Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Nichijew ()
Date: February 26, 2014 09:24AM

A post I saved from Anticult:

$GI Organization of Peace, Culture, Education [and Cluster Bombs?]

"This is Ikeda's message of "peace"? To invest SGI's members money in arms and weapons manufacturing companies who engage in corrupt and criminal (bribes) government weapons procurement sales globally?

Of course it is. Daddy-know-best Ikeda, feeds the masses their Illusions and fairy tales, but Ikeda knows how the real world works. If you want massive profits, you invest in weapons manufacturing and especially corrupt government sales and procurement worldwide.

What is SGI? In Japan, the public can see what a dangerous sect they are. But in the USA? There is not enough information. SGI is not about SGI-Chanting. That is merely a smokecreen, a distraction, to keep the chanting millions from asking what is going on behind the curtain, and where their money went.

Ikeda, Gandhi, King. The farce of the Ikeda Big Lie is almost beyond comprehension. These guys look at the mass public as sheeple, who have to be fed illusions, as guys like Ikeda believe the general public can't handle the truth. So they have to tell them lies, to get them to behave the way Ikeda wants them to.

Sadly, so many in SGI-USA seemed to be totally absorbed with SGI-chanting, and trying to change their own karma, that they don't look up at SGI and wonder where their "donations" are going.

That is how its designed by SGI. Keep the masses overbooked, and self-absorbed with their own issues, and make them chant more and more, and think less. Let Ikeda do the thinking.

Meanwhile, the SGI global investment corporation is making billions from investments in corporations selling weapons of death and dealing with criminals and murderers (not hyperbole) globally.

The disconnect between reality and illusion, is really to the point of an engineered delusion." -- Anticult

Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), CONTRACTORS

Activities/Services Commercial and military helicopters, military aircraft, aircraft engines, guided missiles and defence electronics. Satellite and space systems...

* Air-Launched Rockets
* Air-To-Air Missiles - Beyond Visual Range
* Air-To-Air Missiles - Within Visual Range
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Anti-Ship
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Direct Attack
* Air-To-Surface Missiles - Stand-Off And Cruise
* Analysis
* Analysis - Air-To-Air Missiles
* Analysis - Air-To-Surface Missiles
* Analysis - Automatic Grenade Launchers
* Analysis - Bombs
* Analysis - Country Inventories - In Development
* Analysis - Country Inventories - In Service
* Analysis - Gun Pods And Mountings
* Analysis - Guns
* Analysis - In-Service Combat Aircraft And Their Air-Launched Weapons Capabilities
* Analysis - Mines And Depth Charges
* Analysis - Rocket Launchers
* Analysis - Rockets
* Analysis - Torpedoes
* Analysis - Worldwide In-Service Combat Aircraft
* Bombs - Cluster And Dispenser Munitions
* Bombs - Precision And Guided Munitions
* Bombs - Unguided
* Contractors
* Glossary
* Guns - Integral And Mounted
* Guns - Podded Systems
* Underwater Weapons - Mines And Depth Charges
* Underwater Weapons - Torpedoes
* Underwater Weapons - Unclassified Projects " -- Anticult

No donations until SGI divests from Mitsubichi corp.

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Re: Similarities between SGI cult and TM cult
Posted by: Spartacus ()
Date: February 26, 2014 04:40PM

I used information garnished from this series, "Blowing The Whistle" Chapters 1, 2, and 3 to create this extensive list of similarities between the SGI, a mentor/master based cult and TM, a guru based cult.

