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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: July 23, 2004 05:57AM

This Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, and a bunch of other books, has been exposed as running a type of LGAT personality cult.
He is supposedly a former est grad, and WAS a Tony Robbins grad.
He is using ALL of the same techniques, and writing his deceptive little books of GET RICH QUICK, as BAIT, to upsell all of his Seminars, Tapes, Books, Coaching, etc etc to folks who are financially unaware.

SmartMoney Magazine did an investigative article on him back in Feb 93 called "Karma Chameleon", that exposes quite a number of his blatant alleged lies.
This has the story listed, but i can't find the article online.

A guy called John Reed did a big webpage about him. Its pretty intense, and goes into detail about Kiyosaki's lies.

Motley Fool did an article.

Since he is a Robbins Clone, there is a fight about him on the Tony Robbins board.

The guy is a con-artist, and he is pretty sharp, and has set his scam up so the average victim has no idea of what is going on.
Its quite involved, and is quite fascinating.


PS: This is a puff-piece about him, but it does offer some interesting insight into the Beliefs of a con-man.


"Although the book barely touches upon the father-and-son relationship, Kiyosaki doesn’t mince words about his financial beliefs – the spike that slowly wedged the pair farther and farther apart. “He thought that the rich dad was a crook, and that I was going to become a crook with him,” recalls Kiyosaki, the eldest of four children. “He thought I was an idiot, who wouldn’t do it the normal way and get a job.”

The fast-talking marketing marvel has managed to draw almost as many critics as he has supporters. Here in Hawaii, it is no different. Admittedly, Kiyosaki doesn’t keep in touch with anyone from the Aloha State – including his family – and nearly everything about the Islands turns him off.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: July 23, 2004 01:48PM

Robert Kiyosaki is still extremely active in Australia via Pow Wow Events International, his books and radio appearences in Perth.

Here is some information as to his past that I know first hand:

Kiyosaki managed and presented my LGAT back in 1991. It was called "Money and You". Marketing of the LGAT was managed through a franchise arrangement in each participating country. From recall, there were offices in Hawaii, California, Singapore and Australia, (Sydney), and New Zealand. The Sydney Franchise was called "Business Plus" This business is still running under the Name of "Pow Wow Events" and markets "get rich quick" seminars. - more on this later on.

In the "Money and You" Series there were 3 courses all for about $800 each and this is back in 1991:
1. "Money and You"
2. "Creating Wealth"
3. "Powerful Presentations"
I participated in all 3 courses and assisted in two "Money and You" courses, (similar volunteer assistant arrangements to Landmark Education).

There was also a leadership course, the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs, a 10 day live in at Hawaii for around $7,000.

Augmented around these core courses was a proliferation of "New Age" products and services ranging from books to Rebirthing Sessions, Scientology Auditing with e-meters, and every kind of "new age" bodywork available. These services/products would be marketed on the Sunday after all participants had been put through a thought reform process similar to Landmark and other LGATs.

Kiyosaki through Business Plus also promoted other LGATs that he approved of that concentrated in other areas.

Kiyosaki's LGATs were marketed to professionals and business people who wanted to improve their professional and business life. However, once in the courses the format took the form of a self improvement seminar.

The basis of the teachings were from R. Buckminster Fuller, an American architect and futurist who was recognised as a Master of the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

"Money and You" and "Powerful presentations" were created by Marshall Thurber, an atterney and entrepreneur:
Kiyosaki was always quoting Thurber.

Other sources were Buddism, Scientology, Anthony Robin's NLP and Hoppi American Indian sacred teachings. The psychological processes used were also from Scientology and Est, (in particular the "Chocolate and Vanilla" exercise used on the Sunday of Landmark Forum).

