more articles regarding cult involvement in politics
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Date: October 30, 2010 08:47AM

more articles regarding cult involvement in politics




Kolea Says:

September 7, 2010 at 9:34 am
The Gabbards arouse interest, and anger, for a number of reasons. The commercial press, with a few exceptions, deliberately try to avoid discussing the open secret which lies behind the Gabbards’ activities and helps put them into context.

In the comments following Susan Essoyan’s article, someone labelled the Gabbards “Christian authoritarians.” I jumped in to erxplain how they are actually “Hare Krishna authoritarians,” but that comment got deleted by the moderator. Somehow it is OK to talk about their religious beliefs if you call them “Christian,” but beyond the Pale if you point out their longstanding ties with the Hare Krishna off-shoot cult led by Jagad Guru?

But without being able to place them in the context of Chris Butler’s ongoing efforts to get his devotees elected, you cannot understand this family, their motivations or their considerable discipline and dedication to a social vision which has remained constant since the Independents for Godly Government effort in the mid-70s.

The Advertiser ran a very good multi-part series on Chris Butler’s group back in 1969 or 70. I think it was by Walter Wright. At that time, Chris was called “Sai Young.” In 1970 (or so), he “submitted to Prabhupad,” and led his followers into the “orthodox” Hare Krishna group, ISKCON. A few years later, he split from the group, returned to Hawaii (mostly), set up a series of health food stores to provide employment for his followers (Down to Earth stores) and started a small newspaper, “The Valley Isle,” to promote his message of environmental sustainability and a socially conservative agenda opposing reproductive rights, the ERA and later, opposing Gay rights.

A string of devotees from the group have run for office and, once elected, they employed other cult members, guaranteeing loyalty and confidentiality, as well as developing a cadre of politically experienced operatives for the group.

Kathy Hoshijo, Wayne Nishiki, Rick Reed and now, the gabbards, are cult members who ran for office with varying degrees of success.

Mainstream journalists are (generally) aware of this shadowy gr4oup, but appear to have arrived at a collective decision to suppress open discussion of it, perhaps out of a mistaken idea that a politicians’ religious beliefs are private and off-limits for discussion. Yet each of these figures has used explicit religious appeals when it is to their advantage. And suppression of the connections of the gabbards with this group cuauses readers, and voters, to just see these people as individual actors, rather than members of a team, with its own very relevant history of operating behind the scenes.

And it leads to people mistakenly calling the Gabbards “Christian authoritarians,” when that is misleading AND reinforces the idea that “Christians” have a special monopoly on bigotry.

I strongly recommend people conduct their own research before dismissing what I am saying. A Google search using the terms: Krishna group Hawaii “Chris Butler” will lead to a LoT of information about this network, Apparently, the mainstream media in Hawaii has decided people have will to wait to read about these people in future history books rather than in current day news accounts, when it might do some good.


Heathen07 Says:

September 7, 2010 at 6:25 pm
The Walter Wright articles about “Independents for Godly Government,” Chris Butler and his devotees and the founding of the Down to Earth stores and other cult business operations ran over several days starting in the August 21, 1977 issue of the Honolulu Advertiser.

The January 27, 1999 Honolulu Weekly article “The Gospel According to Mike Gabbard” and the August 2004 Honolulu Magazine article “Who is Mike Gabbard?” are worth reading and are both online.


I think we should HAVE that discussion about why Mike Gabbard’s religion might be relevant to understanding who he is, how he is likely to behave and whether he is likely to abandon the positions that have offended so many of Hawaii’s Democrats in recent years.

When Gabbard said he was a Catholic AND a practicioner of bhakti yoga, I doubt that anyone in the room besides the two of us knew what he meant by “bhakti yoga.” Oh, he practices some form of yoga, well that’s cool, and aren’t we beyond a point where yoga should be viewed as unacceptable or suspect? People think of “yoga” and they recognize that there are different kinds, taught at different schools, at the “Y,” and a nearby church. Maybe they have heard of Iyengar, or Bikram, or “Purple Yoga.” Madonna does some kind of really athletic yoga. These are all forms of “Hatha Yoga”, the use of physical postures, stretches and breathing exercises to strengthen and relax the body and mind.

