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Posted by: Clive ()
Date: August 27, 2013 06:43AM


After having followed this forum for the past year or so. I've finally plucked up the courage to post something...

I no longer attend Struthers and haven't done so for some years. My experience of this Church was like many other peoples - firstly very positive, then as I learned more and imbibed the teachings the negatives began to become all too apparent…

The positive - I was baptised in the Holy Spirit inStruthers, felt a closeness with God that I'd never previously known. I found a desire to pray and an inner joy that I hadn't
really found in my Christian walk up until that point.

However... in common with many on this forum, my experience was in attending the Cumbernauld branch and various outreach meetings. I don't know about other branches, but as others have suggested 'Cumbernauld' is ruled (and I mean RULED!) by one person and woe betide you if you disagree with her on anything !

In my experience anything that was said in a "Bible" study that didn't correlate 100% with her view meant you were to be looked on as suspicious at best, or seriously rebellious at worst.

This meant that for at least the duration of the next meeting (possibly the next two or three meetings) dirty looks were, at periodic intervals, thrown your way.

If you're really bad the preaching starts being directed at you. Now, most people would think that any sensible person would laugh-off this childish behaviour, but anyone who has been in Struthers knows it's not so easy. You feel very isolated - this, in my view, is to do with the subtle brainwashing that occurs probably within the first month of regular attendance at meetings. I found that very quickly I came to believe the following (which is time and time again reinforced):

* Struthers is the best Church in the UK (if not the world!), all others are full of compromise and backsliding
* The Church leader in your branch is the best in the Struthers movement
* You MUST be obedient to your leader in all things
* There is no hope for you spiritually if you leave

No wonder it becomes so difficult for people to leave...

Apologies if some of this is just repeating what others have said. I will post some more soon.

I hope this has been helpful for anyone currently attending. There is hope - you CAN be free.

God bless


Although I finished last time by saying to those still "in" that they can be free. I'm still working through the proccess myself and that after 10 years of being away from the place.

It gets so deep into your being and there is more pain and hurt now coming to the surface than I realised was there. I think this forum is helping many people to realise that there are so many of us with similar experiences, we can't all be wrong... we can't all be evil personified! (can we?!)

With regard to the Cumbernauld leader I don't think anything will be done as she is too close to the overall leader of the "movement".

However, I agree with you, Mandrake, that if i was a leader in say, the Gorebridge or Edinburgh fellowships - which have received very little exposure on this
forum - I would be VERY unhappy at the picture being painted of Struthers churches.

Imagine a potential convert comes along to your church and feels it to be a friendly fellowship, and is happy with the preaching and the warmth of the leaders, then goes home and Googles "Struthers".

They'll find this forum and never return.

Now... in one way that's a good thing because they won't go to camps and have to face what many of us have had to face…
but what if the leader doesn't follow the EXTREME Struthers way (as practiced by the Cumbernauld leader and occasionally by others in the West of the country), what can they do?

If the overall leader of the movement won't do anything about the Cumbernauld leader, then if I was them I think I'd be looking for another church grouping to affiliate with.

However... even if these leaders are not as extreme as the Cumbernauld "pastor"mentioned, I don't think they will follow my advice -
why? Well, if they've been "pickled" in the Struthers way they may not be able to accept that Struthers is not God's only true church.
[They could always be prayed with by the overall leader to make all the nastiness go away!]

I know that there are some on this forum who believe every branch leader has been trained in the same way and believes exactly the same things, and so there would never be any possibility of a split in the church. But I am not absolutely certain of that. In fact,as I understand it, there was a split in the Gorebridge congregation in the late 1990's and this caused Struthers to almost lose the building. Is there anyone who could confirm that?

I think the "discernment" issue is a big one. The Cumbernauld leader controls the church by fear, this is NOT a goldly fear, but a fear of what she might reveal about you. The atmosphere in that church is so unhealthy and the deference to the leadership ridiculous. Apart from the "God's true Church" teaching, I think the reason people stay is all about the anointing and the presence of God.

This is a vast subject... but what I have learned is that anointing does NOT guarantee that the truth is being taught and the presence of God (as experienced in Struthers) does NOT guarantee that truth is being taught. I believe the presence of God and the anointing come from spending a lot of time in prayer with God. But...In my experience, God doesn't teach you theology in prayer times! Your beliefs can be heretical, your ideas of how a church should operate can be majorly skewed, the way you deal with people can be ungracious and unfeeling. You can use the anointing for your own ends. I believe - and I know many here believe - that some of the Struthers leaders have a serious problem in these areas.


I do genuinely question whether some experiences I had in struthers were from God or whether it was psychological manipulation. Another point of agreement is that I have often wondered whether the anti-pentecostal groups are right. Fortunately my faith now is built on the Word of God and not on any experiences I have had be they at struthers or any other church. (Sorry haven't yet embraced atheism!). Twice in your contribution you used the phrase "you people" suggesting there was a lot of support for my views when actually NO ONE posted ANY support for my statements whatsoever!


I do know the history of the Cumbernauld church and recognise that DR has been trained in the Struthers way by previous generations of leaders. I noticed you didn’t mention Mr Black as being involved in her training, but as she tells the story, at one point he spent a lot of time mentoring her... However, in later years I believe he may have had some reservations about her ministry style. (I might expand on that at some point in the future).

The issue I want to focus on is your comment on the discernment of the Cumbernauld leader as being the most accurate of all the struthers leaders. This was certainly championed in Cumbernauld, often while “preaching” she would speak about what she called “Mr Black’s drum roll” which was the fact that she could see people’s spiritual condition just by looking at them. She also knew what specific sins they had indulged in and what they needed deliverance from. In addition she would also get “words of knowledge” about specific situations. I personally believe she may have some gifting in “words of knowledge” but am very suspicious as to the extent of her discernment. CovLass has shared her testimony as to how DRs discernment can be way off beam. I’d like to share another story which shows a complete lack of discernment.

