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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: veronica77 ()
Date: July 12, 2006 06:54AM

I am not making apologies for Pastor Phil Aguilar or Set Free....what I was trying to do is share my experience as I thought other had done in these forums. It seemed to that no one here has posted any printed evidence of this man or his church being guilty on anything other than what you keep mentioning "fanancial accountability".

I do have first hand exeperience of attending Set Free and having been part of some of the great work that they do there. I don't need to give you or anyone an apology for this man and I don't believe he needs to give an apology as well. Why would I have the need to do that? I believe this forum serves a great purpose and that is, that people have the ability to express their concerns, experiences and make statements or comments. You seem to be suggesting that I shut up if I don’t have any “evidence” which I think I have to remind you again that I am not here to argue with you about the financial aspect of Set Free. My hope is that my voice is heard, as are others who have posted. I also wrote a comment for the comments link of set free-Phil Aguilar on your web site and it has never been posted. All you have is negative comments but shouldn’t you have both given that you also do not have real evidence of what people accuse him?

Can I ask you something? If Set Free and Phil Aguilar where to have financial transparency as you keep saying, would this then mean they are not cult or that he has not done the things people say?

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: July 12, 2006 07:32AM


Again, you are repeating yourself.

Basic accountability for "Set Free" would be a good start.

This would include a democratically elected board that could discipline and potentially fire "Pastor Phil."

This would also include financial transparency as repeatedly stated before through financial statements that have been independently audited and disclose any and all compensation paid out to "Pastor Phil."

This is the controversy that surrounds Auilar as follows:

[b:84b9158827]TBN Supports Abusive Leader's Attack Against Christians

The Christian Sentinel, 1995

By Bill and Jackie Alnor[/b:84b9158827]

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) founder Paul Crouch had some strange advice for the leader of a cult-like group he had as a guest on his show in October 1994. "Sue the bastards!" Crouch instructed on his prime time Praise the Lord show.

Crouch was giving his blessing to what pastor Phil Aguilar eventually did. Aguilar, leader of the notorious and scandalized Set Free Christian Fellowship, filed a frivolous lawsuit against Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, Calvary Chapel of Lake Elsinore and others for libel and defamation on February 8, 1995 in the Superior Court of Orange County, California . The attorney filing the suit? The nephew of Jan Crouch, Paul Crouch's wife.

According to the Praise the Lord show (which marked the first time Crouch had Aguilar on the telecast after a long absence), Crouch and Aguilar were upset over community opposition to Aguilar's recent bid to establish a headquarters in the Lake Elsinore section of California. They were reading from flyers passed out to the community, one of which said in part:

We, the undersigned ministers of the community, feel it is our responsibility to express our concern to the public regarding what we believe to be a potentially dangerous threat to all of those in the area, and especially the youth....we believe it is necessary to make the public aware of some of the accusations...against Phil Aguilar and "Set Free." These allegations include sexual misconduct and adultery within the leadership, financial improprieties, and a form of control over the members that is very abusive, physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.

But Paul Crouch said that anyone putting out such materials were obviously not Christian, so therefore Aguilar had the right to sue them all. Those signing the flyer, and/or follow up ones, Crouch declared them all unchristian (although he never contacted any of them). These people were the previously mentioned churches, along with the pastors of the following churches in the Lake Elsinore area: the First Baptist Church, First Presbyterian Church, Lakeland Christian Fellowship, Lake Elsinore Church of the Nazarene, Elsinore Christian Center, New Song Community Church, Shepherd of Life Lutheran Church, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Grace Church, Calvary Chapel of Canyon Lake, Calvary Chapel of Murietta, Calvary Chapel of Temecula, and Free Indeed Christian Fellowship in Perris, Calif.

"I have been disturbed by a bunch of , oh, I'm just gonna say it," Crouch said, reviewing the flyers passed out to the community, "a bunch of crap." Later he barked, "Go ahead and tape it. Put it on your slime-ball radio broadcast. You'll have to pray it through Pastor Phil, but this old German, I'd say sue the bastards!"

