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Date: December 12, 2009 11:50PM

The Anticult
Probably next month, MKP will start the Tiger Woods "inspired" sexual addiction MKP wilderness retreat.

God hlep us all! Don't give them any ideas!

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Re: Mankind Project - Hypnotherapy
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Date: December 18, 2009 05:06AM

Group Process and the New Warrior Initiation

By David Quigley

"The Alchemical Hypnotherapy Training with David Quigley is simply the best training for group process facilitation I have found. I recommend it to every New Warrior leader."

Bill Wich, New Warrior Leader

The New Warrior initiation is a three day weekend workshop that empowers men to reclaim their lost masculinity and their lives through a number of powerful spiritual and therapeutic rituals. This training is unburdened by religious or political dogma, yet deeply connected to the spiritual foundations of what it means to be a man. This training has positively affected the lives of thousands of men, including helping free men of the violence, authoritarianism, and arrogance which have plagued many men's organizations over the years. My own warrior initiation in 1997 was a major transformational experience in my life, helping me claim the courage to leave a dysfunctional, abusive marriage, and claim my right to a loving relationship. I recommend this program to every man without reservation. The warrior training is available from the Mankind Project at [link deleted]

Most of the powerful techniques used in this initiation weekend are secret, and wisely so. Men's initiation rituals have been a well kept secret for thousands of years, because to reveal these secrets is to compromise the integrity and power of these rituals forever. So I honor the Mankind Project by sharing them with no one outside our circle of initiated men. But one of the most important processes offered on the weekend, called by most of us "Guts work" and usually known as "group process therapy," predates the warrior initiation by many years. This type of therapy has been a specialty of mine for 16 years and I have trained several New Warrior leaders in its use. This article is written to describe my use of the "guts" process for men and women in my "Empowerment Intensives" as well as how this work applies specifically to the initiation of men. At the end of the article, I will describe the Group Process Facilitation Training offered by our Institute.

Guts work is a type of therapy which occurs in front of a group of supportive participants, and is facilitated by at least one trained leader. In the men's weekend, this process is designed to help each man find whatever inner conflict is preventing him from being a powerful man in the world, and resolve that conflict. These internal conflicts usually contain some habitual destructive behaviors, negative emotional states, negative core beliefs about the world and ourselves, and sometimes postural elements and physical pain or discomfort, all revolving around a particular area of ones life, like our relationship to sex, money, social status, etc. Together these elements form what Dr. Carl Jung calls a complex. These complexes and the core beliefs they contain can severely limit our ability to succeed in the world.

Here is a typical example: a man may feel depressed about his ability to create a loving relationship. His pattern is to enjoy a sexy romance and then, becoming uncomfortable with deeper intimacy, he withdraws after a few weeks, finding any excuse at all to withdraw. He is haunted by one negative core belief that he is unworthy of true love, and another core belief that women cannot be trusted with a man's heart. This is visible in the man's body: the more he talks about his relationship history the more visible is the collapse of his shoulders and chest into a slumping position. Like all complexes, this one has behavioral, emotional, physical, and mental components.

Once we have solicited this information from him, we need to get him to the source of this complex within the subconscious mind. That requires a trance induction. Yes, guts work is hypnosis based therapy. But it is certainly not traditional hypnotherapy! There is no place in guts work for a relaxed guided journey with the client lying down in peaceful repose while the hypnotist feeds gentle suggestions. Instead all group process therapies require the participant to be in a very active, dynamic state in which they may be running, crying, screaming, or beating pillows while actively reliving all of the details of a long repressed memory. Or they may be trembling with ecstasy as they perform a ritual dance with the powerful energies of the divine Mother moving through their bodies. While this state doesn't look like "hypnosis" to the average observer, it is only within this unique altered state that I call the "alert trance" that the true power of group process can be fully experienced. In my Empowerment Intensives and in the warrior initiations we can use the group energy itself, and the mental expectations of the group, to create this altered state. This can be assisted by drumming, music, and ceremony.

Once this altered state is achieved, there are several stages that guts processes go through to find resolution. Let me list them first, and then I will describe how each is accomplished:

• First, we must find the person and or the memory which is at the core of the participant's complex, the memory that is the cause of the negative core belief that fuels the complex.

