Re: Universal medicine
Date: May 26, 2013 09:07AM

"As Rod said, we never have any arguments, never did, but it was now more about clear, loving, communication, rather than me just not saying anything for fear of conflict, which is how it used to be in previous relationships. I can say that if it hadn’t been for UniMed and Serge we wouldn’t have the depth of love in our relationship that we now have. I had previously thought that I was in love with other men, but really that was just emotional love, but until you can truly feel love for yourself you cannot begin to feel true love for another. This is true love, but it is a love that we also share with humanity equally (but I choose to sleep and make love with only Rod, of course).

When we make love, we have our eyes open, connected to each other, rather than the eyes closed ‘focused on genital’ version of sex or so called ‘love making’. Essentially it’s also about first having a loving connection with yourself and not wanting or needing anything from the other person, whereas in the past it was about seeking intimacy through a physical act.

But we also make love every day in every way (sound like a song from Miranda Benhayon) with moments of passing gestures and by being ‘present’ with each other when we are together. It is easy being in a relationship where there is nothing but love… and while it is not about everything always being ‘perfect’, there is a connection and a true intimacy in this relationship deeper than any I have ever known."

Read the full tell all story here- []

The cult of confessions which involves telling all others details of your personal life reveals a lot about how Serge gets inside peoples heads and subverts their view of the world.

"Emotional love" is condemned, because according to Serge, the narcissist (a key symptom of narcissism is control and denial of emotions), emotions are toxic, cause cancer and lead to further bad incarnations. Ergo, having strong feelings towards someone is negative. Of course, Serge, Rod and Sue have no idea about emotional intelligence because they have skipped right past that to "Esoteric Love" which is about loving yourself at the expense of others.

So strong is this creed within the UM cult, that charity, the act of caring for others, or feeding your hungry children when you are tired is considered "pranic" (evil) The idealized relationship is one where you don't need to be in the relationship but 'choose to' which of course is contradictory. An "esoteric relationship' means that you don't have shared emotions with the other party.

In order to achieve this you must negate empathy and focus on yourself, and pretend that in doing so you are 'loving all equally' which of course is non sense. In a UM relationship, sex for the sake of mutual enjoyment is 'pranic' (evil) which sort of makes you wonder why you would bother involving the genitals at all if staring at each other all day and listening to the off-key caterwauling of Miranda Benhayon, the child bride of Serge Benhayon, is all it takes to 'make love'

Rod Harvey has to be my least favorite male cult member because his ongoing apologistic ass kissing blogs are horrendous.. He has let himself, and his wife, be conned by an overblown con-artist, narcissist with a penchant for young girls into how he leads his life, and how he conducts himself in the bedroom, which is actually something they should keep to themselves for a few good reasons, least of all if you have seen Rod's mug shot.

That no one in the cult sees how off it is that they conduct their sex lives according to the views of one strange, underfed, ex-bankrupt- now rich by others suffering, smallish man who took up with a young girl, and then developed "breast massage" and cult concerned with women's private parts, absolutely makes me sick.

And it shows how easily humans can get led down the path of moral, physical and spiritual destruction, all the while with stupid grins on their faces.

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Re: Universal medicine
Date: June 01, 2013 01:56PM

From the UM site

"What scientific advice does Serge Benhayon draw on for his work?

Serge Benhayon presents that we all are, each and every one of us, by virtue of life itself, a living science and that we do have a knowing because we have experienced many incidents in life. This is a certain form of testimony that we can draw on to better know ourselves and others. And, whilst this may not be the definitive, it is by all means a starting point in understanding the world which we cannot discount. All factual sciences and laws of physics are respected in full. That said, there is a need to make them relevant in our daily lives.

Benhayon asks us to distinguish between factual science and sponsored science.