Bhakti Yoga is something very different. It is not something that is inherently bad or disreputable, but despite my reluctance to adjudicate theological disputes, I do dispute that it is compatible with being a “practicing Catholic.” Here is a useful explanation: []
What Gabbard is saying, when he says “I am a Catholic and I do bhakti yoga” is that he is a Catholic AND a devotee of Krishna. And that he is a disciple of a spiritual master. In this case, that is Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, spritual master of the entire manifest universe.” So, once you decode it, he is actually being a bit more honest than he would hope you would be capable of understanding. Does it matter that Gabbard is a member of a “Hare Krishna” cult who chooses to camouflage himself as a Catholic? OK, so Mike is a “crypto-Hindu”, what’s the big deal? Hinduism is kinda cool and alternative anyways. Don’t be such a square!

I gotta go to bed. We can continue this discussion. I certainly think it is important.


...It is silly to label Rick Ross a “fascist” because of his anti-cult work. The Butler cult shares several major characteristics of a fascist movement: an extreme anti-liberalism, a celebration of national jingoism and uncritcal support for war, anti-feminism, homophobia and a cult of the leader, with an emphasis on obedience. So I do think the term “semi-fascist” is useful as a descriptor of the group and how it functions. I think Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, is a pretty good exposition of what Butler’s social views would look like is implemented in the US, though Krishna symbols would likely come out of the closet and displace, or at least sit alongside, Christian symbols.


Frankly, I am playing into the hands of Chris Butler’s operatives by paying attention to these trolls. They are engaged in a process of harassment and it would take too much time to continue to try to meet them tit for tat on this blog. The blog is designed to promote discussion among Hawaii progressive Democrats on what tactics, strategies, programs and policies we should be promoting. Now that Akaka and Hanabusa have foolishly invited the Butler cult into the Party, it is necessary for us to develop an understanding of how they operate and what they stand for.

I recommend the Rick Ross thread for those wanting to learn about the cult.

Here is an extended post I made on a Honolulu Advertiser blog during the last election. It is rather lengthy and the first paragraphs are not relevant to the Butler group, but further down, I lay out the case that it was Butler’s group that was responsible for the so-called “Heftel Smear.” This is important evidence of how the group operates:


Thanks for your extensive posting on Mike Gabbard’s connections to Chris Butler’s group. I had heard bits and pieces over the years, but hadn’t seen it all pulled together in one place.

About the “trolls”: I think the posts from the Gabbard supporters are useful and would urge that you refrain from censoring them. You say that Gabbard is a member of Butler’s group, and they respond by calling you a religious bigot. If Gabbard were not a follower of Butler, shouldn’t they call you a “liar” instead of a bigot? But they don’t, which seems to confirm your statement.

Also, if Gabbard is simply a Catholic and not a member of the cult, why would Eddie, a Gabbard supporter, get so bent out of shape about Rick Ross, the anti-cult activist? Unless Gabbard, and perhaps Eddie, is a member of a group Ross has labelled a cult? If not, why the over-the-top attack on Ross, and the progressive democrats, as “fascist”?

The more postings you get from the Butler “trolls,” the more evidence they provide that they are indeed, a nasty, dishonest gang that deserves scrutiny.

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Butler's family were progressives
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: October 31, 2010 03:37AM

It is no surprise that Butler (via his minions) is so active in politics. Butler's parents were well known liberal, progressive activists. This is documented extensively in Will Butler's book "Barbara; Memior of a Love Affair" , an autobiographical acount of his marriage to Chris Butler's mom. []

What is interesting is how far off his parent's track Chris went politically. The book does give one some insight into Chris's childhood and development into a "guru". But it was written by a greiving father's loving pen. There is a lot missing. The book also reveals narcissistic tendencies in the whole family.