• Then the participant must re-experience in their whole body the terrible pain and despair that was generated by this trauma.

• The memory then needs to be changed into a positive resource for healing. Since this is often a childhood memory, it usually includes rescuing the inner child from this past trauma with the help of the group leader, the group, and most important, the adult self of the client, perhaps including the expression of new and more appropriate feeling responses…like righteous anger, compassion, and kindness. (Many guts processes in my experience lead to past life traumas, but this topic is beyond the reach of today's article.)

• The participant then needs to connect with a new archetypal source of strength, such as a new inner father, an inner King or Queen, or some similar resource. This resource then must be planted in the participant's body for instant access whenever the participant needs this strength and wisdom during the challenges of their daily lives.

• The final stage is to have the client walk through a trial run of the challenge they face in their present life, using the inner resources (and new core beliefs!) he has developed. Through this dramatic re-enactment, with group members assuming the roles of the client's family, boss, or whoever, we get to see if the client's new response is stronger and more appropriate. It may even close with a "Vow". This means that the participant promises loudly to the entire group to call upon his inner resources and his new core beliefs whenever he is challenged in future by his issue. He may even be "challenged", confronted by other group members who will help him steel his nerves, and affirm his new stance. A successful "psychodrama rehearsal", including the vow, becomes a delightful grand finale and is greeted by the group with a lively applause, group hugs, and words of praise and encouragement from the group.

Finding the specific memory that is at the root of the client's problem is much easier than it sounds. A skilled therapist can accomplish this NOT with some long and complicated induction, but simply with a series of body oriented and focused inductions. Words like these are useful:

"We are now going back to the time when you first learned that you were not good enough for a woman to love" or "Let's go down into that slumping feeling in your shoulders, deeper now with each deep breath" or "Down to the time when your first felt that hopeless feeling in your belly." The strong body orientation of this type of work gives it the name "Guts therapy" and the more professional title, "Body oriented therapy." This can be profitably combined with some gentle music, progressive relaxation, or a guided journey down a flight of ten stairs. Words of reassurance from other group members of their presence and support can also be helpful. "I've got your back, Joe!" "I'm here for you." Etc.

There are three types of trauma I discover at the roots of the client's problem. First and most common is the kind of traumas that occurred frequently in the client's past. People are often confused by these recollections, because they often seem small or even insignificant to the participant. "Well, I see my father reading the paper. He is just ignoring me. As always. What's the big deal?" While the participant may seem entirely confused that this very ordinary experience is at the root of his problem, I am not confused at all. Think about it. If as a young boy you were continuously rejected and ignored by your father, the consequences of these accumulated "day in the life" traumas would be absolutely devastating to the emerging masculinity this boy is trying to build. In fact, I find these "day in the life" traumas are the most significant ones in my client's lives, because each memory may represent hundreds of individual incidents of abuse or neglect.

The second type is the unique and often violent trauma that we cannot forget. When mother died at age 10, the time a babysitter molested you, even the trauma of wartime violence, divorce, or illness in the family. Important to my own recovery was clearing the memories of my infancy in war-torn China in 1950.

A third type is the emergence of some repressed and horrific memory which the client was unaware of before entering trance. The emergence of such memories can itself be very shocking. In my opinion, it takes a skilled therapist to assist in the clearing of such incidents. The good news is that such shocking emergent memories are rare in guts work. My belief is that the subconscious mind will only give us the memories that it is safe for us to process. This has been confirmed repeatedly in my 29 years as a hypnotherapist.

In the second stage, the client must be taken fully into the state of contraction caused by this traumatic memory. Heavy music or loud slow drumming can help. So can the encouraging words of the leader and group participants. "That's it. Crawl into a ball. Feel how hopeless it really is. That's right…no one will ever want to love you now. You are damaged beyond repair…Breathe it into every cell." The more voices that can be enrolled in feeding these suggestions, the deeper the participant will go into their pain. If the client shows stooped posture, I may have them exaggerate these positions. "That's right. Curl up tighter. Hide. You have to hunch down even further. Otherwise he will hit you again…etc." Group members can be enrolled to repeat the abusive messages of the past in the exact words and voice tone in which they were fed to the client repeatedly as a child. "You'll never be as good as your brother, son!" While this may seem like cruel and unusual punishment, I have found over and over that the more deeply the participant can re-experience the pain of their initial trauma, the more powerful will be their transformation. To create some safety in this phase of the process, if it's needed, one can have another group member lie down with the victim, cradling them in loving arms as they feel their pain. I call this figure the "supporter", and I make sure each man has one that they have chosen for the entire session. Another way to create safety is to assign another participant to play the role of the abused child, while still other group members play out the dramatic story. Meanwhile the participant watches and weeps, supported by the loving touch of their supporter.

