Re: Universal medicine
Date: April 29, 2013 01:51PM

Thanks for sharing the article on A.J. Miller's cult, Venus. The parallels to Serge and Universal Medicine are staggering. Apparently Serge has implied that Miranda is the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene as well, so the similarities really are uncanny.

Worth noting the following quote from the Miller article too, especially considering the torrents of e-mails and comments sent to journalists by UM cultists in response to articles exposing their own guru:

"Over the next few weeks, I receive almost 20,000 words in hostile emails from more than half a dozen of Miller's followers"

Birds of a feather.

I read the article too and was like 'yep, yep, yep" Serge..."yep" his followers.

I love how no one ever thinks their group is a cult. It's always the other whack jobs. Our group is the "truth!!!"

I reckon the UM'ers will go " but they are all living around him waiting for the world to end. How ridiculous, were not doing anything like that" while sitting in their shared UM houses dotted around the Byron shire, Lismore and Goonellebah, within emergency drive distance of the clinic, and worrying about the new era, massive rise in diseases and calamities to clear 'prana' from our ill-ways and separation from God. Nope, nothing similar there at all.

He even has the good looking younger wife whom one is left to infer is also the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. You have to make these young chicks special why else would they hang around with some creepy old dude past his use by date? I actually think AJ is more charismatic and way better looking than Serge. And I think he is genuinely deluded, where as Serge is deluded up to where it interferes with his moneymaking venture and no further.

So many cult leaders, and so many people prepared to follow them. We are a sorry lot aren't we.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: VenusDarkly ()
Date: April 30, 2013 08:02PM

It's not a joke unfortunately and more frightening again when doctors are participating. A patient of one of the cult medical specialists has shown me correspondence where that doctor talks about wanting to send the patient to 'Sirius'. The patient also remembers same doctor talking about a patient who'd died. When our informant expressed remorse, cult doctor was all smiles and said it was fine - 'the patient died happy, everyone was happy...'

Same doctor is known to 'bless' patients.

Serious stuff and regulators are currently investigating at least one complaint about that doctor.

Serge's books are so appallingly disorganized, sorry 'spherical', you have to skim tens of thousands of words to find what you're looking for - anyway, I found these quotes about Sirius, which make the doctor's remarks all the more chilling. The doctor is, of course, referring to an after life, or a life no longer of the body and of this world - i.e. death.

Many human spirits are comfortably hiding in organised spiritual groups, in their various forms, because they either have too much pain to deal with or they are just running away from their own true light. This latter condition is due to the lack of self-love, which prohibits the spirit to surrender to its greater light as the Son of God.

It should be noted for the purpose of an awakening spirit that there should be no ill feeling if one should realise that they have been hoodwinked. If you understand the power of influence by the Four Lords of Form and the multitude of sold-out discarnate spirits at their power, over which they have full influential control, you will realise the magnitude of the force at play to keep you from realising that you are in all truth a 'Soul' and that your are not a man or a woman or a spirit, but all of these under the right impulse of the soul as the true Son of God on earth.

Out of Earth you will one day be none of all of these, instead returning to the full soulful state. Even here the soul knows that in one universal time on the star Sirius you will also lose that soulful state as it will merge with its Atmic and Buddhic Bodies and so 'the Son' will continue its way back to that original fiery spark it came from, the body of God.
Benhayon, S. The Way It Is, UniMed Publishing, Goonellabah, 2006, p.17

In reference to the interplanetary gender war which resulted in all men are bastards, Sirius is also referred to as a site of ultimate transcendence.

In the middle of the imbalance stand the two spiritually-evolved fallen sons from Venus and the two spiritually evolved fallen sons of Mars, who walked away from the portal into Sirius when those two planets evolved. United they stand and by a spiritually, no soulfully aware choice, they came to Earth as the most evolved first spirits to take charge over the destiny of all the spirits that did not make the vibrational ascension into Sirius from those two mother planets. We speak here of the Four Lords of Form. ibid, p.228.

We're all pleased to know that patient has found another doctor.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: MacReady ()
Date: May 06, 2013 07:39AM

Has anyone here heard their loved ones refer to their pre-UM selves as a "mask" that they were wearing? According to one of the people I know involved in UM, the happy, exuberant person she used to be was nothing more than an act; a "mask", and the superstitious, anxious, neurotic, frequently miserable person she has become as a result of Serge's indoctrination is her "true self".

I'm just wondering whether this is an idea that Serge has explicitly verbalized to the entire group or whether it's simply one individual's interpretation of the effect of his 'teachings'.

