Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 09, 2019 07:11AM


You are here as an apologist to spin for Mooji.

Your posts repeatedly demonstrate this fact.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: September 09, 2019 09:41PM

I have noticed here and online that many so called “spiritual people” and many Mooji’s followers are very apologetic and hypocritical towards Mooji and act to pick up only “a cream with cherry” from neo-advaita Mooji teaching cake and pretend to be unaffected from Mooji’s private life and his wrong behavior. These people overlook purposely the basic stuff how Moji behaves in his private life and how he has created the cult around himself. In the higher spiritual teaching, there is much more important to be with a pure and dissent teacher to receive a positive and clean insight, but Mooji cannot do it because he has many skeletons in his Monte Sahaja ashram closet…..

The attendance in Lisbon retreat 2019 comes from two sources one is Mooji’s stuff member there and one paying visitor direct in Lisbon. It’s true estimation about 350 + some local one day-visitors, the Lisbon retreat photos (above) show a strong rearrangement (people are pressed together in the dark or spread across the hall for a Mooji’s photographer).

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 09, 2019 10:04PM

Commercial gurus like Moo provide shelter and the pleasures of power to high ranking followers.

Where will Moos courtiers go if Moo loses his followers?

Its no fun being a courtier if the serfs pack up and leave.

What do they do if Monte Sahaja closes its doors?

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: MiedoFree ()
Date: September 10, 2019 12:39AM

As far as hot water in the showers, when I was at MS in May of last year, my group was taken to a tent site that was one of the highest up (probably a steep 20 min. hike). Most of us were women way over 50 and they put us in this far and steep location!! At the beginning of the long hike we passed some showers and were told we'd have to use those since the ones near the tents didn't have hot water. Keep in mind this would have been a long way from where we were staying!! When we got to the top of the hill where the tents were, our guide said "oh she put in hot water!" to our relief, but that means those showers never had hot water before. The mornings even in May were very, very cold (50 degrees Farenheit). Just saying...

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 10, 2019 12:50AM

NoWayNowhere Wrote:

> Ananas I agree with you that there can never be
> any proof of whether someone is enlightened or
> realized. Unfortunately there is no objective
> yardstick for that. But these questions are also
> beyond our possibilities of discussion here.

To me, this is another MYTH spread by many self claimed gurus: that others can NEVER know if someone is enlightened. This is PERFECT and so convinient for them, as they can always hide behind that belief. I dont't buy it anymore! If a person is lying, showing all kinds of unethical behaviour, abusing others in diffrent ways, this person is not enlightened.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 10, 2019 12:53AM

This thread is being trolled by Mooji devotees.

Troll posts will be deleted.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Abdias824 ()
Date: September 10, 2019 06:47PM

