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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: capulina ()
Date: September 10, 2006 09:40AM

I know these things because I lived in that hell hole life for many years.
When they found out you knew something, you were sent to the ranch.
Do your homework...anyone can look up Celia Salas and get her address.
She thought she was the "queen mother" especially with the men!
Any other questions? I am not just "somebody" throwing out false accusations, I have valuable information that has not been made public.

I wonder what other "Pastor" uses the tithes for tattoos, teeth work, breast job for his wife..???


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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: gigi007 ()
Date: September 11, 2006 10:37PM

ara21 wrote
(Quote) How do you know these things???

Because I was there too!

Yes even other women, most recently the affairs have been (Marisa, Cici, Tracie, Mercedes, Jessica, Vanessa, Kristin from Bakersfield) these have only been in the past 4years, and there are more then this… Or the coursing he dose at one of his favorite bars in (Tustin/Santa Ana), something you’d call one night stands… He had an affair with CiCi, on his last trip to Israel, and made her believe she was to blame… She ended up moving away but still asking his forgiveness… She’s on anti depressants now. These women are not to blame he is a (Predator) he makes them feel safe and comfortable around him and then he strikes and with the help of his wife too. Sandra sets them up for Phil, she will tell you how you need to move in and let them help you. People start believing they really need help and that’s when the mind games begin… I know Phil is reading these forms, he knows exactly who I am.

I don’t talk (Smack) I tell the truth, as usual he is still saying the same crap he has for over 26 years… Calling other haters because they speak the truth… He is comparing himself to God again by stating.
If your not for Jesus your against him, so if your not for him your against him to.
He’ll tell you he’s not Jesus but then puts himself in the same category as Jesus… Thus causing confusion for his followers… Phil is the Smack talker; he not only buys (Plastic surgeries for Sandra) but also for his daughter in-laws. Yes (Mia) is Phil’s daughter she is a beautiful young girl (Why) because Phil didn’t raise her.
Mel and Renee are divorced now (like they could ever keep that together) Renee was the one who was blamed for that affair to…

Gosh I have so much more information which the (Public) hasn’t heard and it wouldn’t matter to his followers like (Ron, Charlie, Mike, JT, Chase, and the rest of those fools) they support him because they still practice there own pet sin and Phil approves… there is no accountability there…
Who is Phil to say who is God’s enemy? Who is Phil to say he is comparable to Jesus? He states (You can tell a Christian by the love they show to others) this is absolutely right. So why do all the followers of Phil shell out hate and name-calling when they see someone who has left.

So ara21 who are you?[/b]

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: Kd ()
Date: September 13, 2006 06:55AM

I am another victim of Phil's control. I lived in the homes and can personally testify to all the negative accusations. He is a terrible person and has ruined countless lives. He has no interest in serving the Lord. Why do you think his closest allies are all gone now? It is because they finally saw the light and God rescued them out of a terrible darkness. So if you are involved there with Phil or have friends and family there please get them help and pray that they too will see the light.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: ara21 ()
Date: September 14, 2006 12:51PM

Many of you are wanting to throw this dirt around like you have something to prove. Capulina and gigi007, let me start by saying unless you are actual witnesses to these claims you are spreading rumors. These thing you are saying are second hand information. Unless you are in the room for affairs, or follow where every dollar goes and comes from you can't make these statements. Don't get me wrong I believe that there are a lot of problems with what this man is doing (and has done), but who are we to judge?

"But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned."
~Matthew 12:36-37

Let's leave this up to God, He is the one that we all will have to answer to everyday.

"...he who holds his tongue is wise."
~Proverbs 10:19

I don't see a point in who can throw out the most dirt, this isn't doing any good for anybody. I believe we as Christians need to pray for this man and continue to spread the Word of God and His love, not satins evil and sin.

"But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness."
~1 Timothy 6:11

I hope each one of you who reads this will take these words to heart. I'm not at set free and haven't had anything to do with them for a number of years. I know what rumors and gossip can do to ones soul and heart, lets protect that.

