Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: January 07, 2013 09:38AM

I wish to preserve the following testimony from Lenore who identifies herself as a former employee of Down to Earth and having first-hand knowledge of the Gabbards, Chris Butler, and his followers. There is also a rebuttal from Rebecca who is probably a devotee of Butler and asks that Lenores testimony be deleted. Note Lenores mention of the Rick Ross Forum and her praise for dabcults videos. Here is the link for as long as it lasts:


See original post since the copy below has a problem with special characters.

Lenore says:
November 4, 2012 at 7:29 pm

NOT TRUE! NOT TRUE! NOT TRUE!c.this is a lie and a deceptionc..and a ploy for election purposes only c.I know this family, and what they have done has always been suspectc.
Here is my testimony under oathc ) just kidding, but itfs the truthc..

I worked at Down to Earth Health Food Store in the 80Œs when her father, Mike Gabbard, a local Samoan mix plate and her mother a white(Haouli, what we call white in Hawaii)women worked in the kitchen as food serversc.let me say that again serverscc.

The whole familyfs in a cult, devoted to a fellow who splintered off from the traditional Hari Krishna movement.
Their cult leader took a lot of devotees with him from the Hare Krishna group and Prabhupada the leader, as he had worked his way up to number 2 in the organization, which is how he operatesc.Chris Butlerc.alias Siddhaswarupc.self titled.
He came back to Hawaii (was an unsuccessful surf pro in the 70Œs) and started his own Krishna style groupcand also is the silent (or not so silentcseeing I know) owner of Down to Earth where we started this storycwith Tulsifs father Mike the Samoan and Tulsifs mother Carol the white lady in the kitchenc..

By the wayc.Mike now is a Senator and Carol also in government, I believe educationc.nobody is Hindu anywherec.

In fact I donft think Siddha (Mikefs guru and by default Tulsifs)has any Hindu followers cthe Hindufs have enough to choose from as far as spiritual guidesc.I would thinkc..not to mention hefs one strange creaturecI know this because my best friend attended his beach spiritual gatherings as she was dated someone from the group and she also was an original disciple to Prabhupadacso she had lots to share on the subject that was first hand knowledgec..

Whatfs strange and interesting about this very odd story which certain people who live here know about isc.this self appointed guru has always insisted and found ways to get his followers into governmentc.alwayscitfs some kind of code in their group, possible for exemptions or other political favors, I donft knowcc. I just know, when I was first around he already had people in the government herec

When the father, Mike Gabbard, started moving in that directionche start politicizing and coming out strongly against homosexuality, even had a small radio show feeding rabbit hatred against the gaysfs part of their Krishna style belief systemccand gain political support that wayc.with the far Christian right herec..
I was working at Down to Earth still during that time, and saw employees get fired when it was discovered they were gayc.there was even picketing in front of the store during that time, and because of the picketingc.MIke disappeared from the storec.both him and his wife suddenly werenft working there anymorec.but later on popped up pursuing governmentc.for the cultc.this is the truthcccc..

This family has organized a very serious and strange campaign of entrance into government for their cult leaderc..
When I was around there were a few men who were ghenchmenh or sorts for Siddha, who was extremely paranoid and fearful of germsc( a real strange bird if you ask me)
Mike Gabbard(Tulsifs dad) was one and Mike Henrietta was anotherc..the second one ran the Health food storecand years later committed suicide by jumping from a freeway bridge into on coming trafficc..that was my bossc..

These are the folks Ifm talking aboutc.. who are in governmentc.

We need to take the rose colored glasses off, once and for all concerning governmentfs stinks to high heaven and ends up being bullshitcc

Rebecca says:
November 9, 2012 at 12:05 am

Hi Jean – A friend sent me a link to your blog and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I couldn’t agree more with your advice from your “about me” page to “stay in a place of love.”
I felt really sad when I read the spiteful comment above by “Lenore” about the wonderful and inspiring young lady Tulsi Gabbard who has just been elected to Congress by an overwhelming majority in Hawaii.

In Hawaii, we try to cultivate the spirit of aloha, or love and tolerance, towards all races, religions, etc. Despite this, there was a handful of people during Tulsi’s campaign who, like “Lenore”, tried to spread fear and bigotry about her religion to attack her personally.
In my opinion “Lenore” is not coming from that place of aloha but instead is spreading fear and bigotry which is why he/she describes people in derogatory ways according to their race and occupation, such as “Mike the Samoan” and “Carol the white lady” and he/she also thinks someone being a “food server” is somehow proof they are not a worthy person.

