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David Allen - GTD - John-Roger - MSIA - Insight Seminars
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: April 07, 2006 02:54AM

Here is an interesting post made by someone who saw the posts about the MSIA cult get deleted from the GTD forum.


"[update 30 March 2006: Recent entries on David Allen's own discussion forum referred to his background as a member of the MSIA, a new age spiritual movement. Unfortunately the postings have now been deleted (which tells you something!) but I wanted to let you know anyway. A background article is here in case it is of any interest. []

I have found the GTD methodology very helpful but now that I know more of the his background, I guess it's reader beware. Certainly I can no longer so strongly endorse his methodology! I remember similar disappointment when I discovered that Steven Covey and his organisation were largely Mormon. What is it with cults and time management?]" [/color:ed8e7bcee9]

Some of the original deleted thread is still in the Google cache.



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David Allen - GTD - John-Roger - MSIA - Insight Seminars
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 09, 2006 05:33AM

Someone started a thread here about the David Allen, GTD, John-Roger, MSIA cult connections.
It has generated the typical "defensive" responses, and some hostile responses as well.

We'll see if David Allen is able to get that thread deleted on that forum. After all, David Allen instructed his webmaster to delete all references to his connections, and his staff and wife's connections to MSIA on his own web-forum.

Too bad some of those folks didn't take some time to carefully look into Insight Seminars and MSIA, and to deconstruct what GTD and MSIA are all about.
After all, David Allen and GTD just recently launched a "premium channel" where for $48 a month, you can tune into more of his multimedia info every single day. All GTD all the time.
For the converted, it sounds like heaven on earth, right?

GTD really amounts to a totalist "mind control" type of system. And due to its complexity, it leads to "coaching", and then David Allen's coaches (who are all MSIA people) start to recommend some of MSIA other products, like John-Roger books, Insight Seminars, or any of the DOZENS of covert "educational" organizations that are controlled by MSIA.

It seems GTD has come together quite nicely for MSIA. It has given them a back-door into the minds and companies of corporations around the world. Just like they planned it.

And remember that MSIA uses internet "moles" the same as Scientology, and they will viciously attack those who dare to criticize MSIA, or link it to GTD.

Hopefully, the information will spread around the internet, since David Allen is intent on hiding his deep financial connections to MSIA, and that GTD is basically a type of "front" for MSIA. Its a way to get into people's minds with his self-proclaimed "message", and to then redirect those minds towards one of MSIA many tentacles.

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David Allen - GTD - John-Roger - MSIA - Insight Seminars
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 14, 2006 11:38AM

David Allen and GTD just launched a new program called "GTD Connect" which for a mere $50 a month, lets you pay to get more "coaching" (Thought Reform) from some covert members of MSIA!

but anyways, they announced this new service, and there was a thread about it at their forum. There were a few folks with some criticisms of the program, and the next thing you know, they CLOSE the threads, and DELETE all critical posts.

Anyone can see what is happening over there at DavidCo.
MSIA is behind DavidCo, which sells GTD. Their goal is to CONSTRICT the bounds of permissible thinking, by disallowing any criticism at all.

This is why David Allen hides the fact that he is a close follower of the notorious cult-leader "Un-GodMan" John-Roger.
MSIA has tried to stay in the background of GTD, but now their methods are becoming even more overt. Why?
GTD has become popular, and now ITS TIME TO PAY.
Its time for John-Roger to collect his cash, and milk the cow.
Its time for J-R to SQUEEZE every last cent out of DavidCo which sells GTD.

Believe me, all the profits, and that means ALL the profits from GTD / DavidCo go right into the coffers of MSIA, after passing through various other channels.

John-Roger and MSIA wants their money back NOW from his covert-financing of GTD.

David Allen should be ashamed of himself, but after 35 years in MSIA as a John-Roger follower, he is a deep True Believer, and wants MSIA to 'rule the world'.

