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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 30, 2020 11:20PM

Of the two potential heirs, one is in prison, leaving the other a free agent.

Let's see if there are any lawsuits.

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What is Kabbalah Centre teaching about Covid-19?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 31, 2020 09:35PM

Friends, could we find out what Kabbalah Centre is teaching folks about Covid-19?

Madonna taught science based safer sex messages during the AIDS pandemic back in the 1980s.

Today there's an article in The Guardian that Madonna is preaching conspiracy theory nonsense about Covid virus.

Does Kabbalah Centre stay out of medical affairs or are they teaching folks to peddle medical disinformation?

In the 1980s, AIDS/HIV was pandemic, no treatment, people were dying, and the Reagan Administration would not mention the disease.

In 1986, a young Madonna used her celebrity status to teach and normalize ways to prevent transmission of the deadly virus, incorporating safer sex information into her concerts.

Google search results.


(Corboy lament)

Today, 2020, decades later, what Madonna doing?

Spreading disinformation and BULLSHIT about covid virus!

Hey Lady, is this your idea? Or were you taught this by your gurus at Kabbalah Centre?

Madonna leads celebrity vogue for Covid-19 conspiracy theories

Singer’s claim vaccine is being concealed is latest example of stars spreading falsehoods during pandemic

Rory Carroll
Published on Fri 31 Jul 202


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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: gm.may.aba ()
Date: August 01, 2020 04:53AM

First of all, congratulations on her passing. May the world be a better place without her witchcraft. And May her descendants think twice before feeling so invincible, when going after anyone on their Blacklist!

Secondly, does Madonna still participate and believe in KC? I heard she quietly pulled out and even sued them for the $5 million she had donated to KFC. KC was the cause of her divorce. At some point, when she realized how Phillip had got into her head for 5 years to bring her into KC, and destroyed her marriage, Madonna as well as all the other celebrities left KC. They can't make a big deal because the publicity can hurt their career. But they are all gone.

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: August 07, 2020 02:05AM

Karen Berg and her cult, Kabbalah Centre, brought a lot of pain and suffering to many, many people.
The world will be definitely a better place with her passing.

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