

Prosecuting Team
Chambers : 9-12 Bell Yard
Barrister : Philip Katz QC

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Rapist Mohan Singh (Michael George Lyons) Jaile Failed Appeal
Posted by: fakebuster ()
Date: March 09, 2012 01:20AM

Mohan Singh (Michael Lyons) the sociopath who systematically destroyed hundreds of women's lives by drugging, raping and scamming them will remain in jail after failing an appeal bid.

Michael Lyons is unlikely to reform after a life of career crime. The police took a long time to catch him and make a case. If the police had alerted the Tibetan and new age community then they would have found him faster, protected potential victims and built a stronger case.

'Mohan Singh' is a criminal who recognised that Indian gurus and Tibetan lamas can exploit people for easy money and sex. Mohan used drugs, force and threats. He easily raised the £300,000 bail.

Kilburn fake guru jailed for sex attacks loses appeal

A fake guru who offered women spiritual healing in order to carry out sex attacks has failed in a bid to overturn his convictions.

Michael George Lyons, 54, of Brondesbury Park, Kilburn, was jailed for 10 years after being found guilty of one rape and one count of assault by penetration at his trial at Wood Green Court last June.

Lord Justice Toulson dismissed the application for permission to appeal against conviction, saying: “There are in our judgement no arguable grounds on which these convictions can be quashed.”

Same syndicated article

Detailed article about the Michael Lyons rape and sexual assault conviction Rapist 'guru' in a Bentley cast his spell on hundreds of terrified young women

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