Now we must use dramatic re-enactment to transform this traumatic memory into a positive resource for change. The completion of the "rescue mission" for the participant's inner child is a complex process with many possible components. We may need to confront the perpetrators of childhood with yells, shaking a pillow, or even in some cases hitting a big pillow with fists or a plastic bat. We may need to acknowledge the good things daddy did for us, honoring his efforts to be a good father, before the initiate can express their rage for the abuse or neglect father perpetrated. I may need to call on other group participants to explain to the initiate what a real father is supposed to be, and do, for his son. Sometimes I do this by calling on a circle of good fathers to surround the client with stories of their own kindness and love in handling their children's needs, while reassuring the participant that we will find this perfect new father for him. Usually the client's adult self is the major source of healing, rescue, and protection for this inner child. Remember to always ask the client's adult self, "How would you want to change this incident?" Although this material is far too complex to be covered in detail here, information can be found on our website HERE.

Integrating new resources for the client's daily life is the final stage of the work, and a critical one. Unfortunately it is often given little or no attention in group process therapies. Often therapists have considered the process of contacting and releasing the emotions from these charged memories to be the main goal of the therapy process. "Yes! Good! Cry! Your tears are so important…now lets wrap it up. That was then, and this is now. Come back to the present…" I have met many therapists who like to wrap things up this way, and I find it, to be charitable, annoying. Unless we can build effective new resources in the client's inner world, I have found that emotional release therapy alone has limited value.

This is especially true for men being initiated into manhood. In the traditional initiations within primeval cultures, initiations which have proven their value throughout centuries of tribal culture, the young initiate cuts their ties with their biological parents through rituals led by a circle of tribal elders. Then the young initiate is guided into a direct experience of the tribe's totem animals and the ancient Gods and Goddesses who provide the initiate with a new sense of Manhood within the tribe's ancestral identity. In my initiation work I find that such figures as a divine new inner father and mother can be valuable. Or the client may connect with a personal savior or inner teacher, a mythic figure like Jesus, Kwan Yin, Merlin, or White Eagle. Other figures could include the inner King, Queen, inner Magician, or a Future Self figure. Which figure we seek out is based both on the client's presenting problem, and their personal religious beliefs and emotional needs. As facilitators of this journey, it is our sacred responsibility to never impose our own religious beliefs on the client, but to listen closely to what they tell you they need!. It is critical that these figures be thoroughly anchored in the client's body. For a more complete list of the possible resources available to this work, and a detailed description of how to integrate these resources into the initiate's daily life, refer to my textbook, Alchemical Hypnotherapy, available for instant download HERE.

The final stage includes a psychodrama rehearsal in which the initiate practices handling the challenges which once triggered his feelings of failure or fear in a new way, using the inner resources and new core beliefs he has established. In this step, I avoid letting the group offer advice or encouragement. This is the initiate's opportunity to show the group that he can handle this challenge on his own. It is also a good time to make a vow before the entire group, to be greeted by general awe and celebration. One example of a vow could be: "From now on, every time a boss criticizes me, I will call on the power of my inner King to evaluate his criticisms, and learn from them without shrinking into fear and shame. My King and I will never let any boss humiliate me again with abusive language!" This is followed by a blessing and congratulations from group members, perhaps in a group hug or celebratory dance. The group will promise to hold him to his vow. This phase may also involve the use of symbolic objects like a candle, cup, or sword. I use symbolic objects extensively in my initiation work.

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Re: Mankind Project - Dangerous Psychotherapy
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Date: December 18, 2009 05:18AM

Here is proof that GUTS and carpet work are dangerous psychotherapy.