Sahara71 Wrote:
> I have been looking into this cult for some time.
> I did find out a lot of fascinating stuff - much
> of which I can't write about here, out of respect
> for those people which were kind enough to put
> their trust in me and share their stories.
> Allegedly:
> Yes, the Mooji organisation are a destructive
> cult. They exploit people for fee labor under
> harsh conditions. They groom people in order to
> liberate them from their money, and in some cases
> they attempt to extort money from members.
> Mooji exploits young women sexually. He
> misrepresents himself and his intentions and
> pretends to be enlightened so as to exert power
> over impressionable women. He has been promiscuous
> and unfaithful.
> The Mooji group use coercive mind control
> (coercive persuasion) on members to make them
> compliant and devoted. This is a subtle process
> which works to varying degrees on different
> members. It involves people giving up their sense
> of themselves as a rational, independent,
> free-thinking individuals and becoming
> directionless and helpless.
> The techniques used include psychological
> gas-lighting, over-work, restricting information,
> secrecy, emotional and psychological intimidation,
> competition for approval, repeated chanting,
> public shaming, a low-protein diet, enforced
> silence, disapproval of personal friendships and
> physical deprivation, including having to access
> to heating in the winter and the use of cold water
> only in showers.
> People at Monte Sahaja live in a culture of fear.
> There has been one report of physical assault of a
> volunteer by a staff member.
> Mooji deliberately distorts the teaching of
> Advaita Vedanta. He teaches only one part of this
> sacred doctrine, the so-called "self-inquiry"
> technique, which he uses to de-center a person's
> sense of self, making them vulnerable to
> thought-reform. There is a trance-induction
> component to most of his spoken teachings, which
> can alter people's cognitive function. Many people
> at Monte Sahaja report short-term memory loss.
> Until very recently, Mooji falsely claimed that he
> was a direct spiritual descendant of Ramana
> Mahashi. Ramana left no spiritual linage, so these
> claims were categorically false and provably
> false.
> Mooji's closest allies will do anything for him,
> including lie and cheat. They are taught that
> "it's Ok to lie for the truth". They are
> quite relentless and vindictive, going to so far
> as to use racist slurs towards one of Mooji's main
> detractors.
> Mooji ordered the heron to be shot dead from the
> sky.
> The Mooji group use lawyers to intimidate people
> into silence. Interestingly, the legal firm which
> they choose to employ have a record of keeping an
> supporting an employee who is (allegedly) up on
> charges of assaulting a female from his office!
> Does the expression "birds of a feather flock
> together"
have any relevance here?
> Be Scofield spoke to actual people who had actual
> experience at Monte Sahaja for her widely-read
> article. I spoke to several of the same people as
> she herself did. They were articulate, detailed
> and consistent in what they told me.
> The Moo group harbor people with significant
> mental illness at Monte Sahaja and do not assist
> them to access medical and psychological support,
> in fact there is evidence to suggest that they
> exploit such people for free labor.
> The Mooji organisation repeatedly publish
> disclaimers informing us that people with
> psychological issues will not receive any help
> from them and yet those people will be expected to
> attend 'satsung' and maintain silence on retreats.
> There has been 3 reported suicides associated with
> this group.
> In conclusion, Mooji runs an exploitative,
> socially-harmful cult. He does so deliberately and
> knowingly.

I WAS THERE AT SAHAJA FOR YEARS AND I CAN CONFIRM THAT ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE TRUE. THERE IS STILL THE ORIGINAL HARDCORE CLOSE SANGHA , THEY DO NOT CHANGE, THE MILLIONS OF EUROS THAT ARE COMING IN KEEP THEM LOYAL , THEY HAVE LONG AGO LOST ANY CHANCE OF A TRUE AWAKENING AND HAVE INSTEAD SETTLED FOR A LIFE OF EASY SEX, POSITIONS OF PERCEIVED POWER AND AUTHORITY AND THE PROMISE OF A BIG PAYOUT WHEN THE WHOLE CHARADE FALLS TO PIECES. The rest are an endless succession of middles classed narrow eyed, pinch faced middle classed wannabes. They bring fresh meat to the land as well as expertise in tech, finances, advertising, law, construction, and of course contacts. the whole thing is run like a modern startup. They invested ten of thousands in video and audio equipment and employed highly qualified peoplpe to promote the whole stinking fuckfest as much as possible , ex TV coke sniffing dropouts and lounge lizards abound. I tell you that everybody is fucking everbody else there and there is a system of heiraRCHICAL control in place that is headed by Humpty dumpty himself. Lots of attractive young girls and boys and you only get to play if the big boss says so. The whole place runs on fear and intimidation. All individuality is punished with dirty work and no sex for a while, if it persists , you are out , easily replaced by the next doe eyed novice on the spiritual path . Many times peole would arrive and within a few days they would see clearly what the whole thing was aCTUALLY ABOUT AND BECAUSE THEY HAD A BIT OF INNER EXPERIENCE OF TRUE ADVAITA VEDANTA they would just leave. But the CULT model accepts that it is self perpetuating , the ones who are weak and gullible will not leave will they? no they become entrapped by and endless barrage of psychological pseudo- spiritual dog shit that fatty continually spews out , endlessley repeating the same old cliched westernised clap trap in the theatre of of his classes ( they are not worthy of the name Satsang) They have a very discreet and effective method of selecting the ones who have money and can pay for long stays at the camp. Often disturbed, victims of trauma, abuse, Osho casualties, misfits, sex addicts, drug addicts, SOY boys , muillenial digital nomads, yoga addicts, vegan witches, reiki whores, an endless stream of poor fuckers who just dont get it. Only someone who is not really in search of the truth can be deceived by this sort of blatant bulshittery. Big Osho connection ( i will expand on this later) many old osho burnouts who just simply cant get enough pussy any more out there and smell the old familiar smell of the dodgy Guru sex cult and come a runnin, bringing all the skills and experience of their former days as middle ranking Sangha bangers. The land around there is teaming with Ex-Osho lizards, they are all highly egoic, aggressive , and sexually frustrated to the point of psychosis, Arrogant and dismissive of the mere peasants who never did get to surrender all their money and any chance of a true awakening to the mighty Rajneesh whose behaviour in OREGON IS HIGHLY REMINISCENT OF THE Carry on out of Toni ( isn't that a girls name?) Moo.