The philosophy of the LGATs was similar to Landmark in that the individual can create anything that he/she desires. However, there were three conditions to this:
1. The individual needed to clear onself of "yukberries", (unconscious material that prevented the individual from being fully present - same as Landmark"s "I am possibility") Yukberries could only be eliminated from a person's psychie through a combination of Scientology Auditing, Rebirthing and bodywork, (Shiatsu etc.) and Firewalking
2. Once clear of "yukberries", the individual must work within "Generalised Principles" to realise one's unlimited potential. These priniciples are held to be true in all cases throughout the universe. Examples are Leverage, Synergy, Timing etc.). Each principle was refered to as a "Key".
3. The clearing process and mastering the generalised principles would enable the participant to shift paradigms, (Landmark's Constructs), into a totally new way of thinking and being. A shift in paradigms was preceded by the participant experiniencing "pertibation", (in psychological terms, inducing a "double bind" - common thought reform process to Mormanism and other cults).

At the end of each course, participants were encouraged to do further courses. After doing the three courses I became disolusioned as I felt I had not learnt anything substantial or detailed. It all seemed too contextual.

Kiyosaki also hired out his consulting services with Blair Singer and other Scientologists to small bisiness owners. Kiyosaki and crew would take control of the business and attempt to destroy it financially to induce a state of "purtabation" within the owner to create a paradigm shift.

In 1993 an ABC, (Australian Broadcasting Commission) Channel 2 programme called "4 Corners" aired a one hour expose on "Money and You". It was produced by The Rev Dr David Millikan, (the following link is an example of his writings on "Money and You" Landmark Education and other LGATs). []

This TV production exposed Kiyosaki and Blair Singer and a few other Presenters as ex-Scientologists using thought reform processes on unsuspecting course participants. As a result of this expose, Money and You" was closed down and never returned.

I recall watching this production on TV with my parents. I was extremely embarrassed that I had been caught up in such a con. However, it was not until October 2003 when I was investigating Landmark which my girlfriend got caught up in, that I realised I was still thinking and acting to some extent under the influence of thought reform way back from 1991!

In 1994 Business Plus was reformed under the trading name of "Pow Wow Events International" []

The name was inspired from the connection with Hoppi Indian teachings. "Pow Wow" now market all Kiyosaki's books and courses together with two other old "Money and You" presenters, Blair Singer, (Scientologist) and Stephanie Burns. The Directors of "Pow Wow" are graduates of Money and You.

Pow Wow seminars are LGAT formats steered to business and "would be" business people who want to create wealth through Real estate and the Stock market. Below is a transcript from the ABC on these type of courses:

Recently, Kiyosaki was contracted by Amway's "Network 21" to produce a motivational tape for Amyway networkers to sell to their downline.


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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 23, 2004 09:19PM

the book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad.' That book became a best seller. I bought a copy a long time ago. It had some good points, but eventually I felt more and more grim and depressed while reading it. I decided such emotions were more likely to lead to bad financial decision making.

Here are some outsider comments on Mr Kiyosaki's book

John T Reed's Analysis of Robert Kiyosaki's 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'


(and here is a review of Rich Dad Poor Dad from someone specializes in reviewing investment books. He finds much of Kiyosaki's advice unrealistic


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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: July 24, 2004 02:22AM

My morbid fascination with these charlatans seems to know no bounds.
This Kiyosaki is just not bad, he is extremely bad.

What he has done is deliberately target people who know almost nothing about personal finance. The reason is, if he goes after people who know what they are doing, he has more competition, and also has to deal with people who will figure out he is a scammer.
So he has deliberately targeted these folks, and they are like innocent lambs being led to the slaughter. If you read his message boards, you will see what is going on.

What is amazing, is that this Kiyosaki con-man, had been trying for DECADES to "make it big", and always failing.
Then, this 2-bit huckster gets on the Oprah show, and makes a million bucks in one day. Oprah created a Monster.
Why doesn't Oprah screen her guests and their backgrounds?

Anyway, his recent books talk CONTINUALLY about the media, and how they are staffed by "poor dumb journalists". He says this as he gets DESTROYED in the financial press, if he's ever mentioned. This is so his followers will ignore the media reports about him.

