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Posted by: spiritual? ()
Date: July 11, 2010 02:16AM

>>Pamela's rage is, in part, I think, the result of her seeing Hans lie, cheat, steal, and so clearly demonstrate his contempt for the trainees behind their backs. <<

I want to add to that. It should be,

Pamela's rage is, in part, I think, the result of her seeing Hans lie, cheat, steal, and so clearly demonstrate his contempt for the trainees, the office staff, the vendors, the other trainers, the Church, and his own family, especially Sally, behind their backs.

Although I'm sure this is partly true Pamela certainly should get a free ticket. There have been several times I have heard her backbite other office staff members and trainees. She finds trainees who "don't get it" just as revolting as Hans, Sally, or Justin.

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: exImpact ()
Date: July 13, 2010 12:25PM

Sup friends, this is the most recent email from Steve Christiansen for "grads" :

Hi, I am constantly looking for testimonials to post on our web sites. Would you be open to take 10 minutes or so and write a paragraph or two (no novels please, keep it short) about how Impact has made a difference in your life. Some ideas would be to answer the following questions:

What is different in my life now that I have gone through Impact.

The greatest lesson I learned at Impact

I was able to let go of…

Impact has assisted me in…

My life is now…

Here are a couple of examples:

The greatest way my life has changes as a result of the Impact Training is that I am a happy, joyful woman of light!! My inner knowing has been awakened to remembering who/what I was created to be. I remember how to feel emotions, both good and bad. My family has “ME” back! I have unconditional love for myself like I never have before! I will never be the same again! I actually look forward to what is “next” in my life!! I’m excited to see what my Creator has in store for me and I look forward with a happy heart! I want to share what I have learned with everyone!

The greatest lesson I learned about myself through Impact Training is that I am my toughest judge. It is up to me to change my thought processes and actions. It is not someone else’s job to create my happiness. I can be anything I want to be. I am worthy, worth living and deserve to have it all. I am a powerful creator! I am in charge of my own life!

The greatest way my life has changed as a result of the Impact Training is that I feel love again. I look around me and see all the love I’d not seen; all the love I have denied others and myself. I see all the beauty around me. I now get to live. I choose to live and now know I create exactly the life I deserve. I know God loves me and through him I create all the abundance in my life. Before Quest, I was dead. The greatest way my life has changed is that I received the gift of life!

You get the idea. Be detailed, but keep it to one topic and keep it short and to the point. Don’t drift from one thing to another to another to another to another (where was I…). If you would like to write about three different points, write three different testimonials, unless they are closely connected. Oh yea, remember that non grads will read it, so comments like “I now let crystals guide my life”, “I can now meditate for hours on my couch without even turning on the TV” and “I am just waiting for the aliens to get me off of this hell hole” could possibly not be received very well if you get my drift.

Thanks for your assistance, Love Steve

PS If I sent this to you and if you’re not interested, please let me know, so I don’t continue to bug you with other requests – love ya

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: Hopeful Soul ()
Date: August 16, 2010 05:24AM

No new posts here for over a month now. Reading interest remains active though because by my reconing in the last 66 days there have been 2364 views for a rate of about 36 views per day. This means that a lot of folks are very interested in an objective view of what is really going on with Impact Trainings in contrast to the favorable testimonials that Steve continues to solicit and distribute from former Impact trainees.

One thought that I have wanted to share was stimulated by the notion that Impact Trainings is Scientology Lite. Another way to look at it is that Scientology is Impact Trainings on Steroids.

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: DisiectiPoetae ()
Date: August 23, 2010 09:05AM

Oh, I'll be glad to contribute some new information on here.

From a friend of mine...

She lost her job because she worked for several severely "Impacted" individuals. The owner of the company is knee-deep in it and his "second-in-command" was probably the most abusive "therapist" she'd ever seen. This woman integrated Impact Training tools into theraputic environments for drug addicts and became verbally abusive towards her staff AND the clients in the company.

When my friend lost her job the "therapist" went around for the next week telling others in the company that she had some sort of "power" to "get things taken care of." There was no valid reason for my friend to lose her job... it just "happened" one day without any notice or warning. (Interestingly enough, it did happen within a month of my friend reporting this therapist to her supervisor because the clients were complaining of being "bullied" and made to do "weird things" by the therapist.

Now, it gets more interesting. The company and it's owners (who are strongly affiliated with Impact) refuse to give any sort of documentation to the state of Utah in regards to my friends termination. (I'm sorry, but when the government asks you for something, you cough it up.)

Last week my friend had her car stolen. When it was recovered two days later, there were Impact Trainings fliers and an invitation to a Lift-Off 265 "Family Reunion" sitting on the front seat of the car. The persons who stole her car ALSO took the plates, HER belongings, and every scrap of paper with her name on it from the car. Including bills, bank statements... even photographs of her family. Several hundred dollars worth of things that didn't belong to her were left untouched. None of her former "friends" who are affiliated with Impact will talk to her, and haven't since the day the car was stolen.

