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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Tzadik ()
Date: January 09, 2018 11:01AM

Please follow the link below to check out the FB post of one of ex Kabbalah Center chevre. It has a lot of comments where people share their experiences.


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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: EXKCFOR8Y ()
Date: January 09, 2018 11:24AM

It has been a very stormy week for me since I was exposed to the posts by ExKC members chèvre and teachers like Eran Yehuda Sivan and Ofer Shaal and then the Russia sexual abuse stories.
it has been a mix of overwhelming feelings,
It’s been 8 years since I left and reading your stories /testimonies was healing but painful at the same time healing because it’s like you told my story, the one I never got to tell but painful because I never did.
and so I decided to share my story and not keep silent anymore. No matter what.
And I hope that by doing so more will do the same to end this abuse and suffering of so many people around the world .

I started studying at the KC when I was only 16 always been a soul that searching.
Over the 9 years I was there, becoming a part of the center in every way, volunteering, tithing and feeling like I found THE place the path the right way and what I was looking for in life ..really believing the center’s cause And vision... like so many of you I’m sure.
Towards the end of those 9 years as a student I started working in the TLV KC, As the event planner & manager I worked side by side with the center manger, and that’s when everything changed for me. As an employee I got to see a lot, looking back on it now I remember suddenly people had so much respect for me as if you’re something special or on a higher level spiritually just because you work or chèvre at the center.
As soon as I started working in the TLV KC they signed me up a new teacher “to help me grow” who in my case was my managers husband. Beni halfon.

In our very first meeting I remember after a very short introduction he revealed to me that he had a sex addiction, of corse I was shocked the conversation went that way but I was only a 24 yo brainwashed and convinced the centre was the real deal and really believing my teacher wants the best for me. He was an Authority.
In every meeting that we had he always turned the conversation to sex. I was always so embarrassed. I didn’t know how to react.
There were occasions where he asked me a question any question and while I was replying his question he would shut his eyes like he was taking a nap while I was a speaking, but he had a smile on his face and it looked like he was fantasizing it was obvious he was aroused, I asked him Benny is everything ok? I really didn’t understand it was bizarre.
At the end of every meeting he would always want to give hugs, “his bear hugs” they called it.
It was his thing with everybody, But when you stand in a room behind a locked door having to hug an overweight middle aged 50 something-year-old man Who is also my teacher and my managers husband. Is Very very confusing. It always felt uncomfortable I could feel his body pressed to mind him smelling sniffing my hair like he was getting so much pleasure out of it (A woman knows when a man is aroused. And when his hug is friendly) but it’s just my teacher right? Everybody hug at the KC right ?
But that was every meeting with him always the same sexual contact long uncomfortable sometimes 10 minuet hugs, and as employee being around him everyday all day (being overworked for 16 hours a day underpaid no staff and completely exhausted) he maid my life very Miserable
to add on that I was sufferings great deal by his wife. My manager. Who thought I was her puppet
They both had lots of issues between them And on a few occasions where he snapped and screamed at me humiliated me in front of everybody for no reason and as usual I cried she would come to me and say “I had a fight with him last night he takes it all out on you “
but yet again she would do that to me as well. I was exhausted from working so much all the responsibility she defiantly made me work like a slave from 8:00 Am till sometimes 2:00am
and I would be emotionally abused by him and humiliated on a daily basis there was not even one day that I didn’t come home crying. Those were the four and a half most miserable months of my life.
I think every normal person who would read this would not believe why I agreed to be so harassed and humiliated every day but you really have to understand that mind control mindset the center trains your brain to believe (their Distortion of real kabbalah teachings.) To believe your connection to the light comes from the source of another human being you need a middleman to reach God. Or in our unfortunate case believing the bergs are tzadikim you need to serve and admire and give your all to so you can become closer to the light. And If you have doubts then that’s your “Satan”. Right? With that mindset you agree to suffer and tolerate a lot of miss treatment even though you are strong smart well educated adult, And you feel it screaming deep down inside that there is something wrong, you learn to ignore your most basic instinct. As all of you. I had 9 years of that brain training.
And Beni used psychological techniques (I think the teachers are thought to do that)like taking information he knew about me from our meetings and use it against me
To use everything he knew about me to hurt me.
After suffering for such an amount of mental physical emotional and sexual torture, I remember feeling like I couldn’t take it any longer but I really didn’t know what to do. After One occasion where we had an event and my manager asked me to turn on the lights while they were trying to do a show and then she said turn it off and asked me to change the lights again and again I told her I feel Uncomfortable since people were already in watching the show it was a very Embarrassing moment for me and then he stood up and screamed at me and humiliated me in front of every person in that room for changing the lights, even tho he saw and heard her asking me to.I started crying like every other day at work. I was a game to them to put all frustrations on me.
Or one time where we were cleaning for pesach and since I was in charge of all holidays I had to make sure things were done right. That was my job, I had this salt pack that touched the non kosher surface so I had to go and ask Beni what should I do with it since I was afraid to use it for pessach and since he was in charge of the kosher stuff.
As soon as I entered the teachers room and said - “hi Benny can I please ask you about this salt I’m afraid to “.... and I could barely finish my question when he stood up and screamed at me shouted at me in front of everybody and said who are you to ask questions what I say is what goes ! I was shocked confused I wanted to just ask what should I do with that stupid salt pack, but I couldn’t say a word. I’m a very strong girl but when you feel so small and they make you feel even smaller... I couldn’t say a word to explain I had to run out of that kitchen with all teachers watching it happen! crying again