Interesting similarities between popular guru based cults (like TM) and the SGI cult:

Potential/new members are “encouraged” to chant 40 minutes per day – 20 min per morning and evening

Hooked members are required to chant minimum 3 hours per day – plus an extra hour doing 2 sutra recitations

Drugs are forbidden/discouraged – credit for drug abuse recoveries assigned to practice/master

Eastern cults prey upon well-meaning people who are in search of their spirituality

Huge past investment of time, money, and energy prevent members from acknowledging cult/master flaws

Guru/master/president made multiple trips to USA during 60’s and 70’s to kick off cult recruitment

Flower children/hippie/progressives’ creative energy/freedom was captured/diverted for use by eastern cults

Encouragement/guidance of members to support the “Establishment” and to cease with challenging authority

Eastern cults discourage members from engaging in activism or political movements – all energy to cult only

Sexual segregation of general membership - forced celibacy of youth leaders; “divisions” based on sex

Claims of achieving world peace when enough people meditate/chant (become members of master’s cult)

Mantra/chant/meditation is directed toward god/gods – gohonzon scroll filled with names of gods

Prayers specifically dedicated to asking protection and blessing from god/gods/shotenzenjin

Teaching new recruits to kneel down and bow down before master’s image/gods or symbol/representation

Teaching members that the “gods” are not actual entities, just symbolic images only

Addition of the pre-fix Sanskrit word “namu/namah” (meaning bow down/devotion) to mantra/chant

Claims that meditation/chanting is not a religious practice, and/or that master’s cult is not a religion

Sharing secrets with highly indoctrinated members to prompt feelings of specialness/priviledge/superiority

Claims of “scientific proof” to back dogmatic/irrational teachings/practice

Common goals of draining vital energy/resources of members while destroying their individuality

Cult leaders do not allow revealing/difficult/unwanted questions about cult/master from the members

Encouragement/guidance to devote extra time and energy to chanting/meditation over actual problem solving

Total immersion of members in the guru/master/president’s teachings, writings, and guidance

No negativity/criticism allowed or tolerated – members must wear “happy face” at all times

Use of extremely exaggerated fear of future without cult as control mechanism to prevent departure from cult

Artificial behavior reinforced by members as they constantly repeat cult-speak word/phrases to each other

Giving away oneself piece by piece, breath by breath, while being lulled by rhythmical sound of mantra/chant

Two basic types of meditators/chanters:
1. Light practice – ranging from a few times a week to a basic 20-40 minutes a day
2. Heavy/deep practice – up to and exceeding 4 hrs per day plus multiple activities per week

When heavier meditation/chanting occurs, the good effects wane and serious problems begin to emerge such as:
chronic health issues, depression, irritability, arrogance, difficulty focusing, and difficulty working.

Adverse mental/physical side effects experienced by members a direct result from excess meditation/chanting

Meditators/chanters are told they’re ridding themselves of the impurities in their consciousness/karma, that in time
the good feelings they originally experienced will return again after harder/extra practice and devotion

Members’ lives so entwined with cult organization, no questions are asked in spite of problematic doctrines

Overwhelming desire to believe everything the guru/master/president says is absolutely the truth

Authoritarianism of the master/disciple relationship, stripping of the ego, and surrender to the religion are the ultimate
goals of the cult. Stripped away are self-trust, independence, and individualism

Both leaders and members become mouthpieces of the guru/master/president they adoringly serve and support

Mantra/chanting transforms humans into zombies serving the goals/agenda of their gods/master/president

Main agenda: procurement of more humans/human energy/money (common phenomenon of proselytizing)

After excessive mantra/chanting, what remains is a mind-body shell, a meat-robot moving through life as a surrendered
instrument of the greater will of the god/guru/president who has taken the place of one’s mind.

The “enlightened” member surrenders their personhood to the deities/scroll/master who control their life / meditations.
Their bliss is a euphoric stupor, which their appeased deities/scroll/master grant them as reward.

The words, the thoughts, the desires of the “enlightened” members are no longer their own, but instead are those of their controlling
god/guru/president. Enslaved “zombie” members become similar to walking dead.

The SGi qualifies as a cult 100%. There can be absolutely NO doubt of this among reasoning people. Only brain-dead, zombie-fied members (victims) could experience any difficulty in seeing the obvious.


