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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: October 29, 2014 12:47AM


Running "Eric Allen Bell" through a Google search puts this thread on the fourth page of search results.

That seems pretty low to me and not that prominent.

Criticism of me and my work is typically on the first page of any search results. Not to mention the cult cranks that post misleading information about me using Wikipedia as their open source.

Some people are thick skinned when it comes to criticism and others, well it would seem, can be very thin skinned indeed.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: livingengine ()
Date: November 12, 2014 11:28AM

- I do not accept donations from anyone, period.

Well, he used to. I wonder what changed.

I have the screen shot of him thanking his Occupy Wall Street friends for their donations after he announced he was selling his car in November of 2011.

I have the screen shot of him thanking the Counter Jihad Movement for their donations after he announced he had sold his car, 8 months later, in July of 2012.

I have the screen shot of his Globalone TV website stating "we rely on donations".

I also have the screen shot where he announces that Globalone is his "livelihood".

Now we are told he derives his "livelihood primarily from various media projects ".

That is interesting because for someone who is an internet wiz, there is no web presence for Eric Allen Bell in this regard, at all. I mean, NO mention of any media projects, no advertising for Bell Media, no web site, no activity on his Bell Media Facebook page -- nothing.

Look at his latest press release for his new movie about psychics, and you will find no reference to any website, only a telephone number, and an email.

He went from being destitute while he was with the Counter Jihad Movement to now being financially independent. What changed?

- I do not consider myself to be a messiah or an enlightened individual.

I have several screen shots of Eric Allen Bell declaring himself "God", and offering this enlightenment to you where you can also be God.

- I do not run a religion.

Eric Allen Bell is New Age. He offers an alternative to the Abrahamic faiths which he considers an impediment to human development. This alternative includes lavish praise for the movie "What the Bleep", and the scoundrels within that film including Dr. Emoto, John Hagelin, and other quacks, cranks, and frauds like Deepak Chopra, the Maharishi, Gregg Braden, and so forth. He is very vocal about this.

- I do not have any disciples.

This is very misleading because Eric Allen Bell does have followers, minions, acolytes, what ever you want to call it, who will give him money, and do things for him, including unethical things. I have the screen shots of him inciting his gang against me, telling them I am "emotionally unstable", or a homosexual, or a Muslim, or bizarre, and thanking them for trying provoke me into saying something that could be used against me.

Also remember the bounty, which he told his people was for ten million rupees, but the bounty was for one quadrillion rupees. How is he able to get his group to see 1,000,000,000,000,000 as 10,000,000? We still have not gotten an adequate explanation of this whole affair.

- I do not believe or teach that my word is the final word on anything.

That is unless he is defaming myself, or Walid Shoebat, or Robert Spencer, or Pamela Geller, Jesus, or any of the many, many things that Eric doesn't like. I have several screen shots of him doing this.

Also, you can listen to him hectoring, and brow beating a Muslim woman over the telephone during a episode of the Jamie Glazov show where Eric Allen Bell is commanding the woman to "snap out of it", and to stop being a Muslim.

- I have never encouraged anyone to cut off their family or friends.

Again, I have the screen shot of him telling, not sharing an opinion, but, instructing his mob to stay away from Walid Shoebat for no other reason than Shoebat is a Christian.

- Global One TV is a blog and a social network, not a religion.

Global One TV is where Eric sells New Age pulp.

- I have not authored any "holy" books.

He also has not made any movies, or very many Youtube videos, or really anything for that matter, except interviews, sales pitches, a web site full of New Age clap trap, and requests for donations.

- I do not run any organization where there is secrecy or deception.

Well, if there isn't deception there certainly is misrepresentation, and secrecy.

Again, look to bounty. When Eric was told in October of 2012 that the bounty wasn't real, he didn't like to hear that, and further replied "there is much I can not say".

A member of his Facebook group asked what he was doing with the thousands of dollars he was receiving considering Facebook ads are so cheap, Eric got very defensive about this, and put the questioner in his place.

I think that Eric's statements about his cars are very deceptive. He keeps selling his car, and then asking for donations, and then without any explanation is driving a car again. When someone remarks on his new car, he cries out about Nihad Awad trying to kill him.

There is no transparency in Eric's finances. It is all done with anonymous donors, and with money spent on advertisements that no one has ever seen. Misrepresentation is one of the salient features of Eric Allen Bell's character. He is just relentless with this.

