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Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: stevie_tee ()
Date: August 12, 2015 09:23AM

So I made an account just to have my voice heard, because I think it's tragic that if I google "Maum meditation" it being a "cult" is one of the first things to show up...

6 years ago, and then 3 years ago, I became enlightened. It took me completely by surprise. My heart exploded with love, and my minds eye (or third eye as I later did research) exploded into life. I became completely one with everything. Prior to this experience, I was always agnostic, but following my first experience of enlightenment, I became convinced of a God / Universal Consciousness. The feeling of euphoria, gratitude, love, positivity. I will never, EVER forget it. Every war, every fight, every pathetic little drama was just pointless. In this, I saw world peace and complete unity. This "feeling" however, only lasted for 2 weeks, and the 2nd time it happened for 3 weeks as I constantly tried to rationalize what it was and I tried to share it endlessly with others in the hope they too could feel what I felt - it made EVERYTHING OK! Losing it left me devastated and spiralling back into old habits. I didn't even know it was enlightenment, I thought I had bipolar or I was crazy, but I KNEW THE HUMAN MIND. I could talk to people, and immediately have an intuition for their energy and what they were going to say whenever I spoke. But the more I calculated it the more I lost it.

I spent my life, every day, figuring out what it was until eventually I realized I had in fact attained some kind of spiritual enlightenment. I then spent every day following trying to figure out how to "get back there". The moment I started to let it go was when I entered into my 2nd state of enlightenment. But again, I lost it. And again, I spend every day wondering how to get back there.

Then I found Maum Meditation. It was so INTUITIVELY right! It made so much sense to me based on my enlightenment - yes, this was the human mind, it had attachments, and to be released from them would connect me back to God! And so I embarked on it almost without question.

One day in level 2 I decided to google it. And I found these sorts of forums suggesting it was a cult. It left me COMPLETELY devastated, and so lost. Deep down, I *KNEW* it was just my human egoic mind taking on these sorts of comments, and there was another part of me which *KNEW* not to embrace them and just keep going, but I still succumbed to doubt...... The cruelest of all villians is doubt, for it was doubt in myself which made me lose my own enlightenments. I stopped for a little bit and all I have now in doing so is regret.

Those thoughts of doubt still pop up into my mind! They are natural, they are conditioned into the human mind! You need only do research yourself into sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many paths to enlightenment, and while there are a variety of different ways, many, many, many of them state that a spiritual death / killing of the ego is a path to realizing God.

And so this keeps me coming, it's this knowledge which spurs me on to just keep going ignore all the doubt - for it was the curse of doubt which plagued me. Listening to OTHER PEOPLE who didn't even know what I knew.... Letting THEM control my beliefs just like I had done 25 years before in my own life - that was my biggest "human mind". So I will kill it, and I will continue to kill it until it dissapears and I reconnect with the consciousness. I also went to a lecture by the founder Woo Myong, and in him, I saw and FELT the intensity of the light which exploded through me in my own experiences. It was in the passion of his words, the convictions of his voice, WHAT HE WAS SAYING! I recalled myself saying the same things and people looking at me as though I were crazy.

BUT STILL - I am now level 4 - and the doubts haunt me. Is this right? Will it get me there? I won't know until I get to the end, but those doubts are habitual for me. I've doubted myself from when I was a child! They are the patterns of my thinking which I need to eliminate and wash away and cleanse so what remains is only the voice and light of God.

So that's my story. I hope it sheds light on it from the perspective of a doubter and the perspective of someone with faith.

Because make no mistake, I look at things like money and wonder "why do I need to pay to learn this?! When it happened to me I wanted to give it all to the world for free!" but then I realize that hang on, it makes sense. This is new, there are 1000 year old churches in which to do this, so we need to rent places to house helpers to help people guide people out of their minds - for without them I would have succumbed to my doubts and given up a LONG time ago. And what for, just to be plagued again by my doubts? Hell no. Their major goal is to have this meditation free, world wide. But who will provide free rent for them to provide free meditation? Right now, it's impossible, but a day will come when it's free.