Is that not just a little weird?

Also... This company had to have paid off the state auditors because a mental health facility that is open 24 hours a day should, (according to all labor laws I know of) be staffed with more than 2 people, shouldn't they?

I'm very concerned for my friend and her family. If these people would cost her her job and steal her vehicle, are they capable of hurting her or her child?

Any ideas?

I'll be happy to supply the name of the company...

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: Ali5683 ()
Date: August 24, 2010 11:02PM

Hopeful Soul: One thought that I have wanted to share was stimulated by the notion that Impact Trainings is Scientology Lite. Another way to look at it is that Scientology is Impact Trainings on Steroids.

LOVE it!! That is the perfect name for Impact, Scientology Lite.

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: DisiectiPoetae ()
Date: August 25, 2010 02:34AM

So true, Ali!

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: Hopeful Soul ()
Date: August 26, 2010 06:49AM

I have to give due credit to the source of inspiration that led me to see the connection between Scientology and Impact Trainings. This information below is quoted from the Lineage Declared page of Impact Trainings Critic.

LGAT Family Tree

In the beginning there was Scientology and Mind Dynamics.
Scientology and Mind Dynamics begat Werner Erhardt.
Wernet Erhardt begat EST,
EST begat Landmark Forum and The Forum,
Which begat Lifespring,
Which begat about a dozen Lifespring clones,
Which Lifespring did also begat Harmony Institute,
Who did begat Impact Trainings, even Impact Trainings by Hans Berger
(and it was this same Hans Berger who was named in a lawsuit as having stolen many dollars from Harmony Institute)
Thus we see how quickly the business of Scientology can be stripped of its Scientology, and leave the pure business of non-licensed therapy for the purpose of getting gain.

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: Hopeful Soul ()
Date: September 14, 2010 07:37AM

Steve989 posted this below on the PSI thread. I asked him via PM if he had any information on how Impact Trainings plugs into this historical network, but he said he was unfamiliar with Impact and would research it. It seems to me that Hans Berger was a Lifespring graduate. Also I have seen indications that Hans has had some poor health and may not be active in Impact any longer. Could anyone shed any light on the current involvement of Hans and Sally in this typical member of the LGAT family?


"How Large Group Awareness Trainings such as PSI Seminars and Landmark Education/Forum/Est began:

This movement born in the end of 1940's, when USA government funded a research aimed to create an educative system based on most functional parts of existing methods in the various traditions spread around the world. They gathered information from great religions, great philosophers and psychologists and began to develop an approach that was using the most effective of different methodologies, as visualizations, games, conversations, etc.

The research project was then called National Training Labs (NTL). National Training Labs still exists today and is a private institution. The research carried out, having been funded by the U.S. Government, remained in the public domain; no one can claim exclusive ownership.

In the early '60s, William Penn Patrick founded a firm called Holiday Magic. It was a cosmetics company selling their products door to door. He decided to train its sellers to be self motivated and creative in front of the refusal (to buy the products/sales franchise). He hired one of NTL researcher, Alexander Everett.

Alexander organized a training on behalf of Penn Patrick that had a success of unexpected proportions. It was so successful that the representatives were able to sell more items than the factory could produce in 30 years of activity. This resulted in the non-delivery of large quantities of the ordered cosmetics and a subsequent penal proceeding which led to Holiday Magic's final closure. WPP also sold more franchises than there were available cosmetics buying customers too. William Penn Patrick also started the Leadership Dynamics Institute which employed HM employees Ben *** (a sadistic and physically cruel man), Sharoll Shumate, Jerry Booz, and Vance Powell, as seminar facilitators. William Penn Patrick died in a plane crash at High Valley Ranch in Clearlake Oaks CA, while Alexander Everett started Mind/Life Dynamics, a training company.

• When Everett started Mind/Life Dynamics he took with him four of Holiday Magic's trainers. They were Werner Erhard, John Hanley, Tom Wilhite and Stewart Emery.

Later, Erhard left his job to give birth to Erhard Seminar Trainings, Stewart Emery founded Actualizations, Wilhite the PSI World Seminars and Hanley, together with Robert White and Randy Ravell, bought Mind/Life Dynamics, which was renamed in Lifespring. Later Hanley bought Ravell and White out from Lifespring. White went to Asia and started Life Dynamics Asia and Ravell began another company of alternative education.

• Thomas and Jane Willhite bought High Valley Ranch though a government auction of WPP’s assets in 1973.

A young woman also died at High Valley Ranch during WPP’s Youth Leadership Institute training class in 1971 (before the Willhites bought the property) and many other young people became deathly sick. A curse was placed on High Valley Ranch because of all of the deaths on the property, including PSI World Seminars founder, Thomas D. Willhite in 1983.