(Note: I am absolutely convinced of the truth of this story however I am not person “A”. Person “A” told me this to warn me about person “B”. Knowing person “B” as I do, I have very little doubt that the flowing is true…)

Person “A” goes to Struthers in Cumbernauld but doesn’t have a car. Person “B” regularly gives “A” a lift to the meetings. “A” and “B” become relatively good friends. “A” likes “B” but is a little concerned because “B” seems very close to DR. “A” has no major problem with DR at this stage but is not ready to tell DR all their weaknesses and struggles. Tentatively “A” tells “B” one or two areas in which they are struggling a little – nothing too detailed or too revealing (just general issues like struggling to spend enough time in prayer, etc). In the next week or so “A” notices that the issues mentioned to “B” seem to come up in the “preaching” but the “preaching” doesn’t appear to be specifically directed at “A”. So unsure, “A” sets a trap and decides to tell “B” that she has a major sin problem. Deliberately picking an issue that she has absolutely no problem with whatsoever; she ‘confides” in “B” telling “B” how the issue grips “A” but that she’s not ready to go for prayer for it yet. Sure enough “B” spills the beans to DR and “A” goes along to the church the following Sunday and waits… “A” is subjected to a sermon directed pretty much solely at them, DR rants and raves about the evils of this particular sin, (which “A” has absolutely no interest in) and on this occasion “A” tries to look a bit guilty!!

Where was her discernment?

Hi Clive

I think the story I’ve just related may suggest someone could be in the “naked emperor” category. What do you think?

I would agree that many people become more humble and more open minded when they leave struthers. If you’d had to work in the same place as me when I was going to struthers I’m sure you’d have thought that I was a raving fundamentalist who was full of myself, with no concern or compassion for anyone else. It was all about my spiritual well-being. I’m embarrassed when I think about it now… Now I recognise “oranges are not the only fruit”!

I also agree with much of what you say about the isolationist emphasis in struthers and the fact that many people don’t realise that “presence experiences” as you called them, happen in other Pentecostal and charismatic churches too.

It is an interesting point you make about powerfully experiencing the “presence of god” in a giant mosque. This is why, as I said before, I wouldn’t base my faith on experience (which can involve all sorts of strange practices to make people feel things and can include, for example, mass hypnotism), but instead squarely on the teachings of Scripture.


In regard to the public exposure of people and their sins, I believe Mr Black would have agreed with your point 100%. In my opinion, Mr Black was not against "words of knowledge" being used in meetings, as long as people weren't specifically identified. He was happy to see God move and people challenged to total committment. However, I think he was conscious of the dignity of the individual and the possible accusation of bullying. This area - that of identifying specific people - was one of the reservations he had about the ministry of Pastor Di. How do I know that? Well she admitted it in her preaching on at least one occasion saying and I roughly quote "Mr Black doesn't like it when I identify people in the company when I'm talking about specific issues".

As I wrote before, I believe Mr Black had real reservations over her ministry style and while he was around her platform speaking at conferences was VERY limited. I remember on one occasion she was asked to speak at a morning meeting and she was very impressive. Many people started going on about how wonderful she was - particularly the Cumbernauld people! So what did Mr Black do? During the evening meeting he spoke about the morning meeting and basically (in a very gracious way) told the people not to be concerned with the channel that God was using, it was not all about DR, but the focus must always be on God. He finished by admitting it had been a lovely occasion and that she would get a chance to speak again at the next camp. In my view, although he respected and endorsed her gifting, he didn't always like the way she did things and I think, often had words with her about it. (My view on this was formed with limited, but I believe compelling, source material - if I am proved to be wrong in this assessment I do apologise). Does anyone else have any insight on this?

What is the point of sharing this, anyway? Well, if the behaviour of one, or more, of the struthers leaders which was previously being kept in check, continues to get worse it is the people in struthers who will suffer and the church becomes even more "cult-like".

I was shocked at the post from Religionless about the wedding she attended, because one of the things struthers always used to be concerned about was their public perception. Mr Black was very conscious of the need to APPEAR reasonably "mainstream" - they always put on a good show for outsiders. Everyone was meant to think they were the perfect church - friendly, kind, caring and deeply spiritual - everything a good church should be. I think that to have had this kind of outburst at a public wedding would have been a step to far for leaders of a previous generation (as cbarb suggested). This tells me two things about the Cumbernauld leader: 1st - she is not being properly supervised; and 2nd - she cares more about her own agenda than the good of the so-called "movement".


I think your idea about note taking is a good one, and I hope some people in struthers start to do it. I think the problem will be that the prophetic words given are mostly generalisations, but hopefully if people pick out the specifics and then look back...

One previous prophetic word I would like to bring to the attention of everyone now attending the Cumbernauld church is the "10 Cities Prophecy" If you started attending struthers Cumbernauld before the mid-1990s you'll know what I'm talking about....

For everyone else... DR got up one Sunday night in the mid to late 1990's (sorry I don't recall the date or even the exact year) and excitedly preached this word that God had given her. She (yes DR!!) was going to be put in charge of ten cities. God had given her the Word (from Luke 19:17). I remember she was upset that people weren't getting more excited... this was AMAZING!!... God was raising her up over an entire region - the whole of lanarkshire, so it seemed. Of course it wasn't 10 literal cities, it was some towns and possibly some large villages accross the area. Well, we are now in 2012, and while there was no date put on this 'revelation' you would surely expect to see some sign of it coming to fruition by now. As I understand it two of these "cities" were to be Wishaw and Hamilton (struthers at one point had outreach meetings in both), at the time of my last contact with people in Cumbernauld there was NO ONE regularly coming to struthers in Cumbernauld from either Wishaw or Hamilton. As for some of the other places like Motherwell, I think there was 3 or 4 people attending. DR is still not known by 99.9% of people in lanarkshire and is most certainly not the spiritual leader of the region!

If you go to Struthers Cumbernauld... I have some questions... what do you think of the failure of this prophecy to come to pass? Are you still holding onto it for some point in the future? Is it one of the promises of God you are still praying through? Has it not come to pass so far because of a failure of the members to pray enough, or people like me who have been disloyal? How do you rationalise it? Is she a false prophet or isn't she?

Hi Calvary

I think you're right about Mr.Black's view of 'words of knowledge' and unfortuately, since his death, there is no-one left to supervise the way in which the current pastors use these 'words of knowledge'.

I'm reminded that good orators can incite crowds to riot and strange behaviours outside the church as well as inside. We only have to look at certain so called religious leaders who can incite young people to sacrifice their lives and those of the innocent, in the name of God.

I believe that, when dealing with people who claim to be visionaries, we must ALWAYS test those claims and question them. I know that there is no one in SMC who would agree with killing innocent people in the name of God but it happens because their leaders can 'talk a good game'. Politicians win elections by 'talking a good game' but seldom deliver on their promises.

