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Re: Recovery from LGAT "Discovery" in Dallas
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 17, 2009 05:12AM


Frankly you seem to have come here on a "mission" to promote and defend "Discovery."

Some of the people posting here have been hurt very badly by LGATs and don't appreciate apologists.

Hopefully your "mission" to "mentor" doesn't include recruiting for an LGAT.

In my experience moderating here, it seems that the people who "disappear," apparently feel they have lost their argument.

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Re: Recovery from LGAT "Discovery" in Dallas
Posted by: notmuch4games ()
Date: June 17, 2009 11:43PM

Luvdiscovery- I'm truely sorry for saying that Discovery preyed on you because you are FRAGILE. I guess you didn't mean what you said in your post. Allow me to quote you-----Discovery came into my life at a time where I was definitely feeling like everything was falling apart.----[/[/b]u] - Yea, upon reading this again I'm sure you aren't fragile. Discovery must have seen your strength and brought you into the mix to show everyone how to keep their lives together. MY BAD!

I was as nice to you as I possibly could considering the folks you have chosen to cast your lot with. You are in a new forum defending a destructive cult who we have all had dealings with before you had even heard of Discovery Cult. I made no personal attacks, just a couple of observations. The way you snapped back makes me think I wasn’t too far off. We’ve all seen poor converts just like you come on here defending Discovery Cult. They’ve called it everything from a church to a self help group. But it’s the tactics that give them away….Coercive persuasion, keeping constant tabs on its members, charging for everything from bootlegged CDs to Fred Lowder’s crappy biography. And always pressuring its members to BRING MORE SUCKERS.

Its really sad to see a husband and wife both falling hook line and sinker for such crooked scam. EC, RR Moderator, myself and others are simply here to help those who earnestly want help evaluating themselves or their loved ones’ involvement in destructive and deceptive organizations like Discovery. We have all been there ourselves or with someone close. You are welcome to challenge my position but Im quite certain about what Discovery really is. Its like ive said before- Its not like im on here trying to harm Discovery because Im operating a competing cult or something. I just know what Discovery is and I try to help others to see the light. Have you read all 17 pages? I implore you to speak with people whom you trust and tell them what has happened to you. Be honest and tell them all the embarrassing things that you were forced to do. They took your dignity and respect and you paid them for it.

Personally, if I were trying to be mean I would have mentioned that my “experience” of you is that you are one of those people who hits others over the head with their Christianity using backhanded statements like “I’ll pray for you” to finish an argument. Your position is weak. If you want to go Ad-Homonym with this to avoid a discussion that includes facts that’s your call. My opinion is that my evaluation of your state of mind was a little too close to the mark. Im not psychic or anything, its just that you seem to be exactly the type of damaged person that Discovery and other cults salivate over.
We have all seen the wolves that hide in those organizations. You will too someday. And we will be here to help you. I have no ill will toward you. And please, under no circumstances are you to pray for me CAUSE IM BUSY PREYING FOR YOU ; - )

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Re: Recovery from LGAT "Discovery" in Dallas
Posted by: notmuch4games ()
Date: June 18, 2009 01:05AM

Here is a little info that I pulled out of my vault. I have been sent dozens of tidbits like this. All Discovery Cult is interested in is the all mighty DONATION. Still need more proof? Send me a PM

Thursday June 4th

Bar and Grill Serves Mexican Food
2300 Highland Village Rd
Highland Village, TX. 75077

Cover charge is only $5.00 each which goes to Discovery. Starts at 7:30pm till midnight Get-together with your classmates! And make money for Discovery!!!! (notice where ALL the proceeds go!)

Invite all your friends and loved ones, the more the merrier!!! Sing your favorite songs, Lynne is taking requests….e mail her at bla bla bla
If you need or want accountability and support to live your contract and/or your mission, then join us for the Dallas Accountability Group.


1. When are group meetings?
We will meet the first Sunday of the month from 2-4 pm Location TBA

2. Is a long term commitment required?
A long term commitment is not required, however for true accountability a long term commitment is prefered.

3. Is this like therapy?
NO just like Discovery is not like therapy nor is this accountability group. (not an accountability group? But its called the DALLAS ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP! hmmmmm?) The group is about supporting each other to live their contract and/or mission. Referrals for therapy are available upon request.

4. What topics will be covered?
Topics addressed include:
1. What is your contract/mission?
2. Are you living your contract/mission?
3. If so, how. If not what's in the way?
4. What's the next step towards living your contract or mission?
5. How are you going to get there?
6. What medicine (ive got info on this "medicine" too. and even one of the crappy bags of beans that they call medicine) do you need in order to succeed for the next month?

For more information please email _____ at
I am a trusting and accountable woman.
Here is where they collect a lot of their donations. They call themselves a charity but notice how ALL the cash collected goes to Discovery Cult. []

So basically Discovery brings sad, fragile hearts in and brainwashes them into the weak minded willpower less way of thinking. Then when they have the class totally willing to do anything what do they do??? Why, they send em out to collect donations of course. Its all about money to fine, upstanding businessmen like Mr Gas Station Tycoon and Mr. Failed Attorney.
To sum up, my thoughts are this...If I wanted to learn how to make money I would DEFINATLY attend a Discovery class. If I wanted moral or spiritual guidance I would defiantly AVOID Discovery Cult. Good day yall. Got to make that money!

