Unseen Forces
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Date: July 17, 2020 08:22PM

Unseen forces, which I believe might pertain to ‘agents’ in psychology terms, are the invisible operators that we are asked to believe in without actually seeing them for ourselves in existence.

We are also asked to give power to unseen forces in our own lives, and in the lives of others.

An unseen force in nature can be attributed to the wind. When we are very small children, the wind, invisible in its nature, has the power to blow our coat hoods up on to our heads from behind, and blow autumnal leaves down the street as if by magic, though as we grow older we realise the true workings behind this magic and that in reality, there was a reasonable explanation for it - in other words, we become rational.

As humans we can have an immediate, natural propensity towards magical thinking because we often do not immediately know what the rational reason behind an occurrence was. We have not yet had the time to sit and think independently, or critically about it.

In cave times and further, our stories, practices, art, and wall markings etc reflect this.

It can require some personal training to get ourselves into the zone of not going with the very first option if we recognise that it is based in magical thinking. A carrier bag flying through the sky is immediately a ufo of some of us, and that will not change if not kept in check.

Unseen forces are used by those who wish to manipulate people into believing in things that do not exist. This will be for false sense of power, adulation, money, or some other need to control within the person. The beliefs shared will never be about others welfare in this case.

Unseen forces are also used by those who have been thoroughly trained into believing in them by manipulators and other believers, but most importantly and usually eventually (this bit does not come first) people are thoroughly trained into them by themselves.

The great news is that no matter how deep we go into believing in any unseen forces, we can train them out of ourselves, though it does take a lot of self dedication, self care, and potentially sacrifice of relationships of other believers as they will likely fall away.

Some examples of Unseen Forces include:

The Soul / Oversoul
Higher Self
Dantian or Dantien
Chakras or Cakras
Auric Fields
Auric Holes or Tears
Cords of Energy
Black Goo
Spirit or Presence (of Deceased Persons or Animals)
Aliens or Off Planet Species
Negative Alien Agenda
Cosmic Gateways
Cosmic Portals
Cosmic Threading
Cosmic Beings
Ascended Masters
Ascension Worlds or Dimensions (5D, 3D, etc)
Ascension Upgrades
DNA or Energetic / Energy Downloads
Angels or Angelic Orders / Hierarchy
Gods Plan
Vortex and Vortices
Ley Lines

In some cases, people are presented with animated, cgi art, gifs, or heavily edited pictures of humans in robes, angels, Beings or Masters, portals, gateways, or off planet species.

We are also presented with symbols or mandalas to depict chakras / cakras / energy centres.

These will be presented as proof that whatever it is does exist and must be taken into consideration, because a lack of critical thinking will take these images for a reality too.

In reality the images and symbols presented serve solely to act as a replacement visual (for the thing that we cannot see, yet are being asked to believe in) to imprint upon ourselves via the imagination.

It is just our nature, and until we know rationally what is behind any unseen force, we do not know.

Now you know :-)

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