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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Tzadik ()
Date: December 23, 2017 02:21AM

I was a Kabbalah Center student in New York as well.
They really damaged lives for a lot of people.
Kabbalah Center is clearly a corrupt organization and a cult led by Karen Berg.

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: December 25, 2017 09:47AM

Here is the latest that I heard:
Karen Berg knew about David Mats sexual abuses for about 1.5 years but did nothing to remove him as a leader of Moscow's Kabbalah Center. David Mats was too important for her in Moscow as a "money-making machine", women's lives did not matter.
Rumor has it that finally, she removed him but not because he sexually assaulted 40-50 female students and employees there, simply because David Mats wanted to have Moscow's Kabbalah Center as his own franchise and that did not sit well with Karen Berg... For her, it's always about money!

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Tzadik ()
Date: December 27, 2017 08:28AM

I couldn't agree more - it is always about money!
Karen Berg operates Kabbalah Center not like spiritual non-profit organization but as her "cash wallet". Kabbalah and Zohar teachings are all just a nice facade covering the ugly corrupt and greedy nature of this sect.

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: December 31, 2017 04:16AM

Here the latest I heard:
For years Kabbalah Center in Moscow was collecting money from students for a new building there. Millions of dollars were raised for the new center, and finally, the large new building was bought and renovated in the center of Moscow a few years back.
The rumor has it though that this building was NEVER bought by Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center, the facility is simply rented.
Now, the question is: where all these millions of dollars collected from students went?

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Tzadik ()
Date: January 02, 2018 10:53AM

I heard from multiple people that Yehuda Berg was bringing easy girls from Russia by plane loads for his "spiritual tours" in Israel.

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: January 05, 2018 02:27AM

Latest I heard is that Yehuda Berg was asking people to bring him drugs on Shabbat and that he would never go to Torah without it.
Yehuda Berg is the son of Karen Berg and the former Director of Kabbalah Center.

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Tzadik ()
Date: January 06, 2018 09:38AM

Here are the latest revelations of the former Kabbalah Center teacher.
He explains how corrupt and devilish Karen Berg's cult is.
Please click on the link below ( to listen to the audio file.

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: January 07, 2018 11:43AM

Below is the latest posted by Kabbalah Center student on Facebook today.
Please follow the link an/or read below


