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Posted by: DINGO ()
Date: October 26, 2019 09:14AM

So, RealLove has now posted an article on its website that 'Real Love is Not A Cult' and it goes on to explain why - in the usual RealLove way of course!


Very recently, despite this 'We are not a cult' post, Cult Leader and Guru of RealLove, has been at it again. His finger inserted unexpectedly where it had no right to go in a poor unsuspecting victim of a 'loving hold' being carried out by him. And as if this vile act was not bad enough on its own, he spoke some of the most disgusting and degrading words to this poor victim by his suggestion of what he wanted her to become 'for him'. And this is on top of all the other rubbish that goes on!

And yet, in this post that 'we are not a cult' RealLove continues to blame its former adherents and those who choose 'not to join' by labelling them as being unloved by their parents, unable to be loving, unable to accept love, not accepting RealLove as their saviour, not allowing themselves to be loved by RealLove, rejecting the love given them, living in fear, and being empty blablabla - the same old dialogue given to anyone who questions RealLove or leaves without having engaged fully or being trapped for eternity. Learning about love and being loving does not require principles, laws and ideologies as devised by Greg Baer or anyone else - it is not complicated or difficult! But groups like this make it so, and so cause more internal disruption and confusion about love than was ever had before becoming involved with the group. But as usual, anything loving that is not of the RealLove (or other 'loving' type of group) is always dictated as NOT REAL, fake, phoney, pretend, imitation etc. as only the cult, in this case RealLove, has the only genuine, authentic, real and God-given love that there is. When you need to create processes that develop addiction and codependance in order to get and feel loved, or be remotely loving (or so the adherent may think and believe so) then such a thing has digressed way off the road indeed.

Thoughts and prayers sent to the many victims still trapped within as well as those struggling to get their lives and families back after leaving it.

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