It is a mystery at this point why TBN continues to protect Aguilar. Not only have there been scathing stories against Set Free in the Orange County Register, Christianity Today and Newsweek magazines (not to mention several exposes written by Eastern Christian Outreach president Bill Alnor for the Religious News Service), but a large portion of Dr. Ron Enroth's book "Churches that Abuse" is devoted to Set Free. And there have been television exposes as well in such shows as "Inside Edition," not to mention dozens of transcribed testimonies from former Set-Free members that have been distributed to church leaders nation wide.

In fact, Aguilar and TBN themselves were sued in February 1992 by the parents of an 18-year-old man who alleged that Mario Ruiz, a Set Free overseer appointed by Aguilar, made their son perform sex acts in exchange for crack cocaine while they were living on TBN-owned property in Coleyville, Texas (which is also the site of the Crouch's country estate). That suit accused Set free and TBN of fraud, negligence and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

At the time Crouch declared TBN's innocence, called it extortion and announced that the plaintiffs would not receive a dime. But in fact, TBN's attorneys reached a secret out-of-court settlement with the plaintiffs. While the Christian Sentinel has learned that the amount paid out by TBN was a half million dollars, TBN and the plaintiff's attorney would not confirm that.

And it was Aguilar who helped get TBN into big trouble with the Federal Communications Commission. (See related story).

Also named as individuals in Aguilar's recent suit are Oden Fong who is a church leader and outreach fellowships director at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, John Duncan, senior pastor of Calvary Chapel of Lake Elsinore, and Set Free ex-members Steve Schinhofen and Eileen Jackson. In the opinion of Eastern Christian Outreach all these individuals courageously fought this dangerous group, and they deserve our support.

A defense fund has been established on behalf of the two ex-Set Free members.

The current dispute came into focus when the "gang-banging" ministry [Set Free] tried to "invade" (using Set Free's terms) the Lake Elsinore, California area, and were met by opposition. Aguilar was attempting to set up shop in their town after his main church in Anaheim, Calif. was dismantled amid accusations of pastoral and physical abuse as well as sexual misconduct on the part of some of Set Free's high ranking officers. Thanks to the community efforts led by Duncan, Set Free abandoned efforts to invade Lake Elsinore and at press time Aguilar was trying to make a come-back in Orange County.

What is "Set Free" all about? Sometimes called "the biker church," Set Free used to be a rapidly growing religious movement that spun off a number of affiliated churches. Aguilar's testimony was a key to the church's growth. He was a former child molester and drug abuser who spent some time in prison for these offenses who allegedly found the Lord while in jail. Following his release he became involved in church work and founded Set Free with a specific goal of reaching the homeless, gang members, bikers, drug abusers, prostitutes, and other so-called throwaway members of society. Services often consisted of "rap music" and dancing, or secular music interspersed with Christian lyrics, along with a time of preaching. Many members at one time were living communally, sometimes in TBN-owned homes in Anaheim.

The sect began to unravel in 1991 after Christian Sentinel publisher Bill Alnor and cult expert/author Dr. Ron Enroth began seriously looking into multiple accounts of wrongdoing and abuse leveled at his flock by Aguilar and other Set Free leaders. They were aided by Fong, whose staff was well into an investigation of Aguilar's church, and had taken biblical steps to confront Aguilar. Not only were these attempts to no avail, but Fong and his staff who had patiently counseled many ex-Set Free members, found themselves the targets of merciless attacks, smear campaigns, and threats coming from Aguilar's church (that were sometimes directed personally by Aguilar or his secretary, Lois Trader.) At one point more than 100 members of Set Free showed up at Fong's Bible study at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, which had an intimidating effect on some of the worshippers.

The City of Anaheim eventually forced Set Free out of town.
A continuing accusation against Set Free is that the group deliberately teaches "shepherding" -- strict obedience (cult-like control) to Aguilar, along with a lethal dose of an absence of holiness and biblical accountability to its members. Aguilar, for example, continues to promote the gang lifestyle with Jesus tacked on as he shows off his latest "Christian" tattoos. Area pastors who have counseled some ex-Set Free members have reported that some of them are living together outside of marriage and when told it was unbiblical were completely surprised not having heard that before. Perhaps that is why Set Free runs into so much trouble when sanctification is not emphasized.
Despite the lurid headlines of the past several four years, Aguilar's lawsuit describes the former convict as a "well-respected minister," and claims that statements made by the defendants on local television and written on posters that were distributed, caused Aguilar to suffer "humiliation, mental anguish and emotional and physical distress." It also claims that he "experienced sleepless nights, cannot function in a normal day to day capacity, has nervousness, as well as other physical symptoms."