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David Allen - GTD - John-Roger - MSIA - Insight Seminars
Posted by: Brad69 ()
Date: September 14, 2006 04:25PM

From 10 warning signs of a potentially unsafe group/leader:

[b:be0dc98be3]No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry.[/b:be0dc98be3]

The continual deleting of posts linking David Allen to MSIA should be cause for concern. Because of the regular occurence of this, it cannot be construed as a mistake.

Allen avoids answering the questions raised, and then cyberscribe, listed as admin and GTD staff, also avoids them, instead saying feedback is welcomed...but it appears it is not answered if it doesn't suit David Allen's purposes.

If they truly welcomed feedback, why not re-open the thread? People are interested to know more.

Are you seeing the red flag waving?

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David Allen - GTD - John-Roger - MSIA - Insight Seminars
Posted by: nutrino ()
Date: September 15, 2006 04:36AM

Another clear sign of trouble:

Mantrafied Communication.... hearing the same thing over and over from different people... also know as the Tape Loop Syndrome... where it sounds as if there is a preset number of Tape Loop Responses, and what initially sounds like a normal converstion takes on a strangely patterned quality... at the more "advanced levels" of these organizations they become fairly refined at their tape looping (which also serves as a hypnotic induction) ... so you might need well developed congruity awareness to sense the distinction between "true thought" and "loop thought" ... one very fascinating phenomenon I've observed and applied is "loop cracking" (if you're in a cult setting and you run a "loop crack" on them they WILL know it in a flash and get you out of there in a New York second) which runs like so: Using your Evil NLP techniques, you let THEM think they've looped you (this is called "pacing"... except they're trained to pace YOU, assuming you don't know from pacing technique....) and you start pacing THEM really, really... you are going deeply, deeply, deeply into trance.... Nowwwww... and doesn't that feel wonderful.?... deeply into their trance structure.... then you, EEEEK A MOUSE!!!! Blow out of the loop with all engines firing... totally break the trance frame, look at your watch. OMIGOD DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS ? DAMMIT I LEFT MY ENGINE RUNNING ! COULD YOU RUN THAT THOUGHT BACKWARDS UNTIL I RETURN ????? And their loop trance just goes up in smoke.... roasted, toasted, and filet.... RUN THAT THOUGHT BACKWARDS ? HUH ? ..... teee heee....

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David Allen - GTD - John-Roger - MSIA - Insight Seminars
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 22, 2006 04:41AM

There are some new posts over at the 43 Folder GTD cult thread. I am going to reprint some of the text here, in case that thread gets deleted. It seems the 43 Folder website is allowing criticism of GTD, but who knows, the thread could get disappeared at any time, as we all know.


I think some folks have the mistaken idea that "cults" are all bald-headed tambourine thumping wackjobs. Not any more. There are many white-collar global organizations which are highly sophisticated, and who use dozens of very subtle and POWERFUL techniques to draw people into their groups, for many reasons. Usually to make money, but also for other reasons. (sex, power, etc)
Also, a "cult" is not just something where people believe weird things, and mainstream religions are not cults. There are various definitions, and here is one of them.
By this definition, MSIA is a cult, lead by John-Roger and now John Morton.

So why is every key member of DavidCo a high-level member of MSIA?

You will notice some strangeness, and serious lack of disclosure with David Allen. Sadly, him doing this has only hurt his own reputation and credibility. For instance, David Allen is very vague about his past doing "consulting". Its clear now that he has been working for MSIA, doing all sorts of seminars for them, for the past decades. So I consider it dishonest, and a serious lack of disclosure, for him to "twist" his words, and "forget" to mention that he has been working for MSIA linked companies for decades.
LETS SEE DAVID ALLENS ACTUAL RESUME, as opposed to vague stories.

Why does he do this?
Because of the horrendous reputation of John-Roger, Insight seminars, and Co.
David Allen defended John-Roger on his own forum, and then had it deleted.
So David Allen is a huge supporter and defender of J-R. ok fine, then why hide it? Then why delete it? They why refuse to address the problems?
Send David Allen an email, or post something on the GTD forum asking David Allen what his relationship to J-R is, and why J-R is credited #1 in his first book?
(you will get deletions, silence, ambiguous Doublespeak, and evasion).

