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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: allboutgnosis ()
Date: July 04, 2010 11:21PM

The sad thing is that even if Mark Pritchard was to go to jail, even if the Gnostic Movement globally was to shut down or WHATEVER else would happen, the teachers/members of the Movement would JUSTIFY it. Why? Because they have strong belief that Mark is a ‘Master’ or in other words a ‘God’. Therefore whatever happens in related to him, is correct. It doesn’t matter to them why it is correct, it is just correct. Blindly without ANY thoughts they will justify it. And that is what makes things very dangerous. If Mark decided to steal, they would steal, if he decided to give him all their money, they would do it, if he said wrong things needed to be done in order to achieve his aims (e.g. they would do it, and ANYTHING else you can imagine.

However, if someone outside the Movement does something wrong, the slightest small thing, even if they get sick, they will JUSTIFY it as KARMA. They won’t even feel love about those ones. They will ATTACK everyone outside the Movement that talks against them as Black Lodge, as Black Magicians, they will even do ‘special’ practices called ‘chains of strength’ to ‘defend’ the Movement and attack them. They will just justify their ‘revenge’ feelings. I am wondering all those chain of strengths that they did the last month, cannot they see that they didn’t have any result?

But how can they? They justify anything …

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: allboutgnosis ()
Date: July 09, 2010 05:24AM

I just cannot believe my eyes!

Mark Pritchard asked a married woman (and member of his Organization) to leave her husband and be his partner while he is married to Edith Pritchard!

I have just read the story here:

Is this man insane? Does he really thinks that he can do whatever he likes? He made her swear that she won’t say anything and manipulated her using her fear to the ‘Master’. And who knows how many girls after or before that one has been victims of his ‘authority’?

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: notanantiGnostic ()
Date: July 15, 2010 07:54AM

Thanks allaboutgnosis,

Its good to have that dramatic story as well as the link to the movementsofgnostics site.

Personally the only part of this story that sunrises me is that Mark asked a married woman to be his replacement sex partner. Pritchard was setting the justification for this move in the book 'Secret Knowledge, Hidden Wisdom'. He wrote that this is a sacrifice that has to be made a certain point in the path. Also if you look at the accounts that we have on Victor Gomez aka Samael Aun Weor, [], you will see that he is also took another partner. From what I understand this is what almost destroyed his movement in 1960.

My feeling is that the most faithful (aka fanatical) were prepared for this move years ago.

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: allboutgnosis ()
Date: July 23, 2010 06:30AM

More stories of ex members. He forced the members back in 2000 to donate him a house and land! He has no limits, but he knows very well how to hide things...

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: savedatlast ()
Date: July 23, 2010 09:18AM

you can find the whole story on Mark Prichard's / Belzebuub's Gnostic Movement here


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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: allboutgnosis ()
Date: July 23, 2010 04:15PM

At the recent European Retreat in Slovakia a month ago, Edith Pritchard appeared there not from the beginning, but after two days. Because she were afraid that the ‘bad’ Greeks were going to be there and ‘threat’ her life . Of course Mark wasn’t there, he is just too scared of the bad ‘Black Magicians’ … the Greeks. The excuse why he is absent lately … he is very sick… the same excuse for the last 10 years…

By the moment Edith arrived at the retreat nobody else would teach, she would be the only one. The students/teachers/members hypnotized would follow her, without any judgement and without seeing the reality.

They have forbidden any photos of others to be taken but only of the surroundings. And they asked from all students to send the photos to the ‘devoted’ follower Steeve so that he can ‘judge’ which ones are permitted and which not.

However even with all this, NOBODY questioned and everyone found that things were normal. It is just amazing how blind all of them are and how Edith and Mark are doing with them WHATEVER they like.

Fortunately a few students broke the spell and saw what is really happening…

Mark and Edith are afraid, and I think they should … With everything that is revealed about them I won’t be surprised to see them to Court…

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: free_free ()
Date: August 02, 2010 11:02AM

Was there Angela M.? She is a new Mark's 'wife'? Her mother would be horrified if she knew

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: notanantiGnostic ()
Date: August 02, 2010 10:23PM

Yes as far as I can tell we are all thinking of the same Angela, although I should note that I have personally never met her.

