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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: frodobaggins ()
Date: June 13, 2012 09:42AM

Hi Gibbs

Thank you for your contribution but I cannot go past some contradictions you make. On one hand you say your life has never been better ( which is great) but then you say you have stepped away from it because of some of the claims serge has made? Correct me if im wrong.

"I have stepped away from UM perhaps because of my skepticism on many of the claims without proof that have so eloquently been presented here. I don't do beliefs, and I found too much of what was presented as fact was asking me to believe things without sufficient tangible proof"

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 13, 2012 09:56AM

Why Frodo Wasnt Allowed Pizza

Stuff UM people are advised not to eat.

dairy, ETOH (alcohol), caffiene, fermented products, sugar.

Now, if need be, one can eliminate alcohol and still have a great and satisfying cuisine. The Islamic world has given us wonderful goodies and the Vaishnava devotees of Krishna abstain from alcohol and caffiene and still have wonderful things to eat.

But, if you examine the list of Universal Medicine's prohibited items, first, note 'sugar'.


Sugar molecules (glucose, fructose) are either short chain, long chain or in pairs, or single, but its all glucose or fructose.

What matters is how rapidly or slowly the carb containing food enters the blood stream (glycemic index) and how much of it (glycemic load) one eats. Humans need some carbohydrate each day (the amount person varies), and without enough carb each day, ones muscles will not have enough glycogen, which fuels fast twitch muscles--what you need when running, sprinting lifting weight, walking, hiking, bicycling uphill. Without enough carb each day, you will literally feel yourself dragging ass.

Another look at this UM diet list. What I see will is a lack of savory, umami type flavors. The stuff that gives food its lip smacking, sensual dimension.

No fermented products. That means no fermented cheeses (parmasan, aged provolone, cheddar), no saurkraut or yogurt. No sour cream. No yeast raised breads or sourdough bread. No beer, wine or whiskey, not even alcohol free.

No wine vinegar or fermented ketchups. No worcester sauce, no Harvey sauce or soy sauce. No miso, no tempeh, no Vegimite or Marmite.

No dairy -- that means no milk, sour cream, whipped cream, ice cream, no cheese cake or clotten cream or butter on scones, no custard sauce.

No caffeine? Ban chocolate, coffee, tea.

THe kinds of savory flavors that give depth and complexity to food and flavors are banned.

One has to exercise hypervigilence and get, in return a diet that lacks nuance. And if one goes low carb, one is going, eventually, to feel starved.

And carb diets,* if?* this is the UM diet, seem to elicit reports of depression.


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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: John lazuras ()
Date: June 13, 2012 12:47PM

Hi All,

I have attached a small part of UM notes from their recent retreats in 2012 that was recently emailed out to all their students.

Have a anyone can believe what he preaches i do not understand.

By the immutable facts of Energetic Laws –

Never is humanity not all included in all that
The Hierarchy provide by way of teaching,
revelation and or demonstration

What does this mean?

It means that –

• No matter what is said/taught/demonstrated by each of the Retreats, in one way or another, everyone receives it all – on many levels.
• Yes, the details may vary as in – the Lennox Head Retreat received their ‘Divine word’ whilst this was not the case in the Vietnam or the EU/UK Retreats. Nonetheless, the Divine word is activated in all. In time, some will get it whilst others may not ever need it as the activation will live the word far more than the human mind can ever know it. Put simply – living the love you are, allowing it in from others and allowing it out as an expression to all, will bring all that you in Heaven are for all to have.
• It is for this reason that Serge has taught – ‘comparison is a destroyer of what is already amazing and perfect for you in your life’ – SB. In comparison we want/need what another has we think is better or what would be best for us if we had it. In this, we further bury our own beauty and our own Heaven-ness in favour of what we think we need as opposed to what we already are. The more we want/desire what another has, the further we bury the Glory we are from. And from there, the subversion of the Divine, in favour of the astral, provides for a self-destructive fury that is hard to contain. Whilst this little illusion takes hold we miscomprehend the fact that we are designed to be a piece of Heaven that makes up the whole when we are all in its expression. Hence, ‘expression is everything’ is not the use of mere words but a representation of a gigantic beauty we have yet to re-turn to and experience once again.
• Away from comparison and moving towards who we truly are provides for a clearer and far more self-loving passage back into the centredness of our being, where the essence is re-united with the fiery love the Soul is. It is here that we get the love followed by its living life … known simply as -- Glory.