Here is an email from a student that was very involved with what happened in the Russia centre. He is carefully describing what happened and the cover ups.
The reason the centre new for so long what was happening with that teacher and didn’t do anything is the fact that we was bringing in tons of cash money and laundering it into secret bank accounts. Even after he was sent away from Russia his students were told that he left because he had a stroke so they raised 100k$ and sent it to him. And even after all of that karen still tried to convince the Russia community to forgive him and accept him back. Read it
Dear Leaders and Teachers,
I'm sure you already know a lot about the developments in the Moscow Kabbalah Center in the past 7 years.
However, we have noticed that the reaction of the Kabbalah Center leaders and teachers has been and still is being inadequate regarding the occurred events. If the same or similar situation would have happened in any other structure of a similar scale, looking at the amount of people and money involved, it is clear, that the reaction would correlate with the law: A serious internal investigation would take place and all the people who let the situation happen, would be released of their duty and fired, and the people who are to blame would be brought to justice and prosecuted accordance to the full extent of the law.
It is possible, that this inadequate reaction is connected to the fact that not everyone knows all the information, or that the leaders of the Center think, that many facts are not known to the students and its possible to hide them.
This is why we want to outline for you all the known to us, facts in chronological order, for the International Kabbalah Center to conduct its own internal investigation and to establish how it was possible that these crimes were committed and allowed to happen for the past 7 years.
From 2007 David and Batsheva Mats, Igal and Rivka Kutnovsky with their 3 kids were present in Moscow. Soon after Valentina Matasova also started working in the center.
In order to legalize foreign teachers in Russia, they needed working visa made for them. David and Batsheva received theirs, however the others, for some unknown reasons, were refused or the visa's would not be extended.
One day Valentina Matasova told Rivka Kutnovsky, that her family needs to leave Russia immediately, as their working visa couldn't be extended and according to Russian law, they can be prosecuted and jailed if they stay. (This was a lie. David and Batsheva Mats together with Valentina Matasova have developed a scheme, which they used every time they wanted to get rid of any foreign teachers that they were displeased with, using their lack of knowledge about the Russian law).
Thus, the Kutnovsky family, with their 3 kids, which were going to school in Moscow at that time, were forced to leave Russia within 1 day.
From 2012, the first complaint appeared about the sexual deviations and harassments of the head teacher of the Moscow Kabbalah Center David Mats.
This is what we have succeeded in gathering based on the testimonies of the affected students.
Student S (we intentionally don't want to publish in this letter the real first and last names of the victims, however they do have, and they are willing to testify) has told, that the first sexual incident happened to her in summer of 2012. David asked her for help and has invited her to his cabinet. He asked her to give him an injection, which he cant ask Batsheva to do, in his penis, which he needed to have an erection.
Later it was found that he used Kabbalistic terminology, like Light, Clean Vessel, Resistance, Sharing and links to laws of hAlaha, in order to persuade the students to perform sexual actions in quite perverted forms.
He repeatedly addressed her with this proposal afterwards as well. She has shared about this problem with her friends, after which one of her friends, in January 2013 (This was for 2.5 years before David Mats has been removed from the center), he Karen phoned and told her about everything that has happened.
In August 2013, the family of Aaron and Rachel Peckman with their kids has come to the Moscow Center. David and Batsheva have tried numerous times to exhibit Rachel as an incompetent specialist. (However, we all know very well all Rachel’s professional achievements in organizing events). In order to achieve her departure from the center, they have organized to bully Rachel with statements from teachers and workers of the center. Those who refused to write a statement against Rachel were fired. Miriam Dan knows a lot about this. In one of private conversation with Rachel, she has confessed that David Mats is a very dangerous man and that she is very scared of him. As a result of this persecution, Packman’s family had to leave Moscow in May 2014.
In June 2014, another student B has found out from her friends at the Center, that many had similar situations with David Mats; as a result many of them have left the Center. She went to a private meeting with her teacherYitzhak Sinwani and told him everything in details. Yitzhak afterwards told the student that he has calledKaren and told her everything.