The current congregation of SMC should view pastor Rutherford's claims as questionable and should be extrememly careful about believing something just because they are told it is the truth. In my view she is obviously an extremely good orator but that doesn't mean her claims are true and great care must be taken when being told to believe something blindly and with no questions. We have already read postings here by people who have been badly hurt by her lies about them from the pulpit and, in my view, if she is capable of lying about why some people no longer attend SMC then first and foremost she is NOT a godly person ("Thou shalt not lie") and secondly her quite evident self-agrandizing attitude has absolutely no back-up in the Bible (quite the opposite since pride is seen to be a sin in God's eyes).

The '10 cities' episode you mentioned did give me a bit of a hoot and I wonder why the congregation didn't get up and leave en-masse. This woman is a dreamer and is making her dreams out to be a revelation from God. I too have had lucid dreams about being in a certain place at a certain time and occassionally the incident has happened but these are dreams that we're all capable of having, the french call it deja vue (seen before). We are all essentially spirit when you remove the body which means that from time to time we may experience premonitions which later turn out to be true but that doesn't make us prophets, it's just part of the human phyche that allows our sub-concious minds to occassionally witness an event or a conversation or similar and it's a perfectly normal part of being a human being. For the most part these types of dreams don't actually come true and have no bearing what so ever on our walk with God.

I believe that when God gives someone a true revelation it will be for HIS glory and not for the glory of the orator and the very fact that Pastor Rutherford was saying that SHE would be lifted up over the '10 cities' puts her in the category of a dreamer but certainly does not put her in the category of being godly or a prophetess. She is a complete sham and charlattan by all the accounts I have read here and the current congregation need to be very VERY careful about what they choose to believe about this woman. Test her words, keep notes, ask questions, read what the bible has to say about true revelations and false prophets. ALL biblical prophets and prophetesses, whithout exception, gave God the full glory and remained humble and in subservience to Him and not to themselves.

As Clive has already pointed out, the woman needs to be approached with great caution and questions need to be asked. If questions are asked and not answered in a sufficient way this raises doubts and, where there are doubts, the questioner needs to research for themselves just how much of what this woman says is completely right and not just ambiguous statements. I for one would love to hear if any of what she has said from the pulpit is actually true, has she made true statements about members of the congregation which have not been heresay from one of her 'inner circle'. Remember, even if you tell someone something in confidence that person will not always keep your confidence. So, if you have been affected by her so called 'discernment' during a sermon then ask yourself, who in the church have I already spoken to about this?


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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: Clive ()
Date: August 27, 2013 06:44AM


I attended a wedding last week of two friends of mine in Cumbernauld and had to stop myself from walking out of the ceremony,

The female minister basically launched a character assassination of the bride.

The couple have a young baby and the entire ceremony was based around how they had had sexual relations before marriage, done everything in the wrong order but at least now they were putting things right, she even informed the congregation that the couple had been having problems but she wasn't going to tell everyone exactly what they were but the groom had to pray more !!!!

She then informed us that half of the marriages she had conducted had now split up and people dont take marriage seriously any more….

It was a sick parody of a wedding service and I was so angry that I came online to try and find out who the ministers church is and who her superiors are to make a complaint about her…..

instead I found this website and I'm absolutely shocked, I'd never heard of Struthers before, but everything I've read on hear is basically everything we witnessed at the wedding,

I am now seriously concerned for my friends and their young family.

I'm hoping that by showing this website to my friends they might gain some insight into Struthers.

One of the reasons that I was so appalled by the service is that the Church I was raised in had a proper old school Fire and Brimstone priest, he was known to refuse to marry a couple if he thought the Brides neckline was too low, but these are things he would sort out before the ceremony and the services would go ahead in the spirit of a wedding ceremony with the respect due to receiving the sacrament of marriage before God.

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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: Clive ()
Date: August 27, 2013 06:47AM


I am so glad to have found this website and comforted, in a sense, to discover that I haven't been alone in trying to recover from my SMC experience.

My husband was a long time member when I met him at work and joined in 1981.
We were married there in 1986 and many times since, I have even questioned whether or not our marriage was valid! I
was brought up Catholic. I was an ok person, happy go lucky and reasonably confident.
However I remember as a young person throwing out clothes after a sermon by MB on vanity. I remember cutting myself off from everything and continuing to feel a failure every time I left a meeting.

We went to meetings every night and I remember vividly being banned by DR for something horrible that she accused me of doing at ahouse meeting in Cumbernauld.
I know in my heart I hadn`t done this action. This resulted in me being taken to Greenock to be prayed with by HB.

Immense pressure was on our marriage and me personally, and ever since I have been treated for depression.
No counsellor has ever fully understood my hurt. Before our engagement I had to be given the once over by Miss T.
We never had the courtship nor the wedding we would have wanted.
We had a bridesmaid whom I didn`t even know and we had to have everything cross checked... guests/ honeymoon/ where we were going to live.

Awful! As a young married couple the pressure of meetings took its toll! and sex? Well that was taboo totally as well as any other normal life experiences.
When our daughter was born in 1990..we left.
No one contacted us and eventually all the contact we had was to sign of the covenant forms.

I was threatened by DR who told me that I was causing my husband to backslide and that I was demonised and would never be able to leave the church.

I believe there were sermons about us when we did leave. We are still together 25 years later.

However what a difficult journey it has been !

i CANT look at my wedding pictures without crying and remembering the confusion and hurt caused by all of them.

I remember my husband praying and praying and beating himself up praying for Gods forgiveness that we had been so bad!

I remember the camps the madness of seeing people do strange things because they had to.
I have flashbacks still and many unanswered questions.

I remember the Greenock meeting when HB announced that money had been lost in stocks and shares and I still wonder how the School , the shops and the buildings can be funded.

I have many hurts and unresolved issues and yet we are both respectable, professional people who are damaged beyond belief.
I see our children grown up now and I thank God that they had a normal childhood and will have normal courtships and fall in and out of love naturally.

Struthers ruined relationships and people. It cannot be right that people can be so brainwashed and made to live in fear of other human beings who assume the role of anointed leaders!

God alone should be our judge!


thank you for welcoming me.

I have been reminded over the past few days of more hurts and questions. T

he financial one has always bothered me. How can the church be running and funding a school of excellence staffed by church members ?.

So many members of the one family on the staff and all connected to SMC.
To me , again , it is an unhealthy control of money and people.

I worry about the children. Are they being groomed to attend SMC?

I dont understand how the loss of congregations money could have been fixed (that of the 80s financial fiasco) and in a real world no school should be staffed in such a controlled way.