I am going to continue to post here about my journey.... I don't think I'll stop though many times I have thought to. I hope when I get to the end I can post here and continue to share my experience to help others.

I also want to say, specifically to Corboy - you are clever, like me. And like me, you adore your cleverness, it has become YOU. It is your identity. It's the reason why you resist things like Maum with such vindication and passion. No one can tell you what to do or what to think unless you "figure it out for yourself" (ie, read it from somewhere else and then just make it your own opinion). And this is where Maum pisses me off. For were I not to have been enlightened in the past I would have given up on this a LONG time ago. Why the hell should I place my faith in anyone else?! This is where it leaves me a little annoyed and slightly angry even. But time doesn't exist, and while it pains me now, in 100 years time, maybe it was the only way to move forward by ignoring how to connect with people like us and to reach a wider audience. Or perhaps there will be another answer for people like you brought to the world by somebody else who you feel can show you the way. But there IS a God. The founder has found him. And I'm willing to give my "self" away to reach God again, because nothing, NOTHING could come close to that knowing.

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Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: SeePony ()
Date: August 12, 2015 09:12PM

Hey, take care and try to keep a cool head, like a spiritual teacher used to say.

It may help to research what enlightment is, because you seem to be describing a different experience.

Why would you even want to become enligthened, if you don't know what that is ? If you already know what it is, you are there right now as we speak and there is no need to do anything. Also, by wanting to become enligthened, that wanting makes the achievement impossible.

From your words, you have simply experienced a "high" feeling and developped attachment to that feeling (and later this "Maum"):
"I will never, EVER forget it" (this is attachment)

There are many ways to get high, but that doesn't have a deep spiritual meaning.

That has caused you a lot of suffering, let me quote:

"It left me COMPLETELY devastated"
"doubts haunt me"
"I *KNEW* it was just my human egoic mind taking on these sorts of comments"
"I then spent every day following trying to figure out how to "get back there"."

By the way, there are no levels to enlightment, you either are or you aren't.


a spiritual death / killing of the ego is a path to realizing God.

Problem is that you are creating a (new) ego out of these ... things you're experiencing.

This is how suffering arises: you have an experience, you label it as good / pleasant /desireable, and that gives birth to desire / attachment / clinging.

If you want to be free, let go and move on.

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Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: stevie_tee ()
Date: August 13, 2015 09:41AM

I've done a tremendous amount of research on enlightenment and one of the key things about is being manifested here - the fact it is literally impossible to put into words. The moment you define it, is the moment you bound the boundless.

But, you've hit the nail on the head, SeePony:
"Why would you even want to become enligthened, if you don't know what that is ? If you already know what it is, you are there right now as we speak and there is no need to do anything. Also, by wanting to become enligthened, that wanting makes the achievement impossible."

I had heard of it before, but that's all I knew about it. It's my attachment to that experience which has caused it to stop. I can't spend all day convincing you, nor could I even describe it truly in words, because nothing would come close to being able to make it sound right. How could you know if I had or hadn't? I'm the only person who truly would know, and I know what I know and I felt what I felt. It was a realization beyond realizations. A knowing beyond knowing. A high beyond highs. I was energy and filled with light. I was in commune with the universe. Have you heard of Deepak Chopra? A quote of his, titled Symptoms of Enlightenment says:
"According to Vedanta, there are only two symptoms of enlightenment, just two indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher consciousness. The first symptom is that you stop worrying. Things don't bother you anymore. You become light-hearted and full of joy. The second symptom is tat you encounter more and more meaningful coincidences in your life, more and more synchronicities. And this accelerates to the point where you actually experience the miraculous."