The people of Hawaii as a whole soundly reject that kind of innuendo and bigotry, which is why Tulsi won 80% of the vote in the general election. You are obviously a person who embraces that spirit of aloha in your own life. That is why I was so sad to see that your enlightening blog is a being used by this person as a medium for fear and hatred.

Tulsi’s election truly is historic and great news for women and people of minority across the U.S., to know that they too have a chance despite the efforts of people like “Lenore” who try to stoke people’s fear of the unfamiliar and spread malicious rumors. I humbly request that this unfounded and hurtful post not be left on your blog as it does no one any good. I wish you well.

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much)

Lenore says:
November 9, 2012 at 2:34 am

Well….. Rebecca…..Jean….
You know me so well by now Jean….:)
Let me apologize if I’ve offended you Rebecca…Jean…
I’ve certainly heard your point of view voiced here in Hawaii many times….. but as far as me being a bigot, maybe, who knows….I’m a “Houli” and have been married to my “Hawaiian mix plate Mayor Wright Housing Husband” for twenty plus years…….
I’d call us at this point “the people of Hawaii”….Kamaaina ya’all…….
So many labels right?…… how can I be a bigot? hey, plantation days….we worked it all out with food……. we make fun of these cultural titles here in Hawaii….Frank DeLima ….you go girl(if you even get that)…….maybe it’s just my husband magically charm that doesn’t allow me to see I’m married to someone who’s as local giv’em as it gets….

But seriously, my comments are not based in cultural but in specific meaning… and applies to these folks alone….no one else…..
They are based in first hand knowledge not racial bias…
…I wrote Mike the Samoan and Carol the White Lady to point out one very specific fact, that …drumroll please…..
NO ONE IS A NATIVE HINDU IN THIS FAMILY ……they are from Hawaii and her mother may very well be from the mainland……….. nobody’s from India….
And their “hinduism” is all about following this splintered Hare Krishna guru, period…….

I’ve spent a lifetime in front of masters and gurus, lived in ashrams and communities(child of the 60′s)…and have had experience in these areas…I’m very familiar with them…and I’m also very familiar with the head of the Hare Krishna movement, Brabhupada…who was truly a humble, magnificent, divine soul, who only had one suitcase and lived an exemplary life…

This unusual germ phobic fellow Chris Butler, went into the Hare Krishna movement, got enmeshed with Brabhupada….took who he could drag from the community and left, true story… Brabhubada begged him not to do it, but he did it anyway…..
He came back here to Hawaii and created a cult around himself…
Maybe you don’t you know about this Rebecca…or….(maybe you do and your a disciple?)…….this is Tulsi’s guru and source of Hinduism…I’m sure, as her father Mike was Siddha’s right hand man when he was cooking in Siddha’s health food store and I’m pretty sure that hasn’t changed by the trajectory and message Mike carried thru out his career into the Senate…they have very clear perspectives on gay rights and abortion that follow the far right…but here in Hawaii politicians who identity with the Republican far right perspective don’t do that well…in fact it’s hard for them to get elected(Linda Lingle’s shedding a few tears)…… they tend to hide certain things…..

Tulsi ran on the notion that she was a Hindu, and people who didn’t know her, thought she was from India…. the real story was never clarified……she’s no more a minority that Patsy Mink, Dan Inouye, Coleen Hanabusa, Mazie Hirono…etc etc….she a mixed plate from Hawaii, plain and simple…..
I’m sick and tired of “wag the dog” type politics……

Many here on Jean’s page, make an effort daily to lift up the curtain, so they can find the truth lurking under the covers, like the Wizard of Oz, with the man flipping the switch….

If you knew about Chris Butler and his followers eating his nail clippings(I swear, I can’t make the shit up) because they think he’s so holy…if you understood the undertow involved, you may see thing with a new perspective….or maybe you already know…and your here for that reason, I don’t know….

But hey don’t listen to me, please, go to youtube and type in Siddha Swarup/Chris Butler….you’ll see for yourself….there’s some French gentleman from Canada, who’s made videos about this very subject…who appears to have been a disciple of Brabhupada/ Hare Krishna movement, and was there during Siddha’s time period and saw what went on…

This fellow is so mad he’s made a bunch of videos on exact subject above.

I had no idea, I just found them…..He explains the betrayal of faith in the choices Tulsi has run on, base on her supposed Krishna beliefs…they don’t believe in abortion the are against gay rights etc etc….theres a string of beliefs…..this fellow from Canada explains it better than I can…

Never intended to spend this much time on this….and yes concerning this kind of stuff I can get negative because I’ve been burned in cults….drank menstrual blood of leaders “cause they were so holy” I know about this kind of thinking…..and it’s really dark stuff……I’ll leave it at that….