Also, it is strange how David Allen was mentioning his new toys, etc. Because in GTD Fast, he talks about how he never thought he'd be living that kind of life. Why? What does that mean?
Because people who devote themselves to MSIA, give MSIA all their money, or work for free for MSIA, thus live in crappy apartments, and don't get married, etc.
So the question is, was David Allen "assigned" by J-R to go "into the world" and "spread the message?" covertly?

Also, all the pieces come together with MSIA. David Allen talks about learning to play the flute. ok, whatever.
But he does not mention that this is also related to MSIA, and how the flute is some type of mystical sound in their cosmology.
Notice how he always leaves the MSIA connection out?
That is the deception.

Also, MSIA owns countless front companies, and businesses.
As someone else has mentioned, who owns the building DavidCo is in, MSIA?
Who put up the money to launch DavidCo? MSIA, or one of their many companies?

But getting more specific, groups like MSIA have many purposes. One of them is to MAKE MONEY. Obviously, GTD is a corporate MSIA arm, to make money.
But money is never enough. Here is a specific example.

Jason Womack, who is a coach with DavidCo, is MSIA. He also constantly recommends books by John-Roger. That's it right there. That's all it takes. The J-R, MSIA books and many other programs are very carefully designed to bring people in, one baby-step at a time.
What these groups do is go into companies, and provide a "service".
but because GTD can get so complex and difficult, then people need "coaching". Then during coaching people can be "streamed" and "suggested" to go to one of many entrances to MSIA. (a J-R book, a tape, a secular website covertly linked to MSIA, etc). They approach people where they are.

David Allen has just launched such a service called GTD Connect.

A couple more points.
These groups like MSIA, or Scientology, do NOT try to get everyone. They look for folks who are compliant, people who are "looking for something", people who are vulnerable.
MSIA does what is called "Love-Bombing", which is a type of emotional sensory overload for vulnerable people, and here is a creepy photo of one. (it might be David Allen on the left). (also note that John-Roger refuses to let all those MSIA followers touch him!)

Here is David Allen doing a one-on-one Love Bomb...(notice all the sexy photos, this is done for obvious recruiting reasons!)

Why does MSIA post this stuff? Because its all recruiting stuff. They practice deception and hide what is going on behind the scenes, yet at the same time need to leave some "clues" to attract "seekers". That is how they grow, recruit, recruit, recruit.

And John-Roger is not benign. He has done some truly horrendous things.
So how does this fit into GTD?
Its pretty simple.
GTD is a way for MSIA to get into the business world, and run seminars, etc, to get lots of cash-flow. DavidCo recently jacked up all their prices, and have launched GTD-Connect, to make as much money as possible.
Next, all of the DavidCo GTD coaches are MSIA folks, and they simple build relationships with their clients, screen them, filter them, identify Prospects, and then subtly "stream" them into one of the dozens of MSIA entry points.

If all of DavidCo's coaches are MSIA, then they should identify themselves as such when they are recommending books by their Leader J-R. Jason Womack needs to come out of the MSIA closet, and come clean. But MSIA will not let them do that.

Also, trying to do the entire GTD system can drive you nuts, and leads people into needing coaching. Don't bother with trying to do the "entire system". If you have been struggling for ages trying to "do the whole Monty", then just drop it. Dump it, trash it. The so-called total system is not what it is sold to be. You might feel an enormous weight dropped off your shoulders when you junk the "entire system".
Make your own personal system. Sure, keep some things you find useful, but just do things your own way. Don't believe the hype.

Also, be very careful when your GTD coach starts making suggestions. This is why DavidCo has suppressed the info about the MSIA connection. Simple knowledge about makes their job about 100x harder, as people get suspicious.
The problem is the deception, and omission is deception.
Ask your coach if they are MSIA face to face...

The fault for this is David Allen's conscious decision to not come clean about all this right up front. But that is how MSIA works, they have no problem lying about whatever it takes, to do what they need to do, and usually have some self-righteous justification for it. But that's what makes groups like MSIA into a "cult", because they have to use deception to try and get to people. Now these days, they are also using all kinds of "mind-f*ck" techniques on people, its down to a complex science at this point.