The only hope here is that this guys possible personality disorder will lead to his own downfall. Perhaps his arrogance and greed, as before in his life, will cause him to overreach, and the whole thing will come crashing down.

This person is EXTREMELY bad in what he is doing.
His sociopathic goal is to bilk every penny he can get out of his unsophisticated followers, and many of them will lose EVERYTHING in his hair-brained schemes. Many of his followers will end up bankrupt.

What makes him extremely dangerous, is the fact he seems to be a real sociopath. Even his own real father at a young age was concerned that he would end up a "crook". (These things start very young). But on top of this personality disorder, he can be EXTREMELY smooth, charismatic, and touchy feely. That is what lures in the lambs for the slaughter. He has that terrible combination of a lack of conscience, and contempt for his "stupid" victims, and the ability to fake genuine emotions of warmth and decency.

I feel very sorry for the folks who are getting duped by this person.
SmartMoney totally exposed his dishonesty.
But perhaps it would take a serious show like 60 minutes to do him damage. Problem is, 60 Minutes, or whoever, never do their stories until its too late!

Kiyosaki truly seems to be one of the worst guys out there right now, in the fake "financial-real estate" scamola market. Oprah literally created a Monster in this case. Now he is able to reach over the heads of the media, and scour the planet for poor folks, that he tricks into thinking he can tell them how to get rich quick, and he just makes them much poorer.
He can't dupe financially sophisticated people, so he targets the uneducated, even going at them through their CHILDREN, with his dumb games he is "giving away" to schools.
What a low-life.

The mentalities of these types of people never cease to surprise and disgust me. I hope this Kiyosaki gets his Just Desserts...someday.
What he wants is Respect, and he has failed at that goal, at least in the media, and it drives him crazy.
Maybe one day his entire empire will go bankrupt like it has in the past, and that would be the ultimate punishment for a guy like him. Perhaps he will break some tax laws, or something, and the IRS will take care of him.

Go IRS!!


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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: July 24, 2004 09:58AM

Kiyosaki is a master at presentations.

I recall from his LGAT weekend courses I attended back in 1991-2, he oozed confidence and masterfully handled the audience, (participants). Kiyosaki employed the same tricks that Landmark Trainers use, dodging questions, putting the focus back on the participant, ridiculing the participant while sucking up to the rest of the participants for "group" support and developing "group think".

In my first course, "Money and You", the main presenter was a Texan with a pronounced "southern drawl". As an aside, through the thought reform, (brainwashing), process, my fellow Australians on the course started speaking as though we were from Texas! Years later, people would ask me if I was from the USA... Anyway, this particular Texan presenter warned us all about Est and not to do it - interesting seeing that Kiyosaki is presumably an Estee. Maybe the idea was to deflect the competition.

Kiyosaki circulated in the Leonard Orr Rebirthing scene and would constantly sing the praises of this type of "new age" fringe therapy, (see following link: [] )

Kiyosaki through his Scientology past and connections also recommended the Scientology practice of "Auditing" with the use of an e-meter. The purpose as he saw it for Rebirthing and Auditing was to get "clear", (Scientology term), of the "yukberries" in one's unconscious mind that were responsible for holding a people back in their lives. It is interesting that he states he has received 300 Rebirthing sessions - That's 1 a week for 6 years and he is still a sociopath...

Kiyosaki always referred to a "diety" as his spiritual guide. I wish I could remember her name.

[b:383c01fc24]Kiyosaki's presentation training exercises called "games"[/b:383c01fc24]
In one of Kiyosaki's LGAT advanced courses, "Powerful Presentations", mentioned in my earlier posting to this thread, he trained us in the techniques he used in his presentations. One "game" went like this:
We all took turns in presenting material of our choosing to the rest of the participants while attempting to maintain their interest . As a barometer of interest/disinterest, the audience was encouraged to throw all kinds of projectiles at the presenter until such time that the presenter gained the respect and interest of the audience. This was usually done by the presenter engaging in a screaming or yelling rage which gained the curiosity of the audience. Needless to say this was most humiliating. Interesting too how Kiyosaki was able to turn fellow participants against one another in aggression.

