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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: lostmyway ()
Date: November 10, 2017 12:54AM

Hello Everybody, I just want to express my thanks to this forum and the brave and compassionate people here. My story is that I joined back in 1985 and received my Nikken Gohonzon in 1987. I left NSUK and SGI in 1991 I think because of the Priesthood dispute but returned to SGI two years later, because I genuinely wanted to be able to chant with others and had found it hard to maintain my practice on my own. I made the wrong choice and I have left again in August of this year.

Everyone has their own journey and we all make different choices, as I can tell from the varied comments on the forum. My own choice is to return to Nichiren Shoshu. What a relief to know I never have to have 'Mentor and Disciple' shoved down my throat again!

I will tell you more later, I have been following this forum since August and am currently up to page 180. Thank you for letting me know that I am neither crazy or alone in rejecting President Ikea.


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Re: Former SGI members
Posted by: lostmyway ()
Date: November 10, 2017 04:19PM

Rothaus Wrote:
> Wow must say very good responses to
> SoniqueSc. If I seem to forget certain
> issues its because they were already mentioned by
> you guys,
> The mentor/disciple principle, beside being a
> personal one, is not a concept that can be ordered
> to follow. Anyone who denies that there is no
> pressure in SGI to regard Mr. Ikeda as his/her
> mentor is a liar. The concept started to be pushed
> down peoples throats more intensively form the mid
> 90's onward. The more the concept was mentioned
> the more the quality and quantity of Buddhist
> study deteriorated.
> Regarding the priesthood:
> I joined a few years before the split. In
> retrospect I can not recall that any of us were
> given a chance to hear the other side – the
> priests version. After having done a lot of
> reading and research from all kinds of sources I
> can not say that I am particularly fond of the
> Taiseki-ji school hence Nichiren Shoshu. I do
> however feel that Nichiren Shoshu had no other
> choice than to exclude SGI. It was a power
> struggle between two ageing men. Sad enough that
> their respective pack followed them blindly,
> Nichiren Shoshu was always clear, even in Todas
> days, who the 'boss' is . So if one chooses to
> join a certain Buddhist school one should be aware
> of its basic nature and 'rules'. Its almost
> inevitable that one might find certain aspects
> challenging but one would just try to go along
> with a compromise as long one can agree to the
> overall ideas. SGI and Mr. Ikeda however
> challenged the basic idea and concept behind
> Nichiren Shoshu, which as should be mentioned was
> constructed by Nichikan. It was Nichikan who
> cemented the position of the high priest.
> So in the end Nichiren Shoshu, even though I do
> not agree with them on a doctrinal level, had no
> other choice than to excommunicate SGI. SGI also
> was quite good in not telling people that they
> were still members of Nichiren Shoshu, as in the
> beginning it was just Mr. Ikeda, some high ranking
> leaders and the organisation that were excluded
> form Taiseki-ji. It wasn't until 1997 that all in
> SGI were banned form Nichiren Shoshu,
> Also it most be noted that I was shocked which
> foul methods and language SGI used against the
> temple members. A high leader here compared them
> to a cancer. Now to strip someone of what makes
> him human by comparing him to disease is
> distasteful and lacks the very basic Buddhist
> attitude.
> And now, when its clear that the two groups will
> never ever rejoin, now all of a sudden there are
> rumours in SGI that the Dai Gohonzon might be a
> fake. Surprise, surprise this has always been
> challenged by other Nichiren schools ever since
> Nichiren Shoshu claimed to posses such an object.
> If one would have said that a couple of years back
> (and so have I) one was shunned.
> One further piece of advice to SoniqueSc
> and GwT ... start reading on page one of
> this forum and you will become aware of the issues
> alerady having been raised.

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Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: lostmyway ()
Date: November 10, 2017 06:35PM

See my post above, quote from Rothaus. I wanted to add to this, but it all went wrong! Basically, I want to add to what Rothaus has to say about SGI conveniently forgetting to tell us that we were not all excommunicated. My experience was of being asked to attend a meeting in my area (South West of England) and we were told that we had all been excommunicated. Not a surprise to me, I had been canvassed to sign a petition calling for High Priest Nikken's resignation. I refused to sign it - I may have been naïve but I thought the issues could still be resolved through dialogue (!) and this petition would force Nikken into a position of having no choice to excommunicate SGI. This meeting was I believe, very late 1990 or early 1991 - way before 1997 and Rothaus was also correct in saying that it was difficult to get the Priesthood side of the story. Also, we heard nothing from SGI other than the 'evil priesthood' for years. I think they only stopped banging on about it because they sensed our boredom and wanted to get the Mentor and Disciple with Pres. Ikeda out there instead. Why did I waste my time so long with them?


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