Daniel Tocchini, one of the best trainers of Lifespring, worked in strictly contact with John Hanley and he studied under the guide of Erhard and Everett. Then he constituted Mashiach Ministries inc. that transformed later in Association for Christian Character Development (ACCD), through which he contextualized the transformational technology into Christian principles. Once left the presidency of ACCD, Daniel Tocchini started Culture ROI, a company which offers its services to some of 500 USA's greatest corporations.

Davide Zaccariello has been trained by Daniel Tocchini and works with him at international level since 1996, he's one of Culture ROI's trainers and offers his competencies to different ONG which works in the third world with the aim to set independent all those who have access to any kind of resources. Davide Zaccariello offers his service also in international negotations."

"Alexander Everett (1921-2005) was a British self-improvement and personal development consultant. He was the founder of the company Mind Dynamics, and author of the motivational books The Genius Within You and Inward Bound. Everett's coursework and teachings had an influence on the human potential movement.

Though Mind Dynamics only existed for a few years, it greatly influenced many other forms of companies and self-improvement groups known as Large Group Awareness Training. After Mind Dynamics folded due to the death of its co-owner, William Penn Patrick, and due to investigations on its parent company, Holiday Magic, by the United States government on allegations of pyramid schemes, Everett formed another course called Inward Bound, which he taught in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Born in England in 1921, Everett was initially inspired by Aldous Huxley's book The Perennial Philosophy. Everett became involved with Christian Science, the Unity School of Christianity, and Rosicrucianism. He also traveled the world in a quest for spirituality and education, visiting Greece, India, and Egypt. Everett also studied Theosophy with Rudolf Steiner.

He later settled down in Britain for a while, forming a preparatory school, Pendragon School at Bexhill-on-Sea, in 1950 in Sussex, England. While teaching at the school in Sussex, Everett contracted polio, and was told by his physicians that he would never walk again. Everett believed that he healed himself using the Unity School of Christianity's "Prayer of Faith", by Hannah More Kohaus. In 1953, Everett founded and became the headmaster of Shiplake College at Henley-on-Thames, Oxford, England. Everett later acknowledged that the Unity Church had an impact on his development of self-improvement courses including Mind Dynamics, and he incorporated Unity techniques such as the use of silence, focusing on the intuitive inner voice, and affirmations into these practices.

In 1962, Everett immigrated to the United States, and first traveled to Kansas where his initial intent was to become a minister in the Unity School of Christianity. He worked for the Unity Church for a short time in Kansas City. In 1963, Everett gave up his path to becoming a minister, and instead helped establish a preparatory school in Fort Worth, Texas, Fort Worth Country Day School, where he was also an instructor. There he also encountered Jose Silva, founder of the Silva Mind Control method, and began to study techniques of mind control, self-hypnosis, and meditation.

Everett utilized the techniques learned in Jose Silva's Mind Control methodology, as well as concepts from Edgar Cayce, to form the Mind Dynamics course in 1968. Everett and his Mind Dynamics course was the subject of Jess Stern's book, The Power Of Alpha Thinking (1969). One of the many influential graduates included Dr. O. Carl Simonton of the Simonton Cancer Center. Mind Dynamics was a precursor to other groups that used similar techniques. Alexander was often referred to as "The Teacher of Teachers" and "The Father of the Human Potential Movement" ... as his employees included Werner Erhard, founder of "est" Erhard Seminars Training and the Landmark Forum; John Hanely, founder of Lifespring; James H. and James Quinn, founders of LifeStream; Randy Revell, founder of Context Trainings; Tom and Jane Willhite, founders of PSI World; Robert White, founder of ARC and Life Dynamics; Howard Nease, founder of Personal Dynamics; Bill Schwartz, founder of the Meditation Institute of Milwaukee; Stuart Emery, founder of Actualizations, and Russ and Carol Bishop with Insight.

The first form of Mind Dynamics was non-confrontational, did not involve direct interaction with course participants, and participants did not share of their own personal experiences in the coursework. In 1970, Everett moved the headquarters of his company from Texas to San Francisco, California, and the company was bought out by William Penn Patrick in the same year. Patrick was the owner of Holiday Magic, a cosmetics company, and Leadership Dynamics, a similar company to Mind Dynamics that used more confrontational techniques.

Though Mind Dynamics was structured as a for-profit, self-improvement company, it was also described as a spiritual discipline. Everett stated that one of the goals of Mind Dynamics was to "get people to a higher dimension of mind".