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Re: Recovery from LGAT "Discovery" in Dallas
Posted by: Enviro_Cop ()
Date: June 19, 2009 08:12AM

That is good info! If Discovery training is forming in Austin, Houston, and San Juan, Ca we need to get the internet search engines to include those cities in searches for anyone who is researching this cult. That could help countless people read for themselves about this destructive organization. Thanks!

I agree with Notmuch4games, I am here also to help those who earnestly want help evaluating themselves or their loved ones who have become involved or may become involved with this group. Anyone researching this group cannot ignore the prima facie evidence.

Discoverluv said People have asked me about Discovery and I tell them about it BUT not in complete detail. Not because I was "ordered" to do so, but I have to respect the privacy of the people that were in my class. One question........... did you sign a confidentiality agreement where you would NOT disclose any aspect of the training? I understand that is required by attendees.

If you are still reading please seek professional help. It took a lot of courage to share your past on this forum. A gas station owner and attorney should not be offering advice in an area of a well established medicine.


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Re: Recovery from LGAT "Discovery" in Dallas
Posted by: notmuch4games ()
Date: July 02, 2009 09:29PM

Well, I guess thats another Discovery Cult member who saw the light. I think I'll just cut and paste the old discussions for the next Cult member. Same old stale arguments and distorted perception of Discovery's tactics.
I wish you the best of luck Discoveryluv. I'm happy to send more info if you still believe in Discovery cult's fairy tale. Till next time folks. Keep those eyes wide open.

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Re: Recovery from LGAT "Discovery" in Dallas
Posted by: mikeofaustin ()
Date: July 25, 2009 10:54AM

Hello all, new poster here.

A brief story:
An ex-girlfriend that I once dated many years ago, still calls me every now and then. I hate it because it torments me and dredges up past feelings. I tell her to stop but it does no good. For some reason, she insists on wanting me to be her friend. Anyway, when she does call, I try to explain this and why she shouldn’t call. Then one day, she starts using these strange keywords that make me respond with “It sounds like you’ve been reading too many self-help books”. She starts telling me that I am obviously LOST and BITTER, and that I am also HURT and am ANGRY inside because of underling emotional issues in my past. She tells me that I need help. Then she tells me a big one, “Mike, you will NEVER be happy until you get help for your problems”. Never!?????

Time goes by, and like a clock, she calls again. I again tell her the same routine and not to call and I cannot be her friend (again, why would she cause me harm by drudging up paste feelings when I'm trying to move on?. Again, she tells me the reason I am unable to be her friend is because I have some pent up ISSUES, probably from my childhood, that are causing me to hurt inside and that I really need help. “WTF? No, the issue is just with you calling me. I’m ‘helping myself’ by asking you not to call”!!!

I simply cannot believe what this girl is telling me. I am perfectly happy in my life. To me, it's really started to seem like somehow, somewhere, wherever she was reading this 'self help book', they are teaching her that everyone around her is hurt, lost and angry, etc. It’s really started to point to one screwed up self-help book, and for some strange reason, I felt like the book she must have been reading was trying to sell itself to me, THROUGH HER, even though I don’t even know the title. It was quite strange.

I tell her I’m not hurt, and this simply is not the case. I tell her, “Yes, I’m bitter, but that’s only when you call, and because I’m am tormented by you calling me”. I do not need anyone to ‘teach’ me this.

So time goes by, and again, today actually, she starts in on the “Your broken because you’re unable to be my friend”, and at the end of the email she says “Mike, these people really helped me out. Go visit them at <she gives the discover web site>.

At first I looked at a couple pages and said to myself, “Who in there right freaking mind would go to something like this … and for what again?”. I put it off, then I realized this was probably the “self-help book” she’s been reading. So, I google it and found this page. WHAM, it hit me like a brick. Everything that’s been said here explains everything. I was floored when I read the SAME WORDS that discoverLuv used in her post. it sounded EXACTLY the emails I get from the ex.. “You’re hurt, bitter and angry”. “You obviously have hidden issues that you need to come to terms with”. “You need help”. Man, our only ISSUES, are with YOU people trying to shove your crap down our throats!!! It's kind of like saying, "You don't like crack because you've never tried it. If you tried it, you would understand".

She sent a follow up email just as I wrote this saying “I only sent that to you because I knew you had a rough childhood”. My childhood wasn’t rough by any means. We were poor, but we made due just fine. In fact, it’s made me stronger. (Perhaps it was my brother and I getting the "Hungry-Hungry Hippos game from the used toy church drive (because we were poor) that didn't have any marbles in it... and we had to use gravel to make the game work, that made me such a 'hurt person'. (Kidding here folks. It actually humorous when you think about it).

These people are apparently brainwashed into thinking they surely must have issues that are holding them down and they need to pay people to repair them. We ALL have issues. Whether it’s a lost loved one, or you burned your toast on accident this morning (Dont' you hate that?). A healthy person can deal with this without needing brainwashing. These 'issues' are what defines us. Look at the movie “Dirty Harry”. Wouldn’t his character just suck if all his character wanted to do was knit doilies and give love to everyone?

