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Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael - Need Info
Posted by: member ()
Date: October 26, 2006 01:13PM


I am a member of Royal Way and have read all of Michael’s letters, and what you are saying is a lie. There is no phrase “charity is evil” in any of the letters. It is also idiotic to think anyone would be against giving to charity. The issue in the letter you refer to, which is obviously beyond your understanding, is regarding the WORD “charity.” Royal Way members give more to charity than most other people.

And who are you to demand that Royal Way post its private teachings on the internet for you to say okay or not okay. The nicest thing I can say to you is grow a brain.

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Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael - Need Info
Posted by: SMcCafferty ()
Date: October 26, 2006 01:54PM

I'm new to this blog, but I attended a wedding this past weekend and was a little taken aback by the groom's mom reading some letter from a guy named Michael talking about levels of chakra this and levels of chakra that..i was dumbfounded and looked around at the people attending noticing two guys standing in the back with their eyes closed and rocking to an fro throughout the reading of this letter #38 or some nonsense....i was very intrigued when i heard "The Royal Way" group mentioned in the speech from the groom's mom. All i can say after reading this entire blog that it seems to me to be a bunch of Happy Horse S...T!!!!!

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Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael - Need Info
Posted by: Anon1234 ()
Date: October 26, 2006 10:42PM

SMcCafferty: The letter I read talked about "chakra", but it was unclear to me how this all played in the Michael's profit plan. The ostensible purpose is that it is a tool to keep followers engaged for longer periods of time and thus they provide more profit to Michael. I asked RW members to discuss this in a previous post of mine, but they have ignored my request.

It was only a matter of time before Royal Way members would use the feeble tactic of calling our posts here lies--but at the same time refusing to post the document in question! Again, a non-information post by RW. Oh, how clever...NOT. You RW members are not fooling anyone but yourselves.

Why don't you RW members actually post something informative and tell us, in sufficient detail, all about "chakra"? That way, I don't have to draw my own conclusions... Or is "chakra" a secret too?

To All: How common it is for legitimate churches to have "private teachings", which are kept secret to non-members?

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Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael - Need Info
Posted by: Trumpet ()
Date: October 27, 2006 06:32AM

Chakras are nothing new ... in fact, you can type "chakra" into a google search or go to Wikipedia, and find a whole slew on Chakras.

Eastern in origin (Upanishads) there are also similarities in kabbalism and Sufism.

I do not remember a whole lot of mention of Chakras in Royal Way, possibly because I was turned off to the way "New Agers" (not of Royal Way) had turned "chakras" into the latest "soap on a rope."

Unfortunately, I do not remember that letter very well, but just had to laugh at "SMcCafferty's" story about the two men in the back of the room with their eyes closed, rocking back and forth .... obviously, they were in a deeply meditative state ... I guess we should be happy for them.

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Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael - Need Info
Posted by: hal ()
Date: October 27, 2006 12:00PM

Here's the correct information:

Royal Way...[located at] SANTA MONICA BLVD [...]

[b:e7d92b841a][Editor's note--don't include specific addresses here or phone numbers unless listed in publicly by the group][/b:e7d92b841a]

Thank you Veronica for trying to give them the correct information after you accidently gave me the wrong information. I asked for my membership and my post be removed from this board.


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Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael - Need Info
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: October 27, 2006 08:14PM


You wish to be banned from the board?

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Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael - Need Info
Posted by: Another Member ()
Date: October 31, 2006 12:55PM


I too am a member of Royal Way. I have been reading the unspeakable lies about Royal Way that you and a few others have posted on this website. I chose not to respond because I did not want to be a part of such unpleasant, low level interactions.

But I can no longer remain silent. What is this strange obsession of yours? You keep spewing this nonsense about Michael and a profit plan. You don’t know Michael. You don’t know anything about his finances. As a matter of fact, Michael gives everything he earns, not only to Royal Way, but also to individuals. You say you asked RW members to discuss this and we have ignored it. We haven’t ignored it. We said no.

Don’t you get it? We don’t care what you think about Royal Way. We are not looking for your “stamp of approval.” Royal Way has been doing retreats for 25 years to the benefit of hundreds and hundreds of people. You pop up on this website and demand we post Michael’s letters and supply you with financial information. Who are you to demand anything?

And who made you the authority on what is a legitimate church? Who are you to pass judgment? You actually think your opinion in this context means anything?

