Survivors of Eric Pepin or Higher Balance
Posted by: shareddelusion ()
Date: October 26, 2022 04:01PM

Are there any former students, survivors, or family members of Eric Pepin / Higher Balance Institute fka Auxien here? I was involved a number of years ago and have just started the process of deprogramming my toxic indoctrination.

He has never seemed to gain a large following or much success but is still selling, holding events, and trying to build a patreon following. He's recently released a flood of 20-year-old material on his podcast called "Rebel guru radio". In these recordings his cruelty, gaslighting and abusive tactics are on full display. He must still be up to his old tricks if he's prideful enough to release this material.

In my opinion, for those who know his language, he admits to the coercive sexual abuse of young men as a spiritual tool used to push boundaries needed to "cross the abyss" For years, I believed his sexual relationships with students were consensual but how can there be consent with such an extreme imbalance of power?

From my experience, Eric Pepin is a man riddled with insecurity who rebrands cruelty as an expedient teaching tool. I was subject to his spiritual abuse and believe any success he has, is built off the exploited labor of his inner circle.

In his recordings you can hear him telling his students that they don't "think correctly". The truth is he doesn't act correctly. He has been at this for decades. I hate that I am still frightened of him.

For those in cult recovery, what has helped you dismantle fear and indoctrination?

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