As with Chris, the elder Butler also had an ax to grind with Senator Inoyue. He was angered by his support for military aid to the corrupt Salvatoran government. Our government finally admitted to the mass murder commited by American trained Atlacatl Batallion. Prior to that admission, Will had presented year after year corroborating documents that were ignored by Inoue. Will wrote him a letter at one point, " the same sense that an accomplice who supplies the guns for an armed robbery resulting in a death is a murderer." (pg 248).

Young Butler went after Inoyue again years later using his follower Rick Reed to engage in scandalous tactics. It backfired. It lost Reed the election and good reputation. But monkey see, monkey do, eh Rick. Anything for the guru. Perhaps they rationalized using dirty tricks and manipulations as justified karmically.

For pre 80"s followers the homophobia was not an issue. The first manager of Butler's original health food store on the island of Kauai (not called Down to Earth) was gay. This was in the 1970's. He ended up allegedly embezzling a lot of money after Chris scorned his advances. There were a few gay men who became interested in the cult but left. There were several lesbian women who were ostracized in the 80's. They also left due to the lack of understanding and acceptance. These were highly gifted and intelligent women who had given over their lives and the lives of their children to Butler. But ultimately, they were very lucky to escape.

Prior to the virulent and nasty anti-G&L stance, the most you would hear out of Butler was this or that person was a "tilly" implying that a follower should "man up". He'd also say things like, "Someone should just punch that guy out!" Monkey see - monkey do. Homophobic lingo is now engrained in the cult's culture and belief system. (Homophobia is not a doctrine of the host religion Bhakti Yoga - this is completely a Butler invention). What a sad legacy for Will and Barbara who fought so hard for human rights all their life. I would say to Butler and his followers that, "In the same sense that an accomplice who promotes hateful speech and prejudice that leads to the denying of civil rights and violence is a criminal!"

So Tulsi is quiet on her "family values". The reporters in Hawaii need to become more savy and dig deeper into her roots and core beliefs. They need to really investigate all of her donors. Follow the money. Will her religion impact her veracity and good judgement? What does she really stand for? Can the checks and balances in our government prevent a tainted individual from promoting a very personal cult agenda?

Tulsi is an anomoly in the cult in that she actually got a college education, which is highly discouraged in the cult. [see transcript of Butler's conversation to Krishna Katha das on education on this forum]. Most cult parents can not afford to send their children because all their money goes to Butler. Perhaps she is breaking free from the cult with her divorce from one of the cult's dynasty families?

Does anyone remember the name of the first Health food store on Kauai? To know, you would have to have been around when there was a sign over the Kapaa temple that read "Krishna: Beyond Mystic Liquid" =)

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Re: final education
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: October 31, 2010 07:47AM

This is a talk of Butler's. Mike Gabbard, Carol and his kids were present. This is what Tulsi was taught growing up.
It is surprising that she was allowed to attend college or even go off to war.

Vera City


Vera City

No comment needed. Self-evident.
Interesting insights into the mind of CB though...

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Tulsi hollow woman agent for Butler
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: November 01, 2010 08:31AM

Here's the thing. I personally do not care what religion or non-religion a person aquires. But a leader's views and convictions should be transparent. A leader should not be a liar (I know, that's very idealistic). Several people whom I have interviewed knew Mike Gabbard before he became a politician or even a serious follower of Butler's. They are unanimous in telling me that issues like homosexuality were a non-issue. It only became an issue when Butler told him it was. In other words he is only a puppet, a hollow man. In that respect, tailor made for politics. Sad, but true. Hollow men are not the type of men who make great leaders or become agents of change for the betterment of the constituency. So I fear Tulsi is simply a hollow woman who keeps her real life and beliefs a secret to get into office. That in itself shows such utter contempt and disrespect for the voters.