His Love covers us all!

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: gigi007 ()
Date: September 14, 2006 09:33PM

I was an eye witness.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: Jesus freak ()
Date: September 15, 2006 03:52AM

ara21 posted

"But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness."
~1 Timothy 6:11

I say AMEN to that and agree 100%, but it is easier for some than others. There is emotional, financial, mental, and spiritual scarring that has taken place with the victims of this man. I think we need to pray for the healing of those who have had the courage and strength to break away and try to put their lives back together.

This man needs to be exposed. Can we just sit back with a clear conscience and watch him destroy the lives of others? Witnesses stepping forward are needed to expose him and stepping up is also a major move in starting the healing process. We do however have to realize that at some point we have done all we can do and the rest is up to God.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: kcross ()
Date: September 28, 2006 06:13PM

its amazing how many of you rely on hearsay and anonymity to spout allegations with little more than speculation for corroboration.

the accusations that you people lodge against phil aguilar in specific, and set free in general, are ludicrous. with a show of hands how many of you can attest to having attended a single service much less have shared your lives with these people. the scope of power you claim phil exerts over his ministry is enormous, far beyond the reach of many very infamous cult leaders. to be frank some of the stories are just, for lack of a better word, silly. furthermore no one ever calls into question the veracity of those claiming to be wronged or victimized by set free.

many seem to be concerned with the finances of set free. jeff seymor (a man i knew personally for many years) is the only one who has any ability to attest to this aspect of the ministry given his past level of involvement. basically the idea that set free has deep money lined pockets is absurd. i personally know how pastor phil came to acquire many of the homes and vehicles he has/had. yes pastor phil has been given things by those around him but nothing that amounts to riches, especially compared many of those who are considered leaders of the christian faith.

dont get me wrong, phil aguilar has flaws. some that are superficial, some that run deep. however we all need to remember that no mans sins are greater than anothers. i have personal knowledge of many of the highs and lows of the ministry (of both phil and the people around him) over the past decade. i have also been told from actual reliable sources of the history as it should be written about set free. and for both the better and the worse in regard to many accounts much of what is thrown around is inaccurate or down right untrue (i did say both positive and negative stories). however many people seem to disregard that when phil is doing gods work (and im positive when i say none of us have the ability to say what phil does/has done isnt gods work) he has/is doing great things and reaching people that others are incapable of communicating with due to many reasons.

im not here singing anyones praises, or on the same note vilifying anyone, but i think too many of you are too quick to pass judgment or to judge a man based on the sum of his flaws (specifically the ones of the extremely exaggerated variety). many seem to forget the less than perfect, or in some cases socially or morally bankrupt people, that have done great works when they follow god.

moreover if [b:d73b678b73]jesus freak[/b:d73b678b73], [b:d73b678b73]jesusisforme[/b:d73b678b73], and [b:d73b678b73]gigi007[/b:d73b678b73] have the knowledge they claim to, come forward with your real names. though its not unthinkable i doubt you will. in the event one or all of you do id be willing to bet that the identity and character you portray on this forum may not exactly line up with who you are off of it and that there are motives behind your statements that may not be apparent. i would even go as far to say that many of you once held a very different opinion of the ministry.

one last thing i would like to say. i hope this post makes it to the board uncensored.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 28, 2006 08:00PM


If there is nothing wrong with the finances of "Set Free" than a simple solution would be to publish annually an independently audited financial statement that details any and all compensation (e.g. salaries) and expenses paid out from the ministry.

See []

[b:7a3be7ac27]Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability says:[/b:7a3be7ac27]

There are many worthy ministries to support within the Body of Christ. Like many people, you may be overwhelmed by all the needs in the world. Wanting to do your part to help, you may also wonder where to begin giving of your time, talents and financial resources.

At ECFA, it is our goal to assist donors in making wise giving decisions. While we do not tell you which ministry to support, the questions listed below may provide you with helpful tools to facilitate your decision-making process.