MSIA also has tons of followers who have used the Internet to promote GTD using covert viral marketing. Some of the blog guys who have promoted GTD, are linked with GTD in business, and even MSIA.
Here is Marc Orchant who had to be reminded he was in a conflict of interest when promoting GTD!
(from above website)
"That same former employer recently sponsored a two-day GTD workshop for a select group of teachers here in New Mexico and I had the good fortune to work with Wayne Pepper, one of DavidCo's coaches, in making that event a great success. Finally, I fully intend to expose as many of my new compatriots at Foldera to GTD as I can." [/color:023c373509]

Wayne Pepper is another MSIA big-wig.

GTD is a creation of whole team of MSIA people who designed it, and are selling it. It exists not just on the level of alleged personal organization. It also exists on a META-LEVEL, in terms of what they are trying to DO to you, without your awareness. Take 5 steps back, and look how its designed, sold, promoted, and the up-selling to MSIA linked services.
One thing that David Allen said that was true...there is more to GTD than first meets the eye. Have a look under the hood.

Also, notice the extreme and histrionic intolerance for criticism or analysis from some of the GTD "followers".
"No tolerance for questions or critical inquiry" is #2 on the cult Warning Sign list.

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David Allen - GTD - John-Roger - MSIA - Insight Seminars
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 22, 2006 04:44AM

David Allen directed his webmaster delete a thread about him and John-Roger, but the thread is still in the Google cache, for now...

Here some info that is relevant to this subject from the above mentioned thread which David Allen had deleted.
Very interesting...INTRUDING INTO THE WORKPLACE...indeed. GTD seems to be the newest incarnation and cash-cow of MSIA backed business seminars. David Allen worked for the MSIA front-group, Insight Seminars, which was covertly backed by MSIA, and used for recruitment and as a money-machine.

There is information about MSIA from the world-renowned researcher Dr. Margaret Singer about half-way down the page...

Intruding into the Workplace
An excerpt from the book Cults In Our Midst by Dr. Margaret Singer

Development of a New Age Training Program: A Case Example

One personal development program quite popular with educated professionals was Insight Seminars. Some defectors from the organization have charged that Insight was used to recruit members to the background organization, the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA). The founder of Insight and head of MSIA is John Roger Hinkins (although he rarely uses his last name), and his story is an interesting one....
...Then he studied Eckankar, a New Age spiritual system, and declared himself the "holder" of the Mystical Traveler Consciousness fighting the Red Monk (the devil). He is said to have considered himself in line with Jesus, Moses, Noah, and the like. Blending the old and the new, J-R created MSIA and gained quite a following. By the early 1970s, he was teaching seminars four nights a week.
Later in the same decade, some of his devotees convinced him to adapt Lifespring training to MSIA's needs. (Lifespring has been one of the more popular LGATs since the early to mid 1970s, along with est and Actualizations. ) Working with a person who had been key in the development of Lifespring, J-R inaugurated his Insight training seminar with 120 MSIA ministers, who spread it first to MSIA's own church cells then to public seminars. J-R is reported to have called Insight both his "ministry" and his "money machine."
At some point, a "Gift of Giving" session was added to the five-day Insight seminar. During this session, it has been reported, some people were so euphoric they made out checks for $10,000 to the group. Numerous Insight graduates were said to have been recruited to MSIA, although the link between Insight and MSIA was not generally known to seminar attendees.

In 1983, allegations of sexual abuse surfaced from two top aides. Some staffers said J-R used his spiritual authority to seduce them. According to reports, J-R discouraged marriage and ordered his personal staff to abstain from sex; but former devotees said that they were forced to engage in sex with J-R to maintain a "smooth relationship with the Traveler." Hinkins denied these allegations and no legal or law enforcement actions resulted. Because of these charges and other negative publicity, however, many devotees and Insight trainees became disillusioned and quit. Some described the period afterward as a "spiritual shattering," and in some cases, it took years for these former followers to patch up their psyches. Meanwhile, some staffers have remained loyal, continuing the Insight seminars.