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Re: Universal medicine
Date: May 06, 2013 11:02AM

Has anyone here heard their loved ones refer to their pre-UM selves as a "mask" that they were wearing? According to one of the people I know involved in UM, the happy, exuberant person she used to be was nothing more than an act; a "mask", and the superstitious, anxious, neurotic, frequently miserable person she has become as a result of Serge's indoctrination is her "true self".

I'm just wondering whether this is an idea that Serge has explicitly verbalized to the entire group or whether it's simply one individual's interpretation of the effect of his 'teachings'.

Yes, its a common term they use. My ex partner told me at length how she had always worn a mask and played "roles". She told me how she only now was being "authentic"-
this is typical cult member behavior from what I have learned speaking to ex members of UM and other groups. They are told that they were in illusion before, hence why they felt confused, unsure, anxious, empty, not always full of love (ie, how life really is) and that now they are being true, themselves, authentic, real, loving (ie, under the spell of a group)

What is happening I am told is that they adopt the persona that is idealized to them, and of course all their doubts and anxieties go away because they don't have to think about it. Serge calls his 'doing the work" "livingness" "being esoteric"

Serge definitely tells them it is a mask they were wearing, along with roles. My ex told me that our love wasn't based on true love but neediness (because we liked and wanted to be around each other I think) and that she was only 'playing a role' as a wife/mother. It seems that you score brownie points and are really considered to be doing the work if you can 'reset' your relationships. That is force the other one into doing "the work" because they are 'loveless' or leave them because they won't.

And Yes I agree. My ex used to be sexy, funny, spontaneous, truthful, lovely. Now as a "student" she is ashen, cold, aloof, unresponsive, walks and acts like a other woman in the group, underweight, vindictive and above all in denial at the expense of everything else. I much preferred her 'mask' even if she felt insecure having to work it out for herself.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: VenusDarkly ()
Date: May 06, 2013 08:48PM

Guys, the 'mask' vs the 'true self' the cult followers are talking could be referred to technically as the cult personality or cult identity, and part of what RJ Lifton called psychological 'doubling'.

This is an extract from a good cult recovery book - Take Back Your Life, Tobias & Lalich, 2006.

Maybe I'll put a more detailed extract on the UMA blog one of these days.

Talking about formation of the 'cult identity' through indoctrination:

At time passes the member's psychological condition may deteriorate. He becomes incapable of complex, rational thought; his responses to questions become stereotyped; he finds it difficult to make even simple decisions unaided; his judgement about events in the outside world is impaired. At the same time, there may be such a reduction of insight that he fails to realize how much he has changed.
Langone summarized the effects of the conversion process this way: "After converts commit themselves to the cult, the cult's way of thinking, feeling and acting becomes second nature, while important aspects of their pre-cult personalities are suppressed, or in sense decay through disuse...Nevertheless, their continued adjustment depends upon their keeping their old thinking styles, goals, values and attachments in storage.

On Doubling

A dramatic change of identity is required in order for a person to adapt to the high level of cognitive dissonance that may be present in a cult. Lifton identified this adaptations device as 'doubling'. Doubling is the formation of a second self that lives side by side with the former one...According to Lifton, doubling is universal phenomenon reflecting each person's capacity for the 'divided self', or opposing tendencies in the self. 'But' he writes, 'that opposing self can become dangerously unrestrained, as it did in the Nazi doctors...That opposing self can become the usurper from within and replace the original self until it 'speaks' for the entire person...
Under the stress of complying with the cult's demands, individual members develop new adaptation that enables people to carry out cult imposed activities that would normally go against their values...

(Esoteric Breast Massage anyone? Encouraging your friends go to a practitioner who touches people inappropriately and calls it 'healing'? Turning against loved ones...)

Simply put, (doubling) explains why decent and rational people can end up doing indecent and irrational things. This capacity to adapt has also been recognized as integral to the human psyche. At times, it can save lives, such as for a soldier in combat. This life-saving aspect of doubling is crucial to an understanding of cult members, whose personality adaptations are both a cult-imposed requirement and a means of survival.

...the goal of thought reform is for the subject to become one with the ideal. In cults, personal ego boundaries disappear as members begin to live for the group or the ideology. This change in identity, often accompanied by such actions as leaving school, changing jobs, avoiding family and dropping old friends, interests and hobbies, is what so alarms people as they watch a family member or friend become totally consumed by cult life.

Many who come out of cult situations may not even be aware of the extent to which they have taken on a new identity and, along with their families and friends, may be puzzled by their own inconsistent behaviours and feelings. This may cause some former members to feel even more isolated and frustrated because they sense that something is awfully wrong, but do not know what or how. Unfortunately, during recruitment, many prospective cult members are not informed that such deep, devastating changes might occur.
(Tobias & Lalich, 2006, p.47-8)

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: VenusDarkly ()
Date: May 07, 2013 05:29PM

Blog updates: The Esoteric Myth of the 'loveless' male on UM Accountability looks at how Serge strips cult men emotionally.