If Kennedy was about to innact laws that no meat could be eaten on Fridays, as was the Catholic belief in his day, no one would vote for him. He did not become an agent for the Pope when he was voted President. If Leiberman or the current governor of Hawaii were to make a law against driving cars on the Sabbath because it was against their religion, they would not be elected. It is assumed by every legislator who is religious that they are not agents of their mullahs, rabbis, priests, or pastors, but of the people, for the people. That means EVERYONE from atheists to meat eaters to all sorts of people from all walks of life who do not believe as you do.

The thing that is most offensive is that Butler's followers are so arrogant and self-righteous to believe that it is okay to hide their real agendas and purpose. They feel they are beyond the scrutiny of the people or the press and hold court secretly with Butler. Both Gabbards are weak and protean figures trapped in Butler's narccisistic mirror. Maybe Tulsi has broken free and has more real life experience than most children of followers. Maybe not. How will any voter know for sure who they are voting for as long as they lie about their true involvment with Butler? I'd respect them more if they admitted the truth, even though I do not agree with their Krishnaized utopian visions.

The fact remains that not since the 1970's have Hawaiian jounalists taken a look at the difference between a valid religion and a cult. Nor have they investigated operations and involvement of Butler and his followers in politics with any intelligence.

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Re: Butler's family were progressives
Posted by: just-googling ()
Date: November 02, 2010 03:55AM

Vera City
Tulsi is an anomaly in the cult in that she actually got a college education, which is highly discouraged in the cult. [see transcript of Butler's conversation to Krishna Katha das on education on this forum]. Most cult parents can not afford to send their children because all their money goes to Butler. Perhaps she is breaking free from the cult with her divorce from one of the cult's dynasty families?

Quite possible ... however, my first guess would be that her husband is probably the one breaking free from the cult and not Tulsi... Maybe he got sick and tired of the hypocrisy and all the phoney jingoism of the stand-up-for-america campaign ... anyone with half a brain certainly would!!!

Strange and bizarre how Kris inherited from his father the vendetta against Inouye! And for totally different reasons! What is even more bizarre is how he used his mind-controlled followers to play his political games. And all this in the name of bhakti-yoga? Ridiculous!!!

Excellent summary, Vera ... and thanks for CB's sermon about education ... sure does give some insight into where he is at regarding his views on TV, education, etc!

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Re: Butler's family were progressives
Posted by: just-googling ()
Date: November 04, 2010 11:09PM

Vera City
Young Butler went after Inoyue again years later using his follower Rick Reed to engage in scandalous tactics. It backfired. It lost Reed the election and good reputation.

I'm still not 100% sure of the details about this, so let me get this straight:

Siddha holds a top-secret meeting with his favorite political disciples and/or followers. He instructs one of his female followers to pose as a prostitute (hairdresser???) to try and seduce his political foe (Inouye???) ... This female spy carries a hidden tape recorder with her ... Siddha pays huge money to run an advertisement on local Hawaiian TV ... In this ad Rick Reed uses this recording in an attempt to scandalize his political foe to the TV viewers, thus hoping to bring his downfall in the political arena and to catapult Rick Reed to the top of the political sh*t pile .... It backfired big-time ... the public were astounded at this tactic ... Rick lost the election and his reputation. Rick's wife at that time (Carter) leaked information to the press that Chris Butler was the one behind all this, and the newspapers printed a story about this(???).

Is this roughly correct? Can anyone fill in the details or corroborate that this is what actually transpired? ... Vera? Anyone?
Any chance to see that advertisement as it appeared on TV??? Is it on youtube :)? Does anyone have a copy of the newspaper article about this?

So this is what the pure devotee does in his spare time? ... while the fallen souls were busy pulling weeds or stocking shelves or some other menial labor?


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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: November 05, 2010 12:44PM

Cater Reed left Rick long before the Inoyue smear campaign. She left when Reed was still working as the cheif aid to the Honlulu Prosecuting Attorney. She got fed up with the cult and busted Reed and Butler publicly.
The incident with the massuese who was a plant (and Butler follower) destroyed Reed's career and reputation. Following Butler's orders wrecked a promising career. Reed had the charisma, commitment, and power to impact public policies that would protect the environment in Hawaii. Was it worth it Rick? He now sells used cars. No shit. []

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Reed Nishiki Items
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: November 07, 2010 09:55PM

Both these guys were DEVOUT followers and TOTAL puppets of Butler throughout their political careers.