Science is an ever-expanding field of yet to be known knowledge. We live as human beings. We have a physicality and an emotionality that needs addressing not just with knowledge but with practical and applicable answers to the rigours of life in society. Benhayon presents that not only is everything energy as stated by Einstein, but that because everything is energy, everything has to be because of energy. Benhayon goes on to say that there is no part of us that doesn’t belong to the word ‘everything’ in ‘everything is energy’. Therefore, the world is asked to consider what he has termed energetic responsibility and energetic integrity. See his book titled ‘The Way of Initiation’ for an in-depth exploration of these subject

Huh? In other words, pseudo-science, and no science at all. And a dash of, 'science is actually biased if someone pays for it" ( but I am not. give me your money- cash please)

Serge knows very little about science as even his foundation 'idea' is wrong. Einstein showed that mass = energy, and that the two are interchangeably. He alone did not say "everything is energy" But its clear he draws in Einstein to somehow lend (steal?) credibility to something that is incredible. In any case, just because "everything is energy" the leap to Serge's idea making sense is more than a quantum one. I may very well say, the world is made of subatomic particles- I ask you to consider you are too- therefore believe in my crazy doctrine. Cash please.

In any case, five minutes on his FAQ's tells you the guy is a fruitcake and a good example of his 'spherical writing' which means it doesn't make sense.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: Morpheus ()
Date: June 02, 2013 03:50PM

Hi All-I got the schedule for the Lennox events by email last night. Check this out.

There can never be a case where this course is done and completed. ] As the energetic times change so too does the workshop adjust, change and reveal the latest presentation of what is needed to get through Earth’s most intense period, and how to take full advantage of what it all means in our daily way of life. This workshop is a great way to introduce Serge/UniMed to your friends and family and for you to touch base with the latest principles and foundations of the Livingness.


The word the ‘Livingness’ stands for a way or form of living that forges forth a being and its expressing vehicle towards their true form. In essence, 'the true way to live’ is to live in a way that is a harmonious integration of who you truly are in a world that is not so seemingly accepting of the real you. Too many of us give-up and thus cave-in to the way we are told to be rather than be who we truly are. The problem is -- if you cannot live the real you, you end up living what you are not. This makes us deeply sad and or miserable, angry and very frustrated etc, which are all harm-full emotions that we then try and drown-out or cover-up with food, beverages, distraction and mental escapes not to mention the drain this has on our body which we then have to constantly prop-up in so many ways to keep ourselves going. In short, we end up living a self-abusive cycle we never planned or set-out to live, but nonetheless, inherit its ill ways.


As an ex member let me warn you, don't do it. Serge just wants your money. He's not interested in you even though he is great at making out he is.

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Re: Universal medicine
Date: June 07, 2013 08:54PM

The highlights of Serge's madness. From an EDG in 2011. Here's Serge trying to convince his followers the rest of the world is a cult and he is a great guy.

Let the madness begin.

Some of the staunchly fought-for truths of the mainstream cult are ---

1. That alcohol is good for you – especially for heart disease, but not if you are avoiding getting cancer. If you do not want to get cancer or decrease substantially your chances, then, zero alcohol is advised. The same drink they claim is good for you ‘in moderation’ is also blamed for causing or increasing your chances of getting cancer as well as being the cause of widespread ill-social-havoc in all societies and cultures. And thus, according to this cult, we can safely drink for the health of our heart but not for the rest of the body or society.

Huh? I don’t think you even know what you mean then. But good obfuscation.

2. In this cult, cancer is caused from causes outside of you but, it can also come from causes inside of you, but this is because of your parents passing down a bad gene, but never is it the unloving behavioural choices one makes … there are so many ‘buts’ here that one could say this cult’s scientific claims are coming out of someone’s behind.

Witty Serge. I think the mainstream cult do acknowledge that many outside choices causes cancer. Smoking, sunbaking, drinking to excess. But then hereditary things, like stomach cancer and detached retina’s in Ashkenazi Jews is irrefutable. Right Sergio? This argument is a non-sequitor, but then so are you.

3. There are in this cult, teachings that say you are a born sinner or that you are born into a class you cannot get out of … standards that are ok by their standards, but there is evil if one teaches that we are from the one Heavenly Father and thus that we are all His children -- equally so. Teach the latter and you are a heretic and by denotation not holy.

Only in your mind Serge. Besides. Most of the rational world doesn’t buy the born into sin story. You’re the one stuck on it, numbnut.

4. In this cult, the ones who obey certain religious teachings and the rules that come with those teachings will be – wait for it —‘floated up to heaven’ – yes, floated up to heaven when their saviour comes to gather them up and ignores those who do not obey. Yes, according to what is not a cult by the mainstream cult’s standards, they can claim and tell all their followers that a divine all loving being will carry his flock up by some form of 'levitation', but not those he presumably does not love … this is what is being taught and, is accepted as a bona fide religion with charitable status.