And today the FACTS blog looks at a propaganda blog admission that the images of Serge touching a woman inappropriately are authentic, he's done it lots of times and the apologists don't think letting him touch their genitals is inappropriate. We look at the cult machinations behind having a woman whose experienced multiple sexual abuses defend him, as well as their pathetic attempt at a counter attack.

It's bizarre and tragic stuff. Monopolizing sexual abuse outrage (and the story of the Esoteric kamikaze)

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: VenusDarkly ()
Date: May 07, 2013 06:55PM

To save readers rifling through a long post, the admission from the propaganda site is thus:

That they attempt this smear by employing a social media site that is notorious for taking no responsibility for the sometimes dubious and outrageous content shared on various pages, is a definite indication that there is an agenda at play. To me these are not the actions of a genuinely abused person, but rather those of one on a mission. Furthermore, the image uploaded on this same site suggesting sexual interference with a client is laughable for its anatomic inaccuracy, betraying total ignorance of where ‘lady parts’ are located. (The image refers to ‘a young woman’ – how do they even know this?). Thousands of these treatments have been given, with no recorded complaints. EVER! Excluding this one anonymous exception.

In other words it's okay for unqualified 'healers' to touch patients' genitals as a 'healing' for sexual abuse.

Judge the image for yourself here: []

I wasn't anonymous when I submitted the images and my own account of inappropriate touching by Serge Benhayon to the NSW HCCC, police, media organizations and public representatives.


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Re: Universal medicine
Date: May 10, 2013 03:25PM

Sorry a bit off the current topic, but definitely part of the core curriculum of the deception of Universal Medicine.

To paraphrase one Sergio Bullshitio Benhayon "Alcohol is a poison, you wouldn't drink poison would you?"

Well as it turns out...

“Alcohol is a Poison”

by David J. Hanson, Ph.D.

A poison is any substance that is capable of causing injury, illness or death to an organism. Salt, water and oxygen are all poisons because in high enough quantities they can harm people. Too much salt in a diet can cause serious health problems, hyper hydration can kill athletes, and too much oxygen given to a premature infant can cause permanent blindness.

Toxicologists emphasize that “the dosage makes the poison.” Although salt, water, oxygen, aspirin, alcohol beverages, and many other substances can cause poisoning in excessive amounts, it makes no sense to call them poisons.

So why do so many groups and organizations insist on calling alcohol a poison? Apparently to stigmatize alcoholic beverages and frighten people into alcohol abstinence. The tactic was first used effectively by the Anti-Saloon League, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, the KKK and other anti-alcohol groups. The technique is still widely used today.

Honest communication doesn’t mislead or deceive. Calling alcohol a poison is misleading and deceptive.

Full Article here

Any questions???

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: VenusDarkly ()
Date: May 11, 2013 07:03PM


UMers don't ask questions. They wait for Serge to tell them the 'truth'®.

That's a great point about toxicity. Perhaps you should email it Eunice the Esoteric Surgeon and euthanasia enthusiast, who says we don't need medical research - we should trust our Esoteric feelings Alcohol and Pregnancy - Who needs research? and this little pearler showing her deep appreciation for science:

It is a no-brainer that the healthy option is abstinence. A little bit of poison is still poison - energetically it doesn't suddenly become non-toxic just because there is less of it. If a substance is toxic to a part, it is toxic to the whole - the whole cannot be well, if the part is not well. If it is harming to the Mother, and it is, then it will be harming to the foetus also. We are in deep illusion if we think that we can consume something that is just harmful to a part of us but does not affect the whole of us.


Seriously, there was a case recently of a woman in the UK who died after drinking 11 litres of water in a day, erroneously believing she was 'detoxing' and 'flushing her system'. She died of kidney failure.

In other news, Australasian Science has published an article by Emeritus Professor of Medicine at University of NSW, Professor John Dwyer, panning Universal Medicine's deceptive and abusive Esoteric Breast Massage.

Australasian Science: When Healing Hands Start Grasping

The article is available online to subscribers only, but I've done a short write up on the Accountability blog.

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Re: Universal medicine
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: May 14, 2013 08:34PM


No one member should dominate this thread.

It's not about one person's personal viewpoint, but rather a public message board.

Please keep this in mind as this thread moves forward.

Frankly, looking back at the last few pages it seems like you may have put some people off.

Please be careful not to do that as this thread should not be dominated by any one person posting here.

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