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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 02, 2010 11:19PM

Here is another way to look at this Great Sacrifice scenario.

If a charismatic leader does something dramatic that 'crosses the line' this can have the effect of sifting out and retaining hard core Faithful, ready to rationalize anything the leader does, while those who just cannot stomach the new challenge leave.

Result: an overall loss in numbers, but the ones who do remain following this 'test' will be the hard core Faithful.

Plus, whatever wealth the leader collected over the years when membership was larger--that wealth will remain.

A leader need not even plan for this to happen in any intentional, conscious way. Over time, people with power and who are not challeged may just become greedy.

For basic insight into this, read what I have termed the Stanford Cookie Experiment. This involved students who were randomly selected for a time limited period to a leadership role. They didnt seek this position--and a statistically signficant proportion of the leaders turned into greedy cookie gooblers and left crumbs.


Without a climate of accountablity, a climate of accountability that is part of normal media coverage, Buddhist leaders will lack a very important restraining principle.

What I call the Stanford Cookie Experiment may account for many cases of guru greediness for power, wealth and a sense of entitlement to use the sanga for a sexual supermarket.

What can seriously aggravate this is a lack of what I call a normal day to day climate of accountability from both sangha and outside media. Gurus all too often only get scrutiny after trouble erupts. But prior to damage reports, they often lack accountabilty--coddled by an entourage, respect and even grovelling obseqiousness from media, and the luxury of answering only questions they choose to answer.

And, often the troubled sangha whines, 'But why trash the three jewels by telling all this to the secular media?'

Answer to that from Corboy: Because, all too often, people DO try, loyally, to remedy a misbehaving guru by trying to institute reform within the sangha and the misbehaving guru will disgrace them, the misbheaving gurus senior and favored entourage members bar access and slander the people trying to tell the truth, and that means there is no mechanism within the sangha to set limits on the guru and remedy the troubles. Anyone seeking reform finds that the only way to be heard to is to leave the conspiracy of silence that characterizes the sangha and either contact the secular media or create a media outlet of ones own--a blog or website--which is usually hounded by trolls from the troubled sangha.

(It should be noted that a troubled guru is all too often surrounded by what looks like a decadent royal court, with a privy council of enablers and serfs who scrub the floors and take out the garbage. It should be kept in mind that Buddha could have lived as a prince, but chose to leave his palaces and the pleasures of courtly life, and took to the road with a beggars bowl. He did not teach so as to legitimize his successors living like
pampered maharajahs dressed in gold and brocade. )
By contrast, secular elected politicians are the butt of jokes* and in most cases, journalists ask much tougher questions of secular politicans than of lamas and rinpoches--except that these high ranking lamas and rinpoches ARE political leaders--they often are princes and barons in exile.

*(an old one. "When is a politician lying? Answer: When his/her lips move.')

Tibetan Buddhism and its leaders are now chic and come from what I personally call, a part of the world that is 'fashionably oppressed.' The attention given by the media tends to be adoring.

I cannot forget that the high lamas and rinpoches functioned as princes and barons in their old territory and resemble White Russians in exile who longed to return and reclaim their confiscated estates.

Instead, theyve done a most successful job colonizing the western imagination. And, friends, thats the way to build an empire, or regain access to a lost empire--always begin by colonizing the imagination of others so that it would be literally unthinkable for them to see anyone but you as rightful leader.

This does NOT mean that the Chinese behavior toward Tibet and her people and culture is anything less than awful. It is simply that this has gained media attention and
advocacy from socially empowered persons and celebrities in the West.

But this means that Tibetan leaders who misbehave and traditional misogyny are not given the close scrutiny that should always be given to anyone who wields vast power.

At this time, no one has yet created a normal climate of accountability for leaders of the Tibetan diaspora comparable to what the Popes of Rome have to deal with.