Look the Gabbard’s are doing fine, I’m just a fly on the wall…….politics welcomes these types of folks with open arms…but when truly honest folks show can bet your bottom dollar they’ll disappear…by by Ron Paul…by by Ralph Nader…by by Ross Perot…..and so many more……

Lenore says:
November 9, 2012 at 7:13 am

Postmortem Jean…..six hours later of constant research on the subject to get my facts straight and there’s so much dirt, my head is spinning and I’ve only touch the tip of the iceberg… it’s a huge can of worms….
Reading rick ross’s forum of x devotees, on his cult site was a never ending post on this cult of the Gabbard connection…… Daily Kos even got involved exposing the families ties to Jagad Guru Chris Butler Siddha…….
Quite frankly the members of this guru’s group behave identical to Scientology, toward X- Members and anyone mentioning negative aspects of the group or people involved.
They troll web sites and attack whomever speaks up about them and they also go after people on the street….
And then there’s Rebecca….wanting my post removed…this is a typical MO for the cult…
The connections between the Gabbard family, the cult member and funding for Tulsi’s campaign are all woven together….(Tulasi, named by the Guru himself, which she changed to position herself away from him…but only in name it seems)

The contributors, the sign wavers, campaign head quarters all populated with cult members(eye witnesses) ….look it up for yourself Jean….Tulsi changed her name, divorced her ‘arranged by the guru” husband who also gave to her campaign and went from a stance against gays and abortion to becoming a Democrat and supporting gay marriage and pro choice…

Now this cult when you leave it, get divorced, change your name that’s been given by the guru…etc…..they disfellowship you harshly ….exactly like the Jehovah Witnesses or Scientologists…your family and friends are not allow to talk to you, associate with you..
Yet this woman still enjoys all the benefits of still being in the cult, having her parents closely involved, people working for her….and her parents it’s seems are the highest leaders in the cult….Mike, Krishna Kathadas speaks for “the master” when he’s not around and his wife Carol is Devahuti Desi….. and they are also marriage counselors of the cult….and women do not enjoy equality in this organization……not part of the belief system….
And it seem due to financial holdings they have always enjoyed and positioned members inside their cult into government for protection. I was around when they had Rick Reed in for them….This came from multiple postings which I’m happy to load onto this page if need be…….. but I rather let sleeping dogs lie….
A can of worms. without a doubt…..feel free to delete it whole heartedly after you’ve read my post……I was going to post a private message on your FB page Jean, but you’re not on it that much I can see, and didn’t have a way to contact you personally which I would have preferred in this case…’s now 2 in the morning….I started this around 8….had dinner at 11….and enough is enough…..hugs to you and…..
all the best….

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: January 10, 2013 10:20AM

Before I upload the third and final chapter in the Walter Wright report, let’s catch up with one of the characters from the second chapter. John Moore has done quite well for himself these last 36 years and now performs his service to Butler in Santa Fe New Mexico where he lives in style with his nth wife. I’ll leave her name out of it, since she might not be aware of Moore’s obsession with women.
Born John Scott Moore February 8, 1945
Initiated name: Jivan Krishna das
Attended Vaishnava Vedanta Satsang 1972
Operates Jiva Ananda Yoga in Santa Fe, NM
Previously worked for Butler near Sacramento (Lotus Garden Yoga Studio in Carmichael, CA)
How many souls has John Moore recruited for egomaniac Chris Butler over the last 40 years (not counting his seductions or his two younger brothers)?

John Moore in 1977
Quote: Laid philosophical basis - Religious leader's role in politics played down
John Moore, principal spokesman for the Independents for Godly Government party, says his spiritual master, Chris Butler, probably didn't contribute much to the political views of IGG candidates.
Vera says: “THIS IS A TOTAL AND COMPLETE LIE! Butler was the one who designed, wrote, and dictated the whole thing!!!!”

A more recent photo of John Moore from 2012

Is that a framed photo of Chris Butler next to the blue god, Krishna?

Relaxing by the fire in Santa Fe
One ex-mate and ex-member, Shanti, revealed much about Moore in her old RR post from 2007.
It seems that Chris Butler always lets Moore off the hook after his sexual indiscretions, while excommunicating other followers for lesser transgressions. One particularly disturbing revelation: Shanti’s 15-year old daughter from an earlier marriage shows up pregnant and CB arranges her marriage to Moore’s brother. Later, John Moore takes this young girl as his sexual partner - even though she is married to his own brother and is the daughter of his mate.
Shanti says: “How do I know all that I have written to be true? I was there. I was the "Mate". Any questions?”
My conclusion? John Moore is a charming sociopath and master manipulator in the same mold as his guru, Chris Butler.