Me thinks you are insulted that you didn’t get the same tax status. Boo hoo Serge. And why the fascination with red. Your claims are far more wild than that you twit. I could believe that more easily than you are a member of the ‘hierarchy’. “levitation”....oooohhhh, that is some weird shit eh? But not me. No not me. I’m the real deal.” Good one Serge.

5. Women we are told are to endure painful childbirth as well as the unclean period of menstruation because they sinned first.

What the f*** are you talking about you sick little bugger. No one told them that.

6. Women are to have children, this is what they do and if they do not, they must question their womanhood and thus their standing in this cult’s ‘mainstream’ society.

Maybe 400 years ago when you were Leonardo da Vinci painting the odd masterpiece and chatting up young boys. What century is your brain living in Serge?

7. Also, women must ignore their innate ability to feel and know what is true love and put up with whatever their already denatured man dishes out because he is providing -- even if he is abusive.

Oh here we go. Abusive men. Back to the favourite them. Didnt take long did it one track Scourge.

8. And so, accepting sex at the expense of their bodies is part of being a woman in this cult, for you are frigid, cold and not beautiful if you do not. And therefore, it is the woman who is at fault if they say no to sex … the kind that men like to use to relieve themselves by using the woman.


9. In the mainstream cult it is ok to leave a woman who does not ‘putout’, obey or comply, but not ok for her to leave his abusive and unloving behaviours.

Maybe you did that in Cronulla back in 1980 Serge. I don’t think the rest of us real men did that sort of shit. But you’re the one telling the story....

10. Men are from birth unlovingly conditioned to be a certain way, and then they are blamed for being that way.

Boring. According to Serge, all men are abusive because all men have unloving parents, therefore all men are less than our hero of the story, Serge...

11. This cult teaches that men can build behaviours that are unloving and that if those unloving behaviours are challenged, it comes from a cult leader and they are to be ignored or put a stop to.

Yes you knob, you are a cult leader. Plain and simple. You should be stopped. We’re working on it, and be assured it will be successful.

12. In the mainstream cult, it is ok for men who are aggressive, depressed, rude and unloving to their partners and family to call those who teach a one-unified meaning of love, an evil cult.

That’s right, depression is in unloving. Any man suffering from it must be left immediately! And of course, women are never rude or unloving, even if they leave their depressed partners. Depressed because they are in a cult, run by a smart arsed little cult leader with evil ideas and deep pockets he needs to fill with ca$h.

13. Women too are allowed to call a cult anything that teaches them to remember their true beauty, tender essence and the amazing wise bearers of truth that they naturally are.

Play the harps. Women’s TRUE BEAUTY. Men stink. Got it.

14. And look out if someone dares to bring a true form of healing that helps address the root issues of what is wrong in society – he/she must be a cult, how dare they offer such truth … who do they think they are?

Serge knows all- the root of what is wrong with society. After all, he was a failed bankrupt business man who left a trail of unhappy people, picked up with a young lass and had enlightenment while dropping a shit. After conveniently spending 2 years going to healing courses. He knows all.

15. In the mainstream cult it is ok and quite normal to be medicated to the eyeballs and not fully present and alert – so long as the symptoms are not felt and the multitude of side effects are ignored as it is normal to ignore why one is depressed, bi-polar, sick, ill and or generally aggressive.

Serge is simple. Anyone depressed or with mental diseases is aggressive. Stop your medication, and get out and see Serge. He knows how to heal you.

16. Yes, in the cult known as the mainstream and conventional life, it is perfectly acceptable and thus very normal to find solutions for everything that goes ill or wrong, but never find answers to the real causes … answers that by all logic have to be energetic given that even by this cult’s convenient form of gathered knowledge they can admit that everything is energy.

Logic- whose leg are you pulling Serge? You hate logic. Don’t try and use it here buster. In any case you failed. As usual.

17. You read the last point correctly – this cult will admit that in fact everything is energy, but will not look for any energetic causes to any illness, disease, ill behaviours or any wrongs in its world … you read correctly -- even though they teach the fact that everything is energy they do not look for the answers being an energetic cause.

No, this cult won’t admit that everything is energy moron. That’s your delusion and thought stopping catch phrase. Keep it to yourself.