Patricia Clason, founder of Taking It Lightly and the Renewal Weekend for sexual abuse survivors, co-founder of Vets Journey Home (formerly the Bamboo Bridge) weekend for military veterans, and Grandmother of the New Warrior Training Adventure, will be presenting an intensive workshop on:

Emotional Process Work - How to be elegant, efficient and effective when healing hearts

The emotional process work done in Taking It Lightly was a major inspiration for the GutsWork or CarpetWork of the Mankind Project and Woman Within. It is the work of healing the heart, with everyday language and experiences. Influenced by Gestalt, Psychodrama and many other modalities, it remains simple and basic, without formula or archetypes. One could liken it to the study of Tai Chi. Tai Chi focuses on a basic practice that allows one to master the principles. Many other permutations and specialized skill practices have evolved from the core practice. Each has it is place and time and use. All are more powerful when the principles are mastered.

From her work with trauma survivors (sexual abuse, military/war experiences), Patricia has finely-tuned her skills to reach the highly-guarded, deeply-wounded heart and gently guide it to an experience of safety and healing.

A student of emotional intelligence (EQ) long before the term became popular, Patricia has studied intensively in the fields of trauma and EQ. For information about Patricia Clason, visit [link deleted]

Patricia will be co-leading this powerful training program with Barb David and Curtis Mitchell.

Barbara David is a certified instructor for Taking It Lightly, a psychologist, and very wise woman. She has over fifteen years of experience with Taking It Lightly and Renewal, as well as training in hypnosis and other modalities.

Curtis Mitchell, Advanced Rolfer and Bioresonant Energy Worker, has been a student and teacher of metaphysics for over forty years. His expertise in working with the body, as well as the spirit, for emotional healing work is among the best. Curtis will share his wisdom and skills for dealing with healing energy on levels rarely included or considered in weekend personal growth programs.

This training program will include:

o Emotional Intelligence research and concepts
§ How the brain and body and emotions work together

o Understanding the differences between trauma wounds and emotional issues

o Guidelines for emotional process work with trauma survivors

o Dealing with Flashbacks

o Process work experiences with debriefing opportunities

o Resources
§ Foundations for safe trauma therapy
§ Bibliography
§ Web resources

Anyone who is facilitating emotional process work - "guts" work, shadow work - or who works in bodywork or energywork (massage, Reiki, acupuncture and other modalities) will find this training to be invaluable.

Cost: $495 [overpriced?] program fee, $275 for lodging [matress on floor?] and meals [starvation diet?]

We have purposely priced this event as low as possible to support the leaders and trainers of emotional process work (Guts, ShadowWork, CarpetWork, EnergyWork) in attending.

Highly recommended pre-course reading: Waking the Tiger, Peter Levine

What to bring:

• casual, comfortable clothes

• a journal or notebook

• all of your questions about emotional process work and energy work - such as how safe is it, where to get support after having mind screwed during weekend, what to do if thoughts of suicide occur afterwards, etc., etc.

• common sense

• background knowledge of dangerous / ill-informed psychotherapy

• etc.

** Please send the following information with your deposit:

· Name, age, residence
· What motivated you to enter into this type of work?
· In what formats/venues have you practiced emotional release/process work?
· Have you personally experienced trauma? If so,

o When (year, your age at the time), what happened?

o what work have you done on this and with whom?

The following excerpts from "Sierra Tucson's Model for Trauma Treatment" by Bill Coleman, LMSW, TEP speak to the work we will be doing in this training.

The work of healing trauma involves a very gentle and slow process of first building trust and safety, along with attempts to express openly what can be remembered. Trauma is damaged memory, both declarative and emotional (or implicit and explicit). Trauma victims can remember the facts of their lives but without any affect; or, they are overpowered by affect and cannot connect the feelings with any facts; or both.