ECFA can be an effective means of confirming God's direction for the stewardship of resources He has entrusted to you. Ultimately, your support of any organization must be made in response to the Holy Spirit's leading in your life.

To help find a ministry to support, ask yourself the following questions:

When I give to an organization, how important are factors such as accountability, independent oversight and financial disclosure?

While all organizations believe in accountability, ECFA members and their subsidiaries have acted upon that belief by voluntarily submitting to the ECFA Standards of Responsible Stewardship and demonstrating their compliance through an annual review process. The ECFA seal is evidence to donors that these organizations are committed to integrity and excellence in ministry.

Use the ECFA Member Directory link to review a list of ECFA members.

Accountability, independent oversight and financial disclosure are important to me, but I don't see my favorite charities listed with ECFA. What can I do to obtain a greater comfort level when giving to them?

If the factors mentioned above are important to you, but you do not see your favorite organization among ECFA's members, ask them the following suggested questions, and expect a timely, courteous and informative response.

ECFA firmly believes that good charities willingly answer tough questions:

Does the organization have a clear and strong commitment to a certain project area?

Is there an independent board that accepts responsibility for the activities of the organization and oversees its operations?

Are the financial records audited annually by certified public accountants?

Are copies of the audited financial statements provided to anyone who requests them?

Is information provided to donors about any program that the donors have supported?

How does the organization avoid conflicts of interest?

What are its guidelines and standards for fund-raising?

Is there a review procedure to assure compliance with fund-raising standards and guidelines?

Use the Donor's Bill of Rights link to help you to know what may reasonably be expected from organizations seeking your support.

Without unlimited resources, I cannot give to everyone. How can I narrow my search for one or more ministries to support?

The ECFA Web site offers the ability to search its member list according to primary ministry objectives. There are forty-one ministry categories from which to choose.

On the Member Directory page of this site, follow instructions to search "by ministry type." Select a category that interests you. A list of ECFA member organizations in that category will appear. From that list, you may click on each individual organization to pull up more details.

Do I like the idea of supporting a nationally known organization with an international outreach, or a smaller, local ministry with local or regional outreach?

Many donors like the personal connection and involvement that is afforded when supporting a local ministry. However, larger ministries with a national or even international presence offer opportunities to reach into communities that donors may never see in person, giving donors the ability to affect lives on a global scale.

How involved in the ministry would I like to be? What opportunities to participate beyond financial giving do I desire?
Whenever an individual decides to give to an organization, he or she is establishing a relationship with that organization on some level. Many supporters want only to send in periodic financial support, and receive only minimal information to keep them apprised of ministry efforts and prayer needs. Others like to know the doors are open to participate in a more personal way, visiting outreach centers, volunteering in soup kitchens, or joining short-term mission projects. Many organizations welcome volunteerism and supporter participation beyond financial support, affording numerous opportunities for such involvement. Other organizations may be less equipped to do so. Identify your own level of desire for relationship and participation with the ministries that interest you, and ask them how well their ministry can accommodate that desire.

What types of ministries have impacted my life or the lives of others I care about?

Sometimes the best way to determine how God might want you to direct your stewardship is to consider what organizations have significantly and positively influenced your life or the lives of others you know. Did God use a youth ministry or campus outreach to help you grow in your relationship with God? Did a family member in need due to natural disaster or illness benefit from the outreach of a particular ministry? Answers to these questions may assist you in making your giving decisions.

How do I know how much of my donation is used for the mission, rather than for “overhead” expenses?
Many people are concerned about how much of their donation actually ends up directly supporting the cause. It is reasonable to expect that every effort be made to maximize the use of donations so that the charity’s ministry objectives are achieved. Financial statements will reflect how much a charity spends on overhead expenses, and how much is spent on ministry.

ECFA members are required to provide a copy of their most recent audited financial statements upon written request. This Web site contains a financial summary on each ECFA Member Profile. To review a Member Profile, search the ECFA Member Directory using the instructions, and then once a list of organizations appears, select one of them. A profile of that particular organization will appear on the screen.