18. Generally, if not widespread, most members of the mainstream cult are deeply unhappy, withdrawn, given-up, miserable, greedy, corrupt, sick, ill, carrying illness and disease and checked-out from any responsibility as to the fact that what they do will affect all others. Well, everything you do is energy and therefore it has to affect others simply because everything is energy --- but let’s not say it so because you will be in a cult if you bring an irrefutable truth to the fore and actually make everybody think about a greater form of responsibility.

I see, everyone is shit because they aren’t agreeing with Serge and his ‘irrefutable’ truths. Well, I am refuting them, easily. And BTW, I am yet to hear one.

19. Drinking caffeinated and heavily sugarised drinks that bring artificial rises of nervous energy to the body is not only normal but promoted to be healthy … ‘healthy’ so long as no one is asked why they need such false forms of energy that are by all reason un-healthy to the true function of the human body … you are a cult if you highlight the deep tiredness and exhaustion of people in society, but not a cult if you promote, market and sell an artificial rise in nervous energy to get through the day.

Whatever. That is tired Serge. Get a new story dude.

20. You are an evil or some kind of cult if you sell healing symbols that have helped countless hundreds, but you are not a cult if you sell cigarettes that have harmed millions.

Yes you are. Why sell them? Especially at those inflated prices. Why the TM? Why the BS that you cant transport them? And how has that got anything to do with cigarettes. They’re exclusive arguments shit for brains. It would be like me saying “ people call me bad because I sell packaged poo, when other people sell nuclear arms” If any of your followers buy this stuff, they have really put their brains in neutral.

21. Yes, in the mainstream cult, exhaustion is rife, few make love or know love, but everybody wants it but won’t take the responsible steps to have it and so they make new versions of what it means because it is much easier to change the meaning of a word than it is to adhere to its true meaning.

I was waiting for it. Serge knows how to make love. The only man in the world endowed with the ability to transcend sex and make love. Trouble is, the image is scary- and how it started even more frightening. Talk about a sicko-braggart.

22. And so, change the meaning of as many words as it is necessary and, as it is suitable so that one or the many can get away with almost anything … well, make that get away with anything they so choose. Need an example? How about the word ‘religion’, which originally means to re-choose, to re-connect or to re-bind, which fits perfectly in its true meaning with what the esoteric is all about. And so, why not make the word ‘religion’ to mean that one can have an institution that can operate above the law and that if it breaks the law, such as rape and or sodomise, that is – to sexually seek anal and oral intercourse with children and teenagers … they will not be de-institutionalised, shut-down or put in jail like any other cult or person would should they perform such violating gross injustices on children.

No I don’t need an example. Just read anything you have written and there it is. First you are almost illiterate, and mangle sentences. Secondly, you gut words of their real meaning all day long and replace it with your dumbed down cult meaning to shit with peoples minds. You had to throw rape in didn’t you Serge. It’s always there on the mind.

23. We rightly arrest the leaders of ‘cults’ that take advantage of children, but not arrest a pope and his cohorts who protect their own vile repeating child-offenders. And so, they are free to sodomise and thus completely de-moralise young children whilst all efforts are made to protect their religion even if it means to ignore the law and further crush the children it has violated by ignoring the horrendous crimes and putting their church above all such claims … another form of psychological violation for the multitude of victims that will further damage them and last life-long … but then again, it’s ok to further damage and humiliate the already deeply violated by ignoring if not arrogantly refusing their rights in this cult’s way of life.

Well Serge, what can I say. You know what you have done. And we're waiting for that arrest. Overdue.

24. In this mainstream cult it is much easier to place a complete lie into a so-called respectable dictionary and thus totally mislead about the true meaning of words. Like the word ‘esoteric’ from the Greek ‘Esoterikos’ meaning within or deepest within. And hence, completely ignore its true and original meaning and substitute that meaning with the dictionary entry of – ‘the mysterious, the hidden, the exclusive knowledge of a select few’ etc, etc, but not that it is about living life from our inner most essence.

Serge the expert on everything. Why don’t we just give up and let you explain the meaning of everything master Serge...

25. In fact, why not change the meaning of lots of words and that way the mainstream cult can have a free-for-all industry called law-practice that is entirely founded on interpretation, and haggling with what is suitably interpreted rather than any true truth?