We now know that the hippocampus, which works closely with the medial prefrontal cortex and is the locus of initial memory processing and retention, has been damaged by traumatic stress. It has shrunk. Though trauma is not the only stress which impairs the hippocampus, think of it as a flash drive that has been pounded by a hammer. Whatever information comes back out is going to be horribly scrambled. Further, damage to the hippocampus from traumatic stress can not only cause memory problems, it can also impair new learning. Researchers in Complex Post-Traumatic Stress refer to the trauma sufferer as having shifted from a learning brain to a survivor brain. Attached to the hippocampus is a tiny little knob called the amygdala, which acts as a gateway for information processing and for triggering survival responses throughout the brain. It has also been damaged by traumatic stress and has, in fact, increased in size, further compounding the problem. In consort with the hippocampus, the amygdala, in the trauma sufferer, is prone to constantly trigger a survival response, whether one is appropriate or not. There are many other areas of the brain that are impacted and damaged by traumatic stress. For example, there are disconnects to the Broca's area of the brain, which manages speech production and is involved with organizing hierarchies of behaviors. The upshot is that traumatic stress produces essential survival responses that evolve into dysfunctional behaviors.

Balance the central nervous system which has been thrown into chaos by traumatic intrusions helps to further complement the healing. Once all of these processes have begun, the brain and nervous system begin to heal themselves. We now know there is such a thing as neurogenesis, where the brain actually creates new cells. We also know about neuroplasticity, where the brain will begin to create new pathways to compensate for damaged ones. It is something akin to how our cardiovascular system will develop ancillary blood flow to compensate for areas of impaired flow. It is miraculous for a trauma therapist to witness this happening in a patient and to be part of that healing.

David Grove in his work with trauma survivors identified T-1, the moment prior to the experience of trauma, and the importance of creating enough safety to bring the dissociated aspect of the survivor back from T-1 to the realization that they have survived. This piece of healing work creates a different outcome which allows the shift out of survival responses and into more functional, present-time behaviors.

Grove also made a distinction between issues and wounds. Understanding this distinction can be critical to avoiding re-traumatization and further wounding, especially in the context of weekend programs doing emotional process work.

We invite you to join us, develop your awareness, and receive tools to help you elegantly heal hearts!

Patricia Clason, Your "Everyday EQ Coach"
Trainer, Author, Television and Radio Host
Author of Speaking of Success with Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard

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Re: Mankind Project - Cock Talk
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Date: December 18, 2009 05:45AM

Cock Talk Preparation

Empowering Intent:

Get energy up as New Brothers support each other having some outrageous fun in throwing off shame and social inhibitions.

They also get effortlessly undressed for Cocktalk.

Energy Embodiment:

We get playful with wild abandon, even totally silly yet with sober intention. We can hold both energies.


___ Dance music: tape or CD

Note: At this point in the training the men have been sitting doing "mission" and now will move into another sitting and talking situation, therefore the dance serves several functions: Gets the men up and moving their bodies. Having some playful fun. Risking some new behavior. Gets them in the proper undress for Cocktalk.


1. Make sure room has been secured for privacy.
2. Room has adequate warmth.
3. The music has been queued up and ready to go.

Men Love to Dance:

1. Leader says: "We invite you into a conversation about men's bodies and sexuality." Then suggest; "Let's get into our dancing cloths from last night." And to do so he invites the men to stand up and get ready for an ancient experience of men dancing. He will be glad to lead and demonstrate.

2. Music often includes 2 to 5 minutes of good old rock and roll like "Jonny B. Good" or "Good Lov'n". (5 minutes of hard rock'n is
usually enough!)

3. Leader and staff men model taking cloths off to the music, can be wild and playful.

4. When everyone appears sufficently energized and naked, invite men to get cushions and sit in circle. Cock Talk begins immediately.

Note: Any man may refuse to take off his clothing off. Let there be no coercion, he joins the circle.

Intro to Cock Talk:

We live in a society which believes that sexuality is counter to spiritual growth and that discipline, will power and the fear God should be used to suppress all sexual desires. We therefore have few, if any, role models of healthy sexual expression. Without these role models and without healthy boundaries, sexuality has essentially been relegated to the Shadow. Sexual expression from Shadow is no longer a conscious, natural
choice. Often times it becomes the inappropriate acting out of an obsession, dysfunction or wound. This acting out has resulted in widespread abuse, shame and pain.