Reed Item:
"One of the more controversial cases Schutter was associated with involved his client Big Island rancher and business owner Larry Mehau, accused of being the "godfather" of Hawaii organized crime by former Republican state Sen. Rick Reed in 1985. Mehau's lawsuit against Reed was dropped when Reed agreed to a carefully worded apology that did not retract his "godfather" assertion."

Nishiki Item:
Nishiki finishes
Council run
Environmental issues were vital
to him in his 22-year career
By Gary Kubota
KIHEI, Maui » Dressed in a T-shirt, shorts, and a muddied sneakers, Wayne Nishiki walks about his outdoor produce market in south Maui, looking more like a farmer than a Maui County councilman.

Make that former councilman.

As of today, his 22 years on the job officially comes to an end.

"I'm going to miss it," said Nishiki, who hasn't discounted running again for elected office.

While quite a few in the construction industry are glad about his political departure, many other people will miss him, especially environmentalists.

Despite two drunken driving convictions and a reputation for not returning telephone calls, Nishiki has never been defeated running for office as a councilman. He left because of a 1992 Charter provision preventing a councilmember from serving more than five consecutive full terms.

His legislative aide, Michelle Anderson, endorsed by Nishiki, assumes his seat on the council.

Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa proclaimed a Wayne Nishiki Day last month. Nishiki has been one of the few, if any, council members who has been a vegetarian and spends his recreational time swimming and surfing rather than golfing.

He's also one of the few elected officials who switched successfully from being a Democrat to a Republican.

He made the switch after being censored and getting kicked out of the Democratic Party for endorsing close friend Rick Reed, who was running as a Republican for the state Senate, he said.

Nishiki said one of the reasons for his longevity has been his political independence. [He had/has ? no real direction, nor idependence outside of the following quote is a real joke.]"People want to see people independent, not controlled by groups or unions," he said. "That's the reason why I was elected. People want to keep government honest and open ... I returned a lot of campaign contributions because I didn't want to be beholden to corporations and large landowners."

One of his major roles on the Council has been as an advocate for open space and public beach access.

Nishiki, who operates farmer's markets in Kihei and Honokowai, said he always felt that a balance needs to be struck between business and the environment on Maui so that the Valley Isle continues to have appeal to visitors and residents.

"It's important to look at both aspects and how you want to mold Maui," he said.

A 1962 graduate of Kalani High School, Nishiki came to the Valley Isle in the early 1970s to conduct a surfing survey for the group "Save Our Surf," then decided to stay. He's single now, but has been married twice and has six children ranging in age from 22 to 34.

He once operated a health food store and senior citizen's farmers market in Wailuku and was a partner in a farm in Haiku, growing alfalfa sprouts.

He ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor and also for mayor in the 1970s.

Nishiki said in his early years, he was a student of all kinds of meditation, including yoga.

"It just made me become a sensitive environmentalist," he said. Asked about his consumption of alcohol, he said, "I hardly drink at all now."

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Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: November 07, 2010 10:19PM

Just so you know, Hawaiians and Hawaiian political opponents have been aware of Butler's involvment in politics via his deeevotees for years.
Here is a letter from Gabbard's opponent Ed Case from July 21, 2004. []

July 21, 2004

Dear Mike:

The candidate filing deadline has passed and you are asking over 600,000 of Hawaii's people to represent them in our nation's highest legislative body. I trust you agree that the voters of the Second District are entitled to know exactly who you are, where you come from, what you've done, why you believe you're qualified, and what you propose to do.

You have provided virtually no details on your background, experience, beliefs, qualifications, or accomplishments to date, nor on your positions and proposed actions. You have also declined to talk directly with the media, instead requiring that they e-mail you their questions.