He would be very sexual and wired and nasty with me behind closed doors play mind games but screamed at me and humiliated me in front of everybody on a daily basis.
That was it for me. I was broken.
I remember We had another meeting after that occasion and after the shorts conversation I didn’t even want to have with him ended he asked to give me another hug like usual. But this time I couldn’t let him touch me. If I hated his long uncomfortable 10 minutes hugs then at that time I was sick my stomach and I said I’m sorry Benny but I don’t feel comfortable hugging you after the way you treated me and he said OK he stood up open the door and said then you’re not worthy of me being your teacher please leave. I left humiliated again.
Maybe 20 minutes later I got a call from the teachers secretary and she told me Benny said - he no longer wish to be your teacher and that I should find you someone else .
Then he wrote me an email -
“With you’re self distraction you manage to make me not want to be you’re teacher.”

And I swear on my life that’s exactly what he wrote.
That was his mind control games with me and later realizing with all women he could get to at the centre.

I had to quit my job at that point I couldn’t take it anymore I was broken devastated in and in a very bad emotional state.
Maybe a month after quitting my job at the center I had a conversation with a friend of mine she was 17 back then.
And that’s where my world turned upside down she told me then he has told her exactly the same words played exactly the same games and gave her those same long hugs she told me about one occasion where he asked to hug her but she was a large breasts girl and felt uncomfortable hugging him so closely she pulled back a little bit Trying to still hug him and not have her private parts so close to his so he said -“don’t worry I’m not trying to fill up your big breasts”
When she told me what had happened I saw a mirror I wanted to protect her like she was my little sister then realizing it all happened to me as well and then after a conversation with another friend they all said I should go to Karen and tell her about it .
I was afraid to reveal who I was since she knew me and I had such a key role at the TLV center I was still under that mind control set to believe the center was good and he was just one bad seed in it
Boy ...was I wrong.
I wrote an anonymous email to Karen Berg displaying all the story telling her every detail of what happen with Benny and the girls &me
I had girls told me they felt like they wanted to die after leaving his room I could relate.
after a few short emails with Karen where she was trying to make me reveal my identity she send Muki Oppenheimer her personal assistant, and lover.At first they tried really hard to find out who we were via emails they send people to try and find out who we were
Eventually with the help of someone who I thought was a friend they sent to talk to me we had to confess eventually in those emails all we wanted was for that bad seed to be taking care of all we wanted was for them to protect us and other girls, muki & Karen promised us it will be taken care of by this following (reminding you I have all emails to prove it all)
1. He will no longer teach women at the center
2. He will go to therapy as soon as possible
3. Will be “exiled” (in mukis words) to the US as punishment
4. will no longer participate in any of the centers the events until he leaves
5. Will be written in his personal fill. And I really believed they will do all of that We never had any intention to file a complaint or a lawsuit it never even crossed my mind all I wanted was this bad seed to be removed that’s what I really believed was the case but the emailing with them back-and-forth all they did is tried to manipulate us to not go public with the story or go to the police.
Emotionally I was a rack I couldn’t deal with it I needed change I booked the flight and I left Israel I had to clear my mind run away from it all .
I came back 2 month later I went to have Shabbat at the center and there he wasLecturing on Shabbat and guess what the lecture subject was-
human dignity
Yes I had to sit there in tears listening to this man talk about human dignity when I knew he never ever had any human dignity to anyone especially not for women
I didn’t know what to think of it then still hypnotized by the power of the centre
then was 9th of of Av
Of course He did went to the event but not only that Benny was there he also personally accompanied the rav of on the stage the I entire night, can’t even begin to describe how traumatized I was that night.
I Was broken devastated and disappointed. I couldn’t stop crying just seeing him was so traumatic
when I went to the Center for some reason I don’t recall I stood next tothe receptionist desk a girl came by and said hi I’m here to see Benny the receptionist called him and told her to go up to his room for personal meeting so I found out they lied
They lied about all they promised they never had any intention of keeping those promises