Our intention as New Warriors is to re integrate sexuality into our total being and together rediscover its true role in our spiritual and personal development. As we do with feelings, we might look to our bodies for some clues to the true role of male sexuality. Doing this, we see a penis which can stand tall and hard and serve to give pleasure and bring forth life itself. We can also see a penis that can be soft and very vulnerable to pain and be of service in the most humble of ways.

To bring sexuality out of Shadow, to be owned, enjoyed and celebrated and to be free to share its true gifts with ourselves and others; we
start here. By sharing our shame and pain around sexual issues. By honoring the struggle that each of us has endured in our battle with Shadow sexuality.

Empowering Intent:

To create a safe and sacred space for sexual sharing and healing. Men learn that they feel the same shame as almost all other men. This opening evolves into true clarity about love and intimacy.

Energy Embodied:

We can feel playful, yet seriously respectful around this often frightening subject.


Don't promote / don't put down.
Share the pain and shame; not the story.
Don't laugh when you want to cry.

1. Open with some sex jokes to loosen them up, then flip it on them. "This is what we men do ƒ³ we joke about our sexuality. This may be the closest men come to talking about sex. It's time to change this pattern."

2. Read the "Intro to Cock Talk" (see previous page) to let men know that we truly want to heal our sexuality. This sets a cognitive context which makes the container a little safer.

3. Discussion leader introduces the "cock talking stick", call it Phallos the sacred erect cock. "We will use this Phallos as our talking stick. You must be holding it to speak, and speak from the heart." (have fun with this)

4. Staffmen: (2 to 4 max.) Tell your story if it is appropriately instructional and will serve as a model for open sharing of sexual issues.
Do not let the staff stories get too long and take over. Keep them brief. Model with feelings and brief "I" statements.

5. Leaders then asks if there are any New Brothers who would like to let go of something or clam something about his sexuality to do so now in front of his brothers. (Encourage the men to raise hands when they have felt strongly the same way. This signals to the man talking and others that this is a common experience. This can prove very reassuring for men to learn that that are not alone.

Teaching Themes:

1. Sacred Phalos:

The god between your legs.
Can feel frightening in its power and potential for power.
Cock power as life giving only when hard and thrusting.

2. Masculinity & femininity:

Different models of intimacy.
Women love to be with powerful men.

3. Homoerotic Feelings:

I can love a man without feeling sexual.
Homophobia fear around sex and intimacy confusion.

4. Intimacy:

Fucking vs. "making love".
The way to intimacy is not through sex but through communication from the heart


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Re: Mankind Project - Doesn't Discourage Gay Sex
Posted by: SeekingTruth ()
Date: December 18, 2009 05:52AM

MKP IS about seeking gay sex from initiates ...

And rememver that MKP also runs a 'boys for men' programme ...

This is one report of an MKP leader seeking sex from an initiate;


At the NWTA, I left the sweat lodge half way. I didn't like it. It was too hot and I couldn't breathe. I don't know what happened after
I left, if there was any ordered fondling or not.

When I left the sweat lodge I was very cold. It was November and I was naked. I wanted to put my clothes on and the leaders wouldn't
let me. They told me I had to remain naked. They nudged me towards the lodge and told me I had to stand there next to it with my feet
touching it so that I could "feel the energy inside." I was wet and cold and I was freezing. I wanted to warm myself by the fire but
they wouldn't let me. I complained constantly and eventually they let me warm myself by the fire almost when the sweat was over.

A week after my NWTA a MKP member approached me to have sex with him. I complained to the leaders about this and they said, "just say
no." Other members found out and were a little upset because this violated the MKP ethics policy about having sex with new initiates.

MKP members must wait 6 months before approaching new initiates for sex, as their policy states.

BTW, I'm straight, married with children. The leaders acknowledged that the policy was violated but did nothing to this man and once again
put the burden of inforcing this rule on myself by telling me just to say no. They passed the buck.

A couple of leaders told me of some penis activities that their I-Groups do. I considered by how they said it to be an invitation to
join them. These activities were not really sexual in nature but more like what 9 year old boys would do together. Who was the
biggest? Pee the farthest? etc. were these types of activities. I wasn't interested in any of this since I already did stuff like this
when I was 9 and GREW UP since then to become an adult!