It just depends on what you want to call enlightenment. No one really knows, and unless you are it, nor would you. Maum says no one has been truly enlightened, because if they were they would be able to help everyone get there. My ego is angered by this because it denies me - and that's precisely the point !

As for levels of enlightenment - it depends what you read. When I first went to Maum they said the same thing "you either are or you aren't, and if you were you wouldn't be searching". I've read a book called Coming Home by Lex Hixon which describes a variety of "mystical experiences" and "enlightenment" from a variety of cultures. Each chapter explains the story of a different supposedly enlightened being. Some received it upon a spiritual death. Others received it gradually. There is the story of the Ox which explains a 10 step process of each phase towards complete enlightenment. I saw in myself, once again a step in the 10 steps.

I wanted to know more about it so I could get myself there, and in doing so, get others there. It has completely changed my view on reality in such a tremendously positive way. But what good is it if I can't help anyone else get there?? Which is why, when I found Maum, I *knew* he had done it.

But all in all, you are ON THE MONEY. I have created a new ego in all of this. That's precisely why Maum resonates so strong with me, because it is a place where I can systematically kill the ego. I can't just "let go and move on". How could I when in it I saw the answer to all the worlds problems? Doubt has always been 1 of my strongest minds. If everyone experienced what I experienced then it would literally heal the world. Doubt in myself, having to allow others to convince me I'm right - even right now I'm doing it all over again! I'm trying to convince you what I experienced was more real than real; more high than high; more joy than joy; more love than love; more unity than unity. Partly to convince myself, and partly to share the love because above all, it was the desire to share it with everyone, no matter what or where, how to reach that state and end all wars and create world peace. And even if my "experience" wasn't genuine, it's left a strong enough desire in me to find it again and be one with it. And if Maum can take me there, I will literally move heaven and hell to get there :)

Maum would teach that my "experience" was false, because all forms of "enlightenment" or what people believe to be enlightenment eventually come to be framed within the boundaries of the human and the human ego, to which, I 100% agree with, though my ego does so very reluctantly.

1 last thing. Even when I reach the end, if I came here and told you "YES, THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE ANSWER!!!", truly ask yourself - would you ever believe me? It would not spawn of my desire to NEED you to believe me, but my desire to WANT you to believe me, so you can be the love and I can share it.

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Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: SeePony ()
Date: August 15, 2015 05:06AM


I'm the only person who truly would know, and I know what I know and I felt what I felt.
Well, there is knowing ... and believing ... and wanting to believe.


"YES, THIS IS IT! THIS IS THE ANSWER!!!", truly ask yourself - would you ever believe me? It would not spawn of my desire to NEED you to believe me, but my desire to WANT you to believe me

Well, I would believe that you WANT believe it ...

But no, I see no reason to download your belief to my mind.


How could you know if I had or hadn't?
There are symptoms, like you say, and one is stability. Enlightment isn't like a mood swing or like a dream, where you later wake up into a nightmare.

It's not an experience/a feeling as in: I felt the enligthment, then it faded away.

And if you're going to say: yes, I was enlightened for a little time, then my ego overwhelmed it ...

I'd have to say - if enlightenment is smaller than the ego, then it must be overrated.

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Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: dharmabum ()
Date: August 17, 2015 05:53AM

Stevie, Maum stands for Maumbo Jumbo. The reason sites like this exist is because of the many victims of cults. People have to live and think within reason; outside that is a free for all. How are we going to communicate with one another or function effectively in society when you speak of enlightenment, euphoria, boundless, etc., as if they are essential in life -- they are not. There are cheaper ways to get high, but the best one is free -- take it from the enlightened one himself, the great Buddha. He made it so simple, it is to recognize that you and others are one essence. Enlightenment is not maumbo jumbo, it is simply being nice to others. Just practice kindness, it's free, simpler and reachable. Avoid cults like the plague.