I wrote an email to Muki asking him why is this happening and that I am devastated his excuse was “we are building a case on him we haven’t confronted him yet we want to have all the information so when we confront him he cannot say he didn’t do it.”
Muki is very smart he always knew what to say
To keep us quiet. After all Karen didn’t hire him for nothing.
After that happened Karen happened to be at the center I came to her crying I was so traumatized by it all I was asking her why is this all happening why are they not taking care of it but she didn’t have any answers for me I could tell by her reaction she Was not going to give me a swears but I still believed in her! (How blind this cult can make you be.)
and she had
no intention of protecting us what so ever
Benny was making a lot of money why would she do anything ?
Then after being so disappointed I told them that if they won’t take care of it and protect other women I will publish my story and let everybody know
I have A pretty big amount of emails back-and-forth with them trying to scare us and threatening us that if we file a police report or or tell about this to anyone They will sue us and basically make our life miserable
We were just girls young girls so powerless
Believe it or not I stayed a student even after all of this which shows you how deep and Dangerous is the mind control cult is.
And again I booked a flight to Australia I had to leave I couldn’t deal with anything but then something happened to me I was away from the center which gave me very fresh perspective on things slowly by slowly with the help of a very close friend of mine in Australia I begin to tell him everything that had happened and little by little the more I told him the more I realized what had happened to me and that it wasn’t my fault and realizing who Karen and the center really is about , It was Maybe almost a
year later when I finally left .
Overtime I’ve heard from friends of mine in Miami and other places that he was still teaching women of course nothing was ever done he is still teaching till this very day.
They flew him to Miami so we won’t do anything about it
Karen Took everything from me my power my human dignity my rights how can I possibly support such a place my whole world crashed. A Place I believed so much in this vision to save the world I was a part of it was all just a scam.
All it was and still is a well working money making machine
To Karen there is no faces no names no people were not human beings, to her all you are is -$$$
And if you don’t have that money you are nothing to her.
Unless you were sexually harassed and abused then she will give her full attention to get rid of you!
Imagine being at the center since I was 16 for almost 9 years and have all of that crash in front of you like a sweet illusion a bubble that’s burst
I actually became very physically ill with ulcer because of her. Or them
Then I remembered how many donations were kept from me when it was my job to file the report how many things I saw that didn’t add up but I never saw them you always justify their actions... it’s really crazy if you think about it
Then I started researching Different Cults
And the more I studied the baseline and the guidelines of what a cult is the more I educated myself the more I realized how dangerous cult they really are I spoke with A therapist that helps people who left Cults and he said-
it takes a very long time to heal after leaving a cult some people don’t heal fully for many years .
I decided I could not keep quiet any longer and I decided to share my story as much as I could but all I got from people was their back’s don’t forget the KC Teaches us that he if we have doubt it means we have satan and nobody wants to be around you cause you ruled by Satan now...I even got messages from women telling me that I summoned it and if it happened to me that it’s my fault and my responsibility to take and that I should do my spiritual work instead of going against the center it’s amazing to me even till today to understand how deeply involved in a cult do you need to be that even when a woman or young gilrs are telling you and giving you a proof that she was sexually harassed and that there is wrongs in the center, you still don’t believe a word and instead of support I got many knives in my back from people who I believe to be my friendsThe center was my life and now I had nothing I don’t wish anybody to go through such a difficult mental and psychological trauma and maybe that’s why I’m so thrilled and happy to see all of you share your stories Karen may has a lot of money and can Destroy you in court with The best lawyers but she cannot sue us all if we all tell our stories
I want to encourage each and everyone of you to share no matter what your story is maybe you’ll save a soul.