I did see a few naked men hug. I never staffed a NWTA but I did hang out at several to watch the activities. I saw nude men hug.
Sometimes it was a sideways hug sometimes it was front to front. I keep my eyes above the waist when I saw that. One nude leader wanted
to hug me after a brothers' dance. I was naked too. He approached me for a frontal hug. He was very overweight so I wasn't concerned
about any contact below the waist, so I gave him the hug. He seemed like a nice guy. I did hug him before when we were both clothed.

Months later that same man asked me if I loved him. I said yes. He then said he wanted to masturbate with me. I told him I wasn't
interested in sex with him. He said it wasn't sex but male bonding. I soon quit MKP after this happened.

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Re: Mankind Project - [Abusive anti]Trust Walk
Posted by: SeekingTruth ()
Date: December 18, 2009 06:00AM

As stated already, some men in MKP go through the rebirthing, or "birth canal" process, as they call it most likely to avoid the APA ruling against it and the two states what have outlawed it.

However, ALL men in MKP are reborn into the organization. All men go through another rebirthing process.

The trust walk symbolizes a rebirth in MKP. Prior to this event the man is instructed to take off his clothes, all except shoes (sometimes) and a bandana around his neck. Glasses are then taken away from those who wear them. The men are told to hold hands with the man next to them and not let go. The leaders then come around and take the bandanas and place them over the eyes of the men to be used as blind folds so that they can see. At this point the men are in the "womb."

We are then told that if we let go of the man next to us we would die.

After over 24 hours of MKP and their psychological processing including mass hypnosis and brainwashing I believed what they said. At this point I was totally at MKP's will. I truly believed that I was going to die if I let go of the man next to me.

While on the trust walk, we are lead around outdoors in the dark and blindfolded. The staff members hit us on the backs and rear ends with sticks, yelled at us we would die and tried to break apart our hands. I can't speak for every man there but the man who I was holding on to me thought he
might die too. I was never so terrified in my whole life.

Symbolically this represents going through the birth canal for MKP.

Some babies live and some babies die. The strong ones live.

Mind you this nude outdoor death march is done at the NWTA. These weekends are at off peak times for camps which means the fall and
winter. Naked men are taken outdoors even in snowy winters in Minnesota for the trust walk.

When we got to the end and it was time for us to let go, I refused to do so, I thought they were trying to trick me so they could kill me. I truly believed that I was about to die. I screamed. The man that was holding on to me was too afraid to let go also. He cussed out the staff that was
trying to break us apart. They eventually pulled us apart after a bit of a stuggle.

At that point someone screamed at me and pulled down my blindfold. I then felt my rear end being slapped. I screamed and I was pushed into a room of almost 100 naked men screaming and dancing.

According to MKP at this point you are reborn into the organization. The trust walk is going through the birth canal. Then the "ass slapper" spanks you hard on your rear end. This symbolizes the doctor pulling you out of your mother and then spanking your rear end.

The blindfold it pulled down so you can see again. And what now do you see? You see your new life, your rebirth in MKP.

I was standing there shocked. There was a large fire in the center of the room. It looked like some kind of sterno in large buckets.

Naked men surrounded me, dancing screaming at me. Other naked men were pounding on drums in a feverish pace. I was terrified. Some
men I recognized from other parts of the weekend. Other men were new. MKP invites all members to attend a brothers' dance. Many extra men who weren't on staff came to join in the nude dancing.

I didn't know what to do. Some men guided me to the dancing. They took my arm. They didn't yank or pull my arm hard. At this point I was so shocked I could have been lead around easily. The dancing continued around the fire. You almost had to dance. If you didn't you would have been bumped into by the other men who were ringing the fire with their spastic dancing.

The drums got louder and louder. The shouts got louder and louder and the dancing got faster and faster. At the point where the room was going to bridge into hysteria, if it wasn't there already, someone rang a gong and the music, dancing and shouts came to an abrupt stop.


The leaders then welcomed us as new brothers. They informed us that we are members of MKP now. We passed the test of the trust walk.

The rest of the ceremony consisted of us being renamed with our MKP animal name. This symbolized parents naming their new born child.

This is then followed by us receiving our talisman, which is symbolic of a scrotum filled with two stones that symbolizes two testicles.