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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: meh ()
Date: February 26, 2014 11:11PM

The mind- and heart-shattering tragedy of this is that almost everyone who joined das org did so because they wanted to fix their lives and then start working on fixing the world. Sgi took these heart-felt desires and has turned them into something twisted and obscene.

It doesn't matter how well or sick Senseless is - he's still such a powerful force, and all of the greed and ugliness of sgi emanates from him. I maintain that very few people outside of the inner-inner circle understand what the agenda of sgi is, and that no one is out blowing up buildings or gassing subways lulls those who have no experience into the idea that it's harmless. At the lowest level, how is mind-control harmless? At the apex, all of the crap that Spartacus and nichijew describe is business as usual.

At my most zombie-fied, I wouldn't have allowed myself to read any of that. Temple poison! Look at that one guy, he's got "nichi" right in his name! Lotus Sutra haters! But in my heart of hearts, there would have been a dread of reading it . . . what if all that was true, and I'd put all my money on the wrong horse? Sgi was my shield from the world and gave me the illusion that I had complete control of my life . . . and rather than taking any responsibility for making my life better, it was so much easier to just sit in front of that box and, if I chanted enough (or whatever), the magic law would reward me by making my wishes come true. Talk about complete abdication of tending one's own garden.

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Two additions to Spartacus' TM list
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 26, 2014 11:36PM

There can be some other powerful ingredients added to the mix.

Being married within a group. Suppose both you and your spouse become involved in this same group. One of you comes to have doubts. By this time you have the house and children.

What if the other partner, especially the missus, continues as a true believer? The cult may have some affordable legal advice on hand for the believing spouse; the non believing spouse gets kicked out of the house and may lose contact with the children.

So here is a warning sign to look for -- see if there is a high rate of marriage within a cult, especially at the upper echelons. See too if there is a high rate of people joining a group, discarding their partners or spouses, then going on to marry within the group. See too if people keep thier non believing friends or if they do not.

Can tell you a group does not have to tell members to ditch their non believing friends. It can become exhausting to commute between the group and one's non believing friends and families.

For the hippie/flower children generation, there was another dimension.

For the many looking for spiritual horizons, there were many others who had suffered the dark side of drug use and sexuality without boundaries.

Imagine the shame, for instance, of witnessing a friend or buddy die in an OD because the rest of you feared calling 911 for fear of being arrested.

Imagine the shame and second guessing if you gave someone you loved what you thought was clean and lovely LSD or STP and -- they went on that trip and stayed crazy. Imagine living with that.

Well, some may have joined SGI to chant the shame away. And if upper management knew their histories of shame -- thats a heavy set of chains.

Found this the other day. One man had been in the hippie scene and described an interview to get into a group. This man and his wife were interviewed separately. (WHY??? Corboy Stay away from any group that does this and if by any chance they tell you not to tell your spouse about the interview. Dont know if this group did it though. Also..note that nothing was said about a promise to keep this confidential)

"And again, I don’t remember much. I do remember having spilled guts about my hippie drug-taking etc. past. And I remember X said actually they prefer to get prospects who’ve had such a past, and then seen through it.

"As opposed to maybe someday wondering about the mystique of what they have missed."

This may not have been the conscious intention at the time this group started.

But if a group recruits mostly shame ridden people who have been through hippie hell, thats a cluster of people who already share a similar emotional vibe.

That alone can be a heavy situation - even without adding any authoritarian group dynamics.

When you have a cluster of shame ridden people who share history as having been hippies, they may all resume wearing suits, ties or dresses and panty hose.

But they may carry into the mix that combo of elitism (hippies did think they were a vanguard) combined with that shared history of tragedy, bliss and outlaw behavior that went with being hippies. And by socializing and religionizing mostly with each other, this can give a passionate social intimacy thats hard to question. And at the same time unconsciously reinforce that they cannot get along with non believers or "normies"

It can be tempting to rationalize that those who are outside are less evolved, ontologically inferior.

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To put it in a nutshell..
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 26, 2014 11:42PM

Examine the marriage and divorce/separation patterns in a group you are thinking of joining or have joined.