Why don’t you ask Cameron ‘book-burning “Bell and co about this one..he not only mangles words, he burns them. And his partner in slime, Paula “not on the payroll” Fletcher is pretty good at word mangling herself.

26. The mainstream cult suffers from economic disasters that are purely based on greed, yes, pure and simple greed, but there is an explanation for these also because ‘computer selling’ and ‘investor sentiment’ are intelligent responses the cult’s members are willing to accept instead of accepting the fact that the whole system fails to sustain itself and truly serve because it is based on greed.

Speaking of Greed. Did you hear the one about the cult leader who pretended to have very little money and to be putting his meagre earnings back into helping people....who was found out to have amassed $7-8 M in property and lied about his turnover on national TV while doing his house up and paying ca$h...?

27. Having charities that squander money is totally acceptable so long as a good cause is shown and or a celebrity is involved.

Of course, creating your own charity that does NOTHING but has no celebrity is A-okay- the Sergio way.

28. Legalising destructive acts such as gambling that destroys so many of its followers is fine because the majority are ‘responsible gamblers’ … yet another term of this cult that defies truth and logic given that all gambling is very purposely designed and geared for one to lose … it should be called -- ‘responsibly losing money’.

Shit I agree. Threw that in to confuse us eh Serge. Good one.

29. The legal sales of poisons such as nicotine, caffeine, chocolate and alcohol are all fine in this cult but, dare to lovingly show them what is causing their misery, their lovelessness, widespread illness and disease and do it in a way that provides real and truth-full answers, and you are an evil cult.

Oh, I see it was to get us agreeing before hand, and then hit us with BS that is way too hard to swallow. Truth-fully, you run an evil cult.

Can’t catch me out that easily. Good try though Splurge.

For a good deconstruction and less of my sarcastic comments here's some more.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: Mary Magdalene ()
Date: June 08, 2013 09:06PM

Falling numbers, heightened paranoia with the insistence of many a Judas within the ranks, the groomed child bride waking up, no awesome new heir to prove virility, fear mongering, lovely companies and their heads going down the tubes, kids questioning Dad, Government Departments closing in.

The not-cult Universal Medicine is in trouble, if Serge offers you red cordial.....don't drink it!

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: Mary Magdalene ()
Date: July 01, 2013 10:40AM

Aha, I get it!

At 33 Jesus of Nazareth after living a short and simple life, spent in the promotion of peace love and forgiveness was nailed to two bits of wood and left there until he died.

At 33 Serge of Alstonville was de-flowering a 15year old down by the swimming hole while his wife was up at the house caring for his 3 children. Millions of dollars and years later after promoting starvation and guilt, he walks on to the stage 'gently'.

Spending time sitting with yet another young woman close to her death, who was led to believe that not eating any sugar, tea/coffee, most fruit and most vegetables, meat, fish or wine or wheat would save her from this end, goes beyond sad.

It hasn't saved her and now she is angry at the lies.

The similarity for Joel must be in how he walks, because only those who WILL not see, could think anything else.

Cults prey on the weak and scared.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: August 01, 2013 05:05AM

Couldn't resist sharing this:

A touching song by a group of UM apologists.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: August 02, 2013 07:53PM

See []

The Rick A. Ross Institute for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups, and Movements has officially changed its name to The Cult Education Institute for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements.

The new domain name entry point and gateway to the Internet archives of the institute will soon be

The Cult Education Institute archives is a library of information about destructive cults, controversial groups and movements, which was initially launched in 1996 and has continued to be under construction and expansion for the past 17 years.

The public message board attached to the The Cult Education Institute will soon only be accessible through the domain name More than 100,000 entries from the former members of destructive cults, controversial groups and movements and others concerned has accumulated at the board over the past decade. The message board content continues to grow daily and it serves as a free speech zone for those who wish to share their insights and concerns about the topics listed.

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Let us thank Herbert for starting this thread
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 06, 2014 09:34PM

Friends, have a look around.

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LInk to New Thread with UM Summary
Posted by: Pranic Princess ()
Date: June 07, 2014 05:34AM

Good to see it back!

Thank you Rick Ross for retrieving it and for your public service.

Herb started a new thread when this one disappeared. It's just a few pages but contains a couple of summaries with links to all known News Reports about UM: []

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