Now in MKP we are a real man. In our prior life, before the NWTA, we lost our "balls." This is usally by women in our lives who took our balls away from us. In MKP we have regained our balls and also regained our "sacred masculinity."

Thus the purpose of MKP.

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: mclamped ()
Date: December 19, 2009 09:46PM

I'm new to this forum. Back about 7 years ago I went through an NWTA in southern California. Since then I have been doing anything possible to discourage other men from making the same mistake of attending the MKP weekend. I am also fairly active in the ex-mkp yahoo group. The last few days I have been going over the post here in this thread and it is much as I expected. Many people expressing concerns and some defending the organization. It is my belief that MKP should be disbanded. Whatever good the organization has done is far out weighed by the dangers it presents. MKP loves to be honored for the help they have given men, but accepts no accountability for the harm they have done. They have their own language they use to blame everyone else to escape responsibility for their own short comings. My story is much the same as others posted here. I enjoy spirited debate with MKP apologist. Most of the MKP supporters need to go back to their i-group for an opinion. They are like a big stepford community, all trying to take on the same personality. Many of the MKP supporters here are in fact the same person. Crit is in fact Floating free bear, he is also active in the ex-mkp yahoo group. Anyway I just wanted to check in and express my opinion that MKP is in fact very dangerous and should be avoided. These men are more intrested in emptying your pockets than saving your soul.

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: Christa ()
Date: December 20, 2009 10:24AM

Seeking Truth, thank you for your highly informative posts. Material like this is extremely valuable.

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: WTG1999 ()
Date: December 29, 2009 03:13AM

...Sad...True sadness sweeps over as I feel small mind only allowing such a distorted view of a fantastic Healing Process... Did You ever attend a training?...A true New Warrior Training Weekend?... If so and you had some of these ?horror's? performed on you, that is my sadness...for you. My Experiance was one of Awared Grace and BeautyWalk Co-Connection...10 years ago. So much the better human I am in the Now as I allow shadows to be seen and honored and Healed... If You went thru the process and had a "Bummer" than my Heart is sad that things were not in the Ready for acceptance by You or a "Definate not normal' / as in my experiance occured? I have 1st timed -staffed multiple times and been a man of service to aid in the Highly Recommended Beyond words -Clearance-Get Real Life-Wake Up to Love yourself; Experiance. !NO Cult except in the mind of the beholder- Free will abides in All Ways at All Times and my sense is that not All things fit as properly as "Hoped" i.e. Whoever was complaining, simply~ Was Not Ready~- Blessings to You and Blessings to MKP as the World TRUELY NEEDS every Intiated Man to Step up and Be the Healer if only in Allowing and Aiding the Power of Positive Intention.../^\

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Re: Mankind project
Posted by: SeekingTruth ()
Date: December 29, 2009 03:43AM

...Sad...True sadness sweeps over as I feel small mind only allowing such a distorted view of a fantastic Healing Process... Did You ever attend a training?...A true New Warrior Training Weekend?... If so and you had some of these ?horror's? performed on you, that is my sadness...for you. My Experiance was one of Awared Grace and BeautyWalk Co-Connection...10 years ago. So much the better human I am in the Now as I allow shadows to be seen and honored and Healed... If You went thru the process and had a "Bummer" than my Heart is sad that things were not in the Ready for acceptance by You or a "Definate not normal' / as in my experiance occured? I have 1st timed -staffed multiple times and been a man of service to aid in the Highly Recommended Beyond words -Clearance-Get Real Life-Wake Up to Love yourself; Experiance. !NO Cult except in the mind of the beholder- Free will abides in All Ways at All Times and my sense is that not All things fit as properly as "Hoped" i.e. Whoever was complaining, simply~ Was Not Ready~- Blessings to You and Blessings to MKP as the World TRUELY NEEDS every Intiated Man to Step up and Be the Healer if only in Allowing and Aiding the Power of Positive Intention.../^\

YOU ARE AN APOLOGIST FOR A DANGEROUS MONEY GRABBING CULT. Why don't you answer the points of concern in this thread. All you give is MKP-speak - which is the first sign of a cult. You use cult-speak and words that only the inducted fully understand and that outsiders cannot. You're a waste of space and a waste of time. ST. P.S. And you cannot spell.

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