And if people 'disappear' ask about them and see if you are given honest answers or get chilly silences, sighs, stinkeye or both.

The set up resembles I, Claudius or The Godfather

(Tangled marriages, divorces and sudden disappearances of previously valued members, business networks and professional referral patterns that are mostly within the group.)

(Applies just as well to some jobs. If you value your family and find that most people at this job have become divorced, wonder whether you'll be pushed to make a cruel choice between spouse and employment)

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Regarding Maharishi
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 26, 2014 11:59PM

Before this sneaky weasel got famous with the Beatles, he had spent years, many years beforehand in London, peddling his trance tech.

This guy did not start out ministering to the emigre Hindu community in London. From the beginning, he targeted non Hindus. The ones who didnt have the background to see that he was a jive artist.

Joyce Colin -Smith, in her book, Call No Man Master, described how MMY tried to get hold of the members of an Ouspensky study group, by making it seem he had access to the source for Gurdjieff/Ouspensky's Fourth Way.

The lure of exoticism. And this was a group already presocialized to follow an authoritarian leader. They also had finances and the group owned a nice building in London.

Many members began to take interest in MMY.

But, his attempt to take over this group was foiled. Dr Roles, who ran the group flatly told members to make a choice - if they wanted to follow MMY, they were no longer members in good standing of the Fourth Way group.

Colin Smith left to join MMY and became his first secretary. I sent a copy of her description of her initiation into MMY's group. She was told to fast, and to arrive on time.

When she arrived, MMY kept her waiting for hours. The guy wasnt even famous, and he was already keeping people waiting. In India and most of Asia, to keep a person waiting is a POWER DEMONSTRATION. In India, especially, the higher someone's prestige, the longer they can keep people waiting.

Westerners get conned thinking this is a way to purify their egos; meanwhile the Indians and Asians are laughing because we are wearing kick me signs, thinking we've been given knighthoods.

I sent a description of the MMY initiation puja and Joyce Colin-Smith's description of it and her state of mind (she went into it fasting for many more hours than she had scheduled and MMY waited a very long time afterward before coming to check on her.)

My respondant, an expert on hypnosis methods, wrote back that even in the early 1960s, MMY knew all the tricks.

So that is another caveat. Dont put up with any guru, not even the Dalai Lama, if you are kept waiting.

That is rude.

Louis XVIII, the king of France who succeeded Napoleon, and who was from a quite different civilization, put it quite differently.

"Punctuality is the courtesy of kings."

That shows us the difference between western manners and Eastern despots, whether they are emperors, petty bureaucrats who keep you waiting or gurus who keep you waiting and con you into thinking that a kick me sign is a blessing.

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The Onion Model
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 27, 2014 12:16AM

Westerners used to cultures of full disclosure may not understand that many groups operate on what can be called the onion model.

Cult leaders do not allow revealing/difficult/unwanted questions about cult/master from the members

One needs to have information in order to ask penetrating questions.

And in some groups, only the very upper echelons know the full details, while lower level members who do recruiting may not know this at all.

On the outside, a group may even manage a facade of doing charity work for the outside community, or even cultivate an image of 'those people who are incredibly nice'. In some cases, such as Anthroposophy, an elitist religion created by Rudolf Steiner, a cult may gain a benign reputation for its childrens schools and so called organic gardening.

But what is not generally known is that the Waldorf/Steinerian schools are organized according to Steiners highly idiosyncratic religion, but advertise as non sectarian and artistic. Parents are not told up front that the schools
are based on a religion, and a personality centered religion; and that it is considered quite all right to lie to non believers because it is assumed that that even non believing parents and children will receive good karma
from being in a Steiner designed environment.

So Anthroposophy is an example of a group in which outsiders are given a quite incomplete picture of the actual doctrine and its history.

If a group seems to offer a service that is much in demand (childrens schools) and conceals it actual disdain for the ordinary unevolved human person, penetrating a corporate lie of this kind can be difficult--unless one develops an index of suspicion.