The cast for his movie that he never will make, "American Infidel", is full of the names of people who have nothing to do with this thing, and have no idea what he is talking about.

He used misleading language that had everyone in the CJM thinking he was under FBI protection when he wasn't, and when he was confronted with this, he replied that it was OUR fault for misunderstanding him.

He made an appearance on Israel National Radio where he said @ 10:00 mins in, that 4 Pakistani newspapers had called for his death. No Pakistani newspaper has called for Eric Allen Bell's death.

Greater Kashmir is not calling for his death. []

The Kashmir Monitor is not calling for his death. []

The Daily Times is not calling for his death. []\10\01\story_1-10-2012_pg3_5

The Express Tribune is sympathetic to Eric, and not in any way calling for his death. []

About a minute later, on this same broadcast, he implies his case is working its way up to Eric Holder, who at the time was the Attorney General of the United States. Again, there is absolutely no truth to this statement.

It is hard to know where to stop on the subject of Eric Allen Bell, and his relentless misrepresentation of himself, but I leave the reader with Eric's attempt at a tour-de-force, "The Other Red Meat" which is absolutely unreadable , and an orgy of misrepresentation, but at the same time highly revealing.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Lori73 ()
Date: January 25, 2016 04:28PM

I Wanted to Put this in its Proper Category:

I have read so many things about this guy on this site. But I feel like its a diversion. Look at his Facebook page and his Twitter page. He's a total Islamophobe!

I don't think he's just another "Counter Jihad Blogger" either. Based on a very reliable source of mine, who works in media, EAB is not just a Media Advisor (that's why he has so much money) but he's working of Lobbyists on K Street in DC.

He is a paid propagandist whose job is to manufacture consent for war against Muslim countries. If you find that hard to believe, just look at all of the articles he has written about Islam. Watch his videos. Read his Tweets. Visit his Facebook page. Even without the inside knowledge that I have, you can easily see it for yourself.

First he was paid by a Leftist group to bring attention to Islamophobia. Then he switched sides. Now he is being paid handsomely to recruit young people, Liberals and former Liberals to the cause of fighting Islam.

There are plenty of peaceful Muslims in the world. I know they are not all peaceful, but Eric is out to help start a war against all Islamic countries. He is part of what is called the Echo Chamber. Although he's only been on the news a few times, his blogs reach a lot of people. His Facebook page has 76,000 followers and his Twitter page has nearly 100,000 followers.

Add to that, he posted Facebook fan page statistics, showing that his page reached, in one week, 9.2 million people!

Is this someone we should ignore? Saying that he is a cult leader is absolutely correct, but not exactly in the traditional way. Is he a dangerous leader? Yes! Do people follow him blindly? Yes! Does he receive loads of money to lead people? Yes! Are people ostracized for criticizing him? Yes!

If Eric Allen Bell does not fit the definition of a dangerous cult leader and does not belong on this site, then I don't know who does. Someone who uses their media contacts and their charisma to demonize 1.6 billion people and to manufacture consent for war is a dangerous person. And he is using traditional mind control techniques, including NLP (as someone else mentioned) to do it.

This man belongs on this site and the truth will out!

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Lori73 ()
Date: April 07, 2016 07:06AM

I have been watching his Facebook, his Twitter account and most importantly his Global One site. This man is a cult leader. He has followers. These are not normal followers. These are people are are intensely loyal and believe him to be someone with some kind of important message or mission for the world. Anybody and look at see this for themselves.

Eric Bell is a classic cult leader. People follow him blindly and passionately. When he says that Islam has to be eradicated they all agree and spread his articles and videos. And when he says something about God or spirituality, they treat him like a guru. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Lori73 ()
Date: April 19, 2016 04:27PM

I've been watching the Facebook page of Eric Allen Bell, monitoring it closely. Recently he put out a horrible, horrible video basically demonizing anyone who follows Islam. He is essentially saying that Muhammad was worse than Hitler and so therefore anyone who follows the Prophet Muhammad is worse than a Nazi. Then his reasoning becomes that if we would not tolerate a Nazi, why should we tolerate someone who follows the Prophet Muhammad.