This is my only response. Say what you want. It’s all yours. I’m done with you.

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Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael - Need Info
Posted by: sdcfish ()
Date: October 31, 2006 02:54PM


If you look back a few months back, you would see my original posts asking for help to find out more about this group. I have just come back and have read 4 pages of testimony and I am shocked.

I am begging anyone for help. I am in now way an expert in "CULTS" and have no training on brainwashing or de-programming people.

This group or it's teachings have kidnapped the lives of so many. Lucky are the few that escape the mind controlling teachings that have been so well expressed here today.

Thanks to good friends of mine in high places, I have discovered that Michael is a complete phony. I have read he claims to hold PHD degrees, and is a licensed Rabbi. The truth is that he is merely licensed Marriage Councelor....period.

This brought some interesting concern. I also read that Michael had started Royal Way....Jacumba with his patience. I am also told by legal experts that this is highly illegal and is criminal.

It's no surprise that he drives very expensive cars, and justifies his wealth to his members as a means of radiating wealth to his members.

There are people currently in RW that can't get out phsycologically, and have left their families by the wayside. Husbands, Wifes, Brothers and Sisters, everyone is effected.

People so dedicated to this group can only see one vision, but I do feel that Michael is losing his touch. His edge. His faith in his followers is fading. He is making mistakes all the time and more and more each day.


I also ask current members to think for themselves and look for contradictions in his teachings. I know about his teachings, Cause vs Victims..."there are no victims"....but yet he has claimed he was wronged, or let down. Doesn't he say that people can "only do there best"? But yet, he condems those who fall out of his group or teachings.

I could go on and on...but what I am really hoping for is for someone or some legal organization to expose this person Michael, and his group to save the ones I LOVE and so many others that have lost their families.

I am basically pleading for someone here, hopefully to hear my fears and bring this group to an end so more people are not taken advantage of and can have the opportunity to get out, before it's too late and too damaged.

Hear my cries!


By the way....I have no reason to lie about anything I have said...this is truly from the heart and I hope something I have said may strike a nerve for anyone so deeply involved! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!SAVE YOURSELF! Get some time away...just to you can put some perspective on things.

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Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael - Need Info
Posted by: Groom ()
Date: November 01, 2006 08:19AM

SMcCafferty, I’m the groom in the wedding you made reference to in your posting. We didn’t have any guests by that name at our wedding so I can only assume it is an alias. My bride and I graciously invited our friends and families to our wedding to share in our love and happiness in getting married. Royal way is a part of our lives that have improved our relationship with our parents, friends, and importantly with each other so of course it will be a part of the wedding. The piece my mom read was an esoteric piece that on a basic level said that you need to bring power and passion to your love and that the quality of the love should change as we grow older and mature together. My mom’s heart was in the right place she just picked something to read that was so esoteric that it was hard for everyone including me to understand. It’s not the first time some relative at a wedding did something screwy.

What upsets my bride and I, is that we have to see our wedding dragged through a public internet blog. Your understanding and opinion of Royal Way is frankly irrelevant to me especially because it, most likely, affects you so minimally. What is important to me is how mean your posting was to us, that you felt the need to make our wedding day a controversial public display on a blog that doesn’t have a clue to what Royal Way is, and is generally hostile towards Royal Way. You basically announced to the world that my bride and I are idiots full of HAPPY HORSE S_ _T behind our backs, nice. You could have said, the food was great, the bride and groom looked so happy and were laughing with joy throughout the ceremony, the music and dancing was great, etc. This was all true. You didn’t say any of this, the one thing you publish on the internet is nasty. We don’t have a clue to who you are because, you never talked to us directly, just slammed us anonymously, these are not the actions of a friend or someone that cares. We invited our friends and family to share in our wedding which was filled with fun, joy, happiness, and our love. Whether you are a friend or family you have behaved as an insensitive, self centered ingrate. I’m disappointed we invited you to be a part of, and share in, a night that was very special to us.

The Groom

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Royal Way/Jacumba/Ranch/Michael - Need Info
Posted by: SMcCafferty ()
Date: November 01, 2006 09:20AM

I wasn't a guest of your wedding...i was there at the Olympic Gardens...and heard the speech and saw the rocking back an forth...sorry to upset you an your new bride....i just was intrigued by the Royal Way mention. Please accept my apologies, I'm sure you two will have a long and prosperous life with our without Michael.

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