Do other people not question or wonder about these issues or is that not allowed either in the SMC world?
It certainly was not allowed in our time there in the 80s to the 90s.


I may not come across as an intellectually spiritual person or as someone knowledgeable about spiritual things but I am a victim of Struthers teachings.

Professional, as I am, I was vulnerably taken in by everything said, under the guise of God`s word. Maybe..

I am literal, certainly not gullible, but very genuine and a reasonably good person,
I have been damaged for 25 years, since I left the place.

Made to think that I was so bad..
I ended up clinically depressed and have been on medication for most of my life.
I have never felt good about myself, have been haunted by flashbacks of sermons and words of cruelty said to me.

Insecurity has always been there and feelings of failure of inadequacy and of rejection.

These leaders are dealing with all sorts of people and have exerted damage beyond belief and repair.

Can`t they not see that they are causing damage and hurt to fellow human beings who trusted that under the guise of Godliness everything MUST be right??

Was I so naive? or did they just catch me because I was a good person?

What an impact they had on me! Damage beyond belief !I

WON`T get that time back.

I am not bitter, but I am wary and scared about what they are still doing to VULNERABLE decent people .


I continue to be glad when I read more posts and articles.

It can never be dismissed nor forgotten what innocent people have had to endure and suffer under the guise of "spirituality" and "godliness" of the SMC leaders.

I can only speak from what happened to me 25 years ago.. but the damage is still evident and tangible almost in the flashbacks, the dreams, the psychological impact of my negative and hurtful Struthers experience which has remained with me every day of my life.

Responsibility is a terrible thing, but these individual leaders surely must assume and accept the part they played (and continue to play) in affecting and damaging even
destroying the mental and emotional wellbeing of many genuine people of all ages.

The vulnerable, the innocent who would never dare question the word of God (i.e. the decisions/opinions/ orders and suggestions of the leaders).

People are being unfairly and wrongly duped into giving money, time, relationships, life....not to God.. but to a corrupt system called Struthers Memorial Church ( and connected school and shops).

I pray that more people will find the courage to speak up... to question and to ask for answers.

A basic right! The only people who can give the answers to the negative experiences posted are in fact the leaders.

God would have and does answer us.

The sign of a good leader is one who is humble, contrite and caring.
Why the silence?? does the truth hurt them too much? is it too sore to admit wrong doing?

I urge people affected to speak through this forum.

What a help it has been to me knowing that I am not alone in dealing with my mental and emotional disentanglement and freedom from a cult regime.

( re coming out )

I believe it is the wrong time to "come out " publicly because I know how dangerous the Struthers people are! I do think it may help if we accepted the legal advice given, and on hand, and had our facts and figures ready to share publicly. The school...with many staff not registered with the General Teaching Council??(register open to the public) The staff /ministers/ directors who are mostly related? The facts and figures that do not and never did tally? There are many questions which need answered. Why ? oh Why? do they not even try to defend themselves?

( on youtube )
DEAR seeking susan ... I agree.


D Rutherford almost ruined our marriage even then. Too much interference.. too many demands on time.. and money and eventually wrong accusations about me which have caused emotional damage over many years. Please read my previous posts. This woman is also a primary teacher which is worrying. I hope your friends survive and realise the good friend that they have in you. You should read the other articles available about SMC and the associated Cedars School of Excellence. It makes worrying and disturbing reading. These leaders..have never been trained as Ministers.. do not hold degrees in theology... have nothing except a terrible power over many innocent people like your dear friends. Thank you for reading... for speaking up. As you can see, many former damaged myself..have sought answers..have asked for responses from these" leaders". The answers never come.... They have too much to answer for. P


I believe that the vulnerability of human beings is played on and abused in Struthers. I believe that people can make themselves feel anything if they put their mind to it .Mind over matter, all human beings have probably experienced well-being and a sense of pleasure especially if they practice quiet meditation. Very often in Cumbernauld if you were seen to "resist" a "feeling" or not be demonstrative in your response i.e. pray louder in the tongues! or jump up and down! -you were deemed to be "working against God " or "not responsive". Many times I sat in meetings and witnessed hype!! I saw and heard the frantic mutterings of people worked up to a frenzy and I watched DR.... claim that God was moving. I saw her scare young children and older people into frenzied states under the guise that God was moving on them and through them. Now I know it was never the case. It was Diana Rutherford moving and working others up with her. It is dangerous. Making people imagine things or worse making people feel that they were bad and hardened to God, because they felt nothing, is and was cruel. I DONT believe that God is working through these leaders at all. If he is... then why does he have favourites? why does he practice nepotism? why does he allow a school to be staffed by so many people from the one or two families? why do these "anointed" leaders continue to act in a despicable manner e.g. at a recent wedding?? why have they not got their finances in order? and why? oh why? does he not encourage them to answer the questions raised on this forum? OH! I forgot .. no-one in Struthers was ever allowed to ask these basic questions. We all had to accept blindly. We are not making up untruths. We were duped and tricked into giving our time and our money. How else can we feel? Many faithful vulnerable people still attend SMC, still idolise their leaders. I pray that they will be strong and get out. I believe that Struthers is a cult and I believe that control of the minds of innocent people is encouraged. I will never believe otherwise.


dear Cbarb, I am more than aware that there are many genuine people seeking God and faithful to Him in Struthers. My husband and I were two of them.

Our problem was with the interference/ bullying/ and control of the leaders. DR in particular and also MB Please read my earlier posts.
Re women being teachers. I can speak from thirty one years teaching experience. A good teacher does not bully nor control nor brainwash. Not ever! A good teacher allows the learner to develop at his/her own pace and is always there to support and encourage and celebrates difference! DR, and current leaders are not good teachers. Teaching may be their profession...many work in Cedars. I fear for their pupils. Just like I fear for their congregation. Please read my earlier posts about the Cedars school.

We were "bullied" and "brain-washed" until we started to question and wonder. Personally, I was ridiculed and wrong accusations were made about and against me by DR. I know that sermons were preached about me when I left...Jezabel??? backslider?? I was told by her that my husband would leave me before he left the church?? The ironic thing is that my dear husband left before me. Thankfully we are together and happy after 26 years of marriage. We didn`t have the wedding that we would have had , though... thanks to listening to our esteemed leaders of the 80s and believing all that they said .
Still I hurt. Still I pray that others will never go through what we went through as a young couple.Still I STRUGGLE to comprehend how and why these people get away with what they are saying and doing. I live in hope that people will take Clive`s advice and respond honestly.