(cont'd halfway down the page)

David Allen worked for Insight Seminars, and has been with MSIA for 34 years, and MSIA has existed for 37 years since 1968.

"I sort of grew up in the training world in the experiential personal-growth milieu (was a facilitator for Insight Seminars for several years)".

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David Allen - GTD - John-Roger - MSIA - Insight Seminars
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 25, 2006 11:22AM

There are more interesting posts at the 43 Folders site. Well, at least whoever runs that site does not seem to be censoring anyone. Hopefully that will last, but just in are some hi-lights, below....
I wonder if the word is getting out that GTD is a front for MSIA?


There was an interesting Dr. Phil show about a religious cult.

What was interesting here is that a large part of this cult was about regulating and controlling and managing their members behaviors.
Its all about CONTROL, behavioral and cognitive.

This is why so many cultish groups gravitate to so-called "time management" type systems. Its the perfect tool to begin to Influence a person on a daily basis, or even an hourly, or minute by minute basis.
Or even to get deep into people's moment to moments "thoughts" to "clear their minds" and reach an alleged "euphoria".
That is exactly what GTD amounts to.

The bottom line, even though there are those who are trying to ignore the basic facts, and to be MSIA Aplogists, and to try to pretend that somehow GTD is neutral...are that...

-MSIA is literally a New Age religious cult, run by a psychopath by the name of John-Roger, who has a horrendous record.
-David Allen is a long-term serior Minister and member of MSIA going back to the beginning of it, almost 35 years.
-David Allen is a massive supporter and WORSHIPPER of John-Roger and MSIA, ot the point his ENTIRE LIFE is dedicated to MSIA and "spreading the message" and "Ministering to the Business Community"..
-every coach and senior member of DavidCo is a member of MSIA, which is not disclosed.
-they actively try to cover-up the fact that MSIA is behind DavidCo, and is likely running DavidCo, and financed it.
-basically every person thanked in David Allen's GTD book is a senior MSIA person.
-MSIA runs Insight Seminars covertly, which was used to recruit for MSIA.
-David Allen worked for Insight, and still works with all the Insight people right now.
-Jason Womack and other coaches refer clients to books and materials by John-Roger and MSIA.

Its just goes on and on.
So beware the apologists for MSIA, that deny, deflect, censor, attack...etc.

There is a very serious Buyer Beware warning on David Allen. He has a slick public image, and a good sales pitch, and lots of MSIA followers to pump him up in the blogosphere.
But there are some very serious warning signs around all of this.
The people who have designed GTD, and the entire system, know exactly what they are doing to people, and how to send out the hook, land the fish, and then real them in.
And if you think you are above being had, or are "too intelligent" to fall for it...

...those are exactly the type of educated white-collar folks they are targeting.
And GTD Connect is going for those with senior positions in if you can get to the Leader, the herd will follow.

There is a weird cult-like obsession, and herd-mentality with all the GTD hype, and now we all now why.


I completely agree that what is needed is critical thinking, vigorously applied. But that is not being done, as far as I can see. GTD is simply based on David Allen's anecdotes, and no scientific testing by 3rd parties. Zero. Nadda.

Also, I have never said that having an Inbox or a Task list means you are in a wacko cult! None of the basic ideas that David Allen is promoting are even his. They are taken from other people and places. (but of course David Allen provides no references or footnotes).
Having some basic tools of personal organization is one thing, but when someone creates this massive SYSTEM, which claims to be able to give you "stress-free productivity", and does not provide any proof, that is something else. Then when you pile LGAT seminars on top, and expensive "coaching" and hidden religious cults lead by a psychopath named J-R...