You’re probably asking yourself why I never filed a complaint well not only that I wasn’t able to emotionally physically or financially I just couldn’t deal with another crisis breakdown or a heartbreak it was too much stress for me I really couldn’t deal with them anymore so I decided to move on with my life but I have to be honest there is still a part of me that wasn’t healed because I never got the chance to really share my story share the truth scream it to the world so everybody knows! but like I said it takes years to heal and untie those thoughts conditions you were taught for so many years A distortion of those amazing teachings is what they did they took the pure beautiful Kabbalah and made it a business to make money.
I wish all of you who don’t know they are slaves to the system you are good amazing people and the tools are real and what you felt at the centre is real because it was us our unity but everything you learned at the center is false from the basics. this is not the real Kabbalah
No one can take your power from you you don’t need a middleman to connect to God the light is with in you .
you don’t need no one to connect you to the light because all you are is light.

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: January 10, 2018 10:20AM

Somebody posted on Facebook today message exchange between Yehuda Berg, former Director of Kabbalah Center, and a woman he sexually abused a few years ago (see attached screenshot)

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Tzadik ()
Date: January 12, 2018 01:22AM

Somebody just created this petition and posted on Facebook. It is asking for public acknowledgment and a serious legal investigation of the Kabbalah Center.
Please read and sign it by clicking the link below.


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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: January 12, 2018 07:15AM

The woman who was sexually abused by Yehuda Berg and won a lawsuit against him a few years ago posted this message on Facebook (see attached image.)
She is ready to share her entire story with a reputable news source.

FYI, Yehuda Berg is a former Director of Kabbalah Center and the son of its leader, Karen Berg.

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: January 13, 2018 12:55PM

Somebody posted on Facebook a message where a woman sexually abused by Yehuda Berg a few years ago is telling her story (see below.)
Yehuda Berg is a former Director of the corrupt Kabbalah Center and the son of Karen Berg its leader.