In August 2014, Nechama Sinwani was approached by her student D., and told her that her friend left the Center, because she knows about many situations, when David was harassing women. Nechama's response was:Everything can happen. It all seemed by you. From her reaction it was clear by the student, that it’s not the first time that Nechama has heard this kind of information.
In a middle of October 2014, before Karen visiting Moscow (22 October 2014), another student N. toldYitzhak Sinwani again, about similar situations with her friends. She asked to organize a meeting for her andKaren, so she can talk to her directly and tells everything. Yitzhak Sinwani has organized the meeting with Karen, which was also attended by David Mats.
At the meeting Yitzhak signs let her know that she was not told about this right now Karen.
In December 2014, after Karen’s visit, Yitzhak Sinwani found out about other situations of sexual harassment by David Mats, called Karen and told her everything.
It is also known that one of the students of Michael Ocher, in Winter 2015, told him that David Mats was harassing her and was behaving himself awfully. After this, Michal called Eitan Yardeni and told him about this fact. Eitan promised to investigate.
In 24th May 2015, Natalia Tauberman was approached by a female employee of the kabbalah center, that was working there as a cleaner. She told that David Mats was trying to sexually harass her and behaved strangely. After talking with other employees, three girls admitted that David Mats insistently suggest to them to join with him in sexual intercourse in an unconventional way.
Hearing these stories, Natalia Tauberman, in the same day, 18th May 2015, called Miriam Dan and told her everything.
On 20th of May, after the conversation of Natalia Tauberman and Miriam Dan, David Mats told Natalia's husband, Abraham Tauberman and Michael Ocher that they must leave the country. Based on his words, he received information from a FSB employee, that Moscow Kabbalah Center can be closed, if they have employees from USA.
So quick to respond...
On 24th of May 2015, was the time of Shavuot and Natalia Tauberman shared the stories about sexual harassments of David Mats towards the employees of the Kabbalah center, with Michael Ocher, Shimon Kutnovsky, Esther Ludrinski and Yehuda Dubovis.
On 26th May 2015, in the morning, Shimon Kutnovsky, Esther Ludrinski, Yehuda Dubovis have called one after the other to Miriam Dan and demanded that Kabbalah Center will take actions immediately regarding David Mats.
On 27th May 2015, Michael Ocher flew to New York and met with Eitan Yardeni and told him the story and everything that has happened.
On 29th May 2015, David Mats and Batsheva were summoned to New York for proceedings and to find out what is going on.
On 31st May 2915 they flew away.
On 6th of June 2015, Michael Berg got all the teachers of the Moscow Kabbalah Center on Skype, as well as Zina Kutnovsky and Natalia Tauberman. He told them that David Mats is not ok, that he has sexual deviations. He confirmed that there were sexual actions taken towards the students and employees, and no doubt that he did everything that he has been accused of. He said that Mats is no longer allowed to be part of the Center and that he will not return to Moscow from this point onwards.
During 8-10 June 2015 David and Batsheva Mats returned to Moscow to collect their things.
On 10th of June 2015 they flew to Israel.
We want to stress that neither Karen, nor Michael or any of the teachers have NO taken the responsibility to let the students of the Kabbalah center know about the sexual harassment of David Mats and that he was sent for a psychiatric examination and therapy. This allowed David and Batsheva Mats had time to mislead everyone: they started calling all their students and tell them, that David had a micro stroke, and that he will have to spend a few months in Israel to heal. This triggered people to collect money to help him. The students collected money for the medical treatments and an apartment for Mats. More than 20 students have raised at least 100,000 dollars and gave them to Mats family.
From 22 until 26 June 2015, Chana, the main manager of London Kabbalah Center, came to Moscow to check the situation. Her aim was to collect all the information from all the employees during personal meetings, in order to give this information afterwards to Karen. According to witness testimony's, Chana was in total shock from the information gathered upon her departure from Moscow.
On 7th July 2015 David and Batsheva Mats invited to Tel Aviv, to Hilton Hotel, the key students from the Center, who also didn't know anything, to spend Shabbat Pinchastogether with them. In response to student's questions, why the Shabbat is not celebrated in Tel Aviv Kabbalah Center, Mats family explained them that the Center has bad energy and that Karen herself often does this.
When it was found out about David's initiative to celebrate Shabbat Pinchas with the key students, Natalia and Abraham Tauberman, Zina and Shimon Kutnovsky, Esther Ludrinski and Michal Ocher, called Miriam Dan and informed her about this. Miriam promised that everything would be told to Karen.