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Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: tree001 ()
Date: September 04, 2015 01:43AM

to Stevie_tee:
---How would you recognize a cult or a sect? And do you think they exist ? Would you agree that If a person is in a cult she/he would never agree that this is a cult. He/she would defend the cult with all strength and power. Only our society recognizes what is a cult, and describes it. So I would suggest for you to google what is a cult and how to recognize it. I would suggest to look in to Amazon Woo Myung's books reviews, and read reviews with one or two stars. Also why maum meditation start changing their name, they don't call maum anymore?

---Your are saying you are doing level 4 in maum meditation. Here is resent review left by sombody for Berkeley maum meditation on yelp, I am sure the person got it, he or she truly avakened!:
"Just remember, the answer to level 4 is Jesus Christ. This founders of this place ain't true to you, and the wife is a selfish bitch. In Level 4, they ask who is the owner. They tell you to say its the founder and his wife even though you don't enlighten it. After getting out of that place, I realize the only answer there could be is Jesus Christ. This place turned out to be bullshit. I did all the levels & what happened is they hi-jacked my spirit world, and disrespected. I was looking for the truth, and turns out the truth is Jesus Christ.
Berkeley Maum on Yelp

Another thing, for you and other maum meditation followers the maum sounds and feels right and very good, but who suffers most is the people close to you, people who loves you.
Wish you best!

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Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: sweetcoconut ()
Date: March 26, 2016 08:56PM

I live in suwannee county, florida. I found that this cult started building new jonestown in our area. The new jonestown is called ease land organic farm. The leader of this cult, woo myung used brainwashing tricks similar to jim jones to prey vulnerable people. Does anyone know how to stop this cult to build its center in suwannee county?
See: []

Note: This cult using new names:,

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Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: sweetcoconut ()
Date: March 28, 2016 11:12PM

I was in this maum meditation cult before. I feel very joyful after abandoning maum meditation. I had visited many centers around the world and I saw many helpers suffered headache and a lot of chronics diseases because of maum meditation. I suffered a lot of headache, stress when I worked for woo myung because he only loves you when he can exploit/abuse you. Woo myung used very bad words to blame helpers.

Please abandon woo myung cult and discard maum meditation to be FREEDOM, joyful and great liberation. You will have better health after abandoning maum meditation.

I witnessed that many members divorced their spouses and abandon their kids. The founder of maum meditation, woo myung had destroyed many peaceful families.
maum meditation is using new fake names to hide truth.

See []

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Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: Venu Dev ()
Date: May 12, 2016 01:29PM

Money of seeker is "Universe Money" is the understanding - what Helpers in MAUM meditation Center share about to practitioner. So Extract it by -a** way is the principle.

$150 p.m. is too high any organised group is asking to impart their spiritual teachings.

Helpers are not paid - so their contemplation for money is more- and concern for money is too tactical.

Helper every time try to make showed fake smile but actually they are different by nature.

To - to impart and impress more during initial months and weeks they cooperate and work upon, along with you, for you, make with you to know about some techniques of meditation and cleansing process.

But if you start, sincerely doing and concentrate on the it more than their thought time in day, they start ignoring your doings and try to linger on ... linger on .... so that their commercial interest remain guarded.

Though Helper claim themselves complete" and also claim that - what they think and do "moment to moment" is "UNIVERSE Mind" but many a time- it is easily seen that they are using petty minds guarding monetary interest - which in normal general life - people don't do. Like giving importance to a seeker when she came from London and paid them in dollars, helpers forgot to attend local Indian practitioners for hours - this shows that still - mind of helpers are working and they care about money only.

Am bringing about true case study of - GURUGRAM meditation Center,Delhi, India.
After running Center for last 4&half years and enrolling more than 250 people over the time, only in (single digit number) people could survive to continue .... may be Helpers here are not capable enough to take care of the seekers concerns.
Many good religious -serious practitioners left the center in 2nd and 3rd and even in 4th level due to tactical handling of seekers.