By this time, there exists an advocacy organization for Catholics wounded by clergy abuse, named SNAP.

But there exists nothing comparable to aid wounded members of the Tibetan Buddhist community. One dare not question the lamas and rinpoches for then you get screamed down that youre being hard on Tibetans who fled Chinese atrocities, you are risking going to Vajra hell, and your guru equals your practice and how dare you defile the Three Jewels, blah blah.

There is no structure within Tibetan Buddhist tradition by which social roles and the exercise of authority can be analyzed objectively and this empowers anyone who misbehaves and happens to be in a position of authority.

By contrast, Lord Acton, a loyal Catholic, was raised in a western milieu in which philosophy and even theology had created a way to analyze power and social roles objectively.

This enabled Lord Acton to be loyal to Catholicism, yet disagree with Papal Infalliblity and enabled Lord Acton to write the words,

'Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.'

and to see what happens if someone has been randomly assigned to a leadership position for even a time limited period, read what I have termed the Stanford Cookie Experiment.

Some persons are not content with cookies. They feel entitled to grab for sexual outlets, rather than cookies.

And if someone has been in power for decades, with no climate of accountablity, the effect will probably be far more extreme.

The Stanford Cookie Experiment

Gaining power puts the powerholder at increased risk of misdoing.
Let us look at the Stanford Cookie Experiment.

I first learned of this experiment from reading a book, written by Robert I Sutton, a professor of management and engineering at Stanford University, entitled The No Asshole Rule:Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn't.

let us look at Professor Deborah Gruenfeld's experiment--what I term the Stanford Cookie Experiment. I believe that scholars of cults and dysfunctional organizatins need to place this experiment alongside Stanley Milgram's Obedience to Authority Experiment and Philip Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment.

This experiement demonstrates how a leadership role, randomly assigned, has a tendency to trigger swinish bad manners in otherwise normal persons.

The way the experiment worked (and it was replicated a number of times)
subjects were assembled into a group to do a shared task.

*At random, one subject in each group was assigned the role of overseeing and evaluating the others' work--randomly assigned to a leadership role.

During the experiment, a plate of cookies/biscuits was brought in.

Time and again, those subjects randomly assigned to the leadership role, tended
to do the following:

Took more cookies (greed)
Chewed with mouths open (lapses of ordinary good manners)
Got crumbs on their faces and left crumbs on the table (messes for others to clean up)

Thus, random assignment to a brief, time limited leadership role had a potent effect--increasing the probability that the promoted subject's manners would deteriorate.

Now...these were persons who had not sought the leadership role. By contrast, the persons who interest us are those who are driven to desire power, desire fame, spend years seeking ways to market themselves, hone their persuasive skills, and once they become leaders of personality centered groups, are waited on, insulated from consequences, and have enablers making excuses for them.

Imagine the Cookie Experiment going on for ten years or more.

The experiment was done by Professor Deborah Gruenfeld of Stanford University--her
speciality has been researching the effects of putting people in positions of power where they lord it over others.

Read more about the Cookie Experiment here:



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Re: The Gnostic Movement/Gnosticweb lead by Mark H. Pritchard (Belzebuub)
Posted by: clearlight ()
Date: August 16, 2010 06:00AM

hello,very interesting organisation is a sham/ is ernesto baron's.lahksmi's church is laden with religious/superstitious/hysterical types .weor's groups are always fighting with each other.aggressive teachings in general producing aggressive adepts.even fighting for liberation and realisation.
although, according to tibetan master Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche dharma has 10 meanings,one of which is dharma of transmission(of teachings),also exists Dharma of realisation referring to the spiritual qualities gained as a result of practise of teachings. this is never explained clearly in gnostic schools,but if you want to ask a good question,then ask about the origin of the theory of the 3000 cycles of far as i can see this is the idea that justifies the theory of 108 lives and by consequence the need for an exodus.if the concept of samsara as finite is false,then logically 108 lives also falls as does the exodus theory thereby invalidating contemporary messianic gnostic cultish claims/hopes/desires/etc....

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