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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: Jesus freak ()
Date: September 04, 2006 11:50PM


What letter are you referring too? Did some one mention a letter about Phil stepping down? Stepping down from what? If so I missed it. I would be entersted in reading it too. I mentioned that he closed the doors to services in Buena park, but there was no letter. He just said this is it and while they were praying he stepped out the side door and was gone.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: Jesus freak ()
Date: September 05, 2006 11:59AM

Sorry. I needed to go back and read what gigi007 had written. I wasn't there that night. I had already left so I never saw any letter that was handed out. Friends of mine told me he just walked out while they were in prayer. Then started an invitation only "Brunch service" on Sundays at "The Roc" night club.


He gave a typed letter to everyone exiting the church that night and slipped out the side door and rode to the (BAR) he runs in Costa Mesa.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: gigi007 ()
Date: September 05, 2006 10:08PM


Also do you have a copy of this letter stating that Phil "Chief" will be stepping down.

Yes we have copies, but if you want your own (Ask) Phil for one yourself.
They were given out Nov/2005. You'll have to do your homework on your own sorry.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: ara21 ()
Date: September 06, 2006 10:59AM

Do my homework on my own... I thought you were taking a side and wanted it seen that way as well. If you have this "letter" whats the problem with posting it?

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: windofchanges ()
Date: September 06, 2006 09:40PM

I accidentally started a new thread with this question, so am now re-posting it where intended:

[b:6941479047]Does anyone know the relationship of the "Dream Centers" to Set Free? Is there more than one "dream center" [/b:6941479047] in the U.S?


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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: Jesus freak ()
Date: September 06, 2006 11:11PM

As far as I know there is only one Dream Center and it is in L.A.
Phill Aguilar was asked (or more specifically, told), to leave some years ago. To hear him tell it, s the founder of Dream Center, but I found out that he highly exagerates the truth and a lot of things he says or that you might read on his web site are down right lies. Total fabrications.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: capulina ()
Date: September 07, 2006 01:38PM

Phil and Sandra claim to love the Lord and want to serve him. Phil loves

himself and only his family are the ones to benefit from the money he

gets. He puts up a good game by acting as if he really cares about others

This church thing was a gig for him just so he didn't have to get a real job

and pay his dues to society. As for Sandra Jean, what kind of mother

would marry the man convicted of abusing your child and then not

even fight to keep the child when he was going to move out of state? She

is brainwashed and has been since the start by this sociopath convict drug

addict. They both need to be humbled a bit and remember their roots

and actually not being a show rather than servants. Phil wouldn't let

his wife wear pants way back when , now look at them; anything to draw

attention to their bodies. They are looking pretty old and used just like the

world does to a person, not like Christ and His love does. Do they remember where they came from?

Also, Phil and his extra marital affairs ...he got his sister in law Renee pregnant with her last child. How many other children are running around with this man's DNA...and are they all on welfare as Phil raised his own children. He should have to repay all those years of using the system and still being able to afford expensive trips and vehicles.

His mom would take the clothes donated from His Hands Extended and sale them at yard sales. This family is totally whacko....idolizing a man who was in prison for such a heinous crime....

To all those Aguilar's who don't have a back bone...may you reap what you deserve for all the years of mental and physical abuse put on the people you claim to love.
QUIT using Jesus and His Love as a business for your own gain. I would

like to see all of you do some real community service and stop your
sins. Time to make it right before it's too late.

How about going to live at 719 S. Olive Street> Go back to your MAMA
and quit living off of people in the name of Jesus.[/i]

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: Jesus freak ()
Date: September 08, 2006 01:35AM

I am so glad to see that there are other people speaking out who know this family, especially this man for what they really are. To those not familiar we probably sound very angry. We are. We were tricked by this man into believing he was truly a man of God. It is hard to except that you were so blind until you realize that you have been saved by the Grace of God and shown the truth. I just wish I knew how to expose him more to the real Christian community. If anyone has that ability I wish you would use it. There are people suffering who need help.

I think the only thing that keeps this group from falling into the category of polygamists is the fact that they don't marry. I know that Phil performs the ceramonies but few if any have marriage licenses. Including Phils children. The "wives" of his sons are also available to him. Women have told me personally that the only reason they go to Set Free is because they have a crush on this man. He does not marry more than one but he has many "concubines". He is everything the Bible warns against.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: capulina ()
Date: September 08, 2006 03:55AM

There are ALOT of innocent people Phil and Sandra and their family hurt.

Just like Jim Jones did, they take the weak, poor and abused and

make their life worse all in the name of JESUS. They use the intimidation

tactic on the people who are already hurting. The family, (and I am not

only talking about Phil ) all use physical and emotional abuse to continue

hurt people who are genuine in their love for the Lord. In the past, Phil


convicted child molesters, drug addicts, whores, gangsters and the likes

in charge of the nurserys at the church services. Also, if you lived in a

home you left your children with these people to attend bike runs, etc all

in the name of Jesus.

Concerning the sexual misconduct, Sandra is so STUPID to allow Phil

to have affairs with Renee, Lois, let's see who else was there?....Sandra

sat back and let this man run her life. She lost ALL respect for what

she allowed and can't be trusted, either. If you told her about your

problems she would tell you to be obedient and submit to your husband.

There was no encouragement to attend college and make a life for your

family. Instead, some of the people who lived in the homes were

working people who were convinced to quit their jobs, sell their home and

move into a Set Free place all to "serve Jesus"

I still would like to see some kind of accountability to the law and have

Phil thrown back in prison for the rest of his life for the destruction he

allows and encourages. This man has no conscience and doesn't belong

on the streets. He needs be locked up with the likes of Charlie Manson.

The sad part about this family is there is another generation going on

with the likes of Matthew, Phillip, Trina, Hebrew, and the grandchildren

They are being raised without training on how to treat people other

than the intimidation they have learned from their parents.

I would like to know if they are still on medi-cal and food stamps and

receiving aid from Orange County. What a bunch of losers!

I am glad that Lois is gone from the place, she was another bad seed.

And for Tim to be such an idiot to allow all those years his wife to

be Phil's lover, he needs to have his head examined.

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Set Free and Phil Aguilar
Posted by: ara21 ()
Date: September 10, 2006 02:12AM

How do you know these things??? You state affairs with Renee and Lois, even other women. You even go as far to say that he got Renee pregnant! These are some big statements, How would you know these things? Who are you? What was your involvement that you even know things like where his mother lives or the things she would do for Phil.

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