During this Shabbat, Batsheva Mats tried to find out from the students: who are on their side from the teachers and employees of the Center. She especially talked to Anastasia Basov, who was also present during this Shabbat. She tried to find out who is their enemy in the Moscow Center. As the result of their quarrel, Batsheva, who is famous for her evil tongue, blamed Anastasia for treason, and declared, that her and David already exiled two teachers from Moscow, and that in line four more traitors (Zina and Shimon Kutnovsky, Esther Ludrinski, Yehuda Dubovis).
Anastasia Basov told her friends about the threats from Batsheva Mats, after which once again they called Miriam Dan, and told her this situation.
15 July 2015 Natasha and Abraham Tauberman were forced to leave Moscow.
22 July 2015 Moscow Kabbalah Center was visited by three persons, who presented themselves, the agents of FSB (Federal Security Service). They went to the conference room, joined first by Valentina Matasova. Afterwards, Shimon Kutnovsky and Yitzhak Sinwani were invited to the room. One of the agents of FSB talked to Shimon Kutnovsky about his documents. The result of the conversation was that Shimon was asked to prepare new documents. (FYI: is not responsible and does not deal with any issues that are associated with the stay of foreigners in Russia, FMS is dealing with it). Afterwards, Shimon Kutnovsky and Yitzhak Sinwani left the room. Valentina Matasova continued their conversation with the agents from FSB. After their conversation, she told Sinwani and Kutnovsky, that Shimon Kutnovsky, Esther Ludrinski and Yehuda Dubovis, according to the FSB agents, have to leave Russia; otherwise there will be problems.
After further investigation by the students of this incident, in cooperation with FSB agents, it was found that Valentina Matasova invited these FSB agents for the main purpose of frightening Shimon Kutnovsky. Nothing about urgency of departure by Shimon Kutnovsky, Esther Ludrinski and Yehuda Dubovis, wasn’t instructed by them, but was fabricated by Valentina Matasova, following instructions from David and Batsheva Mats.
When Yitzhak Sinwani was told about this circus, he flew to London to meet Karen Berg, and told her everything. But in spite of the already proven a fake, all the guys were still expelled from Russia
During 28-29 August 2015 David Mats invited all the key students to attend Shabbat in Safed, with Karen and Yehuda Berg. Rachel Peckman dealt the technical question about the organization of the event, because Karen organized it. During the registration process, David Mats called Rachel and demanded that Anastasia Basov would not be allowed to register. Peckman told about this to Karen and apologizing gave the invitation to Anastasia personally.
During Saturday afternoon, Karen invited all the men for a meeting, which was attended by Batsheva and David Mats, and Karen and Yehuda Berg. During this meeting, David Mats declared that he was unfaithful to Batsheba and that she has forgiven him, and that Karen has also forgiven him. (For your information, at that time, none of the students knew anything about David Mats psychiatric diagnosis and sexual deviations). After this,
David addressed to the students who didn’t know anything, with a question, if they will forgive him and will help him to raise him up once again.
All the students were in shock. Then Karen Berg asked them if they are ready to forgive him.
What kind of organization such of the Kabbalah Center is it, when the spiritual leader of the Center asks students of the Center if they are ready to forgive their ex leader of the Moscow Center David Mats, when by that time he already had a diagnosed psychopathy, with confirmed numerous sexual harassments in a deviated form. (There have been 40-recorded cases that we know of at the moment). This was done in presence of the ex- co-director of the Center Yehuda Berg, who was removed from working in the Center, after the court proceedings related to sexual harassments.
These students, as mentioned by us earlier who didn't know anything at that time, hearing that Karen has forgiven David, have also agreed to forgive him. As a result of this conversation Karen said that Mats will be treated a few months and will return to Moscow.
When Anastasia and Dmitri Basov found out about the results of this conversation, they achieved to have a personal meeting with Karen. During their meeting Karen told them that she knows that David Mats is sick but they will cure him and that even from this kind of person its possible to learn Kabbalah. She said that she, Karen, doesn't have a leader that will take the Center forward. To the question asked by Anastasia what forward means, Karen couldn’t explain it.
Straight after Shabbat ended, Anastasia called to Moscow, spoke to Shimon and Zina Kutnovsky and told them everything.
They afterwards called Michael Berg and told about the Shabbat in Safed. He replied that he doesn’t know anything about that, about what has happened in Safed, and gave his word that David Mats will never return to Moscow!!!
What is this organization by the Kabbalah Center and does it take any sort of responsibility, since almost until the end of September David Mats, a personal who was removed as a teacher and was under psychiatric treatment centrally invited students to meet on Skype???