In a recent interview with Aguilar's attorney, John B. Casoria, he said that his client was justified in suing other pastors.

"They [Set Free] have tried to resolve this matter informally for the past three years," Casoria said. "My client felt this was over with [the Matthew 18 process]. We tried to resolve this matter by letter back in November 1994, but it was ignored. We waited 90 days before filing action because we never heard back from them."

He explained that back in 1991 Aguilar attempted through Christian Conciliation Service (CCS) to resolve the dispute with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa and Oden Fong but that his efforts were ignored.

But Casoria was dead wrong with these statements. The November letter from the Crouch's nephew was a demand to Oden Fong of Calvary Chapel to turn over all documentation they had in file regarding Set Free. It was not, according to Fong's office, an attempt at dialoguing or making peace. And, the invitation to reconcile differences back in 1991 through CCS was spurned by Fong and others addressed at that time which included Churches that Abuse author Ronald Enroth and the Christian Sentinel's own Bill Alnor because Aguilar continued to ignore (and still does to this day) the fact that the principal parties in the dispute are Set Free's ex-members, not writers and pastors who have been contacted by the ex-members to talk about how they were allegedly abused by Aguilar. Dr. Enroth told the CCS in a letter that he didn't have problems or differences to reconcile with Set Free and he suggested that the ex Set Free members should work out their differences with Set Free through CCS. That was also Bill Alnor's position. By the way, the CCS (which is really a fine organization), instructed Alnor and Enroth to pay them $250 (which they did not).

It appeared to all those involved then and now that Aguilar is not interested in making things right with those he has hurt but is only interested in silencing those who disseminate the information supplied by Set Free's spiritually abused victims. That is why two of the ex-members are being sued although no serious attempt at making peace with them or the dozens of others who have spoken out was ever made by Set Free.

Set Free and TBN are using this lawsuit to intimidate the plaintiffs into silence. It is a harassment suit. Since they have no plans to see it come to court, the whole scheme will backfire on them. Plans are already underway to file a counter-suit which will not be easily dismissed and they could lose more in this case than they did in the Texas incident. If cult experts and ex-Set Free members are called on to testify, not only will a scandal against the church and TBN result, but any doubt as to Aguilar's lack of qualifications as a pastor will be completely eradicated.

Historically, TBN has always been the power-base for Set Free's activities. Besides providing Aguilar with homes and television exposure (even giving Aguilar his own television show, called "24/7" that fizzled several years ago following intense media scrutiny of Aguilar), TBN's attorney Norman Juggert, has written intimidating letters on Set Free's behalf to various ex-members. In 1991 Juggert's office threatened the parents of Geronimo Aguilar's wife, Stacee, with legal action if they attempted to contact their daughter ever again. (Geronimo is the son of Phil Aguilar.)

"Do not contact her," Juggert's July 10 letter read, "or her husband or children...or attempt[ing] to observe them personally." Stacee later verified that it was Phil Aguilar who had forbidden her from seeing her own parents or allowing them to visit their two grandchildren because they were outspoken about Set Free. Interestingly, after she divorced Aguilar's son after she said she caught him in the act of adultery with a minor, she renamed her children who had been given unusual names at the time of their births by their controlling grandfather, "Pastor Phil."

Ironically, on the October 1994 broadcast of Praise the Lord Aguilar did admit that he was not squeaky clean, but that these people should just forgive him even if he never apologized for specifics. He said that even a dog will lick its owner after being kicked and that kind of Christianity, "dog-Christianity" is what he expects from these ex-members. So he revealed his attitude toward other Christians. They are like dogs to him and he should be free to kick them and abuse them without consequence.