It has been a while since I posted and I am so very glad to catch up on recent news from new posters. It is encouraging that people are questioning. I am also delighted that good memories and good people are remembered. I suppose it depends on how and why one came upon Struthers. I have no good memories. Only negatives. Still I try to understand and follow what was actually going on. In my 50s now I know that my way of thinking, of being a person, was dreadfully affected.I was not brought up in Struthers. I was a reasonably ok catholic... back then. In Struthers I became a nobody. Nothing of me was good enough for them. The Cumbernauld leader made that clear.

Somehow... I have coped.

I suppose it depends on what kind of individual one is. The characteristics we have inherited . I still struggle when I consider my Struthers experience.

However I inherited strength of character.
What do the SMC leaders think about inheritance....? genetics? in their quest for the selfless life?.
Funny how the leaders support their in the school? salaries e.t.c.?
None of it will ever add up for me.
All they took was time, money and enjoyment of life. I believe that nothing has changed. How can that be allowed to happen?


( on the shares fiasco )

I think the sad thing is that Mr B did what he did. I dont believe God told him to do so. He wouldn`t have. I was there with my husband in Greenock on the night he divulged to the congregation. We remember the shock.. the sheer disbelief that one so "profoundly God Led" could have done what he did. But... he was human. Not led by God in this misdemeanour , surely.Many houses were sold off to help with re-payment;if it was ever made. Awful!!
Those ones too,(current leaders) who claim to be otherwise(led by God) are more dangerous. They make people think they should be living a certain kind of life!! They nearly ruined mine. They nearly ruined my marriage... the life of my husband.. and possibly the lives of our children. Thankfully , after years of devotion to them??? we saw the light and got out. God has repaid us wonderfully. My husband gave his all to that place.Years and years of devotion. I supported him and yet was warned not to marry him ?? Thankfully we have had 27 years of happily married life. (outwith Struthers). . Cannot believe why anyone still supports it


My time in it was from 1983. My husband was there earlier.
I was "given the once over" by Miss Taylor to make sure that I was "holy enough" to marry my dear husband, who was completely overtaken by them all.
He was HUGELY USED to provide lifts just about every night in the week.After our "wedding" , our life was not our own. We were at meetings EVERY NIGHT OF the week.Monday- Greenock. Tuesday-Glasgow. Wednesday- Cumbernauld (house meeting) Thursday-Falkirk. Friday-Glasgow. Saturday-Greenock and Sunday Glasgow (twice)
Before we married, we had NEVER gone to the pictures, out for meals or anything "normal".
We were exhausted! Physically,mentally, emotionally and psychologically. Over and above that, we were genuine people. My husband prayed every day. Every task was under the microscope of a God who didn`t let you do anything (STRUTHERS).
Our life as a young married couple was seriously affected. We were not naive, we were caught in the web.
D Rutherford had never wanted us to get married, and had made that very clear. However in 1985 when I was accused of the atrocity(previously posted), I was taken to Greenock to be prayed with to have the demons removed. None came out! That `s when I was "banned " from the Cumbernauld House meetings.
Eventually I was allowed back. We left in the early 90s. No one came near us to ask why... My husband left before me. The only contact we had was for a signature to be given to release covenant money that my husband had paid for many years. I know that there were untrue reasons given about why we left. I know that there were sermons about me , and I know that leaving Struthers was the best thing that ever happened in our life.
On our wedding day, I NEVER saw myself in a mirror.(vanity). We had no alcohol at our wedding (debauchery) and we had "tongues" at our wedding ceremony. (awful scary for family). My husband gave everything to the place, and no one came near him to ask why he had left.
Years later, I attended a funeral and a Struthers leader was there. I was completely ignored... and so was my husband.

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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: Clive ()
Date: August 27, 2013 06:49AM


I have been following the discussion on this site for some time but have been reluctant to comment as my involvement with SMC brings back painful memories.

I also feel ashamed I did not do more to question what was happening at the time of my involvement.

However if my comments added to many similar ones can help or warn others I feel I have a duty to speak up.

I first became involved with SMC over 25 years ago and it was only after I moved away that I began to slowly question SMC's teachings and behaviour. Even now with limited contact with a number of SMC members from what I hear I do not think things have improved.

Most ordinary SMC members are sincere,honest and caring. A few are naïve or easily led, but I have seen even strong and intelligent people change
and accept some very dubious teachings and behaviour from SMC leaders.

I have seen, and know of other, good family and friend relationships ruined on the basis of a few words from an SMC leader with no justification or explanation.

Often it just looks as exercising power for its own sake perhaps to test and reinforce that a leader is always right and must be obeyed.

I see no point in repeating details of my concerns about SMC leadership already expressed by others but I share many of them – especially in relation to the
refusal to explain or accept questioning of teaching or decisions, the lack of openness, use of discernment, lack of support for non favoured or vunerable members,
and the fostering of an isolationist community.

Who is benefiting in how SMC is lead? Are all the members? Or just the leadership?

Is SMC run like a cult? You must make your own judgement.I know what I think.

My only advice to any SMC members is to try to have the strength to step back and take a detached objective view of what you are being told.

I would also add that there are many other good, supportive, Christian communities.

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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: Clive ()
Date: August 27, 2013 06:50AM


I am very concerned about the SMC churches, after being a member for many years.

I left not too long ago but really struggling to get my life together. I unlike many of you have been unable to go to another church.

As you probably know anyone leaving SMC is branded a backslider and it’s how I feel I just don’t feel worthy and as such not living as I should.

I am however clinging to my faith and continue to pray for my friends and family, and anyone that may need a little prayer.

The reason I asked about governing bodies for churches is because I find myself in an unbearable position.

I did try to go back for a while but the guilt that I felt was too strong to bear, because I could not attain the level of commitment that is required in SMC.

My young teenage daughter is still a member of the church and after I left everything was all right for a while.
My x-wife who is also a member of smc and I are no longer together and my daughter lives with her.

So here is my unbearable position, since coming back from summer camp this year my daughter has refused to have any contact what so ever with me, no explanation what so ever.

My wife spoke to me telling me she would see what she could do but no progress at all, 3 months of no contact at all with my daughter.

I have no evidence that my daughter has been encouraged to break from me other than we had such a good relationship before, so why break it.

I just feel that after these camps, to break all contact, it’s just too much of a coincidence.

I fear for the children of SMC and at my wits end as to what to do.