"Glory shall be known by those who give permission
to let out All of who they Truly Are"
~ Miranda Benhayon

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: lifetruetome ()
Date: June 13, 2012 01:24PM

Thanks Gibbs for your input. It seems like you were/are strong enough to take the good advice from UM and leave the rest behind. It obviously helped you and didn't interfere with your family and friends which is great. From what I am reading here and observing in my own friends, they haven't been able to just take the good from UM but have cut people out through the UM doctrine and have changed the way they behave towards other people and their belief systems have changed considerably, one example is they will not go near anyone who is drinking alcohol even if its just a social glass because of possible entity attack. It would be interesting to know what you found really helpful and what you didn't like about UM.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: Gibbs ()
Date: June 13, 2012 06:19PM

Hi Frodobaggins,

Sorry if I sounded contradictory. I will try to dig myself out.

I found the common sense verifiable teachings of great benefit to my life. Such as diet, and exercise, sleep. But mostly it was the emphasis on the importance of ones expression in everything we do that created the positive shift for me. Gentleness etc.. There is too much detail I would have to go into to explain more than this here. I would rather keep my particulars private on a public forum.

I was unable to find suitable answers to the claims of root races, lords of form, etc.. Assertions without evidence don't cut it for me. I need proof. Serge has assured me that I will get it, though I suspect if his claims are true, it will take a few lifetimes before I/we see it.

The criticism of other religions, ways of life and spiritual paths also seemed a bit harsh. I knew this would eventually create a problem for UM. Nobody likes to be told they are wrong about everything, even if they are. Especially when its just about everyone on the planet your targeting. Things are going to get messy undoubtedly.

Corboy is right that you can find the wisdom and knowledge to better yourself through sources that are not exclusive to UM.

For me UM hit the right note.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: Eric Dobbs ()
Date: June 13, 2012 07:01PM

Hello everyone, look my partner was on one of these UM diets for about 18 months. She ended up very emaciated , with no muscle tone, she became anemic, lost a dangerous amount of weight and the whole family and friends became very concerned about her general health . Honestly she turned from being a rosey- cheeked ,healthly woman to someone who looked as if she had been through a course of chemotherapy. Fortunately she went for a real MEDICAL check up, the doctor firmly suggested she return to her former sensible diet which she did , thank God. Moral to the story : Don't go to a JUNIOR TENNIS COACH for anything but tennis!!

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: Gibbs ()
Date: June 13, 2012 08:27PM

Hello Lifetruetome,

I attempted to answer the question you asked in my last post to frodobaggins 'What I found helpful and what I didn't like with UM"
Its a good question and a hard one to answer without going into a whole list of experiences that brought me to and through UM. Hope my previous post was helpful. I will try to explain more in future posts if necessary.

So true what you say about many of the more serious students cutting people out of their lives. It's kind of sad and unnecessary. I had a drinking problem and quit because I was unable to find a path moderation. My partner still has a glass of wine a couple times a week. I don't like how it changes her, and makes her loud, unnaturally affectionate and smelly. I like her better when she is herself. She doesn't feel real to me and the mood only lasts as long as the alcohol is working. But it's what she likes to do and I have never tried to stop her. Who am I to tell her after I breathed alcohol on her for 25 years. It would be hypocritical.

I remember seeing Serge put and pull entities out of people of all ages several times. I remember seeing myself or what I was sometimes like when drunk that was identical to what I was observing in the person with an entity. It actually made me feel quite sad. Serge went on to say that an intoxicated person allows entities easy access. Basically possession. For me it was the beginning of the end to my drinking. I noticed there has been little or no mention here on Serge's putting in and taking out of entities. It was one of the most clear, observable phenomena of his presentations.

There was a non drinking UM student at the time that was in advertising for an alcoholic company. He continued to mix with people that were drinking and indeed was deeply involved with the promotion of alcoholic products. He mentioned a time when he was with a group of his colleagues while they were getting drunk. During this night he felt himself quietly placing judgement and criticism on his work mates. He woke the next day with a hangover and concluded that the hangover was a result of taking on the energy of the group instead of remaining objective and non critical (or and as they say at UM, 'Being With Himself'). He adjusted his attitude in future gatherings and found he was unaffected and clear the next day/s.

My point. It is completely understandable that one who chooses not to take mind altering drugs, does not enjoy hanging out with a bunch of intoxicated individuals.

Respectively, there is no need to exclude oneself from people that are having a drink or doing other drugs. In fact it is probably a good thing to have a sober person around in case a clear head is needed. Is that not a loving thing to do?

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 13, 2012 08:45PM

Food Questionnaire

To get a fuller picture of how someone will find themselves actually food selecting, cooking and eating if they become more deeply devoted to UM, here is a questionnaire.

Anyone interested can copy it, paste it in a new post and then under whatever question they are informed about, write what they have observed directly whilst living with or dating or befriending a person who become involved or was already involved with UM.


There are basic items that UM subjects are advised not to eat. (dairy, fermented items, caffeine, gluten)

Are there any others?


Can the UM people eat chicken and fish, pork and beef and shellfish? Or is only lamb permitted?