But I disagree that GTD does not "lead" a person toward a philosophy. That is not correct, in my view. For instance, Ready For Anything, David Allen's second book, does exactly that. So does GTD, in my view. The whole thing is full of presuppositions, that come out of his religion. As a matter of fact, that is a great way to put it. There is an embedded "leading philosophy" inside GTD, (the larger system of it), that draws people in, and makes them "want more", and thus leads to the coaching, GTD Connect, and all the rest of it. It does draw many people in.
(not all, of course, many people think its crap, or unworkable, or too complex. Those folks are not his target market)

As I have mentioned, the recruiting goes on behind the scenes, with the coaching, and all the other services. Also, the DavidCo "coaches" are always "suggesting" books by John-Roger, or other MSIA programs. That is where the real recruiting work starts from.
Also, any of these "groups", like MSIA and Scientology look for easy pickings, people who are vulnerable, those who are "looking for something". People who need a "group hug" like those photos show.

Of course, critical thinking is the answer.

But there are some very sophisticated people out there who are trying to mess with people's minds on a very deep level. And David Allen, and the MSIA global organization is one of them.
And they self-righteously believe they are literally doing the work of God. Literally.

PS: Arianna Huffington is also an MSIA Minister, like David Allen, and a follower of John-Roger.

David Allen refers to her as a "an old friend" in his blog, but of course he does not mention WHY they are old friends, that is, they are both MSIA Ministers.
Yet again, he does NOT mention the MSIA connection, just like with his coaches. That is totally unethical, to say the least. Its totally conscious deceit.

(David Allen cancelled his blog, so this link will die)

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David Allen - GTD - John-Roger - MSIA - Insight Seminars
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 30, 2006 06:22PM

(some more good stuff!!)


how do we, as conscientious individuals avoid becoming prey within the trap?

Great post! Personally I am happy that whoever is running this webforum seems to allow open and free discussion. That is very healthy, and very wise. Nice job! In contrast, any type of specific discussion of this nature on the GTD board is simply censored and deleted. That is how those type of groups like MSIA work, they literally cannot handle criticism and freedom of thought. It drives them nuts.
Also, the covert MSIA "plants" on the GTD webforum will attack you mercilessly for simply asking a simple question. This is another tactic, to attack, and try to suppress critical thought. They literally cannot understand how "normal" people ENJOY working and living with people who THINK DIFFERENTLY than them! Imagine that!

This thread is certainly being monitored by the MSIA web-people, as they will not openly comment in the thread. Notice how not ONE MSIA person has come here to admit they are MSIA, or to defend their Godman J-R, or anything else? This is because they are ordered to not link GTD and MSIA, no matter what, and not to talk about it. But they will post general attacks, or diversions, or try to confuse the issue. Hi MSIA guys and gals! Please tell us why John-Roger is a Godman with magical powers, and not some obese, sociopathic con-artist?

Also, one of the GTD webforum moderators is Lisa Peake, who is another MSIA member, who attends the "University" of Santa Monica which is owned and run by MSIA, and she works for GTD Connect and DavidCo as well. Here is her webpage, which is now also deleted [/color:42aca0a5c5]but is still in the Google cache. (lots of MSIA stuff being deleted now, and David Allens blog references will be taken offline soon as well. Its too much disclosure for they delete it).

There is also a Robert Peake who is appears to be in her family, who is a big GTD Connect techie and salesman and BLOGGER...and surprise...he is also a MSIA fanatic who wants to bring that stupid MSIA "Mystical Traveller" into your computer to brainwashing you 24/7! (I am not making this stuff up folks, have a look!)

Again, the problem here is not some wacko New Age religious cult, per se. Its the DECEPTION. These groups all work by DECEPTION.
Why? Many reasons....but...
its really because guys like John-Roger are sick. Seriously. They don't know of any other way to get on in the world, other than trying to dupe people. That is how they operate.
You don't see people who are part-time ministers in various faiths "hiding" it, its right in their resume. Why does David Allen not mention in his Bio that he is a Minister? Why? Because MSIA is based on deceit, and these people think they have to lie and hide everything. Its sick, but its all they know, its how they operate.
Why does David Allen not have a resume? Call his company and ask for one, see what you get.

What do we do?
Simple. Tell the truth. Be honest.

