The "femdom" trap.
Posted by: i yam what i yam ()
Date: May 07, 2017 12:41AM

If you look at what is happening on sites like Clips4Sale with the humiliation/addiction "goddesses", you will see something that is straightforwardly evil. Sure, you might say guys have to be mentally unstable/idiotic to get into these clips in the first place. But the "goddesses" use every technique to get people hooked, studying mind control and brainwashing and sexual conditioning. They're quite happy to encourage men to destroy their marriages and to hand over all their money. The real danger would come once a man got in communication with one of these women and started sending money and paying for custom clips. Combine it with drug use (something these women encourage - particularly poppers or weed) and it's a recipe for mental illness and total collapse.

I could give some examples of particularly poisonous and dangerous clips but it wouldn't take anyone long to find them.

I have never heard of any concern being raised about this material. It's easy for insecure men to fall into it, thinking it's "just another kink", but particularly if they have some unresolved childhood trauma it's a very deep pit they can fall into.

Anyone else have any views on this garbage?

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