"Farrah Joon This thread has triggered a lot for me as most of you shamed me. I’ve composed my thoughts properly and will share. I was a close member from 2007-2013. It is a full blown cult and unfortunately I got sucked in emotionally and financially. During my years at the center I stopped trusting my inner voice and I gave my power away to the teachers and leader in charge. I know that may sound really stupid to some of you, but the process doesn’t happen overnight. Over time and little by little a cult’s objection is to break you down emotionally. This was accomplished a few different ways and is easier to do when you’re weak. I had been in a very physically and emotionally abusive relationship and a friend recommended I visit the center for a class. I liked what the teacher said. It sounded similar to The Secret, so I began studying. Over time, my teacher would honor me with the “privilege” of leadership meetings and attending all night studies which lasted until 5am. These were known as limuds and they were a perfect opportunity to begin a brainwashing process. Pretty soon I was donating all of my time and money to the center and even mentoring other students. My life was spiraling and falling apart. Things got worse and worse until I finally left and threw out every piece of Kabbalah and Zohar. I was advised to go on trips to Israel that cost nearly 7k even if it meant losing my job. I was asked to go on shopping sprees and to purchase luxury clothes and hair appointments for the teachers and leaders. I was told I needed surgery because I failed to attend Passover with the leaders. They taught us that our connection to God could only come through the leaders of the center. Around my third year as a student, my life was awful. I was a manifester before the center and couldn’t understand why I stopped manifesting and was in such a bad place financially and spiritually. My teacher told me to max out my credit cards to tithe and to not pay them. He would repeat this one sentence so much that I began repeating it to everyone I mentored and spoke with. “I am so grateful for the wisdom I’ve learned at the center. The miracles and blessings I receive are not possible without Kabbalah”. Meanwhile I had never been in a worse place. My friend finally tried to scream some sense into me. She said how can you mentor anyone when you now have nothing and are so miserable and depressed? Of course I thought she was the Satan and disconnected! But she was right. I’d hear my teachers gossiping about other students. I was becoming so confused. In 2014 I filed a lawsuit against the leader of the center for sexual abuse. He tried to drug me and abuse me when I was very sick. I had kidney stones and he told me he could heal me and that he too suffered from them. As soon as I entered the NYC apartment and got out of the elevator, he told me to take the fucking pills. I used to look at him as if he was the Dalai Lama. I was confused and in denial. He proceeded to talk shit about everyone except for three people- Einat, Rachel Ellen and Malul. He said that only Rachel Ellen was allowed to know I was there. He began texting her. Hmmm. When I refused his advances, he threatened to beat me until I was blue and kill me. He kept asking if we were going to play musical chairs all night. After that it was a very painful process. I was afraid to tell anyone. I thought maybe it was my test. I blamed myself and I needed major therapy to reprogram the indoctrination. There’s a saying that secrets make you sick and my secret was haunting me. I knew the leader was on his way to raping someone and I couldn’t live with myself by staying silent. Luckily I had a lot of support and my friends convinced me to file a lawsuit. My attorney and I became aware that this leader had sexually assaulted dozens and dozens of women. Not one of them would come foreward in my defense. When the story broke, I was ridiculed, shamed, labeled as crazy, a whore and out for money. The biggest celebrity and member in the world was aware of his behavior at least since 2007. She made her manager call me, who I had known for a while and ask me why I was harming the center and hurting the leadership family “because they are such good people” He then asked me to settle it behind closed doors. He had Eitan on his speaker phone while he was talking to me. I reassured him it wasn’t for money and I was saving someone from being hurt in the future. I continued to be ridiculed and shamed so I changed my last name. The Center hired 6 MALE attorneys and 1 female attorney and took the case to trial. YB was so arrogant during trial. He showed no remorse and he violently brushed passed me in the courtroom when he lost. Confronting him face to face was the best thing I ever did for myself. It made me fearless. Shalom testified against me and was caught in a huge lie on the witness stand. He then had the audacity to sympathize with my case to other students to appease their worries and fears. Something he was quite good at doing. I won but I was never paid the judgment. For years I was called a devil and satan for what I’d had done by many of the same chevre who I spent so much on. Preparing them for their weddings, paying for their hair appointments, taking them on luxury shopping sprees. WOW. I even saw some of those women who shamed me marching last year and I couldn’t believe the hypocrisy. Finally, since there’s been an overwhelming amount of sexual abuse exposed, over 100 Kabbalah teachers have left the center and dozens of those women have come forward publicly this past month to say they too were sexually exploited by the leader. Some of you have apologized to me and I accept the apology but I don’t forget. However, if Rose McGowan was the only person who came forward and everyone else stayed quiet, would you believe her or would you call her crazy? Are some of you so spiritually bankrupt that you need a #metoo hashtag and a movement to tell you that you should do what is ethically and morally correct? You’re still behaving as sheep and followers. I know many victims are afraid. I understand that. But I also have a conscious and couldn’t live with myself if my silence allowed someone to get hurt far worse than me. My point in writing this is to inspire women to have independent thoughts regardless of what the crowd is doing. Because at the present moment, people are still following the crowd and jumping on the next bandwagon. I was a victim for so many years and I finally took control of my life. The lawsuit empowered me. I confronted and took my power back, I spoke my truth, I took all of my pain and I turned it into massive success. I learned how to be completely independent and fearless and I stopped giving a shit what anyone in the world thought of me. That is true freedom. Always speak your truth regardless of what anyone else is doing. Your intuition leads you and speaks to you every single day and most times it’s not in accordance with the “in” crowd. Trust it. It’s not “Satan” that is tricking you. It is your soul crying and begging you to trust your inner voice. Listen to it and stop betraying yourselves."

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Alex45 ()
Date: January 21, 2018 10:20PM

This is a crying shame. How people lead others into the dirt in the name of religion, philosophy, "spirituality" and such. All the more we have to pray for guidance from within, the Lord in our hearts. We must always pray to be protected from such low-lifes who are far from helping, and rather destroying lives.

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Tzadik ()
Date: January 23, 2018 09:50AM

Here is what one of the ex Kabbalah Center students posted on Facebook to explain the dirty tricks used by Kabbalah Center in Moscow to minimize the sex scandals damage. I heard that they did not want to change anything in Moscow as that center generated too much cash for Karen Berg and her family!