Now...back to SGI.

Re "...they were doing some grand stuff in Botton." - Topica Email ...Jun 30, 2005 ... Steiner said offensive - even some Anthroposophists do. Another ... Waldorf is not
entitled to lie to prospective (and current) parents about the - 33k - Cached - Similar pages

"...happy to work endlessly..." - Topica Email List DirectoryJun 30, 2005 ... Waldorf is not entitled to lie to prospective (and current) parents about the role of
Anthroposophy and Steiner's teachings - regardless of the fact - 22k - Cached - Similar pages

Re "...happy to work endlessly..." - Topica Email List DirectoryJul 1, 2005 ... Waldorf is not entitled to lie to prospective (and current) parents about the role of
Anthroposophy and Steiner's teachings - regardless of the fact - 24k - Cached - Similar pages

More here:


I like to cite Anthroposophy because it has become politicall influential and is an example of a quite wealthy and well developed CULT that uses the onion model.

Even the nice person who shows you round the Waldorf school may not know the full details of Anthroposophy.

The parents who have made their discoveries public were persons who trusted their guts that something was just not right -- and did background research.

We are learning that there is a bundle of neurotransmitter receptors in our guts and spinal cords that is nearly as rich as in the brain -- some refer to this as the Second Brain.

All I can offer is, my grey meatball has been conned a million times.

But every time I ignored gut warnings from that brain in my belly, I have regretted it.

One cannot fool one's gut. And the worst dis-ease is when the brain in our guts and the brain in our heads are at war.

That may be part of the damage of cults and bad relationships.

And...sick societies, too.

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: meh ()
Date: February 27, 2014 02:44AM

A dear friend once said to me that his brain lied to him a thousand times a day, but his gut never led him astray. If your mind is providing you with justifications and reasons to believe something but your tummy is tying itself into balloon-animals, it shouldn't seem like a tough contest. Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book a few years ago called "Blink," in which he provides examples of having too much information/thinking too much makes for poor decision-making. My short-version is don't talk yourself into shit.

It's frightening how many groups out there who aren't just content to pick your pocket, but want to own your mind as well; I guess that's the source to a steady income.

I'm going back under my blanket now, and pulling it way over my head.

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How SGI and groups like it are pains in the ass
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 04, 2014 12:22AM

Yesterday, in a curbside chat with someone, cults came up.

She knew all about SGI. Her ex-husband became a fanatical SGI member
--and got into it after they'd been married many years and had two children.

He tried to shokobuku her. She went and did research.

And...she found information she needed about SGI on the old message board.

"I showed it to him, all this stuff that the SGI recruiters were not telling him. He went into a rage." she said.

My acquaintance said he held SGI meeting at their house all the time and it was
so obnoxious she left would go outside somewhere because having a group
of SGI followers was such a hassle.

"I had to leave my own house, which I'd helped purchase!"

Her husband shokobukued everyone--her, their two children, he'd even proslytize his Jewish in laws at family events.

"The boys just laughed and made fun of him. And when he did it to my family they all just yelled at him and told him to stop."

She remembered when the scroll change happened and how fancy the university was.

The other thing that amazes her to this day was that so many of the members she encountered were educated - engineers, etc.

But they'd been persuaded they could chant for whatever outcome they wanted.

At the end, she sighed and said, "When you have a mate or family member involved in something like this, most people dont understand what its like."

It has to be especially spooky when someone you have been married to for many years, shared a life with, suddenly gets involved with a high demand group of this kind. You think you've know this person and all at once, its like they've been bitten by something and turned into a stranger.

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Date: March 04, 2014 02:25AM

But don't you remember, Nichijew? President Ikeda is looking a thousand years into the future - that's how forward thinking and superblendent he is! THAT's why he's the only real option for your mentor in life, if you can truly appreciate what a big commitment this whole "disciple" bit will be for you. It's all Ikeda, 24/7 - and that's what you should demand! Settle for nothing less!

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