During all the summer months, Kutnovsky family, Ludrinski and Dubovis Yehuda couldn’t understand, why Batsheva and David Mats continued to meet with the students, thus numerous times called about this to Miriam Dan. They were promised that measures would be taken.
To sort out this situation, Eliyahu and Yael Yardeni arrived to the Moscow Center. Obviously, based on Karen’s instructions, the information was hidden from the majority of students Kabbalah Centre or was delivered in a distorted way.
After all these outlined facts, we want to demand from the Kabbalah center to conduct a thorough investigation, and sort out the following questions which still have not been answered:
How is it possible that a psychically unhealthy person, manipulated teachers, students, sexually harassed students, was heading Moscow Kabbalah Center, regardless of numerous messages and warnings? This has finally resulted to:
Many people were hurt and affected, who received moral and psychological damage, families were destroyed, with explanations that they were not each other’s halves and will not bring light into this world.
The reputation of many students was destroyed and damaged, including people and businessman, who had negative information spread about them in the business world, which had a big impact on their professional activities and reputation, not mentioning their emotional trauma.
David Mats has motivated students to collect 2 million dollars to buy out the Moscow Kabbalah Center. As this happened during the classes, the proof of this is in the video recordings. As a result, the sum of money was collected, but the building was still not repurchased. Why there are still no explanations where is this money?
Why there still was not been an investigation on all the money spent for buying personal clothes for Karen Berg, before every her arrivals in Moscow Kabbalah Centre, for a sum of more than $30,000. A few times there were simply full sets of clothes bought, for similar amount of money and were sent to her to the US. The money was taken from the safe where all the cash of the Center was kept, including Maser, which was located in the apartment of David and Batsheva Mats (there are witnesses to this).
Why until now there was no investigation about the cash used to buy personal clothes by Batsheva Mats. She spent big sums of money on personal shopping which can be confirmed by witnesses (including a purchase of a winter coat that costs $10,000).
Why inside your structure, the teachers that had the courage, ethics, humanity and human dignity, the most worthy of you, which were exiled by a lie from Russia, were still not returned back, even after they told Miriam Dan and Eliyahu Yardeni that they want to come back. However, the teachers, who showed cowardness and recreancy, continue to teach and meet students and until now, are considered as representatives of the Kabbalah Center (Yitzhak and Nechama Sinwani and Sara Brodsky).
Why until now, Valentina Matasova is still working as an active director of the Center, who was the assistant of Batsheva and David Mats in all their fraud operations.
It's been five months since it became clear who is David Mats! Why it is still the spiritual leader and co-director of the Center, Karen Berg did not come to Moscow, and took responsibility for everything that happened, and did not bring apologies to students?
The Students of Kabbalah Center.

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Tzadik ()
Date: January 08, 2018 06:25AM

The previous link to listen to Javier Wolcoff audio file might not work all the time due to the overload: too many people want to listen to the revelations of the former Kabbalah Center teacher about the true nature of the corrupt Karen Berg's cult.
Below is another link that can be used to download and listen to it:

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: EXKCFOR8Y ()
Date: January 08, 2018 10:23PM

I was sexually harassed at the center by a teacher where i used to work for four months as the event planner in the Center
Out of the nine years of being a student where I witnessed donations being hidden not reported I was overworked abused screamed at . my teacher sexually harassed me for a long time me and another 17-year-old and other girls
When I told Karen berg by emails about everything that it’s been happening with the specific teacher really thinking he was just one bad seed they promised me that he will be taken care of and he will no longer teach women and that he will no longer participate in any of the events 4 months later I saw him with a female student in a room and he also participated in all the events not only he also accompanied the Rav
Not only that they didn’t do what they promised they tried to shut us up and were just scared we were going to file a complaint or file a lawsuit
Only then leaving the Satan money making center myself with everybody knowing what happened but still not believing me I realize how deep the Colts influence in mind control is it’s not the Kabbalah center is the Satan Center

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