Crouch lamented that he tried to help Aguilar resolve the problem by asking Calvary leader Chuck Smith to intervene. "There's some folks over at Calvary Chapel that should clean their acts up too," He said. "I got Pastor Chuck Smith and Pastor Phil Aguilar together and they had a beautiful time of prayer...I thought everything was just settled and peace had been reached there but apparently it had not...But I tell you, and you know who you are, you better watch it! You're treading on dangerous spiritual ground!"

Crouch was wrong with his account of events, and Chuck Smith knew it. He removed his Calvary Chapel program from TBN, which was a good move considering all the false teachers regularly on the network.

What did Paul Crouch say about using coarse language on his Christian network following a firestorm of criticism? In February Crouch admitted to losing his temper during the October program with Aguilar and gave a cloaked apology if he offended anybody. Aguilar made no mention of filing a lawsuit and gave the impression that he was at peace with all his enemies and was excited about a proposed joint ministry effort involving TBN regular Tommy Barnett of Phoenix, something requiring the ability to function on a day to day basis.

Editor's note: If you were outraged by Paul Crouch's language reported in this story, or over the way he and his wife, Jan, continue to support this dangerous religious leader, write Paul Crouch at his home address. It's Paul and Jan Crouch, 1973 Port Chelsea Place, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

Parents of Young Children: would you invite 40 Bikers to a Slumber Party?
Jan Crouch, who calls Phil Aguilar, "the closest thing to Jesus" she ever saw, and who declared several years ago that those who didn't give money to Set Free were going to Hell, also defended Aguilar during the October 1994 show.

She claimed that the Lake Elsinore pastors were not trying to minister to the needy and down and outers in that region.

"Have you, pastor, that's criticized this man," Crouch asked, addressing the Christian leaders who have challenged Aguilar, "taken 40 Hell's Angels and let them sleep in your home with your children in that home asleep?"

There are two obvious problems with that rebuke. First, it would be a case of child endangerment and neglect to put one's children in that sort of jeopardy, and second, Pastor John Duncan of Calvary Chapel of Lake Elsinore has taken people off the streets and allowed them to stay in his home before he had any children and his church continues to minister to the unlovely of Lake Elsinore society.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: Jeff Seymour ()
Date: July 14, 2006 12:31PM


Phil Aguilar is not "Jesus" and you are not an apostle.

The analogy doesn't make any sense and is not applicable to the situation of "Set Free."

You have no idea where the money goes. There is no way for you to find out.

I had to laugh when I read your response because if you read what I wrote you misquoted me[/color:37d78e8700]. I quoted what you said above and here is what I actually said "I’m not the sharpest tool in the box but lest I be misquoted or taken the wrong way by some that read this I am not saying Phil is Jesus (lol). I know how some people love to twist the truth." [/color:37d78e8700]

What I have found that helps me to not misquote people is I read the whole thing (making sure I take everything into context) and then respond.

Again you misquoted me[/color:37d78e8700], when you said I said:
"Phil Aguilar is not "Jesus" and you are not an apostle. The analogy doesn't make any sense and is not applicable to the situation of "Set Free."

And here is what I said:
"It’s funny how people can see things differently. For example, on one side we have me and you seeing Phil Aguilar & Set Free one way and one the other side we have the moderator and others seeing it differently. Since we are all believers I will give an example using Jesus and how people viewed Jesus. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “To be great is to be misunderstood”. [/color:37d78e8700]

I never said I was an apostle and Phil Aguilar was Jesus. [/color:37d78e8700]

Regarding what you said about the money "You have no idea where the money goes. There is no way for you to find out." Your right I can't find out where the money goes. What I was taught was when I give money to a Church that is my responsibility, what is done with the money I leave that into God's hands because I have no control over that. God will be the judge on that one. All I can tell you is from my experience of what I have seen and that is Phil Aguilar is living not living like a king, unless of course you want to call him the ghetto king.[/color:37d78e8700]

How come you never answered my questions in my previous posts[/color:37d78e8700]? Is this because you don’t want to admit you might not be telling the whole truth.
How come you only say negative things about Phil Aguilar and Set Free?[/color:37d78e8700]

You never mention even one time about all the good things he has done. At least Veronica and I are telling the whole story; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have found that if I am truthful about the whole situation that God then can be the judge and I release the control over to Him this way. I am starting to feel that you have an agenda regarding Phil Aguilar and Set Free and I am not the only one (see Veronica’s post earlier).
Jeff Seymour

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: July 14, 2006 08:01PM


You previously went on and on using an analogy about Jesus and his apostles.