It is told revered Master of the Maum Meditation - Woo Myung won "Mahatma Gandhi peace price" from united nations Organisation, however, seems internet have no information on that prize. There are online sources claiming that is a fake claim

To conclude my experience till 2 levels - about meditation and result is very very positive, but the handling of seekers and commercial tactics involved is not recommendable.

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Re: Maum Meditation
Posted by: Wtfisthisshit ()
Date: September 09, 2016 09:30AM

So here's my experience with Maum Meditation:
I went on google maps and looked for Meditation Centers nearby. Three popped up and I chose the closest one to my house, which happened to be a Maum Center. I chose it because I wanted to be able to bike there - I needed something that also made me exercise, in other words, my original idea was to keep my body and mind active/healthy.
So I called and scheduled what I first believed it would be a "free trial". As I got there it happened to be a lecture, which they call the introduction seminar. Their ideas spoke to me as I'm a very anxious person. They talked about letting go of your stress and compulsive (or repetitive/cyclic) behavior, traumas from your childhood, toxic relationships, grief, etc.
I must say it seemed very interesting. I wanted something like that. That made me relax and realize material things are not as important as we think they are, and that our problems are all in our heads. I do believe in that so I liked it and wanted to put it in practice. At the end the native Korean instructor (as they call "helpers") weirdly asked me to start and subscribe/ become a member. I felt uncomfortable with the approach, but I felt that maybe it could have been some cultural barrier (since sometimes people from other cultures also find me rude even when I try to be nice and respectful). She presented me the membership plans- 1 year $180/mo; 2 years $160/mo; Monthly $250. I believe no one in safe mind would dispose that money just like that. As I was ready to say no- she presented me the TODAY ONLY offer for two months $140/mo. Which sounded much more reasonable to me. After all I really wanted to try it, but I didn't feel as into it as to put up an year commitment/contract, or to pay $250 just to try a month. So I said I'd talk to my wife about it and would get back to her. She insisted a lot that I came back that very same day, so I did and ended up subscribing. It felt weird but I thought to myself that maybe they were new and really needed new members? It must be hard to start a business, I thought. (I had no idea that they were non profit)
So I started my first week. Bring up memories (what they call "pictures") from your entire life. At first I laughed and said THAT IS A LOT TO REMEMBER. So she explained that it takes time and practice but I'd really feel better once I started to let go of all my inner mind world that I've been living in that causes all my stress and anxiety. It made sense. So I put my effort into it. After all I really wanted to become a more relaxed person, less anxious about the future, and let go of all my ghosts from the past.
The repetition of key words on all sections was bugging me, but I thought it was just a poor vocabulary issue. I tried to be understanding.
At some point I tried a different instructor that made me feel even worse. He repeated key words even more, and made me read repeatedly sayings and paragraphs of their book. I am definitely not a book person, but I faced the challenge. The ideas and beliefs of the method's founder didn't seem as interesting to me anymore. He speaks about how to find Truth and how to become the universe (?). I'm very much atheist I must say, so I thought to myself "just ignore this religion bullshit and try to get the benefit from the practice- it doesn't matter to me what made them come up with the method as long as it works for me". So I continued.
On the first week I already started feeling like the instructor's voice was getting into my brain a lot more than I liked. I could clearly hear her voice in my head during the rest of the day and even her weird Korean accent / mispronunciation of words. That's when I started to feel weird. Then I found out that level 1 consisted of about 50 cycles of THROWING AWAY YOUR ENTIRE LIFETIME OF MEMORIES.
After doing the "bring up" process of my entire life for 3 cycles (took me about 10 days), I started the Subtraction Method. That was when everything fell apart. During every section I should imagine my physical death and become a ghost in order to throw away into the black hole (a black dot on the wall) all my "pictures" from my mind world. That did not make sense at all. I did it once. After I left the place that day I felt devastated. I felt fooled. I felt played. I've struggled in the past with depression and suicidal thoughts. That definitely did not feel right. As I got home I went on Google and found this website and now I'm writing my story. I'll ask for a refund of my money. I'm unsure about what their true intentions are- but if everything that was written here is true- I want to keep myself far away from that place.
UPDATE: they refused to give me a refund. I will proceed to take legal action against this organization.
UPDATE 2: they gave me a refund.