Here are some questions that any voter would want answered and that arise from your campaign literature and other information. Please respond to me with your answers to all at your earliest opportunity.


1. Where and when were you born?

2. Who were your parents and where were they from?

3. You've stated that your father was in the Air Force; what was his rank, and what were his postings and when?

4. Your website implies that your father was a pilot; was he and, if so, what did he pilot?

5. Where did you live growing up and when?

6. What schools did you attend, what high school did you graduate from, and where and when?

7. You've stated that you joined a Catholic seminary at 14; which one, where, and how long did you stay?

8. You've stated that you had a surfing accident at 17; where?

9. You've stated that you tried to enlist in the military in 1965; what branch and where?

10. Since your graduation from high school, where have you lived, when, and what employment have you had during each period?

11. During what years have you lived in Hawaii fulltime and where?


12. How many children do you have?

13. What are their names and ages?

14. Where are they living and what are they doing?


15. You've stated that you have a "BA in English from Sonoma State University”; what years were you enrolled there and when did you receive your degree?

16. You've stated that you have an "MA in Community College Administration from Oregon State University"; what years were you enrolled there and when did you receive your degree?

17. OSU doesn't appear to offer an MA in "Community College Administration"; please confirm the degree you received.

18. What other schools have you attended, and do you have any other educational qualifications?


19. You've stated that you have "devoted 20 years to education"; at which schools have you worked, during which years, and what were your job titles and responsibilities?

20. You've stated that you're a "longtime educator/teacher"; at which schools have you worked, during which years, and what were your job titles and responsibilities?

21. You've stated that you've "worked with young people as a teacher, guidance counselor, college administrator and coach"; at exactly which schools, during which years, and what were your job titles and responsibilities?

22. You've stated that you were affiliated with the " Ponomauloa School" in Wahiawa; what type of school was that, what years was it in existence, and what were your responsibilities and in what years?

23. You've stated that you "know the challenges of running your own business"; exactly what businesses have you owned or operated, where were they located, and what was your specific role with each and in what years?

24. You've stated that you are a "small business advocate"; exactly when and in what ways?

25. What other business or professional experience do you have?


26. You have implied that you are or have been a Catholic; are or were you, when, and what church if any do you currently attend?

27. Are you or have you been a follower of the religion sometimes called Vaisnava or Vaishava, and have you worshiped or do you worship Lord Brahma or Lord Vishnu?

28. Do you follow or have you followed the teachings of the Vedas?

29. Are you or have you been a follower of Chris Butler, also referred to as Jagad Guru, Siddha Swarupa Ananda, or Siddhaswarupananda Paramahansa?

30. What is or has been your relationship with any of the Science of Identity Foundation, Identity Institute International, the International Society for Khrishna Consciousness, or Down to Earth Inc.?

Government Experience

31. What specific government experience did you have, and when, prior to your current service on the Honolulu City Council?

32. Did you work for former State Senator Rick Reed?

33. What do you regard as your five primary accomplishments during your year-and-a-half of service on the Honolulu City Council?

34. You've stated that our "major challenges are improving education, protecting our environment, winning the war on terrorism, and strengthening our economy." What exactly have you done to address each such challenge during your service on the Council?

35. You've cited the following as major issues: "a balanced budget; education; national security and the war on terrorism; affordable housing; war on drugs/ice; transportation infrastructure; environmental protection; Native Hawaiian concerns; health and senior care." What exactly have you done to address each such challenge during your service on the Council?

36. You've stated that you have "worked statewide to help combat drugs"; exactly how and when?

Second District Experience

37. During which years have you lived fulltime in the Second Congressional District and where?

38. What specific actions do you cite as providing you with knowledge and experience with respect to the Second Congressional District?


39. What specific awards or recognition have you received, from whom, and when, for your government, community or personal service?

Platform/Proposed Actions

40. You've stated that our "major challenges are improving education, protecting our environment, winning the war on terrorism, and strengthening our economy." What exactly do you propose to do to address each such challenge?