But first off, let me be clear. I personally have never said that GTD was [b:42aca0a5c5]only [/b:42aca0a5c5]about getting everyone into MSIA. Sure, they would like that, but that is not realistic. GTD is a commercial operation and money-machine for MSIA, so they will happily start with taking your money, like anyone else.

But then, with the damn COACHING, this is where it gets really creepy.
Its all about "streaming" the people.
If you seem to be "spiritually minded", then guys like Jason Womack will say, "hey, check out this John-Roger book" and that's it. If you are the right kind of person, its all over right there, as that book is meant to draw you further in. Those books are all very carefully designed to do this.
Or they will point you to a link, where J-R does his Discourses, and hook you there.
Or maybe you are more about "personal development", then they will suggest Insight Seminars, and go from there.
So they stream people wherever they can, into all sorts of areas, including their fake "University", or anywhere else they can.

Don't listen to people who are screaming that they don't do this, that is false, that is a conscious lie. That is what they are doing. They have all sorts of different kinds of programs and entry points. That's reality, and they think they are doing you a favor. And they also want to get into the schools, and reach as many kids as possible.

That is what GTD Connect is all about. They make it sound "exclusive" and this is to draw a certain kind of person further into the fold. Its targeted marketing to those who have some money, and also who "need coaching". Perrrrfect. Nice job MSIA brainiacs! Nice pre-qualifying.

So what does one do?

-know what is going on. This simple Awareness that your GTD coach is MSIA, and is trying to influence you goes a long way. That is why the truth must be supressed, and who knows, maybe they will even get this thread taken down? I sure hope not. Why not have an open and truthful discussion?

-don't join GTD Connect. That is a biggie, and they want to work on you bigtime. Hey, that Peake dude wants to hammer you with the Mystical Traveller 24/7 over the internet! No thanks.

-don't get into GTD "coaching". These are all MSIA recruiters, who are trying to get you one on one. They are very highly trained.

-don't try to do the "entire" GTD system. It does not work as advertised. Even big-shots like Robert Scoble said he could not make it work. So don't drive yourself nuts trying to do the ENTIRE THING. That is a bit of the trick, to make it so complex that you think you need GTD coaching, or GTD Connect, or GTD Mystical Traveller brainwashing 24/7.

-don't obsess about GTD too much, and don't try to convert everyone to it, and don't try to make your spouse turn to GTD and get a GTD Inbox, etc. That is all wacko culty stuff. Creepy. (but notice how all the GTD MSIA spouses LOVE it?).

-don't go to the MSIA "Love Bomb" sessions and get hugged by 50 strangers, to Love Bomb you into a MSIA love addiction.

-don't be intimidated by the GTD Police and MSIA folks who attack and scream and yell bloody murder if anyone dares to tell the truth. F'em.

-pick various tools that work for you, and do it your own way. I know all about GTD, and I was into it for a long time, but could NOT make it work as this so-called comprehensive system. Use an Inbox, lists, projects, etc, if that makes sense to you. Just watch out for all the mind-f*ck stuff that is in there. Watch it!! Its very very tricky...

-don't believe the hype, without proof. GTD is not proven to reduce stress or increase productivity, or to release the Universal Traveller Within. Some stress is normal. Go to behavioral or cognitive psychology to deal with stress.

-if you want to keep a Daily Task List, keep it! If you want to write on your Calendar, do it! Be a rebel, and do what you think is right. Again, don't let them trick you into thinking you have to do the ENTIRE GTD system, to become some GTD obsessed maniac. That is BS.

-Criticize what does not work openly. Don't believe some Bloggers, as some of them are covert MSIA people pumping GTD up.

-Don't get caught up in the GTD-Newspeak. You see, all those buzz-words, are pure Thought Reform. If they control the special language, and the meaning of the words, then they control the thoughts of the thinker. Literally.

Also, study these techniques involved in what are called LGATS.

Bone up on the current ultra-modern techniques of Thought Reform, which is really what GTD is all about, on the deepest level.

Let people know that there is much more to GTD, David Allen, DavidCo, MSIA than meets the eye. Look at the facts very carefully, and trust your own thinking.