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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: Clive ()
Date: August 27, 2013 06:51AM


My experience was years of commitment in Struthers, the last 10 or so where I felt bound in to something with a feeling of not being able to escape.

It will seem incredible to anyone who has not been in this kind of situation to try to understand why I stayed in it for so long.
It is a complex thing to be involved in such a machine.

I will introduce myself by sharing a few of the things which puzzled me.

Why did Struthers always start a separate Christian gathering at Higher Education establishments?

Why was the established Christian Union not considered good enough?

Why, when women were doing almost everything in the 'meetings' did the female leader insist that when the sacraments were being given out it had to be done by one man and one woman, not 2 men?

Why, when Bible classes were run, were females allowed to lead the group (at that time comprising mostly young boys) on their own but when a male was on the rota he had to be accompanied by a female?

(This was nothing to do with 'Disclosure' but to do with the church leader not trusting the spiritual condition of men.)

I know some young men who have turned out to be strong and highly respected friends in their own part of society who were frozen out at a young age as they were considered 'dark'.

So I have now introduced myself and explained my position!

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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: Clive ()
Date: August 27, 2013 06:52AM


I have recently left strutters.

I was in one of the outlying branches and i have to say that the people there are kind and loving and not like the leaders being described in this forum.

I do have issues with the main leadership in the west thou, which is one of the reasons I left the smc movement!

I have had experience of feeling inadequate and not part of the "in crowd".

I was in smc for over 20 years. Although God blessed me greatly during my time in smc, I always felt i never quite made the grade!
I am now looking to where God will take me in my walk with Him, although i do still have to deal with the fact I have no friends outside struthers and will have to almost try to rebuild my life!

Since then I have found a wonderful amazing church and made lots of friends in the church. I have felt accepted and loved in a way i have never felt before. (i never relised i wasn't before).I have had to work through a lot of issues that have arisen because of my time in SMC such as feeling inadequate and not feeling "good enough" i have come to see that it is by grace i am a daughter of the King.

I now understand what people talked about by saying ]heavy Shepherding[ sure i have made mistakes since coming out of SMC but its because i was not allowed to make these mistakes earlier because i was so held down by rules and restrictions. I have had to make these mistakes to learn.but i feel so free in a way i have not done in years.

I am also free to be vulnerable in a safe environment and not feel like i am "in sin" because im having a bad day at church.

The church is varied and mixed and no one feels any better than anyone else. They also have a leadership team who make decisions together, and welcome suggestions from the congregation and as a church we are told that we are a body ministry and everyone has there part.

I in no way feel intimidated but feel loved and valued. i cant believe that i spent so many years living under the restraints and domination of the main SMC church in the west, even although i was in an outlying branch.

Be encouraged if you are reading this and are still in SMC wondering what to do, there is life outside SMC,
i was told by a certain member that i was backsliding by leaving SMC, and that hurt but i have not backslidden.

in fact i feel its amazing being a christian now!!

something i have not felt in years. Take the jump, it was worth it for me! :)

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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: Clive ()
Date: August 27, 2013 06:53AM


I stumbled on this forum after googling Struthers so i was intrigued . I go to their site from time to time to see the New Year Word . I think it would be useful if i share my evaluation of the church but i can only give an opinion as it related to me and my personal path.

I always found the speakers very inspirational , but i always felt also that i fell short of their standards of holiness.
I have learnt since that its what God requires of me that counts .

Struthers is very specific and not for everybody , i think they should be more open about this and be aware that people go there sometimes for the wrong reasons,
searching for their personal path and its not necessarily the Struthers way that is appropriate.

It can seem the ideal way, the highest way and they present it like that but i think there is a lack of wisdom .
I think its aimed at single people , it provides a noble alternative to a relationship maybe, ( check out the number of single women who minister in the church).

You can leave there feeling very "down" very unworthy ,very negative and i dont think these feelings come from God, i simply think its because you shouldnt have been there its not for you. God is everywhere not just at Struthers.

I had a long time friend who was very involved with them and still is probably, the last time i heard her speak i have to admit the phrase that came to mind was that she a Struthers "clone."

There was nothing wrong with what she said but it was the way it was delivered, only someone who had been to struthers would recognise it .

She would say it was because she has the same annointing as they do but i dont think its that at all and i was sad to see my friend transformed into someone that made me just a little embarrassed when she spoke.

I think this church, and others like it does damage, but unknowingly.

I have been a christian since 17, i am 50 now and have come to some conclusions.

God is far bigger far greater than we could ever imagine we must stop putting him in a box labelled struthers or any other movement for that matter.
I am sure of three things, I know he exists ,i know he has ultimate control , i know he cares for me on an individual level.


I too had an experience of so called deliverence at their hands where nothing happened after a lot of speaking in tongues.

I felt stupid actually, embarrassed to have divulged something very personal and then nothing happens.
No-one was wise enough or had sufficient discernement to say to me, "well i'm sure there is nothing wrong dear".

I felt i was being laughed at by "he who's name must not be mentioned" and i dont mean lord valdemort!

Sorry, the new Harry Potter film is out isnt it!!

i mean i really felt the" father of confusion " was having a right good laugh at my expence watching me tell them about sins from the past in case i had a demon etc.
I can see how lonely christians who so want to please God and find their way in life end up being easy prey .

But do they, the leaders of SMC, do it knowingly or are they themselves victims of lies , confusion and lonliness.

At one time i bought every book that came out of SMC, Hugh Blacks writings at least AND the camp tapes

i would listen and read avidly, and where do you think it got me?

Thats right no where! a whole lot of what i can only call spritual masturbation, which left me just as lonely and frustrated as at the start.

My experience of God now, is that He is just not like this, we are far harder on ourselves than He is, do we really think the Lord of all the universe and beyond needs our pitifull attempts at holiness,

i think what matters to Him is us wanting the truth ,
believing in Him and trusting Him,
above all trust Him.

Its not complicated really and they(SMC) make it so complicated .


Well i read loads of everyones posts,I find all this seriously disturbing when i think back to how much i revered the leaders at struthers and admired them as Godly people.
I went to a house group lead by a woman who was part of struthers although this group was in the midlands, england and in no way a branch of the church. I admired her too but was always feeling confused and often hurt . But like so many of you i assumed it was my fault for not being Godly enough !! Am i totally nieve i dont understand how what i thought were deeply annointed people can seemingly be responsible for so much damage? How is it possible to stand infront of people in Gods name and get things so wrong!! surely they must be genuine mistakes or they are in very grave danger if they have knowingly done damage to some of His children. Arent there scriptures warning against this very behaviour. I keep thinking it must be us who are mistaken , misguided or too sinful to stand the annointing . I am flabergasted i keep having to repost what i am thinking because i am not sure if its me that is in the wrong here?