And then A LOT of people share what he has to say, on Facebook and Twitter. I feel he is personally partially responsible for the chilling wave of Islamophobia that is overtaking this country. This man has too much power and too much influence and he is using it to try to destroy the the fast growing religion in the world today.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Lori73 ()
Date: May 23, 2016 01:23AM

I have been monitoring Eric Allen Bell for quite some time and gathering information on him. He has a website called "Global One TV" at wwww.GlobalOne.TV

He is clearly promoting some time of Eastern Mysticism there. Many of the articles are authored by him. In those articles he seems to be explaining the meaning of life, the mysteries of the Universe and how to find God inside yourself. In short, he believes he is God and you are God. He invalidates the one true God and makes himself a spokesperson for God.

As if that wasn't cultish enough, his Facebook page has quite a following. Nearly all of his posts there are demonizing Islam. However, many of his posts just demonize religion in general. These followers of his hang on his every word and share his articles and videos.

He is calling for the destruction of Islam. He also saying that we need to "evolve beyond religion". Some of us find this man and his message to be dangerous.

I believe he fits the profile of a cult leader. Clearly many of the people who have posted here agree.

I have it on good authority that he is paid big money to advise Right Wing politicians and other Republican figures on how to speak on televised news programs, about Islam, in order to better reach a Liberal audience. It's not just that these people are talking about Islam. He is showing them how to scare people about Islam. And he is considered to be something of an expert in propaganda.

In observing him for some time, I see that he is an expert not just in propaganda, but in "Thought Reform". This is clearly cult stuff folks.

I showed some of his postings and televised appearances on Fox News to a friend who is a hypnotist and an expert in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She said that although she does not recognize some of the techniques used by Bell, he is most certainly engaging in "embedded commands" and other forms of "conversational hypnosis".

Where did he learn this stuff? Who is he working for? Is he working for himself? I know that he receives money from the Center for Security Policy out of DC to disseminate propaganda about Islam. But I believe that his followers are also sending in money.

This man is well off. He lives in a big house and drives a nice car. Even though he is clearly running a New Age cult, I question whether some department of the government, maybe the CIA, uses him and his charismatic appeal to help manufacture consent for yet another war in the Middle East.

But all speculation aside, we know that he is the head of a spiritual organization. We know that he has thousands of followers. We know that this organization lacks financial transparency. We know that he puts out a dangerous message and we know that people seem to follow him blindly.

Other than posting on a cult website, what else can be done?

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Lori73 ()
Date: June 03, 2016 06:16PM

I got in touch with someone who knew Eric Allen Bell in his early days, when he was definitely starting a small cult. And she has sent me an email with her recollections and observations about Eric then and Eric now. I will copy it in below, with her permission:

My daughter was one of Eric’s roommates in the late 1990s in California. He was just starting to see his screenwriting career take off and would late move out into a place of his own. He was very likable but kind of had a “Hollywood” vibe to him when you first met him. But he was charismatic and funny and people liked him.

I was recently divorced and studying for a new career, which is the career I have now. I lived close by and spent a lot time at the house they were all renting. I noticed that Eric was having meetings about once a week in the living room. At first I thought it was an A.A. meeting or some kind of support group. I dropped by spontaneously once only to find that my daughter was not there. I asked Eric what kind of meeting they were having and he said it was a discussion. When I asked him what kind of discussion he said, “Why don’t you have a seat and join us?” So I did.

Eric was talking for probably about 30 minutes straight. I have to admit that I was transfixed. I couldn’t believe he had so much wisdom for someone so young. There was maybe about 9 or 10 people there, mostly younger people. I noticed that the boys were dressed a lot like Eric.

I wanted to ask some questions because he was talking about spirituality and this really peaked my interest, but my daughter came home. She motioned for me to come upstairs with her, to her room. I said, “I’ll be right there honey” and she looked sort of nervous and upset and motioned for me to come right away.

My daughter told me that she thought Eric had started a cult. I told her there was still a lot she did not know about the world and that Eric had a special kind of wisdom. I said I wanted to go back downstairs and listen to him speak and ask some questions. She and I got into a bit of a fight. “Eric is what you said you got mixed up in up in Oregon when I was little” she said. That shut me up. She was talking about Rajneesh.

I was one of the “Sannyasins” which is the word given to the disciples of the Indian guru who had taken over a town in Oregon. If you don’t remember him, he was the one who also owned 90 Rolls Royces. My husband and I had sold our house and our cars and had moved to Rajneeshpurm in Oregon and given everything we had owned to Bhagwan. We lived there for a while when the kids were little and eventually we came home to live with my mom until my husband could go back to work.