My major comments and notes about the RED FLAGS and previous posts:
1- The center had three instructors and it was open from Sunday to Sunday from 9:30AM to 9:30PM. I was told one of the instructors only stayed until 3:30 because she had kinds. The other two were always there all times that I went. That means very extensive hours of work even for American standards.
2- They use your own words about problems in your life that you want to get rid of. Example: stress, anxiety, relationships issues (cheating, fighting), people's names, losses in the family, etc. At first I TOUGHT that was a way to give me a better (customized) experience- but then it just felt like merely brain invasion.
3- On the first days I literally felt like the instructor was OVERSHARING her life traumas/experiences. And then she expected me to do the same. She claimed it was needed to achieve better results. They want you to talk about childhood traumas, or any traumatic life event. Definitely weird.
4- It was definitely not pleasant to remember bad moments of my life and surface scars and traumas. Even though psychology claims that there is where all of our behavior problems are hidden. However, the instructor made it sound that the way I was feeling was normal and that a lot of people felt the same way- but it was a necessary step of the process. As she constantly asked me to tell her how I felt about the practice and about my life in general.
5- I remember having trouble to sleep and headaches after 4-5 days of practice. I could not stand some of the memories of my past that I had just remembered. Ones that I tried so hard to forget for years. I felt like everything came back to me (actually it literally did). A lot of pain and suffer from past bad-ended relationships and decisions/acts that I regretted. That definitely affected my mood on a very bad way on those days. It brought back a lot of anger on other people and also self-hate. All of that with the promise of making me a better person? Non sense.
6- when I first saw their video advertising playing on the hall area I thought to myself "they hired a VERY BAD marketing agency". It's just ridiculous. People saying how their life CHANGED and a lot of other (very hard to believe) stuff. Not only for the clearly FAKE testimonials, but for how secretive they sound. No overview of the method, nothing really interesting on the ad- like a historic view of Korean meditation or anything like that. Just trying to get you to do it with Things like "don't wait just start today". Plain BS. With the advertising the same thing happens to their website. "Related Sites" are all owned by the same organization. You can easily identify they are all copies from one another.
7- Mostly every post here sounds very accurate to me. On the other hand, the posts talking about its benefits sound just like another of its meditation section. If you can even call that meditation. They are all copy pasted type of posts.
8- I remember the instructor slightly telling me to not comment with other people about the subtraction method. As one would only truly understand it if they were part of it or guided into it (unsure which words she used).
9- About the secretiveness on advancing levels- I think it is true because they don't let you interact or share sections with other higher levels.
10- about the "active meditation" doing flyers - I did see pics on a board showing an exposition stand and I did see some of the members on the pic. I assumed they stopped by- but now it doesn't make sense- they were probably flyering / prospecting new members- which to me sounds a lot like a scam. For example, you won't be asked to do advertising for a gym that you go to exercise - or a restaurant that you often eat at.
11- I read a very sober post of a guy saying that MM is just hardcore. That could be true. If it wasn't for the adoration inducing and the high fees that everyone is mentioning. If you think the method works for you: great. But one cannot deny that you shouldn't have to pay such high fees to meditate nor relate/adore/devote to a specific religion/entity/belief.
12- I remember clearly thinking to myself "once I get used to denying all these emotions and memories I'd just probably lose my humanity. If you're thought to react emotionless to any type of impulse - you'll get used to it and you'll simply become a vegetable. At some point your mind will react automatically and discard any emotion or feeling caused by the physical world ("mind world"). That is not peace. That is ignoring. "

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