The financial summary uses the following terms under the Expenses heading: Program Services, General and Administrative, and Fund-Raising. Program services expenses are those directly related to carrying out the purposes for which the organization exists. In other words, these are ministry-related expenses. The sum of General and Administrative Expenses and Fund-raising expenses would be considered “overhead.”

When considering this financial information, keep in mind that in order for ministry objectives to be met, overhead is necessary. Low overhead should not necessarily be considered synonymous with efficiency. See the next question for more information on this topic.

How important is the percentage of overhead expenses vs. program expenses in my giving decisions?

Many people assume that the best organizations to support are those with the highest program expenses and the lowest fund-raising and general and administrative expenses. It is an easy calculation, and often used as a quick formula to determine “efficiency.” However, ECFA cautions against making judgments about ministry efficiency solely upon the calculation of expense percentages. Because of variables between ministries and the many factors that affect the reporting of expenses, a true “apples to apples” comparison is not possible.

For example, an older, well-established ministry with a strong donor base may not have to expend many resources on fund-raising, while a younger organization may have to do so in order to build name recognition. Also, accounting rules leave some room for interpretation, so expenses that might be recorded as “overhead” by one organization may well be considered “program” by another. While calculations of financial ratios can be useful and important, they should not be the determining factor in giving decisions. For more discussion of this topic, click below to access an article that examines the subject in more detail.

For more information about this topic, click the related link at the top right side of this page: "How Much for Fund-Raising?"

It would be easy to make giving decisions if ECFA would rate its members. Why doesn’t ECFA rate its members?

ECFA believes rating its members against one another to determine, on behalf of donors, the “best” organizations to support is not a responsible means of assisting donors in good stewardship decisions. Rather, each ECFA member is measured against an independently established set of standards, which must be met to maintain membership. Rating systems would have to be based on measurable and objective criteria, and ECFA does not believe that evaluating an organization’s faithfulness to God’s calling can or should be reduced to mere numerical calculations. Measuring changed lives and saved souls is subjective, at best. ECFA’s philosophy encourages donors to establish their own criteria to evaluate ministries, based on their own values and expectations.

To learn more about ECFA's position on rating ministries, click "Rating a Ministry" under links on the top right

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 28, 2006 08:05PM


"Set Free" is not a member of the EFCA

See []

[b:5cea80aa80]Why ECFA Does Not Rate Ministries[/b:5cea80aa80]

Prospective donors occasionally ask ECFA which member organization is the “best” one to support. Our response is that ECFA does not compare, rate, or rank member organizations, but rather measures each against an independently established benchmark—the ECFA Standards of Responsible Stewardship. Attaining and maintaining ECFA membership means an organization measures up to all of ECFA’s Standards.

Through ECFA membership, each ECFA member clearly demonstrates its commitment to accountability and integrity. ECFA annually evaluates its members to confirm their continuing compliance, laying a solid foundation upon which donors may match their ministry choices to their own values and expectations. The disclosure required of ECFA members allows potential donors to assess each organization within the context of their personal vision for ministry.

Since criteria used to compare ministries are often subjective or arbitrary, rating potentially can cultivate division by diminishing each ministry’s uniqueness, as well as contribute to unhealthy competition within the Body of Christ. This clearly contradicts the Christian community’s goal to foster cooperation, encourage mutual respect, and maintain accountability that builds, rather than tears down, our united work for the Kingdom.

When attempting to measure organizational efficiency or performance, ECFA recognizes the differences between the for-profit community and the nonprofit community. The for-profit arena often uses mathematical formulas and calculations for comparison purposes. This is an adequate measuring tool when the primary goal is financial profit or a positive return on investment. However, even in this context, ratings can be misleading if based on anything less than up-to-the-minute accurate data.

In the nonprofit field, measuring the ministry outcomes of an organization can be a valuable exercise. Additionally, measuring a ministry’s own performance for the current year versus a prior period, or for the current year against certain goals, can be very meaningful. On the other hand, it is virtually impossible to apply ratios and other numerical performance criteria and expect a fair outcome when comparing one nonprofit ministry to another.