Anyway, my daughter was now a young adult and afraid that I was going to get caught up in something like that again. I told her that Eric was different. I spent numerous hours listening to Rajneesh and Eric was different. I couldn’t explain it, but I asked her to just trust me. I told her that I feel my heart open up when he was speaking to the group like that and it was just what I needed at the time. But when I finally went downstairs, the meeting had ended.

A couple girls stayed behind to clean up and I was able to speak to Eric alone for a while. I told him that I felt something when he spoke and asked if it would be possible for us to get together. He said yes. I was delighted. All I could think about for the new several days was how much I was looking forward to him coming over to my place to talk.

Looking back on it now I feel like such a fool sometimes, but I also believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t regret the past. I just try to learn from it.

Anyway, I will try to make this long story short. I became a member of these weekly meetings. The purpose of the meetings, according to Eric, was “inquiry” and “self-realization”. People would ask questions and Eric would answer. No offering basket was ever passed around. In fact, one of the young men asked if he could bring a friend next time and Eric told him no, that he only wanted people there who were serious. When I told my daughter this she agreed that it did not sound like a cult. Maybe it was just a small spiritual group having meetings.

The few times that Eric came to where I lived, it was different. He turned off all the lights, lit a candle and told me to sit in Lotus position. Then he led me into a sort of meditation. Once my mind was quiet he did something called “Shaktipat”. He placed his finger between my eyebrows and it was like electricity was coming out of him. I know that sounds strange, but this was my experience. I usually fell back to the floor and then rolled around in a state of pure ecstasy.

Finally one day I took out my checkbook and told Eric that I wanted to make some kind of a donation, for his time. He declined. I couldn’t wait to tell that to my daughter. At this point she was convinced he was not running a cult at all and that maybe Eric was the kind of teacher I had been looking for back when I ended up with Rajneesh (by the way, he is also called Osho).

At this point I’m just going to cut to the chase. When I got divorced my husband hid most of his money and I got next to nothing. But he did pay my daughter’s rent and school. After Eric did Shaktipat on her, she took Eric to see my ex-husband, you was a very well off doctor, who was living in a big house and had several cars. This was about the time that Eric also disappeared from my life. Then he moved out of the house he was sharing with my daughter and a few other young people.

Both my daughter and I were shocked and hurt and confused when we discovered that my ex had paid off Eric’s car loan (I think he was driving a Jetta in those days). He also set him up with a very nice house in South Pasadena, which is a very wealthy area. The house I’m told had a big living room and Eric continued to hold his meetings, but they became more exclusive and more secretive. After that mostly what I heard were just rumors.

My daughter did finally tell me more about what happened between Eric and my ex-husband however. My ex claims that Eric never asked for everything, but appeared to him in a dream along side the Hindu gods Krishna and Shiva. And his “spirit guides” told him to give Eric an account, sort of like a trust fund, to build a worldwide spiritual movement. I think this is how Global One came into being, many years later.

My daughter tried to convince her dad that Eric had brainwashed him, but he wasn’t having it. He said they would have to agree to disagree and that, if she kept bothering him about Eric, he would have to remove her from his life. His own daughter!

Eric continued to pursue screenwriting and directed an independent film. But he never had a job. Instead he had a small clique of wealthy admirers and devotees. And he was careful not to have anything about the meetings ever publicized. No one who came to the house was allowed to take pictures. The whole thing was very secretive.

My ex-husband and I are on speaking terms today. Both he and I have been to therapy together to work out our “stuff”. But one of the things we talked about only a little was Eric. He says he just wants to forget that part of his life, whatever that means. I think he handed over millions of dollars. I’m not sure. All I have to go on there is what our daughter tells me. I don’t know what they had a falling out about, but this must have been around 2007 or so.

Then I read about the documentary in Murfreesboro and that he was palling around with Michael Moore. “Oh brother” I thought “Is he going to brainwash the master of propaganda?” I really thought that Eric was going to get inside of Michael Moore’s head and commandeer his fame and influence to expand the reach of Eric Allen Bell (he used to be called Eric Edborg).