Oils/fats are all of them OK or just some?



Nuts? If so, are all nuts OK or only certain kinds?

Spices? Are all spices OK, or only certain ones.

Flavors? Are all flavors OK or just some?


Cooking methods. Are all cooking methods OK, or only certain ones?

Vegetables--Are all of them OK, or only certain ones.

Fruits-Are all OK or only certain ones?

Food Seeking and Preparation

Cooking Utensils - are any kinds OK or only certain types favored.

Left over food. Can one eat this?

Dishes and cutlery. Any special materials needed for these?

Does one have the same dishes and cutlery for all foodstuffs or does one have to use one set only for meat, another set for vegetables, etc?

Any special colors or materials favored for dishes and cutlery, or can you pick anything up from a tag sale and use it for food prep if in UM.

(One saves a fortune if one is free to purchase kitchenware second hand)

Social and Behavioral

If you share a household or dormitory room with a UM subject, are you free to eat as you please?

And...does the UM diet stay the same or become yet more strict over time as the subject becomes more involved?

Does UM keep diet rules constant or does are there put changes in the diet that keep people struggling to keep up?

How easily can UM people follow this diet? Easy, difficult, lapses?

Can a person take holidays from this UM diet?

Can the person easily visit to non UM parties and houses?

Did you observe any changes in subject's appearance or energy levels as they prolonged commitment to this diet?

Do UM people eat out at restaurants, favor some restaurants or are they advised to do as much cooking as possible at home?

There are many cuisines represented in Australia--OZ is multinational. Are Um people free
to go to (say) East Indian, Greek, Italian, Pakistani, Thai, Japanese restaurants, or are some
cuisines off the menu?

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Re: Universal medicine
Date: June 13, 2012 09:42PM

Hi Gibbs'
Glad to see you join the conversation. Naturally you are going to be challenged in doing so because most of the people here are having the opposite experience. I am not one to work on anecdotes, but I can tell you this, I am close enough to know what you are saying is evidentially not right. I know many people involved with UM and I know them to be confused, conflicted, none the wiser, less assured, less self referring..simply less than they were. I know Serge from way back- yes Serge, think....and I get an overview many might not see. Yes, Serge can show you things to improve yourself. It is a paradigm shift that feels powerful. But it doesn't make him holistically right,, just self assured or one might say, deluded because he who shows no doubt lacks self awareness.
To your point, just about every person I can think of involved with UM has given their power away and yet claims they have more!- in almost all cases they are great people, well meaning and with beautiful intentions and purpose. Yet they have failed to see that Serge is offering them false choices and asking unwavering belief in his ascendency return for salvation and certainty. He masterfully dresses this as choice while admonishing you against the alternatives.
Gibbs, there is a reason your family is not involved. They are not lesser, and nor are you. They simply choose to live by the truth of their own hearts and not by that of a man who claims to be more than most. Next time you are sitting with him watch how he disables your own sense of what is right with careful question/answer/disqualify language and you are on your way to understanding how he takes control of his students. Our disagreement is not with you my friend. Your intentions are pure. It is with he who claims to know more than you can and do know yourself. Take care.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: MacReady ()
Date: June 13, 2012 10:04PM

Regarding Serge's claim of being able to 'put entities into people and then remove them' I made mention of this in an earlier post. I have also experienced this alleged talent of Serge's first-hand and I felt ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER. I kept waiting to feel anything other than myself and nothing at all happened.

The only apparent effect I observed in others was apparently one of suggestion, ie. some of those people that already believed Serge can put entities in them looked a bit glum once Serge assured them that their turn had commenced.

Serge actually performed this as a group activity where the attendees pair up, and take turns in supposedly getting possessed. Apparently Serge not only has control over entities, he has the exact right number of entities hovering around at his disposal when working with large groups of people, and can make sure the entities only enter the specific intended individual in each pair undertaking the exercise before they swap over for the other person to experience it.

He never explains how he has control over them, how he puts them in, how he takes them out, how he can have such specific control over so many entities when dealing with an audience of roughly two hundred people, or indeed why the exact number of entities would be hanging around just waiting to participate in one of his workshops.

I should probably emphasize that I don't drink and had been alcohol free for quite a few years before this, so If having an 'entity put into me' was going to induce an effect similar to a hangover, I can assure you I would have felt something, given that I find the effects of alcohol highly unpleasant.

If anything this exercise was, for me, a clear, observable, first hand experience in just how devoid of real evidence Serge's more bizarre claims are.

It's quite possible that Serge really is capable of these amazing powers though, so I'd be keen to see him perform this exercise with a group of the scientists that he frequently claims he would like to debate on such matters. I'm sure they'd be most interested in experiencing this phenomena first hand for themselves, and recording/publishing the
results for the global scientific community to peer review.

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