You said:


Since we are all believers I will give an example using Jesus and how people viewed Jesus. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “To be great is to be misunderstood”.

Anyone interested can look back on this thread.

Thank you for previously acknowledging that there is no democratic church government in "Set Free" and for stating what Veronica77 refused to admit, which is that you don't know where the money goes that you contribute to "Set Free" and that there is no meaningful financial accountability.

"Set Free" is what it is, essentially a dictatorship that benefits Phil Aguilar and his family. No one involved in the ministry can discipline or remove Phil Aguilar from leadership.

Most Protestant churches and ministries don't work that way.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: Jesus freak ()
Date: August 19, 2006 02:12AM

Anyone who has been in the "inner circle" of the Aguilars self proclaimed Set Free "Church" would know how controlling this man is. I left Set Free a year and a half ago because I went on a trip to Israel with Phil, his sons and a group of other people. I witnessed Blasphemy. There was nightly drinking and total disrepect for the people who lived there. Total disrepect for sacred ground such as spitting on the spot where Jesus spoke with His Father begging Him to spare Him such pain and agony. I won't go into complete details. I could no longer tithe God's money to a cult that owns a night club and promotes porno and drugs. That's where the money goes. Most of his followers of recent months who are wealthy have bailed. He closed the doors in Buena Park and is now trying to start up once again. They are trying to lure back some of the deep pockets that bailed.

You say he takes in strangers and feeds and clothes them? I have been in his "ministry homes" and there are no meals prepared. They eat what ever they can get, however they can get it. The people in the "ministry homes are pay checks for the Aguilars. Nothing more. They cannot leave the house without Phil's permission. He sends them out to work on jobs for people and the money for the work is paid directly to Phil. Young couples who are interested in each other are forced to marry immediately. They have no jobs, no money, no place to live. Guess what. Phil takes care of everything. Gives them a place to live, a job, at the night club, or for some other company and he gets the pay check. How can they get out on their own? No money, no place to live for free.
You figure it out.

He will ordain anyone who wants the title. One of his ordained is running with a bad, bad, gang now while his wife, who was ordained by Phil while on Heroin, without any bible teaching or degree, is living in a park somewhere strung out on Heroin.

I grant you there are good things that have come out of Set Free. But it has been only by the Grace of God that it came out and not Phil Aguilars doing. I think in some cases God uses Set Free to open the eyes of true believers. To show them what the wolf in sheeps clothing is and that there really are wolves in sheeps clothing. Just like the wolf, he preys on the weak and vulnerable. That is not just the down and out of society. There are many wealthy people who are vulnerable to the wolf because money doesn't fill the hole that only God can.

Be ware. The wolf is putting his sheepskin on once again. This is in my opinion, a dangerous man, and I have it from a higher authority.

I would love to say much more, but it would sound like I am just trying to get revenge. Phil has not affected my life in a negative way because I reached out to my Father and not Phil. Oh, believe me he is very charismatic and convincing. I just pray for those who look to Phil and not beyond. He needs to be exposed for what he is.

Do any of you who support Phil know why he is a convicted felon or why his oldest son and his wifes son are not in this picture. You should look into it further.