Having stumbled on this forum ( thankfully) and realised that the reason SMC left me "cold"ultimately was maybe not MY fault but things THEY are doing wrong, it makes me wonder how many others that i have assumed to be genuine representatives of God are in fact "in error".


About the yelling in tongues business:-
If you are not a very extrovert type yelling at all can be a challenge ,so yelling in tongues was near impossible , so by their understanding deliverence was therefore impossible .( thats assuming there was anything to deliver in the first place, which is not sure either as many will attest) So you were doomed to fail AGAIN (by their standards)


I havent posted for a while, but i still read the forum and i just wanted to say that i am reminded that God is exceedingly Gracious, not only to the hurt and confused in the congregation of SMC but also to the ones in leadership who may be in error.

Only God knows what is in the heart of each one and Gods forgiveness and Grace is available to them if they come with humility , just as much as it is available to those who have been hurt by them.

The Truth has a life of its own and i think little by little what is not truth in SMC will fade away , maybe the charitable trust of SMC will cease to exist at some point , all the gatherings will stop or disaffiliate.

This may seem to take a long time in our eyes, but often God accomplishes His work in an evolutionary fashion. We like the spectacular , but we know He is more often in the "still , small , voice".

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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: Clive ()
Date: August 27, 2013 06:54AM


I am so glad that others have had the same experience that I have had!

I am also conscious of people having left the faith altogether because they are fed up of not 'feeling' anything
or not understanding simple concepts such why God doesnt do everything they ask, when they ask it!

There is a sense that if God doesn't give you what you ask for then it's your own fault which is ridiculous and wrong in the extreme !

Whereas I say there is a reason why the Lords Prayer says "your will be done"!

I went to this Church for years, the first time I went they prayed for me to be 'baptised in the holy spirit' this seemed to me to have more focus than being born again.

It was mentioned in the same sentence be a Christian and be baptised.

At first I didn't do anything but when they persisted I just copied them and believed I was speaking in tongues when actually it was just gibberish.

I also spoke to a girl who the people didn't like and was told to stay away from her, when I refused I was ostracised. Eventually she was told to leave the Church and I left anyway.

I remember when I wasn't healed feeling sinful, when I didn't have what other's had 'spiritually' I felt useless and as if my relationship with God must have been rubbish.

I have since realised I didn't want more of God but more of his Gifts, it wasn't for His glory but my own!

When my friend committed suicide I was told I shouldn't be hanging around with people like that anyway.

That really hurt me because I knew I was not 'doing anything wrong' although recognising that we are all sinners, it was not a great sin to befriend someone who was struggling with life.

I pray that God would enlighten them through scripture!
The bible is read and God can speak through that,
I pray they would see through the hype and see that God is amazing just by being GOD!

He is not amazing because he can make you 'drunk in the spirit', he amazing because he is Glorious!

Yes he can heal but as Spurgeon says he's not a celestial bellhop to do our own will at out beck an call!

We are the servants and he is God! I'm glad God found me again!

All Praise to him , glory and honour forever! He is sovereign over all things and he will bring his Children to him through the preaching of the word, he even brings people to himself when people are in error!
Our God is an awesome God!

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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: Clive ()
Date: August 27, 2013 06:57AM


My experience of Struthers Memorial Church

When I went there at first no one was allowed to talk to me.

The Pastor of the Cumbernauld branch seemed to hate me on sight.

The time I was there I was emotionally abused. The abuse was very subtle it came in the form of giving me dirty looks at every meeting,
throwing remarks at me from the platform while she was preaching, ignoring me, saying and doing very unkind things to me when we were on our own,
taking me down in front of others and so on.

I went to see her about some of these issues and I was told that it was all my imagination and that I needed deliverance, because I was demon possessed.

This only caused me further trauma. I could say much more but I will leave it there, by the time I had left I was quite ill, as I had lost the ability to know the difference between right and wrong.

I had developed posttraumatic stress syndrome a condition that soldiers get in a war, also the shock of it all has made 50% of my hair fall out.

I still get flash backs and really bad dreams, that hang over me for days at a time. I have also lost two of my family through this woman Pastor, that can never be made up for.
To my mind this is a very dangerous woman Pastor, who should not get to be anywhere near innocent children.

It has taken me a while to speak out about this one, reason being I felt really stupid that I sat so long under that kind of abuse, while I happily gave my tithes every week,
as well as my time in doing things for the church coffee shop.

I knew also that no one would believe me. I had known there was something very wrong for a long time, but I could not trust my own feelings on this as it involved the servants of God.
I now realise that many of God's people have suffered at the hands of the leaders in S.M.C. I do not know what the next step is for me, but I know there is one.

I had been told stories about the people who had left I now know that these stories are not true. I remember one young woman who made accusations against the leader of the Cumbernauld branch of S.M.C. after she left the Pastor Diana Rutherford told us she was mentally ill. I met this woman several weeks later and got a very different story. This young woman now has written a book and is on the God channel ministering to others who need help.

( to Anon )

for every healing and deliverance that happens in S.M.C. there is is a life that has been and is being systematically destroyed by the leaders of Struthers Memorial Church. The healings are being manifested by the grace of God he is the healer they are the abusers. I think you are rather confused in you reasoning of this situation. If God decides he wants to heal one of his chidren that is his will, but I do not believe that it is his will to see any of his children abused. If only one person accused this church of abuse then maybe the person themselves have a problem, but there are now so many saying the same thing.

( to Lorna )

I believe what you say, however that does not mean that it is the same for others who have been there, or even for the ones that are still there. If you haven't recieved any of "the special treatment" then you must be one of the chosen who only get encouraged, or maybe you are related in some way to one of the leaders. I do not know your situation, but I know this for sure. people there are being destroyed.

I know people who are still in the church, who never left because they were afraid to lose their salvation. The truth will not go away, whether you believe it or not.

I would like to point out to you, that the Pastor of the Cumbernauld branch is more known for her so called discernment than anything else. She holds great sway over the other branches of Struthers and her word is paramount in the church as a whole. I do believe that many an unsuspecting soul has been damaged on her say so alone.