I was asked how Kabbalah Center managed to keep business as usual in Moscow after horrific sex scandals there. Here is the answer from one of the former KC Moscow students who is very familiar with the situation:
Rob and abuse kind and merciful people, if you want no consequences!!! The best thing that Kabbalah Centre ever had was the quality of its students and the spiritual information, plucked from the ancient tradition, used as bait.
How is it possible that 50 women were harassed sexually in Russian in the most horrendous form, from the person that these spiritual seekers considered the embodiment of Light, and NO CONSEQUENCES HAPPENED FOR THE CENTRE? Let us look how. The Centre uses these same techniques repeatedly in crisis and will use now. Let us understand it and avoid during this opportunity for cleansing.
First rule – hide information. Up until the truth of Moscow crimes exploded to the full student community, the strategy was simply to hide it. Despite phone calls from close students and other hevre for years, read it carefully – y-e-a-r-s, nothing was told to the community. This allowed the fact that David Mats managed to harass dozens of more women in meanwhile, it allowed him to collect $100k for his medical bills under the disguise of false micro stroke. KC knew that hiding of the facts works because the closest are the most brainwashed, their mind identified God and Spirituality with organization’s leadership. What wouldn’t you do to protect the name of God?
Second Rule – Take no responsibility and lie. When the information exploded, and everyone in Moscow knew of what happened, the leadership had to travel and hold a meeting with the students. What was the response? “We did not know”. Karen lied openly saying that no one called her while there were students in the room who knew of the calls. The kind and merciful students just stood up and left the room, one of them crying at the betrayal of years of serving the organization. Did it matter to the cynical leadership? No. Karen likes to say: “there are always new people”. David Mats was pronounced Satan, and diagnosed psychopath and the leadership was, of course, light and love. What diagnosed psychopath? Mats was a soldier replicating the greedy and sexually deviant behavior of his seniors, perhaps magnified in the environment of cash-rich years of Russia’s oil dollars and “new money” students riding him in private airplanes. Psychopath? We know of no less psychopathic teachers, don’t we?
Third rule – fake apologies. When David Mats harassed the first known victim, she confronted him, and he apologized profusely, using the “spiritual” vocabulary, he explained to her about suffering and restriction, and about his pain. In another half a year, perhaps on that day he could not find another victim, he assaulted her again. And he apologized again. In another year he assaulted her friend who was a brand new student. What? If need be, they will apologize, talk to you about all the vessels and Light in the world, and for better effect use “Michael Berg” tears during the conversation, all to keep the power and continue the scheme.
Forth Rule – blame the victim. Up until the strongest and the most able students stood up to the unraveling scandal, the version was of course – the women were whores, they seduced poor spiritual David Mats, so far away separated from the Light of Karen and Michael. Even David Mats’ wife spent days calling everyone she could from Israel to blame the women and horrible chevre and students who just want to overthrow the leadership of Mao, oh wait, Mats.
Fifth Rule – discredit the people who stand up. During and after the scandal Kabbalah Center paid extra attention to bad mouthing, ruining the reputation of the most active leaders of the resistance, those who asked questions and did not accept false comfort and did not succumb to brainwashing. They were talked about as evil, Satan to the community. Please please remember that discrediting the fighters and the opposition, ruining their reputation, spreading rumors about whose who speak the truth – is a common, most use technique de jour in Kabbalah Centre. WE MUST BEWARE OF THIS TECHNIQUE NOW.
Sixth Rule – Superficial Changes. Once Mats was removed, Eliyahu Yardeni came to Moscow – and that was that. No responsibility was taken, no admittance of cover up, no real DNA changes. Mats was smeared as Satan and paid hugely for silence, and now everything was going to be fine, since the true holy people came to lead. Wow! That is what they are doing now in the USA. Any doubts?
Seventh Rule – blah-blah brainwash into oblivion. When Mats was removed and declared the Satan, the new freshly arrived leader Eliyahu Yardeni was left with cleaning the mess. The kind and merciful people reacted as they always do, some just walked away unable to withstand the stench of lies and betrayal, some preferred to surrender to the comfort of brainwashing. Only a few people asked questions and pushed for answers. The first tactic, used to the very bone, until nothing else was possible, was to blah blah blah with the spiritual lingo, parables and tales, about lights and vessels, good and bad….you know the drill. These active students were paid extra attention, showed kindness and given good seats at the events. Eliyahu checked their state of brainwash, and made sure they jumped from the fence to the “right side”. Only the last few, who perhaps were highly skilled professionals, executives with strong personalities – managed to see the true face of Kabbalah Centre. When all the blah-brainwashing failed, they saw a street-smart cynical dealer talking money, signatures and silence.
And that is how, my friends, the horrendous Moscow Sexual Harassment Scandal was put to bed. If you tell to any member of the press or any sane individual outside of our former psyco babble about it – they would not believe. How was it possible that 50 women were harassed by the leader of an international organization with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, the leadership knew about it for years and nothing was done, and press did not find out, and police did not investigate. That is how – hiding information, taking no responsibility, lying, apologizing and fake crying, blaming the victims, discrediting those who question and brainwashing everyone into oblivion and most of all, choosing kind and merciful people as victims.
Think about your personal responsibility for the souls of other kind and merciful people who are yet to enter through the doors of KC? Can we help them to avoid wasting their potential (spiritual, physical, financial) to the cynical mafia???"