Another one of Kiyoskai's "games" was called "There isn't anymore ice-cream" - A participant would stand in front of a 3 person judging panel saying "there isn't anymore ice-cream", communicating extreme, sadness, anger and joy. The judging panel would assess whether they got the "essence" of the participant's communication. The idea behind this exercise was to practice and experience turning on a desired emotion to drive home a point in a presentation - basically learning how to lie. As GC has talked about in other threads, this is similar to Landmark Forum Leader Training where they learn to cry at will, practicing in front of a mirror. This exercise boarders on sociopathic behaviour.

Something I find funny reading these latest posts on Kiyosaki is this continual mention of his Porsche! He was talking about this car back in 1991! From recall, it only cost him $15,000 back in the 1980s. He seems to still be living in the past.


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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: July 24, 2004 10:16AM

My experience with Kiyosaki has been negatively profound. Participating in his LGATs back in 1991-2 set me on a trail of personal destruction for 13 years.

[b:3648f45cb1]The effects of Kiyosaki on my life:[/b:3648f45cb1]
The psychological processes he used in his LGATs had the following effects on my personality and life:
1. I became arrogant, only accepting that myself and fellow Kiyosaki "Money and You" graduates were open to new possibilities and if you had not done his courses you were closed minded and living in a fog;

2. I believed everyone had to do his courses;

3. My only way to find a wife was through Kiyosaki's LGATs as all other women were closed minded and living in a fog;

4. I didn't find a wife because somehow all the women appeared to be arrogant;

5. My arrogance extended philosophically and academically, thinking that "I" was a 60,000 foot, big picture person and "details" were for the small minded plebs in society;

6. The truth was that the psychological processes of the LGAT caused me to disassociate at a time when I needed to concentrate on details;

7. My discernment was put to sleep for years - I believed in UFOs, alien abductions and all forms of new age healing and Scientology teachings on the existance and destruction of human souls;

8. During this time I continued to go to Mass at my local Catholic Church and could not distinguish between the doctrine of the church and my new found "open" to every "new age" possibility;

9. I convinced my own mother of UFOs and alien abductions while persuading her to fund more Kiyosaki courses and Rebirthing sessions, about $5,000 in total sourced from her and personally;

10. I attempted every kind of money making and MLM scheme that came my way;

11. I had contempt for traditional qualifications and study at a time when I really needed to obtain more qualifications - Kiyosaki and the "new age" gurus were all I needed for success;

By late 1993, I moved away from the Kiyosaki network and to gradual degrees, I started to recover. However, even after the ABC "4 Corners" expose on Kiyosaki in 1993, I was still arrogantly proud of my experience up and until October 2003. That decade of my life destroyed my career and potential for finding a wife.

In August of 2003, Jane, my girlfriend, wanted to do Landmark Forum with me. I did not have the money but I encouraged her to go as she said it may give her more "confidence". I did not know of Landmark at this time but it seemed similar to Kiyosaki's "Money and You". Part of me still though that experience was good so I encouraged her. Her Landmark Forum weekend was 26-28 September 2003 and what happened to her and and the destruction of our relationship can be read in my other postings:
Landmark Advanced Course Info Needed: []

and: Dating/Relationship Possible with an LEC fan? []

The bottom line is that the Kiyosaki Memes were still operative in me and that is why I encouraged my Dear One, Jane, to do Landmark. It was not until I started researching Landmark that I discovered I too had been brainwashed, but by Kiyosaki.

To this day I am still triggered by my experiences with Kiyosaki and his LGAT.

The lesson I have learnt from all of the past 13 years is how "evil" can spread and cause distruction lineally throught one's life and precessionally out towards other people. "Good" too can spread according to the same principles.


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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: July 24, 2004 11:32AM

As far as the "Porsche", it could very well be he has cut some sort of "deal" with someone to promote it.
The other motivational guys often build SPECIFIC cars into their Goal-Setting workshops. Robbins would talk about a Mercedes XLXX (or whatever).
It would not surprise me if these guys cut some type of contra-deal with someone in the car business.