Here is the last part of my long story and I’m sorry this is turning out so long. An acquaintance of my daughter’s was an ex-girlfriend of Eric’s. She reached out to him in 2011 and he told her he was depressed. He said he just edited together a documentary and figured out that he got it all wrong. He gave back all of the money and didn’t have much left to live on. He had tried to ask the Global One subscribers to chip in to keep that going, but not much came in. Then he wrote those Daily Kos articles about Islam and things got much worse for Eric. I think he lost most of his followers at that time. He also got cut off from his family, who was already pretty much done with him over the cult stuff.

The ex-girlfriend is still friends with my daughter. She said that Eric was living in motels, writing articles for Front Page but not getting paid for it. Then he was blamed for making the YouTube video that had all those Muslims rioting and some Christian families took him in, until he was told it was probably safe to go back into public. He was moved to I think 3 houses and now none of those people will talk to him because he went onto Facebook and insulted Christianity.

I didn’t have much time to prepare all of this. So some of what I have to tell you is incomplete. But I think he has made peace with his dad whose parents left Eric a sizeable amount of money. He has been rebuilding his living room meeting scene again, but with an emphasis on stopping Islam and stopping all forms of organized religion. He lives somewhere in Beverly Hills and is unmarried.

He advertises Global One on Facebook and Google, but only to people in Beverly Hills. Then he tries to recruit them. I guess it’s all working. My daughter’s husband ran into Eric at a restaurant in Beverly Hills last year and they talked for a while. He said that Eric finally said he had to get back to his table. It was a big table and all of the people sitting at it were waiting for, you guessed, Eric. And Eric was talking and talking. My son in law says it was the same Eric as years before, only much more polished and much more magnetic. He said that the people looked like rich zombies.

On April 21, 2013 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I finally found what I had been looking for all my life. People like Eric sprout up in different places. They seem to promise to fill a spiritual void. I don’t mean to preach, but I feel that void can only be filled with the love of Jesus Christ. Eric is a false prophet. And someday he might have to answer for that. I am glad I was contacted about this because it’s reminded me to pray for Eric.

I think that’s where I’ll leave it for now. I will pray for him. Eric has a lot of extraordinary gifts, but he is not using them to glorify the Lord. If he chooses to take his reward in this life, then he’s going to have eternity to regret it. I don’t want that for him. I don’t want that for anyone. I hope that in some small way my story helps you to stop him, before he leads more people astray.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 03, 2016 09:46PM

First hand reports of this kind are invaluable.

Many people have described receiving bliss tingles aka "shaktipat" from various

Too often the witnesses and happy recipients assume that shaktipat proves
that whoever gives it has virtue and wisdom.

Whatever "shaktipat" is, it appears to be a skill that can be learned, and that by itself, "shaktipat" does not demonstrate that someone has wisdom and virtue.

Paul of Tarsus warned of the need to test the spirits. Just because a human being
can produce this effect does not mean that person is benevolent.

In fact, one can ask why someone is not content to be a human among humans.

Too often, ambitious and power hungry persons are the ones who do all they can
to learn the skills of charisma.

Len Oakes wrote a book, Prophetic Charisma, describing how charismatic persons
are human, all too human. They cannot enjoy ordinary peer relationships. They have a sense of emptiness that drives them to elicit love and attention from an audience, because they are unable to nourish themselves in peer human relationships.

Oakes described how all the chrismatic leaders he interviewed had been avid students of social manipulation when young.

Some have reported that they became addicted to shaktipat. Many who get these bliss transfers care only for the bliss and show no concern when told that their
shaktipat guru is abusing a multitude of underlings.

This is the mentality of the drug addict who ignores the rights of other persons
because seeking the high is all that matters.

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: Lori73 ()
Date: June 04, 2016 04:47AM

I know for a fact that EAB has this ability to do Shaktipat. It truly does seem supernatural. I don't think that it has anything to do with hypnotism or group think. There is something incredible happening. And yet, one hears of other people as well who have this ability and are running a cult. I think Muktananda was one of them.

So if EAB is able to harness this power and influence so many people (these days he is influencing millions of people to warn them about Islam) and his this cult of personality... what can we do to stop him? And why would God allow someone like that to have this gift of the Spirit?

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Re: Eric Allen Bell
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 04, 2016 08:57AM

There are at least three gurus who were, by many first hand reports,
expert at delivering bliss tingles to people.

1) Rudrananda (aka. Rudi)

2) Chetananda (A student of Rudi's)

3) Muktananda

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