Peter F. Drucker captures this dilemma in a cleverly titled chapter of his book, Managing the Nonprofit Organization: “What is the Bottom Line When There is No ‘Bottom Line’?” How can ratios accurately reflect changed lives, transformed minds, and saved souls? When deciding what ministry to support, many donors place great importance on leadership and vision. How can quantitative measurements assess such qualitative characteristics?

In twenty-five years of ministry, ECFA has learned that any number of variables and a host of different ranking criteria can impact the reporting of an organization’s “performance:”

Diversity of mission within the ECFA membership is broad, defying any clear basis for comparison (from youth camps to radio stations, from pregnancy resource centers to rescue missions, just to name a few).

Standing alongside small local organizations are large, multifaceted, international organizations.

Some organizations are relatively self-contained with respect to program, administrative, and fund-raising functions; others outsource a few or many of these functions.

Some ministries are in their formative years, with a small donor base and a need to invest in building credibility and faithful supporters; others are mature organizations with many established donors.

Some organizations have significantly less expensive access to potential donors through radio, television, and various media; others must rely on more conventional and expensive forms of fund-raising, such as direct mail and personal contacts.

Some ministries operate with few cultural restraints, openly sharing the results of their ministry efforts. These ministries have a distinct advantage over those which work in cultures that make it prohibitive, even dangerous, to discuss program outcomes.

The revenue of some organizations includes a significant element of gifts-in-kind, which may have a lower per dollar fund-raising expense than a sister charity where all, or nearly all, of the revenue is represented by cash donations.

ECFA includes the full spectrum of Christian nonprofit groups: churches of all sizes, parachurch organizations, older, well-established ministries, and fledgling efforts. These ministries differ greatly in the nature and scope of their work, according to their individual calling. While many have similar ministry objectives, they may have different philosophies for realizing those objectives.

Although each ECFA member organization is “one of a kind,” fulfilling a unique function within the Body of Christ, they all share a common bond. All are Christ-centered, evangelical, and nonprofit.

The founders of ECFA resolved to form an organization that would promote a positive and collective testimony for accountability and integrity in Christian ministry. In that effort, a membership of over 1,100 ministries has emerged over the years. By the grace of God, there is a strong spirit of unity in ECFA. All members hold these common goals:

to honor God by conducting His work with excellence

to practice disclosure and openness for the purpose of building donor confidence

to hold one another accountable

In large part, ECFA does not create measurements to rate or rank its members since, in doing so, donors could be influenced to minimize their personal decision-making responsibility. For as long as Christians have supported God’s work, they have relied on the Holy Spirit to direct them concerning the contribution of their time, talents, and resources. This is a priceless choice that should never be replaced by any form of “Consumer Reports.”

So, when you are trying to determine which ministry is “the best,” look beyond the percentages. While numbers may be a measure, they should not be the measure. Any good organization should openly define the accomplishment of its mission through accountable reports and financial transparency. Your confidence in a ministry can be secured by its willingness to demonstrate how it is achieving its ministry goals. This responsibility is based on God-given inspiration unique to every person. God’s leading and direction must always prevail. Everyone—donor, ministry, and ECFA—is measured against that benchmark.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: kcross ()
Date: September 28, 2006 10:04PM

why are you so hung up about finances? if you had ever spent a single day at phil aguilars house (much less time i spent at set free) you would know that hes not hoarding money. even at that point what if anything at all does it have to do with accusations of cult activity? shall i list mainstream televangelist and preachers accused, caught, or convicted of theft and tax evasion among other crimes? are they all cult leaders also? ministry is about more than accounting, and at that im sure if there was some gross accounting error the irs would have caught wind of it. copying and pasting articles hardly proves anything. what was billy graham paid last year? what is his net worth? how about the other famous evangelical preachers? how about the barnetts, falwell, and others?

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