Personally, I had to JUNK the entire GTD system, to purge myself of it. As soon as I did this, then I felt relaxed productivity!!!! I dumped the "GTD Newspeak", and just am doing things the way that makes sense to me.

Personally, I think that GTD probably makes most people much more anxious and stressed, as you can see how frustrated people get trying to do it. Also, most folks get all over-excited, and then let it crash, which is human nature.
So I would say, trust your own critical and skeptical thinking, and your own gut, and put together your own system that works for you.
Personally, I had to trash the GTD system, and just pick a few things that work for me. The Weekly Review is NOT GTD, and "Next Actions" are not GTD either. Picking clear specifc Action Behaviors is from behavior therapy.
Project Management is not GTD either, obviously.

But maybe I agree when one guy said jokingly that one cannot escape the GTD "trap" while still doing the "system". That was true for me. BUT, I still have an excellent personal system that is working much better than the so-called GTD Full Monty, and has some ideas that were in the GTD system, but many that are not.

I am not happy it turned out that GTD has all this other mindcontrol junk going on inside of it, and around it, but that is how it was designed by the MSIA LGAT seminar Gurus, who worked with David Allen for years putting it together. Its very very tricky...

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David Allen - GTD - John-Roger - MSIA - Insight Seminars
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 04, 2006 03:34PM

Here is an extremely dishonest, manipulative, rambling and revealing essay by John-Roger, the leader of the MSIA cult, where he is writing about cults.
He opens his essay with some outright blatant lies, of course, without providing any evidence.
He then goes on and distorts, warps, manipulates, and engages in conscious blatant misdirection.
No question, John-Roger is a dangerous manipulator for vulnerable people.
Here is the link, but just be very cautiousand skeptical, the guy is a master manipulator, liar, and BS artist, and knows how to mess with people's minds. That is all this "essay" is by him, extreme manipulation and conscious misdirection.

Making Your Choices - Let the Experience Guide You
By John-Roger

MSIA is sometimes called a cult. We're even on a "cult list." The interesting thing is that the people who have us on a cult list are, themselves, listed on another "cult list." The Mormons, the U.S. Army, and a couple of other big organizations are also among the groups on various "cult lists."

It's also interesting to see that the groups we grew up with could be called cults. For example, between seventh and twelfth grades, four friends and I were in a group we called the Big Time Five. (Back at that time, that was a sophisticated name. We couldn't think of the Grateful Dead or something like that.) We played sports, rode horses, etc. We decided we were all going to live in the same house and in the same community and do everything together for the rest of our lives.

Then we were old enough to have summer jobs and to go our separate ways. We hated to leave our friends because we had bonded with each other. I mean, when you've had a guy shoot a shotgun at you across a field and you're running with your friends for dear life, you bond.

By the way, this same thing happens in the military when people are under fire, and it also happens when people have been kidnapped. They'll bond with their kidnapper because they're all under a threat of death. As strange as it may seem, that bonding includes an emotional loyalty that is profoundly deep.

This same sort of thing can keep you with your spouse when you have a lot of trouble getting along, make you give your kids what they want even if you've decided you won't do that, return you to your job after you've yelled at your boss and quit, and make your boss tell you that you were never fired. It's a very deep bonding.

Then at college, there are fraternities, sororities, and other groups to join. And in these groups, you again start to bond and to think alike. (I remember that people at my college said you could tell a Tri Delt girl or a Sigma Chi guy clear across campus.) When I was in college, I played baseball and basketball with guys I had played against in high school. It was amazing that I could be so bonded with guys I had hated and fought against just a year or two ago. It's phenomenal that we can hate somebody so much and later love them so much that we bond with them and think we're going to be friends forever.

If you didn't have these exact experiences, you probably had ones very much like them, because we all grew up being members of "cults," going from one to another to another. And it's amazing how often you leave one group and then turn around and say, "It's a bad, 'cultish' group, and they brainwashed me." But all you're doing is making new choices.

(cont'd at the link)

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