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: February 05, 2018 08:47AM

One of the former Kabbalah Center students posted the message below on Facebook just a few days ago (please read and/or follow the link below)

"Dear Kabbalah Friends,

As many of you know, over the last decade almost, I have been an avid follower and supporter of the Kabbalah Centre.

While I’m still convinced about Kabbalah as a spiritual teaching, I have been severely irritated by all the scandals and publications about the Center. At the beginning, I was somehow immune about all the comments and stories. But as the signs became too intense, I needed to start an in-depth research and due diligence on my own.

I wanted facts, neutral facts about the Kabbalah Centre as an organisation. After several months of research, analysis, discussion with lawyers, tax experts and specialists I have collected enough information to make my own picture.

I don’t want to start any debate or discussion here. I just want to share only few of the many facts that I have found. The facts released here can be publicly accessed by anyone on specialised websites on the internet and through tax departments.

The Kabbalah Centre is a clever, complex and interactive construct between non-profit and private companies/ enterprises, which all link to the same person, in other words it is a very profitable privately owned commercial operation under the cover of a non-profit organisation.

Profits are massively invested in real estate through private companies/vehicles, other revenues are invested in funds which are managed by wealth managers in the UK, Switzerland (in Zurich) and in Israel.

Profits are generated through different sources such as donation, books, etc. and the Zohar Project. The profits move out of the organisation through compensations, real estate deals, rents and under the cover of charity deals (for ex. The Zohar International Project being a high margin business operation).

As one of many example, one of SFK related Organization paid a compensation of 252.650 USD to Ka… B..g for a contractually agreed average of 5 hours of work per week (latest form 990 published online in 2010 newer forms are not published online). For comparison, a well-paid teacher in a private school working 5 hours/week would need 42 years to get the same amount of money, a chevre at the Kabbalah centre would have to work at least for 526 years.

SFK is only one of the dozens of organisations and vehicles under the umbrella of the leader of the Kabbalah center inc. enterprises.

If the Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organisation, shouldn’t the buildings be owned by the funding community and regulated as a foundation instead of as a privately-owned enterprise?

If the Zohar Project is really that important to change the world why the center doesn’t invest and put Zohar everywhere at once? Everyone can ask printers how much it really costs to print a Zohar in Asia and easily calculate the cost/benefit factor on the current Zohar project operations.

Is it good, is it bad? I don’t know, everyone should decide for himself. There is nothing bad about doing astute business and getting massively rich. But I personally firmly believe that this shouldn’t be the purpose of a non-profit organization.

In my spiritual work I feel the deep responsibility of having a positive impact on the world, not on a privately-owned family corporation. I will miss the community and the great friends I’ve made at the KC, but I’m taking the decision to take a jump and to move on. I will still explore the wisdom of Kabbalah but I won’t support the KC anymore."


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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Tzadik ()
Date: March 31, 2018 12:05PM

Recently Russian government tried to deport 6 teachers from the Moscow Kabbalah Center for small violations (follow the link below.)

The same Russian Government did nothing about Moscow Kabbalah Center whose former leader, David Mats, sexually abused 40-50 women there over the years.
Also, as we heard, Karen Berg's Moscow Kabbalah Center collects donations mostly in cash and then launders this money via multiple offshore accounts.


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