Werner Erhard was a student of Everett's, and became an instructor in his own right in the Mind Dynamics training. After reaching the level of instructor, Erhard was also chosen by Everett to be responsible for Mind Dynamics course development. Alexander Everett offered Erhard a vice-presidency in the company and a larger salary, but Erhard instead took his staff including Laurel Scheaf and Gonneke Spits to form Erhard Seminars Training. Everett was present in the hotel ballroom when Werner Erhard led his last Mind Dynamics course, and announced to the audience that he would be soon forming a new company. Though Everett publicly went up on stage and stated his support for Erhard and was sorry to see him go, privately he was furious with Erhard for planning his exit and new company behind Everett's back. John Hanley, who later went on to form Lifespring also was influenced by Mind Dynamics and Everett. The course spread to Australia and Europe, but was shut down in 1973 along with Leadership Dynamics and Holiday Magic, when William Penn Patrick died in a plane crash. Patrick's companies were being investigated by the United States government on allegations of pyramid schemes. However, the Mind Dynamics course still had a huge effect on the New Age movement.

After Holiday Magic, Leadership Dynamics and Mind Dynamics ceased operating, Everett left the United States in 1974 and studied Eastern religions and philosophies in Russia and India. He formed a personal development program named Inward Bound in 1977 and stayed active in the self-improvement industry. Everett also formed a course called "Samata".

The Inward Bound course was a two-day seminar that had similar characteristics to his previous coursework, and also incorporated concepts from the Unity Church. Everett continued to teach Inward Bound for over twenty-five years, and gave lectures annually in the United States, Europe and Asia. He also wrote a book on the course, entitled Inward Bound. Everett authored and recorded two audio seminars, "The Genius Within You", and "Inner Wealth" with the Nightingale-Conant Corporation. His final spiritual course "Love, Life and Light" was taught annually over the final 12 years of his life. He recorded these teachings in a 20-hour CD-ROM entitled, "Cosmic Consciousness". Everett died on January 16, 2005, in Oregon.

Why is it important to know where this movement began? Aren’t we just living in the present and the past doesn’t matter? I have heard and asked this question before. Today, it is important know what the origins of Transformation to provide you guidance to do your own personal research and go deeper into some distinctions and models presented in “The Work”. It is also important to honor the contribution of founding members and torchbearers all over the world.

This is not New Age type transformation. It is a Modern Way of presenting the profound, life altering and enlightening knowledge that has been present in this universe since the beginning. So let us begin in the 1960’s knowing that the way the human race has interpreted this has evolved since the beginning of time.

William Penn Patrick was an American entrepreneur and businessman. He was the owner of Holiday Magic, Leadership Dynamics, and Mind Dynamics. “Holiday Magic was a multi-level marketing organization, founded in 1964, by William Penn Patrick in the United States. Originally the organization distributed goods such as home-care products and cosmetics. Patrick, a student of Alexander Everett who is founder of Mind Dynamics, used this training in his company.” “Mind Dynamics was a seminar company, founded by Alexander Everett in Texas in 1968.” MD closed in December 1973, after the death of co-owner William Penn Patrick. Some trainers and Leaders of MD founded their own companies. Werner Erhard founded LANDMARK/EST. Thomas Wilhite founded PSI Seminars. Stewart Emery founded ACTUALIZATIONS and is a recognized author. Randy Revell, Charlene Afremow (a Marin County housewife and sycophant of Werner Erhard), Robert White, Larry Johnson and John Hanley founded LIFESRING in 1974. Most of the most profound material in Lifespring was developed by Randy Revell. Randy developed Context Training. James Quinn organized LIFESTREAM. Other companies include, include: The Forum, Personal Dynamics in Switzerland, Life Dynamics in Japan and Hong Kong, Alpha Seminars in Australia, Dimensional Mind Approach and Pathwork. Prior instructors from Mind Dynamics founded the organizations mentioned above.

Self improvement knowledge is free.

Shame on PSI and these groups for charging an arm-and-a-leg!"

Actually they should be ashamed of alot of things. Destroying marriages being the first thing.

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: Hopeful Soul ()
Date: October 19, 2010 11:44AM

The hit rate on this thread for the first week of October was down to about 22 per day. For the past 10 days it has jumped to about 88 per day. What could be the reason for the four fold increase in activity? Could it be that Impact Trainings has begun offering two Quest enrollments for the price of one? Surely prospective trainees should search for objective information on Impact Trainings, and they seem to be doing it in droves. Great! This is measurable results that this forum is providing a valuable service in safeguarding the mental health of folks who are considering Impact. Price seems to be following demand as the laws of economics predict.

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Re: IMPACT Trainings
Posted by: Hopeful Soul ()
Date: October 20, 2010 09:08AM

I forgot a significant happening in my last post. The current First Presidency of the LDS Church has recently restated their warning on LGATs, which goes back to something like 1999. Not all wards had the current letter read over the pulpit this past Sunday, but I'm sure they will as the local LDS leaders get around to it. Could this be a rival explanation for the sudden surge in interest in this thread? This is something like fourth letter of warning read to Sunday congregations over the years that I recall.

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