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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed
Posted by: Concerned Oz ()
Date: July 24, 2004 03:33PM

Coz - I checked out Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad" website: []

It's very slick and in marketing terms, extremely "sticky". I noticed his wife Kim is still on the scene. She is a very smooth and suductive operator. I recall doing an evening seminar that Robert Kiyosaki and wife Kim delivered on relationships.

Kiyosaki's Bio states that he sold his education company, (its name is withheld), in 1994 and retired. The truth is that company was "Money and You" which was forced out of business by the 4 Corners Documentary in Australia, 1993.

On the website Blair Singer is a RichDad advisor and he also has his own website: []

Blair Singer was outed as a Scientologist and "Money and You" Presenter in 1993 by the 4 Corners TV documentary. His marketing company name, "Blair Singer Accelerated Training" suggests that he still uses the LGAT method of indoctrination from his "Money and You" days. Accelerated Learning was a buzz word used extensively in Kiyosaki's LGATs and is also named after the "Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs" which was run by Kiyosaki in Hawaii over 10 years ago.


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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: July 24, 2004 11:24PM


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Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki Exposed
Posted by: Cosmophilospher ()
Date: July 25, 2004 12:21AM

Hi Oz,
Its extremely interesting how Kiyosaki seems to have expunged "Money and You" from his life story. He talks about having an "international education company" but keeps it nice and general.

There also seems to be very few references on the internet about it. []

You might consider sending some of your insider info on Kiyosaki to John Reed, who wrote up that massive webpage about him.
[] (his email is right at the bottom).

Looking at this Kiyosaki is like "going down the rabbit hole".

I had this image the other night about his website and sales techniques. He's so smooth, one can almost imagine his sales pitch as a "beautiful garden" which entices financially unsophisticated people to enter it. But right underneath this garden, is a filthy swamp, and Kiyosaki and his wife are there, and they are a bunch of alligators, who will just snap these folks up as tidbits, and rip their financial life to shreds.

Again, in my view what makes Kiyosaki so nasty, is that he is so smooth. He will trick most people due to his ability to perform as a conman.

It would be interesting for those who have the insider knowledge on Kiyosaki to go and post some of that info on his RichDad Forums. []
I would assume they would censor it, but questions can usually be asked before they censor it. I heard some guy talk about how every week somebody comes onto the site asking about Reed's analysis of Kiyosaki, so I am sure they have a way to explain it away. by calling his critics either "broke journalists" or "jealous" or "crazy".

I feel real sorry for Kiyosaki's victims. I wish there was something I could do about it. Looking at Kiyosaki's whole picture has given me one of the worst feelings I have ever had about these sorts of people.
Perhaps this is the same feeling his father had about him, when he feared his own son would end up a "crook". Have a look at Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Of course, that would be mixed in with extreme Narcissism, and probably a bunch of other stuff.
What I find interesting, is even he admits he was having these "problems" as a CHILD. And what else is very interesting is that of course he sees OTHER people as having the problem, and he is the Genius, of course.
Yet even he hints in his books that his massive failures, (and all he had was failures and bankruptcies up until about the age of 40) were caused by his own hubris.
What is interesting though is that he doesn't seem to have any remorse about it, he is just using the idea that he was a "failure" to connect better with his readers, who also have their failures. He knows if you show yourself as having failed, then that makes people like you. He does dozens of things like this in his books, as well as deliberately "confusing" his readers, and many other things.
This guys is running every trick in the book.

Its a crying shame that Oprah allowed him to reach the mass public. There is almost nothing stopping him now.
Except his own disordered personality.
And hopefully the FTC.
But my gut tells me that one day his world will come crashing down from his nemesis...Taxes. He always talks about how Taxes are the Gov't conspiracy to keep the people down. He hates the Tax Man. So I predict that one day the IRS will take him apart.
Hubris always seems to meet Nemesis in the end.


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