It’s good to now know what’s got her all screwed up. First, it was Zoloft many years prior, now this. At least now I have new ammunition to use against her verbal attacks when she starts using these words on me… I’ll tell her “You and your brainwashed zombie friends need to stay to yourselves”.

Don't get me started on Zoloft. When we dated, she walked around as if everything was perfectly fine. I used to use the analogy; Imagine a person sitting calmly and getting a nail driving threw their hand. Now imagine this same person calmly looking up and calmly saying 'My my... it looks like I have a boo-boo". Oh, and don't get me started on the weening of the drug. Terrible (plus this isn't the venue).

To sum up: I simply cannot imagine why a person, who feels they need help, go to a place like this. It makes me think there are obvious 'fake feeling' embedded by brainwashing (read that again). Man, if you have issues, deal with them on a professional level. Not a fake non-profit group. She also mentioned Dr. Phil started it. I don't know, or care if that's true... but for the most part, does most people not already believe that Dr. Phil is a hack? I don't know, I have never watched him and I apologize in advance to anyone that does respect him. Opera 'seems' like a nice person, but I've never watched her either, so I can't judge. I like her movies though.

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Re: Recovery from LGAT &quot;Discovery&quot; in Dallas
Posted by: Enviro_Cop ()
Date: July 25, 2009 08:51PM

They all say Dr. Phil started it. The owners are grasping for anything to make this scam seem legitimate so they implant that phrase. I’ll bet she is about to start the hard sell on you with phrases like” I really need you to go for us”, “If you really care you will do this for us”. Do her calls come on Tuesdays? I think that was the day which my ex was told to call potential recruits.
I would encourage you to be strong and not give in to this scam, but its sounds like you already see it for what it really is, a CULT.


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Re: Recovery from LGAT &quot;Discovery&quot; in Dallas
Posted by: notmuch4games ()
Date: August 04, 2009 04:25AM

Score 1 for the good guys! Remember friends, don't be mad at the sheep who get sucked into this BS. Most hav been victims all thier lives, and Discovery Cult knows just which buttons to push. Focus on the wolves who live off of "donations" in leu of getting a real job. Stop Discovery Cult!

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Re: Recovery from LGAT &quot;Discovery&quot; in Dallas
Posted by: marko ()
Date: November 24, 2010 05:57AM

I've gone through Discovery training, and it was the best decision of my life. It saved my life! I've survived a very painful life, and Discovery gave me my healing and peace. I can't recommend it enough!

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Re: Recovery from LGAT &quot;Discovery&quot; in Dallas
Posted by: rhi ()
Date: June 06, 2011 08:43PM

I just happened upon this forum and I'm glad that I have.

I went through Discovery training when I was 16 in Nov. or Dec. of 2001. That makes it almost 10 years ago. I was going through a very tumultuous time in my life and I needed some direction. My mom suggested Discovery and I went by my own volition. I had no clue what to expect, as my mom and I weren't close back then like we are now and she didn't share much with me. My mother attended before me. She was originally coerced to attend by her highly-manipulative-and-later-turned-psychopath-need-restraining-order-boyfriend-to-attend. (he was a changed man you see! Frank Lowder and Brett Stalcup changed him!! /sarcasm)

I later sponsored my love interest who was 3 years my senior (and would be boyfriend of 5 years) to attend. I went through D1, D2 and Refocus. I made many friends. I didn't have much money and neither did my mom and they paid for me to attend. I was working full time hours as well as in high school and the drive to Texas pinched my budget pretty they helped me out. One woman even let me stay at her apartment for a weekend when we had a get together. I say that to put out there that I *did* meet some genuinely good people, and I took a few positive things from the course.

HOWEVER, I saw a lot of people who did not. I saw a lot of people to whom this was damaging. That doesn't mean all of them had a bad experience. In fact, it looks like one of them I went through with is one of the testimonials on their site. So I guess it did something for some people.

I've for the most part put a lot of that out of my head. About a year after my last attendance, I went and contacted a few of the people, it was awkward and most of them seemed to want to leave that door closed and I could see why. I didn't give two shits about the training at that point. I cared about a handful of individuals who I felt I could talk to. Most were older parental like figures. (I think I was the youngest person there.)

I haven't thought about it much in ages...other than "I acknowledge your experience and promise to weigh it carefully" jargon because it came up as the butt of a joke I made recently. I'm not embittered, but I question the legitimacy of the program and the mental safety factor. I have eeeeeverything from those weekends in a binder back home and I am kind of dying to go through it now because of recent alarms going off in my head.

I was actually reading an online post about cults the other day and they started describing a little bit about Lifespring. I thought "why does that sound so familiar." So I took to the web and started to do some research. I started to piece together the information and realized "holy shit....that's....that's Discovery!" So many things are uncomfortably mirrored between the two. The whole way it just gave me chills reading through Enviro_Cop's posts and the way his wife was acting. I've seen all of that in detail. If anyone wants to private message me, feel free.

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