I hope I have not overstepped my bounderies here with the forum rules. If so Please accept my appologies. I just want people to know the truth.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: Jesus freak ()
Date: August 20, 2006 03:49AM

Jeff Seymore, I have to say that your statement,

The truth of the matter is that he has taken a vow of poverty.
needs to be updated. He may have told you he had taken a vow of poverty, but my friend, I sat in his "Church" in 2004 and listened to him say "I [b:aad86d4a41]will[/b:aad86d4a41] be a Millionaire before the end of the year 2005. I went to Israel with a group of 52 people from his "Church" in Feb., 2005, and was ashamed to be considered a part of Set Free. His children were so disrespectful and filthy mouthed. I watched them comment blasphemy and desicrate Sacred ground where my Lord and Savior lived and died for them. There was drinking every night and things I won't go into detail about. Phil's only "inner circle" became very rich people with deep pockets. No one dares to question him on his behavior. He is certainly not living in poverty. They now own a night club that promotes alcholol, porn, and yes drugs. Check out The Club Roc. Oh the business I'm sure is not in his name. Is that really a surprise. He has several homes that are all in a family trust. Well most of his deep pocket friends started leaving so once again, he closed the doors to services in Buena Park. Then it was invitation only at the Club Roc. With his deep pockets leaving he has had to open up again and is trying to pull in more money friends.

As for his "Ministry homes"? He does not feed and cloth the hungry. I've been there and seen it. There is no food or meals prepared for any of the people living there, unless of course they win favor with him. Then they eat with him and in his home or as you said, he buys. The people living in the homes are pay checks for the Aguilar family and that is all. He sends them to do work, usually with people that he is in business with in some manner, and the money for the work performed goes directly to Phil Aguilar. Some of them work at the night club in which case the money is already in Phil's hands. Young people who are interested in each other are forced to marry immediately and they live in one of the homes. They most often have no jobs or any place to live. Now they are in his snare. No one, I mean, no one leaves the homes without specific authorization from Phil. They pay monitary fines and other penalties if they do.

This man preys on the vulnerable. It is not just people with addictions and those who are down and out. Many wealthy have been exploited buy him too. It is the need for something to fill the hole in their lives that only Jesus Christ can fill. They are filled with false hope.

I will be the first to say that some good things have come out of "Set Free", but it is by the Grace of God and not the grace of Phil. God showed me that there really are wolves in sheeps clothing and he gave me a first hand experience with one. This man is very charismatic and convincing. Those who are really seeking to find God and learn to keep their eyes on God and not Phil can and will recieve a mighty gift from God. My concern is with those who follow the man and not God. I have watched Phil ordain people who just want to be ordained. They have no educational training or background in ministry. One man who was ordained is now running with a notorios gang. His wife, who was also ordained while under the influence of heroin, is living in a park now wasted on drugs. Their children are with other family and friends.

I have found a wonderful Church, where the Pastor is accountable and the finances are exposed to the congregation. Where we actually open our Bibles and read out of them during Church Services. I assume it has been a while since you have been involved with Phil and Set Free.

I hope I am not out of line with the forum rules here. If I am I appollogize. I just feel the truth should be known. There are people who know much more than I do and none of it is good.

Pray for his followers that God will intervene and show them the truth.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: Jesus freak ()
Date: August 20, 2006 07:02AM

Sorry. My first post didn't show up so I typed out a new post with same basics. I will wait longer the next time.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: jesusisforme ()
Date: August 29, 2006 01:18AM

Jesus Freak is right on, for those of you that have not been around lately everything has changed. Phil's face is on the SOLDIERS vests and ther is nothing about Jesus. Like those of us remember who have been around forever thru all the ups and downs, There is no more TRAINED TO SERVE JESUS. You dont have to believe me. You can check it out for yourself; dont believe it because you hear it. You can check out the websites-Set Free Soldiers, Club Roc and My space of all the Aguilars. I would suggest that you don't do anymore than that. Phil is very proud of what they are about, but he is still very charismatic and able to make things sound right. Stay away, pray and investigate it for yourself. You may not like what you are defending. The old days were full of salvation and outreach, atleast that is the way I remember them, but things are very different my brothers and sisters in the Lord. My Love and prayers are with you. Pray for those that are still involved that they find Jesus.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: bones7777 ()
Date: August 30, 2006 08:02AM

Wow! Someone standing for the truth. Thanks Jesus Freak and Jesusisforme for setting the record straight.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: andychee ()
Date: August 30, 2006 11:48AM

Does set free have anything to do with battle cry?
I heard about battle cry and it sounded interesting.

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