41. You've cited the following as major issues: "a balanced budget; education; national security and the war on terrorism; affordable housing; war on drugs/ice; transportation infrastructure; environmental protection; Native Hawaiian concerns; health and senior care." What exactly do you propose to do to address each such challenge?

42. Exactly what else do you propose to do to represent the people of the Second Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives?


43. What other details can or will you provide with respect to your qualifications to serve Hawaii's Second Congressional District in the U.S. House?

With aloha,

Ed Case

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------GABBARD'S REPLY FOLLOWS:

Dear Rep. Case,

You have not answered my question as to whether or not you will give me the email list of the people to whom you sent your first list of questions/accusations. There is no use answering your questions if I am not able to get them to the people who received your questions/accusations. So if you are sincere, please confirm that you will send me the email list so that I can be assured the people who received your questions/accusations will receive my uncensored answers.

With warm aloha, Mike

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 16:43:06 -1000

From: Mike Gabbard

To: Ed Case

Aloha Ed. Thanks for confirming (that you sent that letter). By the way, before I spend time answering/replying to your "questions," I'd want assurance that the same people you sent your letter to (30,000 email list?) will receive my answers/reply uncensored.

You know, that's a request worthy of Karl Rove and the Bush Administration. "If you'll just turn your mailing list over to me I'll be happy to answer your questions."

I wonder how you say chutzpah in Hindi?

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Reed follows Butler orders and why Carter left cult
Posted by: Vera City ()
Date: November 07, 2010 10:20PM


According to the legend, Cec Heftel was mounting a serious challenge to John Waihee for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Heftel was ahead in the polls, when the Democratic machine, which backed Waihee, launched a "smear campaign" with a mass mailing that alleged Heftel's involvement with drug parties and underaged males. These rumors caused Heftel to lose the election.

The problem with this story is that most of its "facts" are plain wrong. Very few people ever heard about the "smear" until Heftel publicly denounced it right after he lost the election. The mailing had gone out to a very small group of influential people in the apparent hope that they would use their positions to publicize it further. None of them did so.

The best evidence as to who did the mailing points to the politically active, but secretive religious cult headed by Chris Butler, aka Jaggad Guru The most prominent public member at the time was Rick Reed, special assistant to prosecutor Charles Marsland. The FBI determined that photocopies of the document had been made in Marsland's office and a copy of the confidential informant's allegations was found in Reed's personal files, though he had no legal right to have the document. Reed's then wife, a co-worker named Carter Phillips Reed, told investigators that she had been present months before the smear became public when Rick Reed had discussed the allegations against Heftel with his guru, Chris Butler. (Butler and Reed both deny the charge.) All this info is available in the Advertiser's morgue. [Carter left both Reed and the cult after this incident. Carter was villified and all of Butler's followers were told she was a demon and to not talk or associate with her. If they did so, they would risk spiritual deportation into the hellish planets. There were other exers who were present at those meetings who have stated that Buter was behind the mailings. Obviously they fear to come forward publicly. Carter was a good person and did the right thing. She got out of the cult.]

Why would Reed do such a thing? Let's look at two somewhat similar cases. As Marsland's assistant, Rick Reed got access to confidential investigative documents that alleged that Big Island rancher Larry Mehau was a major figure in organized crime. Rick felt a responsibility to warn the public and so he publicized the information in a public speech and in print, calling Mehau the "godfather of organzied crime." This resulted in a major lawsuit against Reed.

In a second case, Reed heard that a hairdresser who worked downtown was telling people that she had been sexually assaulted decades earlier by Senator Inouye. Reed provided a tape recorder to a campaign worker, another member of the cult who had lived in Butler's compound in California, but had come to Hawaii to work on Reed's political campaign. This woman, Umeko Walker, befriended the hairdresser and got her to repeat the story to her while secretly recording the woman's voice. Reed then used the woman's voice without her permission in a campaign ad attacking Inouye.


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