I remember a story about one of the young leaders who took the fire conference, who took a liking to one of the young people who came along to church.
Then the Cumbernauld Pastor came on the scene, had a few words with this young - likely leader to be and everything changed. Make no mistake the woman has great influence in that church, I some times wondered who really was in charge of the S.M.C.

( to Seekingsusan )

I too have members of my family who still go to Struthers. I know how painful that can be, however they are our family and we have to go on loving them in the hope that someday the truth will triumph. I understand why they would still want to go there. I myself found an amazing presence of God. That is one thing I can never explain to anyone,

If the abuse and false doctrine, are really going on, why is the presense of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so eveident there. Does anyone know?

You must excuse my not knowing about other churches as I haven't been out of Smc that long. SMC was the first church I was ever in. When I came there I had already had been saved and baptised in the Holy Spirit at home alone, also reading my bible on a daily basis.

I had already knew the presence of God in my life.
What drew me in to SMC was the same presence of GOD, but in a deeper way.
This presence of God seems to hold people there and you never seem to get past that, you believe as I did if the presence of God is so deep then the leaders must be right.

I fought with this idea for 10 years and finally coudn't take the abuse anymore.
I felt for a long time I had let God down I had failed him.
I often wondered why he saved me in the first place, if this was what was going to happen.

I am still asking the question all the answers I have heard so far have not satisfied me, however thank you for your post.

I knew a woman who had been a spiritualist before she became born again. She told me that leaving the occult was easier than leaving SMC.

( on children )

These are some of the things I remember clearly about SMC.

Children as young as 10 years old were prayed with in tongues, at the friday night youth club in Cumbernauld.
My friend's two children went there this is how I know. When they told their mum she withdrew them from the youth club.
The childrens parents knew nothing of this. They thought it was just a normal youth club.

SMC like to get them when they are young, especially if they have talents; musical, academic, coming from a well off background and so on.
They really try to draw these ones in for the future of the church.

I once heard at a meeting in Cumbernauld that the pastor, who is also a primary school teacher, prayed with a boy of 5-6 years old in tongues in her class room as he was being hard to control.

This really concerned me and I wondered how many infants she was praying with without their parents consent.
I also wondered if the head teacher knew about this.

As far as I know the youth club is still going on. The childrens parents do not know how dangerous this is to these young peoples mind.

They put things into their minds pretending it's coming from God. Many a child has been lost to their family, in later years because of the lies that were told them.

They certainly know how to train up a child in the way it should go - then they have them for life.

Many of these young ones grow up and never marry, because they are not allowed to marry outside their own church. They are completely controlled by the pastor, they can't even have a holiday without her say so. I have been praying about this situation for such a long time. I believe God wants to give them so much and they are not allowed to have-how sad is that. You will find even today many of the young women are unmarried. Even a healthy marriage will not survive in that place

( more on children )

I would like to give the other side to the young ones who are picked up because of their obvious talents.
The ones who are cast aside are left to their own thoughts, mainly being that God is not interested in them.

They after many months sometimes years of trying to please the leadership, thinking they are pleasing God, leave and go back into the world.

They may find it hard, if not impossible to trust in any church again.
Why should they? they are better treated in the world, than they would be in a church.

Sad thing is they have already been given a false impression of God.
God becomes to them cold and impersonal someone you can't please and that he has favourites and your not one of them, so why try anymore?

I am wondering if the experiences I had in SMC were real or just caused by the atmophere I was in.

I know I had experiences at home with God on my own, but they seemed to be different,
E.G. I was delivered of panic attacks about 17 years ago when I was home alone there was no speaking in tongues or anything like the deliverance sessions in SMC.

I know that God can deliver and heal in a split second without the aid of man or any kind of trumpet blast.

I did notice while [in] SMC anyone who was delivered or healed would testify giving the name of the person who prayed with them.

I also know that if you recieved healing without anyone praying with you it was played down. Chances are you would not have been asked for your testimony.

It was all about them not about God or giving the glory to God.

In all the time I was there I was never asked for my testimony to salvation or baptisim in the Holy Spirit, because I was saved and baptised at home.

I was never allowed as far as SMC were concerned to give the glory to God. Also was healed at a Saturday night meeting, while listening to a alter call for healing. I did not even realise I was healed until 3 weeks later! When it struck me it was gone. I was told to leave it to make sure the healing was real that was 7 years ago.

To answer your question about why ones who were picked out in their young years as in "favoured" and then cast aside when older. they in some way had strayed from the path of complete obedience to the leadership. I had seen a few like that in my time there. You must bow down low to the leaders and accept their every word, when they say jump, you say how high? Most of the choosing was down by the decernment of the pastor I can only speak for the Cumbernauld branch as that was the one I attended. One young person who was very talented in music as well as academically minded was picked up straight away, she was a teenager very confident, smart in many ways- as in worldly wise, Diana took to her right away. Strange thing about that, the young girl used Diana not the other way about, then she got bored and left,

( on splitting up couples and relationships )

I can relate to what you said about the leadership breaking up relationships between men and women.

I seen a lot of that while in the Cumbernauld branch of SMC.

Not only that but the pastor tried on occasions to break up married couples who were having problems in the church

I.E. The woman or man who wasn't really in agreement with Diana, would be continually criticised from the platform and as usual everyone would know who she was talking about.
This of course would put a strain on the marriage, for the person in dissagreement with Diana would always feel that their husband or wife was supporting Diana and not them.

From what I know two happily married people have now split up and going there own way. The woman failed to see Diana as right anymore and left church.

I have seen her split up couples whose partners were not in the church through her so called discernment.

No one should have that sort of power over anyone.

( on false prophecy )

On the subject of false prophecy - The leader of the Cumbernauld branch of SMC told the church that Miss Taylor - the founder of The Struthers Movement had given a prophecy regarding her,
saying that she would spearhead revival.

That as far as I know has never happened.

The leader of Cumbernauld church also said that God was giving her three towns; Motherwell, Coatbridge, and Airdrie.

I remember the relentless praying for these places on a tuesday night prayer meeting.
Needless to say it was a bit of a damp squib. Although Airdrie is a good part of her church it is hardly a fulfillment of what God had said.
There were many other prophesies, that were not fulfilled, they were mainly prophesies about people. In most of the cases the people concerned left.

It came to a point that every time the leader of the Cumbernauld church gave a prophecy concerning one of her chosen you could be sure they were on their way out of SMC.

If the prophecy does not come true it is not of God, He does not make false statments. He knows what is going to happen before it happens. It is either true or false their is no in-between - or excuses why the prophecy failed.

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