Here is a video chat of Moore that we were not meant to see. He mentions eight siblings, one brother working at the post office. That would be Thomas Moore. He also has a brother, David Moore, who works for Down to Earth as their IT Administrator in Kailua. The video freezes after six minutes and never comes back. John Moore is about the same age as Chris Butler, but is in much better health.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: othercultonce ()
Date: January 11, 2013 04:44AM

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: othercultonce ()
Date: January 11, 2013 04:45AM

Anyone going and asking some questions?

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: othercultonce ()
Date: January 11, 2013 04:47AM

This is my first post and hope I do it right. Anyway, Tulsi will be holding meetings on Big Island if anyone can go ask questions. []

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: January 11, 2013 05:30AM

This is my first post and hope I do it right. Anyway, Tulsi will be holding meetings on Big Island if anyone can go ask questions. []

Aloha othercultonce,
You should expect people here to be very cautious about first-time postings. There have been many attempts over the years when supporters of Chris Butler have joined the forum in order to distract, disturb, and learn the identities of forum members. I will not click on any link unless it is posted by a trusted member since that link might lead to malware or the capture of IP addresses. Likewise, I would not attend a public event mentioned by a newbie since it might be a trap.
Why not start by introducing yourself and your interest in this subject? Don’t write anything that will disclose your true identity. Anyone willing to expose Tulsi Gabbard and Chris Butler will be warmly welcomed to this message board. I look forward to reading your posts.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: othercultonce ()
Date: January 11, 2013 06:46AM

I understand, well, I was a Mormon for 35 years and figured out that was a cult, as all religion basicly is, in my opinion.

I can't reveal much as to my location or what occupation my husband has that puts him near to all this. But he works for someone who has been in CB cult for many years. Had no idea until I did a google search on this person he works for. Not political. So right now, our source of income is from that person...he has no idea we know what we know. We are only here for about 6 months.

I don't have the "balls" to go ask Tulsi some questions but if someone is able to, I thought I would post where she is having community meetings and when...that is stated in the news clip of that link.

I hope this guy self destructs, but I hate the stuff that goes on and damage to perhaps naive persons and children because of all this.

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: dabcult ()
Date: January 11, 2013 10:34PM

Welcome Otherecultonce .....Mormon for 35 years ........I must say that Joseph Smith who married 23 women they could be with him in Paradise
had a great scam going ....when it came to sex .....EVEN is married disciples where offering him their wife
Mormon believe that Adam and Eve once live in Missouri ......thats how crazy a cult can brainwash you and keep the 10% of one income coming in .

When you are born in that cult .......very difficult to get out .if parents and gran parents are in the MOrmon cult
I wish I could fly and ask some questions .......but I am to occupied at the present

Great reseach again flash

Real funny thinking that Carol and Mike Gabard where acting as marriage counselor ...

QUESTIONS for flash and others




Wich page is the picture of Eddie Tomayo
there is several pictures for Antonio Tamayo on the internet .......wich one is it ?

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Date: January 12, 2013 02:58AM

Greetings, dabcult. You should see some increased views of your latest video because I informed a number of Hindu-Americans. You asked about Mike Gabbard having a gay son. See below that he does have a son in Australia whose appearance and words can be described as effeminate. I won’t comment further and let the information below speak for itself. There is no on-line photo of Eddie Tamayo, but I do have a potential source. I’ll get back to you about photos of Eddie’s father and uncles.
Quote from Mike Gabbards son: “MY LIFE STORY born and raised in samoa, grew up in hawaii. left hawaii when i was seventeen to find fame and fortune in LA, hated LA and moved to NYC when i was 18. loved it. worked as a model in NYC (when i was young and beautiful) with ford men.”

from cultreporter in 2007: “Mike Gabbard does infact have a gay son who he packed off to Australia so as not to upset his family friendly image.”
Atheist says in 2007”
“One other thing that I wanted to mention and that may have been previously discussed here is that people who have an obscession with homosexuality are often homosexual themselves.
The long-term preoccupation of Chris Butler and Mike Gabbard with homosexuality, certainly makes me wonder: Are they self-hating gays themselves?
Of course, Gabbard has an openly lesbian sister and is said to have a gay son.”

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Re: Chris Butler, Jagad Guru, Science of Identity
Posted by: VitaminC ()
Date: January 13, 2013 06:42AM

Flash (and others), is owned by Pacific Radio Group, who is a media conglomerate with radio stations on the big island and elsewhere. That link is (relatively) safe.


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/13/2013 06:46AM by VitaminC.

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