H e spent very little time with Papaji who wasnt really a guru anyway, Did not take a name from him, did not take a mantra and got the same treatment that all the orther narcissistic wannabe gurus got from Papaji which was he was given an il prepared kundalini experience that took him away from the teacher and set in on course for a life of self delusion and uncontrollable sexual ands dietary appetite ( classic pattern of kundalini locked in lower chakras) Basically Greed , greed for power, fame, adoration, sex = control, money, pizza, attention, chocolate,

Need i say more ? there is a lot more to say

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Abdias824 ()
Date: September 10, 2019 07:30PM

I wanted to say that there are many many people watching this forum who have been affected in a negative way by the Whole Moo thing and do not post or comment for fear of retribution. There is a universal principle which states that if you disrespect your guru you will be cursed. I know that many are still in a state of confusion and bewilderment following their experience of Moo and his bastardisation and incompetent drivelling on the subject of Advaita and will be concerned that if they speak out they will be affected or cursed somehow.

Let me just clarify for those ones that promoting oneself as a Guru does not make you a guru. A Guru is an embodiment of Truth. The Guru emits the Light that removes the darkness of ignorance. A Guru does not induce a state of fear, insecurity, despair, confusion, lust, or greed. The Guru never wants anything from you and will NEVER tell you that he can bring about a state of Liberation or Enlightenment. A Guru NEVER promotes himself nor does he allow others to Promote him.. The Guru is endlessly patient and can only act from a place of Love which is his Natural state

I am not encouraging others to speak out but I am suggesting that if you feel nervous or worried about speaking out it is e definite sign that you have been tricked by one of the teaming hordes of phoney new age money grabbing , ass grabbijng 'Guru's' and it's OK. Its a part of the process.

It is very easy to know when you are in the presence of an enlightened being, there is absolutely no doubt, you cannot not know. They are rare and will not be found creeping around the red light district with a couple of tight lipped cronies

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 10, 2019 08:14PM

Speaking only for myself, not on behalf of Cult Educational Institute..

When I read one of Be Scofields articles, I was very impressed.

At the bottom of the article was information on where and how to send a donation of any amount to support Be Scofield's journalistic work.

I sent something and my cup of coffee tasted even better.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: September 10, 2019 09:11PM

Abdias824 thanks for your perfect analysis of Mooji’s Monte sahaja ashram conditions and situation, I definitely believe you and encourage you to post more here.
I am sure that Mooji and his closest devotees have built up a “spiritually”- entertainment company to sell an immediate-easy-spiritual awakening and sex for everybody in the Monte Sahaja heaven on the earth. The important aspect of this industry is to create the false cult of a spiritual “enlightenment” guru and a “beloved” master. I know most of the people from Monte Sahaja have been on the trashy side in a regular life outside similar like Mooji in London, but now they learnt to speak the language of the Advaita enlightenment to mask themselves and their falsehood….

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